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I absolutely love that this shoe is machine washable. I also love this shoe because they were comfortable from day 1. I wear a size 7.5 and bought a size 7. After having these for a while, they still feel tight to put on but once my feet get warmed up, they get a tad looser, I should have gone with a 6.5. CONS: I am new to climbing, but after 3 months both shoes have holes in the toes already which is very disappointing. I climb in the gym 2-3 days a week. These shoes also smell horrible. Washing does not completely take out the smell which is unfortunate.

These are great if you're not looking for an aggressive shoe. I've felt confident on moderate climbs. They fit nicely and are snug in my heels for hooks, and the toes are just small enough to allow me to hold onto most chips. Unfortunately, after just over a month of indoor climbing going 1-3 times a week, the rubber started to come off the top of the toe. I've really enjoyed using these but am disappointed they're falling apart so soon.

I'm retiring my Oxygyms after 9 months of climbing in them 3x/week. I've found these to be very comfortable, and fairly precise for non-overhanging footwork. At this point, they are quite stinky and the rubber is disconnecting from the uppers, but they have been worn A LOT. These are solid for climbs up to V4, even with tiny and slippery footholds. The lack of upper toe box rubber makes them less ideal for steep overhangs and toe hooks, and they aren't great for smearing or slab climbing outdoors. Would recommend over other similarly priced neutrals.

I’ve had these for a few months now and they’re holding up great. They’re good for a beginner like me — not too aggressive, and I can really climb all day in them because they’re comfy. Other reviews mention them being stinky and I think that’s par for the course for climbing shoes in general. My boyfriend has more traditional leather 510’s and they smell soooo bad. I wear super super thin socks with mine and despite making me look like a dork it means that after 4 months of climbing my shoes don’t smell at all!!

Love these, unlike other climbing shoes these are pretty comfortable! Love the shape of them and how sticky they are!

I've had these shoes for a little over a year now. I got them when I first started rock climbing, and they're comfortable, easy to put on, and last a long time. They only recently started deteriorating, and I walk around with them on at the rock gym and climb about two or three times a week.

Bought these for my two daughters (10 and 15) for climbing. They fit and work well, but they smell terrible! When they take them off their feet stink to high heaven -- worse than wearing Keens sandals. They are washable, but I'm really not interested in washing shoes after every wearing. Sadly, I won't be buying these again.

I've recently got back into climbing, and so far I'm loving this shoe! Its doing the job so far - a great neutral shoe. I'm enough of a rookie that I don't think that a better climbing shoe would actually improve my climbing, so I don't have much to say about this one. Fit my feet (8.5 regular) better/ more comfortably than the other climbing shoes I tried on (Black Diamond Momentum sizes didn't fit well - too big or uncomfortably small between 0.5 size)

Runs very small and digs into the backs of my feet. My mythos are a smaller size but feel way bigger than these. I am returning these. They are way too stiff and uncomfortable. If you do like them though, I reccomend getting the same size as your normal shoes. Do not size down, or you'll end up repelling with your shoes off because of the pain.

These were my first climbing shoes. Lasted me about 2 years. Could have gotten them resoled, but decided to go for a more aggressive shoe now that I'm a better climber. Overall, they did me VERY well. Comfortable, not (too) smelly, never got stretched out. I'll probably keep them in my climbing bag and use them for easy top rope days.

I bought this shoe the first time and the rubber soles immediately began peeling off the bottom after about 2-3 sessions. I returned them, thinking I had just gotten a bum pair with a bad glue job. Got a new pair and had the exact same problem happen again. I am returning again and will certainly not repurchase.

I’m new to climbing and decided to get this shoe based on other reviews. The shoe is just right for starting out and does well on small footholds. I love the Velcro because it gives me the chance to customize the size. One foot is bigger than the other so the Velcro helps keep the smaller one just as snug.

New climber. Wanted a reasonably priced shoe as my technique is still not great and I expect to wear these out pretty quickly. They are tight, but not painful. I don’t have to take them off and give my feet a break. I like the straps, I feel like they fit better than a traditional two Velcro closure.

The shoes were good at first. After two months of climbing regularly, they started to smell. I washed them in the washing machine and also tried vinegar but the smell didn’t leave. I ended up buying new shoes and no longer wear these.

I would say this shoe was half a size smaller than my street shoe. Not much good smearing friction. The only thing with this shoes my feet get so sweaty. I reccommend this shoes for outdoor windy moments for a beginner.

I love these, easy to slip on, does not give me blisters, cute color, easy to adjust, abs affordable. I am a beginner climber doing 5.7 5.8 and these are perfect.

Bought these for my daughter for Christmas. While she loved the look, they ran a bit small, so having to return. Size up 1/2 size for a good fit!

Great fit and perfect for a first time climbing shoe. Totally recommended


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