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I do a lot of local 2-3 hour hikes and bought the Talon 6 as an alternative to my Talon 22 pack, which is a bit of an overkill at times. I love it. Like the 22 it is well made and well thought out. It has enough room for most of the "essentials" and is very comfortable. The two ergonomic water bottles, which are a bit on the small size, have actually worked out fine and can be swapped out for larger bottles if desired. On longer or more difficult hikes, I switch back to my 22, but the 6 is about perfect for these shorter, simpler hikes.

I bought this to wear while Mountain biking - works well. very lightweight. The only odd thing is the shape of the water bottles - they are tapered, so they can't stand up but they do fit against your hips well.

I bought this for my son who is an expert hiker. He is thrilled with it. He sent a video showing how much he could stuff in it so he can scale Mount Gorgonio without his Osprey backpack.

The Osprey is compact, but at the same time offers pockets that allow for the necessities when hiking. It's light and efficient. I've enjoyed it so far.

Used this to climb Mt. Wachusetts and my wife and I had enough storage for the 3 hour hike.

I’m not sure who designed this strap. I totally agree with another review. Strap is too thin! Loaded with two full bottles of water (included) the thin strap can’t support the weight comfortably. You end up feeling all the weight on the tiny strap digginging into your pelvis. Awful and not what I’m accustomed too from Osprey! Returned. Strap needs to be 2X wider and padded for comfort. Then the pack is perfect.

This is easier to use than a backpack. The two side pockets are good for a cellphone and car keys . I like the two water bottles and the distributed weight of the water. I keep my camera in the main pouch and the pack easily swivels to get the camera out without taking off the pack. I am s woman but bought the men’s size so that I could share it with my husband. He may never get a turn .

I bought this for short day hikes. I love Osprey and really wanted to love this waist pack. The water bottles are weird first off but the worst part is the thin waist strap. Unless you cinch the strap super tight, the pack will tilt and hang in an uncomfortable way. If there was a way to replace the waist strap I would use it again. Disappointed:-(

I switched to the Talon 6 from the Savu by Osprey. Although the Savu had the wider belt the collapsible/hidden water bottle holders made re-holstering the bottles very difficult. The Talon 6 allows you to use larger bottles which I found still slipped easily into the bottle holders. Pockets arranged logically — large, deep pocket in back, smaller, shallow pocket in front. Savu was just the opposite making getting items out impossible without rotating pack around to front of your body.

Lots more room than the "Women's" fanny pack which I bought first then exchanged tho I liked it's wider waist belt. Curved water bottles should be dropped. (They're small and don't stand up outside pack.) And especially if it reduced the price!

The pack itself is great. There are two pockets for stuffing coats, for example. But, the water bottles are pretty lame. The center plug broke on one of them after very light use over 8 months. This is a BYOB pack.

The bottles have a round bottom. You can't stand them up. When you pay this much for a fanny pack you shouldn't have to buy cheap disposable water bottles with flat bottoms. Poor design.

This pack is great for short hikes, or long runs. Windbreaker fits in the zippered compartment. The streamlined bottles are tucked far enough back allowing for unobstructed arm swing.

it’s true this bag is designed badly. the belt is not wide enough. The bag hangs out away from the body and feels very uncomfortable and insecure.

The thing works great for snow showing had to add a pair of suspenders for the weight when bottles are full but I love it.

zipper pulls broke within weeks. lousy value. cheaply made. difficult to return bottles to holders. bottles too small.

I have been looking fir a waste pack I could use while hiking that held water and my essentials. This one is perfect!

Very comfortable. Water bottles plenty big and lots of pockets.



Are the adjustable hipbelt straps removable? I'd like to be able to swap which side the buckels are on so I can mate it to my backpack hipbelt to use as a belly pack for camera gear.

Yes, the waist belt straps are removable from the tri-glide buckles to reverse the direction of the side release buckle.

Biker Brian

Is this the 2017 model with the wider waist strap?

Yes, this is the 2017 version.

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