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This is my first real backpack is 20+ years and, wow!, have they changed! I'm glad I got fitted instead of buying online as I would have purchased the wrong size. I'm 5'3" and purchased an xsmall. The frame was adjusted in REI to fit me specifically and I cannot complain as it is perfect! I put it on, make the connections, pull the straps tight and I'm ready to go. The internal frame is a dream. It doesn't poke or prod and doesn't feel heavy. I've only worn it a handful of times, but it already feels as if it is molding to me. The hip belt is comfortable, but sometimes rides up slightly if my pack is on the light side. I could adjust the pack to compensate for that, but haven't as it hasn't bothered me thus far. Shoulder straps are in the perfect position and don't rub under my arms. I can tighten/loosen the straps with the quick release easily. There are pockets on the side for water bottles, but I haven't used them yet as I prefer the internal water pack. The water resevior has it's own compartment and is integrated into the pack. Love this feature! I'm sure I'll appreciate the water bottle pockets on longer treks. The sleeping bag compartment is in the right place at the bottom of the pack and I like that I can stuff it from the bottom of the pack. There is a false bottom between the sleeping bag compartment and the rest of the pack. You can also remove the top part of the pack and use as a daypack (haven't tried this yet) and there is storage for trekking poles, another nice feature. Additionally, there is exterior pocket that is easily accessible when the pack is off for snacks, bandanna, etc.. The hip belt pockets are small, but I like them for gloves, compass, and sunglasses. I looked at a lot of packs online and liked the reviews on this one. I was sold when I went into REI and they had it in the store to try out. Great aesthetics too - I was torn between th blue and gray. I bought the gray and it is beautiful! I look forward to some multi-day hikes in this pack. I hope it holds up well over time.

I had the first version of this bag which had some cool features, but was definitely in beta. This bag, with the removable lid that turns to a full backpack for day hikes, and the top loading as well as front access, with the even more comfortable waist belt is everything that I hoped it would be. I can use it for anything, from an overnight camping trip to a longer hostel based adventure. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anyone!

I bought this for my first backpacking trip and it was awesome! I was back and forth a lot but so glad I went with this bag in the end. Worked great and super comfortable.

I love this backpack, it has a lot of compartments and little areas to hook things on, very comfortable, and the best of all is that it came with a 2l hydrobag for it, I also love the little backpack included in the pack.



What's the difference between the Ariel AG 65 and the Ariel AG EX 65 pack? 

The EX is our REI exclusive version with a free 2 liter hydration reservoir and a co-branded daylid lumbar pack.


I don't see the external zipper to the main compartment on the side, as shown in the video, for the Ariel 75 AG pack. Where is it located? The video also says there's an external & internal H2O sleeve, but there is mixed info on REI's site, which is it?

The model we sell does not have the side zipper. The hydration is set up as internal with the hanger and the reservoir. There is an external sleeve behind the mesh back panel that could be used for a reservoir.


I just bought the Ariel AG 65 with hydration pack. I want to clean the bladder but cannot figure for the life of me how to get it open to a( clean and b) add water. I can slide the grey clip at the top off but there is no opening there either. Help!!

To open the reservoir slide off the gray clasp at the top then fold the clear plastic up, and peel the edge underneath apart (it will be tight at first). Once you get that open you are then able to add water and clean; for detailed information on how to clean and care for your reservoir please refer to the article below:


Just to double-check both colours of this pack come with the promotional 3L hydration bag correct..

This pack comes with a Osprey 2L Hydraulics hydration reservoir in both colors.


I just wanted to double-check that this backpack does come with a rain cover as well as a top lid that transforms into a day pack or are the two mutually exclusive?--Also, does the promotion on the backpack end in March?

​This pack does not come with a rain cover. It only comes with a Osprey 2L Hydraulics reservoir. The top lid can be removed and converted into a small daypack. This promotion will continue until all stock has been sold.


I have a woman's small Osprey Ariel 65 (bought in the 2016 Fall). What size osprey bladder fits? (I'm looking at the Osprey hydraulics reservoir's b hydrapak)

​A 3 liter hydration reservoir will fit in both models of the Ariel. Here's a link to our hydration reservoir assortment:


What's the difference between the Ariel 65 and the Ariel 65 AG?  Can you remove the hip belts on the 65 AG to use on the daypack like you can on the regular 65 version?  

​The Ariel 65 AG has been updated with Osprey's new Anti-Gravity (AG) system. This allows you to better fine-tune the fit of the pack. The top lid can also be removed and converted into a small 17 liter daypack on the new AG model. The IsoForm5 hipbelt can be removed however it cannot be attached to the separate daypack.


Why isn't the tidal blue part of the REI co-op deal? 

​Unfortunately that information is not available.


Can you provide a little more detail about the heat moldable hip belt? Is this something that is done in-store or at home? I'm curious because I've struggled with hip pain with prior backpacks and would love to find a solution/better fit.

This hip belt contains Osprey's heat-moldable foam, which provides custom fit for its wearer. This process needs to occur in a special molding oven. Please contact your local REI store for more instructions and to plan a visit.


I am wondering what the designation "EX" means in the name of the backpack. I have seen the Ariel AG 65 backpack elsewhere as well, but what is the difference between that and the Ariel AG EX 65?

EX designates that these packs are exclusive to REI. For the current (March 2017) Osprey EX models, a 2 liter hydration reservoir has been included for free. The day pack also has both Osprey and REI listed on the front.


Is there any osprey packs (women or mens)that have a external bottle sleeve

The Ariel, Atmos, Aura, and Aether packs have dual side entry pockets that can be used for water bottles.


How much does the daypack weigh? I'm trying to determine how much the pack would weigh just using the flap instead of the lid.

​The removable lid pack weighs approximately 12.3 ounces.


I wanted to view a viseo of the pack but I guess its not available. The description states it has a external sleeve for water bladder . Where is it located?

​The hydration reservoir sleeve is against the back panel on the inside of the pack.


My torso is 17 3/4 inches. Should I go for the small (fits 16 to 19 inches) or medium size (18 to 21 inches, suggested by Osprey Sizer app)? I am slim and I have a small torso and ribcage.

​Based on the information provided, we suggest size small.


I am inquiring on which pack would be best for me. I need a pack big enough for a two-three week trip. I have scoliosis so I'm wondering if the aura Or the Ariel would be better? I know there isn't a huge difference.

The weight you are carrying will make the big difference. The Aura 65 will carry 30 – 50 lbs. comfortably. The Ariel 65 will carry 35 – 60 lbs. comfortably. If you are not pushing 50 lbs., you can go with the Aura and save 14 oz. (size medium) pack weight.


I can't find the Ariel AG on the Osprey website or anywhere else (I find the Ariel or the Aura AG) online, only here. Is this a limited edition or new model? Can I find it somewhere to try on in person?

As indicated above the product images, this item is an REI Co-op Exclusive. Please contact your local REI to see if they have this pack in stock for fitting.


What is the biggest difference between this pack and the Osprey Aura pack?

This pack does have a few extra features that the Aura does not, such as the J shaped zipper, and the interchangeable heat moldable hipbelt. However, the added features do make this pack slightly heavier than the Aura.

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