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I love the style, I love the weight, I love the fit. However, it just does not perform well at all. I took it up to the Olympics on its first outing and we experienced a typical amount of PNW rain (not what I would call torrential by any means) and within 30min it was soaked completely through.

I bought this a month ago as a rainproof shell and I can't be more happy. There are more expensive options out there with some upgraded features for more outdoor purposes, however, for $100 this jacket offers many great features, is ultra portable (packing into its own pocket), offers a great adjustable fit, and is water proof, warm, and light weight. Combined with a nano down jacket and you have a travelers winter jacket.

Water soaked through the jacket only after a couple of minutes of a light rain. I can't imagine how bad it would have been if it was an normal rainfall and I was out on the trail. Fortunately I bought this for everyday use as well and was just out walking the dog for a test run and it failed.

A nicely designed men's jacket. A must for travel. I wish it was a women's jacket. I would recommend it to everyone. I love that it is light weight.

Pretty much mentioned in most of the reviews. It is a stylish rain jacket and fits great, however it is not breathable. This causes condensation under the jacket. I wore this jacket in two occasions, one in dry condition and next under light showers, in both occasions after hiking for an hour or two, my down jacket was completely wet from trapped moisture inside and not letting it escape, even with the armpits vents fully opened. As if I sweated so much that it came out of my down jacket. Very uncomfortable feeling. Some reviews suggest the jacket is not water proof, but it appears that it is TOO Waterproof, and non-breathable, so it may blocks water coming in, but it also blocks water and moisture going out Not suitable for long hikes, but as a windbreaker for small hikes might be useful. I returned the jacket

Great lightweight jacket. Keeps you dry in the rain. Perfect for rainy day walks and hikes

My son loves his jacket. Perfect weight for a college student in the Pacific Northwest.

Use this for backpacking. Lightweight and comfortable to wear while hauling a backpack.

A much looser fit than I expected from the pics & typical North Face. The color I ordered looked blck/sunny yellow in the pic but I received a black/bright orange. If it weren't for those two things I'd give it 5/5.

Functionally, it works great. Kept me dry in the rain. Unless mistaken and as advertised, I was expecting to be able to fold or tuck away and hide the hood when not is use. Also, supposed to be able to fold and store the entire jacket itself into some sort of a included small bag or pocket. This capability also not apparently available either. At least not that I can determine.

Great product, used in on a 4/3 BP trip Kennedy Meadows area of the Sierras. Jacket works perfectly as a shell/wind breaker. We had windy 15 degree overnight temp at 10,800 in August! It has pit zips making it breath well so you can hike in it. Fit runs a little big, which helps for layers, recommend wearing your layers when trying on. Appreciate that it packs into a pocket/pouch about 6" sq x 2 1/2"

The sleeves on this jacket are too long, which is normal for me and shouldn't be a problem since there are velcro wrist straps. But there's no elastic in the wrists, which means that the wrist straps must be opened and reset every time you put the coat on, in order to get your hands through the sleeve. Small design flaw that results in a very frustrating experience.

I have not worn the jacket in the rsin yet. It will be taken on an upcomping trip to Africa and probably get a good test. I anticipate it will live up to its excellent reputation. If not, I will amend this review when I teturn.

Bought this as an outer layer for Scotland. It is definitely waterproof. It's lightweight, easily stuffable and durable.

This jacket is not very waterproof, you get soaked in medium to heavy rain, more of a wind breaker than anything. Don't buy it. I brought this to Kilimanjaro and boy when it rained the thing just soaks through. Breathable = porous. sure its packable and useful in light rain but thats it.

The material feels more like cloth, but still beads water well. I did find that the jacket did get damp on the outside fairly quickly, but it never penetrated through and dried out in minutes. Totally wind proof, good fit though I wish the hood was a bit bigger.

So far so good went hiking in a light steady with no problems, stayed dry. Use it as a windbreaker also.

handy item in case it rain. to give an adequate review i have to wear in rain.. that hasn't happen yet


This jacket fits well, is proportional, lightweight, and has pockets in the right places.

I love this shell. no problems in the rain and breathes nicely. So glad I purchased it.

love this coat. Light light weight. Dries fast. Love it, love it, love it!!!!

Has come in handy during spring rains. I would buy it again if I needed one.

Great Rain Jacket. Used it on my last trip and stayed dry the whole time.

I needed to replace a light rain jacket and this was just what I needed.

This is one of the best fitting and looking jackets I had ever bought. I truly thought this was a keeper, and worked awesome walking into work or out getting groceries. I am an landscape photographer and wanted to keep a lightweight and truly waterproof jacket in the truck with my backup camera in case conditions arise and I need to go shoot on the fly. We have had crazy weather the past week in South East TN, with flooding rains, then a day of snow, then more flooding rain. A friend called and said a waterfall was flowing big time, so I headed out to shoot and figured I would use this jacket as a test since it is a short hike and I wouldn't put myself in danger. For 3 hours I sat in a total downpour and water just completely saturated through. Had I not had on a down jacket below it that has a waterproof outter shell I would have been miserable. I was freezing cold, so there was not sweat on the inside, it was water from the outside. My take away is this is a great casual jacket that will keep you dry for short periods of time but is in no way a proper waterproof rain jacket. Most people won't be in downpours like I usually am, but if there is a chance of heavy rain I would definitely look into something else.

I love the jacket. Comfortable and waterproof. Stylish as well.

It's a nice rain jacket. Limited insulation. Great for layering!

All-around, too big for me. I'm 6'0 and wear a 16.5/35 shirt, the large is a good 2" too long for my arms, this despite the shoulders seams lining up properly. Also, the laminate on the interior of the jacket appears plastic and fragile. Returned.

I was not pleased with the design of the jacket. The white linining is exposed when the jacket is not zipped up all the way. This gives it a very different look that is shown with the online picture.

Fits well and works well. Only gripe is that since it's so fitted, you can't layer much if at all, but I knew that going in. Would use if it rains but isn't cold, if that makes sense..

It's a great water jacket, love all the features to keep it snug around the wrists, waist & your head. Worked perfectly with my head lamp while I had to wear it at night.

In my short time owning the coat it has been useful because it is waterproof and also a great windbreak. I like the fact that it is very light so can be used in warmer temperatures.

this was a gift to my son for Christmas. We had a storm go thru our city this past weekend, needless to say This Jacket was worn all thru out. He loves it and he stayed dried.

Bough this for trip and been wearing it ever since. I would have given it a 5 star rating except i overlooked that it didn't have a chest pocket for a phone.

The jacket fits perfect overtop my mid layer. It has plenty of adjustments while still be pretty light. Works as it is supposed to. Quality is top notch.

Bought this for a trip to Iceland. Wore it everyday in the wind, snow, rain, and even under waterfalls. Kept me perfectly dry and I would highly reccomend!

Use when kayaking in hot and humid Florida rivers. Like the generous cut of the

I am a little afraid to let my husband out of the house in this jacket. It looks stunning on him and it's perfect for either a rainy or snowy day.

Just like the title says; this thing does not breath at all. Also has a very boxy and large fit. A medium fits more like a L/XL.

Waterproof, breathable and has a lot of pockets. The only downside is that it is a little heavy but it’s perfectly manageable.

Great lightweight rain coat! Repels water and keeps warm on a windy day. It's also easy to stuff into your bag in a hurry.

Great fit! It's a nice medium weight jacket that vents well. Dry on the inside, beads off moisture well on the inside.

For the price I thought these jackets would be alot nicer looking, more stronger material, and overall better look.

Better cut than the Patagonia and REI alternatives at this price point. Good construction. Quality materials.

This runs true to size, sleeves are a bit long. I got the red/black and it really shows up on a rainy day!



Does this jacket have any pockets other then the two hand pockets...maybe one inside?

This jacket has two internal drop pockets along with the two external hand pockets.


Planning a trip to Patagonia this November- hiking the W. Will this jacket with a fleece layer underneath suffice?Also, planning to hike a glacier there. Apparently the adventure company doesn't offer any gear. Will this be sufficient to wear?

This is a multi-sport rain jacket designed for a variety activities including day hikes and some backpacking. If you are mountaineering, we suggest a more robust jacket intended for that purpose.


I am needing a truly waterproof jacket for a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon in August - so very hot days but need protection from getting drenched with very cold water from the river - would this and the corresponding pants be waterproof enough?

​This jacket is not designed for water related pursuits as it does not have gaskets at the neck, sleeve cuffs, and hem. It will offer some protection from the water but you should expect some water to find its way under the jacket should wave break onto you. Consider purchasing a paddling jacket (and pants) if you wish to stay dry.


Would this jacket get too warm on a summer Sangre De Cristo trekking adventure in June?

This jacket is designed as a windproof and waterproof shell. It may keep warmth in but is not insulated nor intended to be used as a midlayer.


Looking for lightly lined waterproof jacket to wear spring skiing over thermal layer in 50F. Can you recommend a waterproof shell that is helmet compatible with pit zips AND soft lining for comfort? Wife has a Pitaya2 jacket which I like, want similar.

This jacket is lightweight, has pit zips and a helmet compatible hood. We have other jackets like this but none with a soft lining throughout.


Hi, Are these jacket original (The North Face®)or are them imitations?

​Yes, this jacket is made by The North Face.


Is this jacket suitable as a hardshell for snowboarding or backcountry ski touring?

​You can certainly wear this jacket for backcountry exercises but the cut of the jacket does not allow for much layering underneath.

Peter M

Is the hood stowable?

​The hood on this jacket is not designed to be stowable.


How low of temperatures can this jacket sustain? My husband travels and needs something that's packable but warm enough for winter temps. If not, can you recommend something

This jacket does is designed to be a waterproof shell and does not have any insulation. We don't provide temperature ratings on clothing because warmth depends on many different variables including activity level, metabolism, perspiration as well as the other clothing layers you are wearing.


I can't find washing instructions. Can you help?

​We recommend machine washing on a gentle cycle and hanging to dry.


Can a snowboard helmet fit under the hood of this jacket? 

​This jacket features an adjustable hood which is helmet compatible.


When compared to the Regular 40D, is the Heathered 70D Jackets more: 1) water/windproof; 2) more durable; and 3) more breathable?

​The 70-denier ripstop nylon does not make the jacket more waterproof or breathable compared to the 40-denier ripstop nylon. Given the fact that the 70-denier nylon is thicker, it is fair to say that it is more durable.


Is it feasible to use this as a shell in the winter with layers? If not why? 

Yes, the Venture will work fine as an outer layer. It is a relaxed fit so it will layer well.


What is the difference between 40D and 70D ripstop nylon?

​The 70-denier nylon is a thicker nylon compared to the 40-denier.


Hi I like this Jacket but I have doubts with the size, Im short my heigth is 5,7 and weight 164 lbs, I use S in NFL jersey for example, do you recommend S o M size?

We are unable to determine your best size from your height and weight. Instead, we recommend comparing your measurements to the size chart to determine the best fit for you.


How is the Mens Venture 2 jacket different to the original Venture jacket? Is the sizing the same between the two jackets?

The new version has a more relaxed fit. It is also lighter weight, but at the same time has a longer cut to provide more coverage.

Andrew Austreng

Does this jacket have a liner?

​No, there is not a liner in this jacket.


Does this jacket have a cloth or microfleece lining in the neck area?

This jacket does not have a cloth or fleece lining in the neck area, it is the same nylon fabric as on the rest of the jacket.


Is this jacket suitable for warm weather?

This will depend on the humidity level, the overall temperature during the day, and what you will be wearing under it. If you plan to use it in casual situations where you will be fairly sedentary, then it should be breathable enough. However, if you will be active while wearing this in warmer weather, you will be using the pit zips quite a bit.


How do you pack this in hand pocket?  Is there instruction?

Simply turn the left hand pocket inside out and stuff the jacket into the pocket.


Does the hood roll up and tie off when not needed? Thanks

This jacket does not have a foldable or rollable hood.


Compare to Millerton Rain Jacket, what is main difference?  Which has longer more back length and more water proof? 

The Venture 2 has a back length of 29" while the Millerton has a back length of 28.5", so they are very close, but the venture is longer. Both jackets use the same fabric and both are waterproof. The jackets are fairly similar, but the Venture 2 has pit zips and it stows in its own pocket, while the Millerton has neither of those features. Additionally, the Venture 2 is lighter in weight.

Dominic M

How much does this jacket weight?

​This jacket weighs 11.6 ounces.

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