La Sportiva - Genius Climbing Shoes

Category: Climbing Shoes

I bought a pair of these shoes about 9 or 10 months ago, and I’ve been climbing for 3+ years and have used a bunch of climbing shoe, and while something like a la sportive solution you have to be super precise and technical to get the most power out of the foothold, with the genius you can literally slap your foot on just about any hold big or small and your foot will STICK! I loved not having to worry about my feet and focus more on my hands and body position climbing. Not to mention the comfort, after 1 or 2 climbs, they were broken in and felt like I have been wearing them for a year, the perfect blend of soft and stiff rubber, leather, and synthetic materials makes for a shoe that fits like a glove and feels like a cloud. These shoes have the best sensitivity in a climbing shoe I’ve ever experienced. I would recommend these shoes to any sport climber and boulder, not so much for trad climbing or multi pitch sport, sadly, because they are no edge that means they have less rubber than a normal shoe, so the tip of the toe does wear out easier, mine lasted me 7 months but I used my shoe for everything, warm ups, boulder, sport climb, and even multi pitch. These shoes also have a neat little piece of yellow rubber underneath the outer layer of rubber, so when you wear they it , it’s yellow in the high wear areas. I love these shoes with a passion and so much so, that I’m buying a second pair, I’m sensing my current pair to shoe and buying another pair to get me thru it. They are a bit pricey at first glance, but you get your value in the shoe, it worth every penny.


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