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For YEARS I’ve had a marmot rain jacket (a brand I thought was pretty fantastic), and for YEARS, every time I’ve been caught in a rainstorm (which is more often than you’d think in Texas), I’ve accepted that it would keep me dry for about 30 minutes, or if it was raining more than a drizzle, I’d stay dry for about 10, then I’d go to damp. Well, after a hike where we got rained on (don’t hike after 3 in Colorado), and I spent half the hike wet and cold, despite a rain jacket, the last straw had broken. I was tired of always putting on a rain jacket and getting wet anyways. I found this beauty on clearance sale at my local REI, read a couple good reviews online, and bit the bullet...AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. I climbed in the shower with this thing (since it doesn’t really rain in Texas in the summer) and OH MY GOSH, the water literally just SLIDES RIGHT OFF. On my marmot, you can watch the rain jacket absorb the water — this one?! Not a DROP gets through. This puppy will not let you get wet. I would’ve even paid full price for it. Cannot recommend it enough. It does run slightly large (I’m usually a S-M, and the XS fits me with room enough for a very light fleece under)

I bought this for a rainy backpacking trip to the redwoods. It kept me very dry and the armpit vents are a nice touch if you are getting warm. I highly recommend this jacket!

Bought this right before a hiking trip and so glad I did as we had one rainy day. This jacket did its job and kept me dry the whole time, while still being breathable. Highly recommend, its worth every penny. Fits true to size chart. 5'6" 165 lbs Athletic Build and the large fit perfectly, even with a thick fleece and mid layer jacket on.

I bought this jacket because I wanted a lightweight packable rain jacket to have in the city and for my FL trip during the summer. Well I get to FL and the rain pours but it really stormed during those afternoon showers. So I threw on this rain coat put on the hoodie and sealed the storm strap. I add a digital camera to the inside pocket walked out into the heavy downpour and stood there feeling cozy and dry (yes I had a sweater underneath) all while heavy rain was pouring on me. I waited a few minutes before walking under a building side shelter and confirmed not a drop entered. Fantastic product so far. I would love to review more gear like this.

Weight of fabric is good, not too light, not too heavy. The zippered underarm vents are great and keep me from overheating. The neck guard is well designed and keeps cold air from getting. The hood though, is a fail. Hood depth is not deep enough to cover my entire head and leaves the front part of my head and hair exposed to the rain. Also, the pull cords on the sides of the hood do not have a lock toggle on them so they keep sliding loose. The combo of the too short hood depth and lack of cord locks makes it so the hood is repeatedly sliding off my head.

Reading the reviews I thought this would be a great rain jacket, however I was disappointed because it was not actually waterproof. I’m not sure how others got away with wearing this in heavy downpours, but the water just absorbs into the jacket and feels wet on the inside.

I bought this a couple weeks ago in preparation for moving to Granby, CO. On move in day, as expected, torrential downpour ensued, but thankfully I had my jacket. It kept me dry! One wish, that the hood wouldn't blow off from the wind. Other than that, great quality. Plus, it looks good. Received many compliments.

Perfect fit and super light weight. Great for 45 degree weather and warmer in my opinion. Great wind blocker in addition to being a great rain coat.

I bought this jacket because I really liked the color and fit. Wore it in light rain and was fine. But, when I got caught in a downpour, the jacket was soaked through in just a few minutes and I spent the rest of my hike wet and uncomfortable. So, the lesson here for me was that this was not truly waterproof and I exchanged it for something else.

I have only worn this a few times and I thought that I was sweating from the inside getting wet. Today confirmed that I was just very wet from wearing a jacket that was not a rain jacket. Great as a wind breaker but not as a rain jacket.

I bought this jacket a couple of weeks ago and it's working out the way I hoped. The fit is good, yet still enough room to wear an additional layer underneath if necessary. I like the fact that the back is slightly longer than the front. I've worn it a few times in the rain and it repels well.

Took this jacket on a backpacking trip this past weekend. Not ideal conditions, it was raining the entire time, hence the need for this jacket. While I didn't expect this jacket to provide anything other than protection from the rain, it ONLY provided protection from the rain. I was freezing in this thing. The zippers under the armpits were great and I was glad I could tighten my hood all the way up but I was wet after 6 hours. Not sure if sweat or just rain water but a decent rain jacket overall.

This jacket looks better in person than online. In addition to what's shown, it features zippered pockets, a drawstring around the hem, and a hood that's adjustable from front-to-back with a hidden pull. Impressive! I bought it for outdoor activities in damp and cool weather; per the reviews, I ordered up a size for layering and was glad I did. The cut is flattering as well. I'm 5'4" and run 125-130 lbs., normally take a S or XS, and ordered a M. It's well proportioned and will accommodate a light jacket or vest underneath.

It’s a great rain jacket to throw on top of a sweatshirt or other comfy base layers. It’s pretty water resistant, although I got caught in a flash flood and the hood and cuffs ended up soaked. The only thing I don’t like is the cuffs which irritate my wrists. Something about the way the seam rubs is very irritating. Over all a very good jacket

I specifically got this for kayaking and later on hiking but I love everything about it. I'm a very small 5 foot curvy 100 pound person and the small fit me perfectly but I ordered the medium so I could have insulation under when needed. Only complain is the sleeves are long on me, but again I'm short, thats kinda expected.

I picked this jacket up while on sale. I had read some great reviews and figured I would give it a shot. Understandably you cannot expect a jacket to be completely waterproof without spending $300+, that being said I am very happy with this jacket compared to others I have owned in this price range.

I've had this jacket for almost 2 years and it's practically waterproof. I'm normally a size small and I ordered a small and it runs a little large and boxy.

I ordered the pool green heather color because that particular color was on sale and looked like a nice teal. When it arrived it was nothing like what was shown on the website. I double-checked on several different computers/phones to be sure it wasn't a screen-setting issue, but the color is definitely off. It is actually much brighter/yellower.. more like a very bright minty teal. I also didn't like the feel of the lining against my bare arms - so I'll be returning this.

I really like this jacket. It fits well, a bit slim/fitted. Packs easily into it's own pocket. Keeps my dry. Easy to adjust wrists with velcro. Zippers all work great! Really like that the hip pockets have zippers. Have 2 of these, one for backpacking, and one for work around the homestead. One of these is a lighter blue color and it did stain easily after being muddy. So the material isn't stain proof. Otherwise this jacket is a favorite of mine.

I really like North Face products. Several years ago, I purchased a North Face rain jacket and it fit really well and I was very happy with it. I was hoping to purchase another one. Sadly, the arm length (for me) is too short. I feel constrained in the jacket. Yes, it does it's job but I feel like I'm constantly trying to pull the "arms" of the jacket to my wrists or constantly trying to adjust it. I'll be taking it back to the store.

I purchased this jacket to wear in a mountain biking clinic where it rained all weekend. This jacket kept me dry in heavy rain. It was roomy enough to wear layers underneath and still feel like I could move around. The material is thin and light and it packs down well. I don't know how easily it would tear, but I'm hard on clothes and it has held up well through multiple beatings by branches on trails. Great value.

I bought this for a trip to Chicago. I knew it would be a little rainy, but not the buckets of water that poured down on me. It was a GODSEND. Sitting in the middle of Soldier Field watching a concert and even though I was a little cold I WAS DRY waist up. Held up after really well too. Used it again the next day and I still use it if I think it might rain even a little. This jacket is well worth it!

I just got my jacket today and am very pleased with it. I am 5' 2" and 122 lbs. and I got a size Medium jacket, which was just right. I was surprised that another reviewer wrote, "I would add that the medium is a little large for me (I'm 5'4", about 130 lbs)" because I'm smaller than that person but this jacket is not too large for me. I haven't yet tested how water-repellent it is, but there seems to be plenty of testimony that it really is waterproof. My only complaint is that despite the application of plenty of elbow grease, I could NOT stuff the jacket all the way into its left pocket, which you are supposed to be able to do. I wrestled with it for quite a while and finally got almost all of it into the pocket, but not enough to get it all in and close the zipper. So I'm giving up on that and will just roll the jacket up and carry it in a separate bag. Too bad, because being able to stuff the jacket into its own pocket is a valuable feature for me. Several people asked questions about how light the jacket is. It's not heavy, but it's also not as light as the previous rain jacket I had, so I would describe it as medium-weight. Also, another reviewer incorrectly said: "The new adjusters to tighten the hood do NOT work at all. There is no 'stopper' on them so there is nothing preventing them from immediately sliding out and loosening." That person is wrong, because you CAN stop the cord in one place after adjusting it--look closely at the little plastic stopper thingy and you'll see that you can slide the cord to one side or the other in the slot, and on one side it loosens the cord, and on the other side it hold the cord in place. And finally, two last points: I agree with what others wrote about the usefulness of: a) the way you can adjust the hood to fit you just right, by using the little cord stopper there, and b) the two interior pockets.

Some of the reviews indicated that this jacket was good in a downpour. Not so. I have worn this twice in moderate rain and the shoulders absorb water. There is no beading; the water just soaks in. I'm going to bring it back to the store. It's useless to me. I thought I could find a moderately priced jacket that would work in the rain. Doesn't appear to be the case.

This jacket was hard to size. Large fit well with not much room for any layers underneath. Was swimming in XLarge.

versatile jacket...nice enough as a casual light weight jacket but important gear for hiking and camping. Because it so compact I don't travel/hike without it

If you plan to wear it for an extended period of time in the rain, be prepared to be wet. Water will eventually seep in making your clothes wet. I wore this on the Camino Norte in Spain. It was a day of 25 km and rainy... misty then downright rain. End of the day, my clothes were wet. My pack cover was waterproof. Perhaps I should have worn that.

This is a great jacket to wear on windier fall days or days with some rain and layer with a fleece or sweater underneath. The hood is adjustable too, which is great, and the pockets, which used to be lined with a delicate netting are now the same fabric as the jacket— so much more durable for keys and all your needs.

After reading reviews online I purchase this jacket as I was looking for a packable/waterproof/breathable rain jacket for my trip to the Pacific NW this Summer. I am a short but curvy gal and the "L" was just right. Bonus for me was the beautiful Honeysuckle Pink color! Can't wait to try it out!

I love this rain jacket! I've had one for almost 10 years and finally decided to replace it with a new color. It's a great light spring and fall jacket and has been terrific for hiking (and layering over a fleece). It's always kept me dry and is super breathable. I really recommend this one!

This super-light rain jacket folds up into its hood, so it’s easy to stuff into an already-full suitcase or backpack. I wore it during a trip toWashington DC and was glad I’d brought it, since we had 2 days of fairly heavy rain. It kept me completely dry, and I’m delighted with it.

I was returning an item at REI and saw this beautiful jacket on the counter. Someone had returned it! It was my size so I had to try it on. I fell in love with the color and style so ,of course, I bought it. I am going to the beach this week and rain is in the forecast. Perfect!

This is a great light rain jacket and very breathable. The hood is big enough to fit your head with a pony tail/bun; while also having three areas to adjust to ensure you get protected. Used it in a camping/hiking trip in TN during a VERY rainy week, and it kept me totally dry

I bought this for a trip to the South Pacific during rainy season. It was lightweight and shed water great! I travelled with a carry-on only, so weight and space were an issue. This is a must have for any trip to the tropics, or around town on a rainy day. Perfect!

Light weight and roomier around the torso, which allows room for other attire under the rain jacket. I had to try on several jackets by several companies to finally find one that allowed room. It can feel hot at times but everything makes me feel hot at my age.

I wear this jacket over my rash guard shirt whenever the temperature is around 30s up to 40s. It really keeps me very warm while climbing for about 20 mins. After that, I had to remove because it gets warm really quickly.

These wet Seattle winters can really get you down, but this is just right for keeping out the rain. I bought one size larger than I normally do, so I can layer underneath it. Paired with a fleece, I am warm and dry.

It fits really well - tailored but not tight nor bulky. I love that I can wear it in warm weather and have enough room to put another layer underneath if it's chilly. The hood sits really nicely and it's well made.

Very cute, feminine fit. As comfortable as a rain coat can be, I suppose. I've only had the chance to wear this in a light rain but so far, so good. It does what it is supposed to do. No complaints here.

Purchased the women's Venture 2 Rain Jacket in Black, size XL. I think a L would have fit just fine, but I decided to size up so I could fit multiple layers beneath. It's a bit long in the torso and arms, but the jacket has cords at the hem to cinch it in and up and there is velcro at the cuffs to keep them in place. Two external and two internal pockets that are roomy.

I find that the fabric irritates my chin. In addition, when wearing a sleeveless top, the pit zippers irritate the skin on the inside of my arms . I will be returning the jacket.

Purchased this for a trip to muggy Orlando that had thunderstorms predicted every day. The jacket was lightweight and fully waterproof, perfect for a high temp high rain day!

I live in the Northwest and actively participate in dog sports. This jacket is doing a great job of keeping me dry on wet days. It is breathable, too, so dry and comfortable!

Bought this jacket for my daughter as a Christmas present. Lining of the pocket ripped right after she returned to college. I expected better quality from North Face.

I like this jacket because it has an adjustable hood with a peak; cooling vents under the arms; folds up into a small pocket pack. I only wish it had a double zipper.

Wore this in addition to a mid-weight base layer and an insulating layer on a long day hike up a 14er. Kept the winds out when at high elevations and kept my heat in.

This is such a lightweight jacket that it is fantastic for travel. Packs easily, takes up virtually no room, but offers great protection from the rain when needed!

I bought this at the beginning of the month and have liked it so far. It keeps me dry and offers a wind block if needed. The fit is perfect and I love the color.

Gave my sister this coat for her birthday and she took it on her trip to Washington DC and said it performed well for her and she enjoys wearing it!

I love this jacket! It is so well made & arrived in 2 days, 1 day earlier then promised. Size was true medium. It is perfect! North Face ROCKS!! =))

I love the color of this light jacket that I use for being out and about if it looks like rain. The vents work well for use as a running jacket.

The length is perfect to keep rain off your tush and the hood is large enough to keep rain off your face. Wouldn’t change a thing! :)

Just bought this jacket for a trip to Patagonia- great fit, great for layering and it kept me completely dry even through icy rain

We don't live in Seattle so waiting to see how it works in wet conditions. Love Seattle, but it's not as Rainy where I'm from.

I am 5'7 and weigh 110lbs. I am 32-25-33 and size small fits perfect. I oreded the red one, and the color is fantastic.

This coat is great! Many colors to choose from, lightweight and not too expensive! A must have for the rainy season!

I only marked 1 star off because for the size it's cut kinda small. Other than that it's pretty awesome

Was glad to have it! Worked well, kept me dry and love the soft interior at the top when fully zipped.

I love this jacket but they left the security tab attached. Trying to find a local rei now to help me.

Great fit especially for a petite person and can tell it is going to last me a really long time

This jacket really breaks the wind. But if it's chilly you need to add a layer for warmth.

Seemed to be made of better materials then other similar jackets at the same price point.

Works well in wind and rain. It seemed to run a wee bit small for layering underneath.

Planning a trip to Alaska and this will be the perfect jacket to keep me dry and warm.

Very nice rain jacket. Did what I wanted it to - kept me dry and was comfortable.

Love this jacket so much, bought one for my other daughters and one for myself!!

Love, love, love this coat! It was great for the wet weather and easy to layer.

Excellent quality, good fit and great value. A perfect lightweight rain jacket.

Used this jacket on a recent trip and it did everything it was supposed to do.

The color is great! Light weight and compactable. Will keep you dry and warm.

Great raincoat....keeps me dry inside and out...say GOODBYE to the umbrella

I love this jacket! Waterproof and lightweight - just what I wanted!

Great rain coat and wind breaker! My daughter loves this jacket.

I love my jacket. good fit and I really like the color.

The product is well made and of exceptional quality.

amazing. comfortable. absolutely perfect! woohooo!

Instead of buying a heavy winter snowboarding jacket I opted to purchase this one and layer it with my down coat. I wanted great waterproof protection without having to spend $300+ on a huge heavy waterproof jacket. I looked at thicker rain coat options from both Arc'teryx (didn't want to pay $500 for a rain coat) and also Patagonia (which was about $60 more than this jacket at the time of purchase).



Is the fabric actually breathable like the description? It looks laminated on the inside, like my husband's TNF rain jacket, which doesn't breathe at all except through open pit zips.

This jacket does have a breathable fabric and breathable waterproof membrane. To learn more about how waterproof breathable raingear works, please see the expert article below.


Is this machine washable and dryable? What cycle? I lost threw the tag for care instruction. Will appreciate your response. Thanx. 

This rain jacket can be machine washed and dried. Here is a link for additional instructions:


Is this rain jacket machine washable? It doesn't have a care label.

Typically care tags can be found on the side seam of jackets. This jacket can be machine washed on warm with a technical detergent such as Nikwax Tech Wash (see ink below), then tumble dry low or air dry. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or dry clean.


What north face rain jackets come with a mesh liner?

This rain jacket has a softer face feel to the interior and does not need a mesh lining. The men's AllAbout and the women's Resolve jackets still include mesh liners.


Would my twin brother be able to wear this jacket when I'm not using it since the size chart is basically the same (only off by a centimeter or two), so, why wouldn't he be able to wear it when I'm not wearing it?

This jacket runs true to size.


What's the hip and waist measurements for the 2x and beyond sizes?

The North Face lists a size 2XL with a waist of 39-42 inches and hips of 48-51 inches; they do not feature dimensions for any larger sizes.


Is there some kind of liner (like mesh) in this coat to keep your arms from sticking to the inside of the coat on warmer, wet days?

The inside has a texture applied to the surface that helps with breathability and overall comfort.


I need a rain jacket to go over a women’s Patagonia small down sweater (without a hood). Should I order a small or medium in a rain jacket?

​This jacket features a relaxed fit and runs true to size.


Is it warm? Like if I were to wear it during winter would it be warm or would I need to wear layers underneath as I would with a windbreaker?

This jacket is a shell and doesn't offer much in warmth worn alone. In cold temperatures you will likely appreciate layering appropriately underneath.


How do you wash this jacket? It doesn't look like it can be tossed in the wash. Hand wash only?

​Yes, this jacket is machine washable. See the inside tag for complete instructions.


How do I measure sleeve length?

​Measure from the base of the neck to the shoulder, then angle down slightly and measure to the wrist.


Are the pit zips waterproof zippers?

​No, the pit zips are not waterproof.


How much does this jacket weigh? No weight info is given. I have the grape leaf color in size small. I am trying to weigh it so I can choose between this and another jacket for a backpacking trip. Thanks!

The average weight of the jacket is 10.58 ounces.


Is the hood adjustable? I mean is there something at the back of it that'll shorten the hood and keep it from falling over your eyes.Thanks.

​Yes, there is a hood volume control toggle/bungee on the back of the hood.


I'm looking for a waterproof breathable jacket to wear when I go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon.  Will this stand up to the rapids splashing and pouring over me?  

​Yes, the Venture 2 rain jacket will keep you dry.


How does this jacket fasten? Is it just a zipper or a zipper and something else like snaps?

​This jacket has a full length zippers. It also has a stormflap with a Velcro closure that covers the front zipper.


I’m looking for a rain jacket to wear as an outer layer in winter for working outside as a letter carrier wearing other layers underneath . Would this rain jacket be warm enough ? Or could you suggest another one which would be warmer ?

This jacket is waterproof and breathable but does not provide insulation. Your warmth will depend on the layers worn underneath and your exertion level.


Hello!! I want to know if you recommend me this jacket for taking it with me to the camino de Santiago, Spain.... I would be walking a lot!! So I want to know if it is easy for walking with the jacket.. Or with jacket do you recommend me.. Thank you 

​This jacket is light weight and packable. It is a great choice for long distance hiking trips.


Can this jacket be washed?

This jacket can be washed. The link below will provide you with more information on how to care for your rain jacket.


How much of a crinkling sound does this jacket make, relative to other rain jackets?

The material is a hard shell laminate; you should expect to hear some crinkling noise with movement.


Looking for complete measurements for the XXL size, can you please update the table?

The measurements for XXL are as follows:


How come there is no weight listed? Also, for all of these packable jackets a picture of the jacket packed up would be nice!

The average weight of the jacket is 10.58 ounces.


is this sold/available in stores?

Store inventory can be searched by clicking the find in store button under the add to cart button.

Venture 2 rain jacket

Is this jacket good for layering...should I order a size up?  Thanks

​This jacket fits true to size, if you are layering with a down jacket we recommend to order a size up.


Is this compactable for long backpacking trips? Also, the weight of it isn't available. Can anyone give me a rough idea of the weight?

This jacket is a great choice for backpacking. The jacket can easily be packed and stowed in the left hand pocket, and it weighs just 10.58 ounces.


How breathable is this jacket? In a similar one, it was wet on the inside from perspiration after a brisk walk. Would you recommend this for breathability or something different?

This jacket is fairly breathable and it does have pit zips, so it is a great choice if you are looking for something that breathes well.


what are the size measurements for xxxl in the north face brand??? the online chart does not have them...

Thank you for calling this to our attention, we will get the size chart updated shortly. Based on the measurements of the jacket itself, the sizing on the XXXL jacket is as follows:


I am actually asking about the hip measurement in the XXL - do you have that info?  Thank you.

The hip measurement for XXL is 52 inches.


I put this on in XL size @ Seattle store.  Plenty of room in chest/waist/arms.  However it's a bit snug around the hips.  The size chart seems to show XXL does not give additional room at the bottom.  Did I read that correctly - no more hip room in XXL?  

The XL has a waist range of 35"-39", while the XXL has a range of 39"-42".


Hi! What is the difference between Venture 2 and Venture ( jackets? Thanks!

The new version has a more relaxed fit. It is also lighter weight, but at the same time has a longer cut to provide more coverage.

England Traveler

Could you provide more info on the pockets for this jacket? Are there internal ones?

​This jacket has a drop-in pocket on the left and right-hand side on the inside of the jacket.

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