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I recently injured my ankle and due to the sensitivity had to wear these for a few weeks instead of my high-top boots. Don't think I'll go back to the boots. The comfort is amazing, the grip is superb, and the sturdiness/waterproof of these gives you tons of confidence on your hike/run. I recently did a few major hikes in Colorado summiting some 14k peaks with these on. Crampons 1/2 the time that I never felt due to the sturdiness of these shoes. They are awesome on a mountain and incredibly comfortable around town. Buy them!

I've been an Ultra 109 fan for years (they've gotten through years of teaching, as well as hiking) and was disappointed to see that apparently they are being phased out and replaced by Ultra 110s. I tried and found the 110s to be too stiff and the tongue dug into my foot - never loosened up. I gave up and returned them. I purchased a remaining 109 knowing that within the next year I need to find a replacement brand. Why did you do this Northface?? You've lost a faithful customer ...

I'll keep this brief. Love the fit. Love how they perform like a boot, but feel like a sneaker even on long hikes. The sole is showing more wear and tear than a similar Vibram sole shoe, but I can live with that. And I'd recommend them if not for the fact that the lace loop (as so many others have pointed out) will break. Considering what you pay for them, this is simply not acceptable.

I’m sure better treads exist at the $120 range but I picked these up on sale for $70 during some REI sale. I have put around 200 miles on them and at least 150 on “real” trails here in the Rockies. Sand, mud, wet, slick rock, steep climbs, micro spikes, snow and snow shoes. In all conditions I’ve had little complaints. They grip, 100% waterproof, no hot spots, breathe and dry pretty well with a good wool sock. I’ve ran these through the ringer and believe I can get another 150-200 miles on em. If you’re looking for one trail shoe you can be confident in, until you find your style and needs... this is it! It honestly is an all day tackle anything shoe.

I bought a pair of these on sale a out a year and a half ago and have worn them almost every day. They are very confortable and have held up well on the street and on hikes over a variety of terrain. The soles gril very well making them great for trails with bolders. My feet have never gotten wet in the rain. The only downside is the tred does pick up small rocks and will bring them indoors if you aren’t careful. After 18 month the insole is starting to break down but at 6’6” a d 250 lbs I give the. More than average wear. I have not had problems with the lace strings breaking that others have reported but it does give me pause as I prepare to replace them.

I'm on my 4th pair so I guess that says something about my personal experience with this shoe. Yes the eyelets will break - usually just the top two, so I use a leather punch to create an eyelet to pass the lace through. And the sizing is all over - particularly the width. As someone else mentioned, try on several pair to see if you can find a pair to your liking. I normally wear an 11 or 11.5, but in these I have plenty of length in a 10.5. I get about a year of wearing these everyday including hiking on rough trails, gym, and outdoor work. These are more of a light hiker than a trail runner. They come out of the box a bit stiff and clunky, but break in nicely.

It is pretty comfortable. However, after one year, I had to replace shoe strings. Two of the shoelace eyelet were out (broken).

I have been buying this version of shoe for thepast 10 years, they've all been great,fit my orthotics and lasted forever. THIS newest version has ISSUES. I have went through 5 pairs of these in the past year. The loops for laces are a thin cord. Over time, as I time my shoes tight, the eyelet blows out. REI has been great swapping them. I sat on hold with NORTHFACE for over an hour and they havent responded to any of the numerous emails I have sent. The shoes have always been great, this version is flawed. I will keep buying and returning as they break though. Maybe REI will help get the message across.

North face shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought for work. I'm on my feet all day and do not tire as with other shoes. Wish North Face would make a non- slip shoe

I have been buying NF gtx 109 for years ( over 10 pair + ) and love this shoe for hiking , back packing and daily wear . I buy 2 at a time and then have a new pair when needed . Then the gtx 110 came out and I bought 2 pair . The first one after 3-4 months one shoelace eyelets ripped . I had to punch a new hole and kept using then a second ripped and I gave up . I thought I maybe had been too rough on it so I tried the second pair and in 4-5 months same thing happened ( 2 Eyelets Ripped ) and now I’m done with this model. I ended up scanning the internet and bought 3 pair of 109 gtx again until they redesign . Sadly there aren’t many Gtx 109 left so If NF doesn't fix it I’ll have to find another shoe to become loyal to .

Owned the previous version of this shoe. They were bomb-proof. These not so much. The first eyelet broke after three months which was about the same time the first rip in the toe area appeared. The photo doesn't lie! These are junk.Member since 1977.

First off I am in my 70's and run and hike over 7 miles every day. This is the first pair of shoes that I can not find fault with. Without a doubt the best pair of trail shoes, I have ever owned. I am going to purchase a 2nd pair immediately. I purchased another pair of North face sneakers, that were not waterproof and they are just a comfortable.

I wore these over 10 days hiking around the highlands and low lands of Guatemala. They were comfortable and did the job on any terrain or weather. This is a great all purpose shoe. I can't wait to get out on the trail on them again.

Before you buy, look closely at the loops that control tightening the laces. They are very small and very poorly attached. I bought a pair for a hiking trip, and they broke the first day while I was simply tightening the laces, which made footing uncomfortable and dangerous for the rest of the hike. Really disappointing.

I really enjoyed using this shoe for hiking but just after 1 year of purchasing (2017) one of the looped eyelets snapped. This was after light/moderate mileage too.

Picked up a pair of these at the December REI garage sale. I've been pleasantly surprised. I'm planning to walk the Camino next year and these are an option. Would like the toe box to be a bit larger, but skipped the first crisscrossing of the laces over the forefoot and this seems to help. There's no heal slippage, unlike brands with a larger toe box. I need to test them on some longer hikes to find out of the toe box is an issue. The comfort is superb. Given their price, I'll likely always have a pair on hand.

I have been a devote The North Face GTX shoe for a decade... Not anymore. The 110 series is a major disappointment. I received a x-mas present to get a new pair ... visited REI today to check out the 110 series. Don't know what The North Face was thinking when the put this shoe out. The lacing is held with a little nylon thread which reviews state breaks pretty easily... Looks that way to me also. The feel of the shoe also is Loose and sloppy from the 109 series. Sorry The North Face you've lost me...

This is my 3rd pair of TNF Ultra shoes. My first two pairs were there older model, Ultra 109 I believe it was. They both fell apart prematurely causing me to return them to REI and eventually switch to another brand for a while. I have decided to give these another try since it is an updated version of the shoe. So far they have been good, just 1 month in. The tread is crazy aggressive, but that also means a stiffer sole. The Goretex has kept my feet dry so far, even in a heavy downpour. The trade off there seems to be in breathability, these shoes are slightly warm. Some previous reviews have complained about the new laces running through what looks to be a weak “eyelet”. I can say that so far I have not had any break, and they seem sturdy enough to hold up to long term use.

I have worn North Face Ultra 109s for the past two years -- training and successfully completing the MMT 100 miler in 2016 and 2017. I have been very happy with the stability and durability of the Ultra 109 and I was excited about trying the Ultra 110 since they were described as being even sturdier and providing even greater support. Unfortunately, the lateral stability provided by the Ultra 110 is significantly less than the 109 (I pronate and require a stability shoe especially when I run on rocky trails and steep descents, especially for my right foot). After a sufficient break-in period, I recently wore my 110s on a 20 mile training run in the Appalachians. I noticed right away that my heels felt more wobbly and by mile 8, I started to experience pain near the deltoid ligaments of my right ankle with every stride (inboard side, below the ankle bump) -- the pain was more noticeable in rocky sections and descents. I also noticed that my right ankle was flexing laterally inward about an inch with every stride. I did my next training run a few days later over similar terrain and wore my Ultra 109s (the ones I wore during the entire the MMT 100). There was no lateral ankle flexing, no pain, and my heel felt really stable -- I've already returned my 110s and ordered another pair of 109s (unfortunately, REI no longer sells 109s).

Did 20 miles in the wet white mountains in these. Held up really well, you can tell they are made very durable and feel good about kicking through things with them on. I do have an issue with the overall structure of the shoe. I am always a 12 in basically anything I wear and I had to get an 11 1/2 and they are on the big side still. The sneakers are very wide. I tried them with some light weight moreno wool socks and they felt to me to have too much wiggle room. With thicker winter wool they fit perfect.

Loved the 109's , no complaints. 110's are different story. I like the feel & comfort of shoe. I have also experienced the same 'sole delamination' as other person reviewed about. On my Second pair of 110's & both have 'squeaked'. Traded second pair in & replacement squeaked as well. Squeak went away after 3-4 weeks of wear but very noticeable & 'embarrassing' . Also, have experienced the eyelet inferiority as previous reviewer. Hope company will read reviews & try on a pair of 110's (size 13)

Unlike other trail shoes I've had, the tongue stays put. Very comfortable!

I bought the shoes for casual wear and hiking and running. I wore them on trip to Italy and provided great cushion walking and hiking on cobble stone roads. I have also run and hiked in them. Due to them being gortex they don't breath well so in a hot humid setting they will get sweaty. I like the toe box as they are wider than previous NF shoes and wider base. They are heavier but the cushion on the trail seems worth it. For the price and how they feel so far so good!

These shoes look great and are very comfortable. The only problem is that the tread disintegrated faster than even the cheap mesh. The waterproof lining didn't even hold up. I only have worn these casually for shopping or dining. My other shoes are Tevas that I purchased at the same time I bought these shoes. The Tevas are worn to work under rough conditions. The Tevas are still water tight and still holding together after using automotive glue to reattach the sole.

I love these shoes and I will continue to buy them despite problems. The last pair I purchased developed de-lamination in both soles which caused a loud squeak after just 1 month. I exchanged them at REI without any problem and I hope the squeaks will not reoccur. These shoes fit my foot as though they are custom designed for me. This is my 3rd pair and I hope TNF fixes the issues on the 110 GTX. I only gave 3 stars because of the issues I and others have had.

I am using these as work shoes, for now. I work at a golf course and I'm on my feet most of the day. Being waterproof has been really great as well. I would give 5 stars if I had run in them, but I hope to soon. No complaints from me on these over the past 2 months.

These are the best trail running shoes I've own. Can keep up with the deer.

I got these two weeks before hiking Pictured Rocks Trail in MIchigan. Wore them everyday to work during that time to “break in”, which was not really necesssry with modern shoes/boots but I wanted to make sure they were compatible with my feet/gait. Comfortable and were great on the trail. While everyone else was changing into campground shoes each evening, I just kept wearing these trail shoes, they were that comfortable.

Good Day Everyone. I have loved my GTX 109's for many years and they have taken me through hundreds of miles over Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Canada, Malaysia, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands ALL over and they fit a charm! When I couldn't replace because 109's are discontinued, I upgraded to the 110's. The 109's had to go because the fabric tore in holes on the sides of the toe box (common issue) but they could have gone a lot further had this not been the case :( NOW.. the 110's looked and actually fit very well as soon as I put them on. Then while breaking them in around the house and town, both began to squeak while walking on flat surfaces. VERY annoying but maybe needs more breaking in.. After a month of breaking in on flat surface, I took them on a cold day with thick wool socks hiking the dunes in North Holland to come home to severely blackened big toe nails. both in exactly the same spots. I though possibly with big wool socks and they were still breaking in.. I continued to wear them around town, all flat surfaces and maybe 1-2 miles at a time, nothing major. Last week I decided on another hike, no hills but 10 miles. I am trying to prep them for a few 100 miles on our next road trip through the Northeast US and Canada. After 5 miles in with thin wool socks I could already feel my large toe nails hurting and by 10 miles, there was already blood pooling under the nail :( It turns out when the shoe flexes before picking up my foot, the hard rubber on the toe is pressing down at such a force on my toes to cause this. They fit exactly as my 109's did and my toes are pretty much in the same place so I cant understand how this is the case but it clearly is.. There was no elevation and no walking in sand on the latest trip, only flat. The last complaint is also what people talk about the laces.. You can barely tighten up the shoe without hurting some fingertips.. the laces seem very throng but they barely move through the odd lacing holes.. Really bad design since the 109's had NONE of these issues :( Please North Face bring the 109 back and REI please chime in as well..

Bought these for some light to moderate hiking for a trip to Iceland. Sturdy, comfortable and not too heavy.

The 106 GTX XCR was my all-time favorite shoe, I had two pairs and am refusing to get rid of my last ones because they are still the most comfortable I have. They were super tough and great all around shoe and they felt like I had just slid my feet into clouds when I put them on. Subsequent models have had sole issues, fit issues (too narrow), lace issues and on and on... Please bring back the 106! My rating here is based on my experience with the 109 after they discontinued the 106, they almost worked but too many issues to keep them.

I am an inexperienced hiker, but I am trying to hike more. I tried on several different types of shoes and boots. I have a wide foot and even though the Solomons were lighter, they didn't feel great on my mid foot because of how much more narrow they were. I also have a very flat foot so the Keens had a weird slope on the mid foot. I didn't even try on Merrels. These felt the best over all. I bought these, then the next day went hiking 12 miles up mount Laconte. They held up great. I expect them to last a while, but we'll see.

I just bought my second pair, my first pair has several years of trail running and still look new. I have put these shoes through some of the worst terrain and they haven't fail me. I am so impressed and satisfied that I just purchased another pair before they become unavailable. The security and comfort is like no other, I highly recommend this product.

The shoe is a comfortable in-between a hiking shoe and regular sneaker. I have taken these on desert and woods hikes as well as wearing them daily to work. I find them on the stiff and bulky side for running. They've been holding up well, except that both shoes have developed a hole in the mesh upper where it meets the rubber toe box. Needless to say they're not water proof any more.

Had a couple pairs of the GTX 109s and had no problems. As others have said these 110s do not seem as durable. Stitching in the front on the outside of the foot which binds the welt to the upper is failing after maybe 6 uses and nothing too epic: we'll see if it is cosmetic or functional. Fit OK and grip OK, not being a Vibram sole.

I’m not your regular REI shopper but came here (Brentwood, MO) on a recommendation from a coworker. I’m an avid walker, but only on the streets of my neighborhood. I’ve been at it now for 10 years and have never really had a good shoe... just a regular Nike type running shoe. I walk in any kind of MO weather, except ice. My feet would freeze in the winter. Long story short, these shoes are awesome... well worth the money. Very well built. I walked this evening in 25 degree weather (w/ an average quality wool sock) and my feet weren’t even chilly. I’ve walked in heavy rain and 3-5” of snow too, again dry and warm. Extremely happy with the purchase, you definitely get what you pay for. I tell everyone about them. Also, the staff at the store was very knowledgeable too.

This shoe runs true to size, its tow box width is comfortable and cushioning is good. It makes moving on concrete feel like being on grass. No more jarring my spine or knees. Stability is great and heat dissipation & moisture wicking remains good in Chicago's weather.

Shoes are fine purchased at our local Raleigh NC store (I also bought a pair of Solomon at the same time - 2pair almost $300 thats ok - I like buy local) ..... I also received a $20 gift certificate for the purchase (also good) .. but... brought the $20certificate out of my wallet to use later on another purchase & it had a 7 day use window / it had expired even though my original purchase was less than a month prior (NOT GOOD!) MAY TAKE BOTH PAIR BACK & SHOP ONLINE WHERE THEY ARE CHEAPER ANYWAY...

Bought them a few weeks ago, worn them on the trail a few times already & loved them. Nice enough to wear every day to work also.

I bought these about 2 years ago and have used moderately since, unfortunately the eyelet that the lace went through just broke today and doesn't look repairable. Otherwise a very good shoe, just not made to last.

I tried these on in the store and they felt good right away, but decided to sleep on it. I ended up buying them online for convenience purposes. I normally wear a 10, but 10 1/2 was a better fit for me.

For the price the eyelets should not have ripped after having these for just over one year. REI used to carry all quality products now I question all of the products they carry.

I purchased my first pair of these at the end of 2018 for the purposes of day hiking (4-10 miles) and walking (paved trail). They fit well on me (slightly wider than normal forefoot, slightly narrower than normal heel, normal midfoot, higher end of normal volume), but there is no midfoot support. Aftermarket insoles selection is limited due to the fact that these are trailrunners with not a lot of volume. The grip on these shoes, however, is excellent - among the best I have ever owned in my 12 years of hiking.

i have been buying these for years. probably 6 or 7 pairs. i hope North Face never stops selling them. great fit, performance and durability.

This shoe was recommended by an REI employee in the REI store in Paramus. I explained that I was going to be on my feet for a long time for a week in Italy. I was in fear of having foot pain at the end of the day and that did NOT HAPPEN. I love this shoe. It's comfortable, fits perfect and very well padded as I had not foot pain at the end of the day (for 9-days). What a fantastic product. By the way I have recommended it to a friend who will be making a purchase shortly.

Just plain BAD design! Great shoes and fit, who ok’ed the eyelet design! Two broken eyelets in first 3 weeks, returning for refund

These shoes are really comfy but they've started to fall apart in about 6 months of wear.

I already had a pair of hiking shoes for dirt trails that I purchased from REI, so I was looking for a pair of shoes that would be great for hiking the hilly streets and sidewalks behind my home. The North Face Men's Ultra 110 GTX Trail-Running Shoes were an excellent choice. They have a very durable, rubber sole and are great for walking, hiking, or jogging on hard surfaces or dirt. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a comfortable, but rugged shoe.

Would of given the shoes a 5 star but the laces were incredibly to long.

Like the shoes but they need better support insert.

Shoe's seemed to be first. I did notice the eyelets were somewhat restrictive on pulling the laces but didn't think that would be a problem. Boy was I wrong; it was a major pain since it meant a tug of war to get them on or off was each and every time. It didn't lessen over time. The eyelets are little more than fish line thickness which grabs the laces for each eyelet meaning that in order to adjust the laces, you have to pull it from the bottom up each time and at each interval until they're snug and ready to tie. Then you've got to do it again to take them off. What were they thinking?

These are a great option for those looking for a multipurpose hiking shoe. Bought these before a recent trip through Europe and these shoes were just as at home on the streets of Munich as they were hiking the rock cities outside of Prague. Comfortable, lightweight (relatively for a hiking shoe), supportive, and breathable. This shoe is able to keep you comfortable whether walking 12 miles through Salzburg or hiking dirt trails and stone steps.

I've been wearing the North Face Ultra for years! I started with the Ultra 109 & now the Ultra 110! I've put each pair through the ringer & they've all stood the test of time! I've used them all in hiking, snow, rain, and I've always been happy! I will continue to buy them for as long as North Face keeps making them! Honestly, I still have a couple of my old pairs & they work great & are still in good condition, but stinky lol.

I want to love this shoe, I really do. It fits my foot perfectly, is really comfortable, and a great combination between weight and protection for a lot of backpacking I do.

Had the 109 and loved that shoe, but was discontinued. Most comfortable shoe I had ever worn in several decades of wearing running shoes. Got a pair of Ultra 110s last year, and again very comfortable, but one of the lace guides broke and another is about to break. A very poorly designed system for a shoe at this price level. Still looking for a fix for that. Despite the comfort, I'm not spending the money on another pair.

After about 3 months they began to squeak The foam or something breaks down. Tried two pair of the same shoes. First pair squeak and returned. They fit well, comfortable just can’t stand. Thanks to REI for letting me return/exchange. Got a pair of Asolo this time. How much does it cost for a high quality pair of shoes that don’t squeak after a few months $210 for the Asolo. No inserts in anything either.

Eyehole and lace construction makes it almost impossible to comfortabley lace up this shoe. Great shoe once it's on however really difficult to tighten the laces for optimal fit and function

I replaced my model 109s with the 110 model. I ordered the same size and found them to large. I went to the local REI store and exchanged for a half size less. I still do not feel that the shoes fit my feet as well as the previous model. Thankfully, REI is great at making things right. You need to try these on in the store and not order your normal size. Loved my 109s, but not the 110 model.

Love these - used through winter including long day hikes in snow with gaiters, short 3 day backpacking trips, and 20 miles days in urban settings under the rain. These are at the beefy end of the "light" trail runners, protect toes well, fit is excellent for my feet, keeps feet dry through snow and rain, midsole is stiff enough to work with a backpack in the low 20 pounds. Very happy with these.

Very comfortable shoe but lasted less than 50 miles due to outer eyelet breaking on both shoes, making them nearly impossible to lace up properly. Who would think an external eyelet made of basically thin string would hold up? Especially with a trail runnning shoe when lacing up snug is kinda important??? Thankfully I was able to return, bought the La Sportiva Wildcat instead, great shoe.

Just bought these to trail run around Boulder area in the winter and they are great in the snow! The design of the sole gives good grip on ice and hard snow, the insides are cozy, the gortex keeps you dry, there's a little bit of elevation to keep you out of puddles nonetheless, and there's a burly toe box so that your micro spikes don't crush your toes. What more could you want?

These trail runners feel almost like a hybrid to me. They are more stiff than anything else I’ve tried before. They are not very flexible. But that sounds worse than it feels while running. They feel like I’m wearing a hiking shoe but they are fine to run in. I had a hard time finding a wider gortex trail runner. So I reluctantly tried these. I must say they have been just fine.

I tried three different winter shoes for an upcoming trip to Michigan, anticipating snow but did not want regular snow boots as I knew it might be a one-time trip. The North Face snow sneakers are comfortable for all day wear and are my choice now when I need to go for a walk if I don't need my work boots (Justin's). Excellent choice. I did add Dr. Scholl's 3/4 insoles.

Let me first say. I am not easy on shoes. I've had these well over a year now and they show it, but they're still super comfortable. These are my every day shoes, hiking shoes and occasional work shoes. As many have said the eyelets will snap. I had one snap a while back (the top one). I just bypassed it and they tighten up all the same.

I have been buying waterproof trail running and hiking shoes for years for hiking and walking my two 100+ pound dogs in all weather and terrain. I've purchased various brands over the years but always come back to North Face. While the tread life on my prior North Face's hasn't been as long as some other brands, their overall construction and durability outlasts other brands. Looking at my past purchase history I've purchased at least five pairs of the 109's and in September 2018, my current pair of 110's. I track pretty much all my hikes and walks and currently have 138 miles on these shoes with no issues. The tread seems to be wearing a little better than my 109's so I'm hopeful I can get another 300 miles out of them. In the past the best I've been able to get is about 300 miles total. No eyelet or squeak issues other readers have mentioned and if these go on sale, I'll buy another pair immediately and put them away until my current pair give out!

I bought this mainly for working on my feet all day, but also use on trail in Colorado. The GoreTex liner keeps splashes off my socks and the overall fit is very comfortable for my wide feet. Only issue has been a squeaky insole that started after about 2 weeks. I'm looking at replacing the stock insoles with SuperFeet.

Whether it is running or hiking this is a very comfortable shoe. It is so comfortable that I use it as my daily walking shoe. It has excellent grip in snow and muddy conditions. It is good, not great, on ice but I have yet to find a great shoe on ice. It has a very stable heel box. The gore-Tex keeps your feet dry.

I brought these Trail-Running shoes for my trip to London and Scotland and they worked out great. My feet were dry and warm every time I wore them. Which was a lot of time in Scotland. I spent two full days outside walking through a field while attending the World Pipe Band Championships 2019 and the shoes were great.

Had to return not used do to company policy, shoes or boots need to be black uppers and black soles. I wish I could have purchased my shoes from REI because of quality but they didn't offer any in all black. I will continue to buy other shoes from REI and if they start selling all black I'll buy work shoes as well.

These are a good low cut hiker. I’m not sure for trail running as they seem heavy compared to other trail running shoes. But they work well holding on wet rocks and mud conditions. Walked over 160 miles in rainy weather feet stayed dry and no blisters. Seeing a little wear in the upper heel area after two months.

The most comfortable shoes I’ve had in years. I wear them daily and do a bit of hiking too, and they are perfect in both areas. I showed them to my brother and he really liked the construction, and he bought a pair too, and likes them as much as I do. Thumbs up to North Face for making such a great pair of shoes.

I purchased these at REI for a trek around Devon UK and found them to be very comfortable on trails in Dartmoor National Park, in small towns, villages, as well as sightseeing in London. Great look, comfort, and durability. I'm looking forward to hiking in the Appalachians of North Carolina in these as well.

Have owned for 6 weeks - purchased for trail hiking but wear them everywhere - trails and light scrambling, around town, even sailing. I have a wider foot and these are one of the few shoes with sufficient toe volume without being too lose in the heel - perfect fit (previous NF shoes were a bit too narrow). The sole is firmer than many making for stability on rougher trails and the toe box gives reasonable protection. Traction on wet rock is excellent, a problem with many some other trail shoes. They've also become my favorite sailing shoes as the soles, though black,

I’ve worn these on a 14’er in CO and a 25 mile backpacking trip on AT with 40lb. pack. The shoes held up well and feel comfortable. Little stiff at first but they wore in quickly. Feet felt good and stayed dry even through multiple small creek crossings and mud. So much lighter than my ankle high boots.

Purchased a pair back in April and developed squeaks in both shoes after 2 months. Thanks to REI's awesome return policy I was able to return them for a new pair. After 1 month of use these are now starting to squeak. :( I did not have this issue with the Ultra 109 so this model must have a defect.

Quite comfortable, fits my foot well, but not the most long-lasting shoe. Sole wears faster than other top brands I have used. I average 5 miles of woodland trails every day, with 10+ miles st least once a month (nice thing about retirement), so I estimate 3000 miles on the last pair.

Jake comment about not being able to lace up tightly.

Bought these today, the fit was great and were comfy in the store. Got home, put them on and laced them up, and an eyelet ripped right off. not even 6 hours. Very poor quality of materials and design. A thin piece of plastic for a major support point on a $120 shoe is not acceptable.

Bought this for summer hiking and daily wear. Has withstood 24 hour shifts so that's saying something. Yet to take them out with a pack on though.

I bought these for my work at a busy hospital. I'm on my feet all day pretty much running around. They are comfortable and sturdy. The light weight helps a lot. There is a clicking sound when I walk but it's so noisy is not very noticeable. But all around its a good shoe.

Loved my 109s until they ripped and had to exchange them for these. Size 13 fit is very similar, as is the cushioning. Tread is slightly more aggressive, but that's mostly aesthetic. Breathable for being waterproof, great everyday winter shoe in the snow/puddles

Very comfortable BUT... had same sole and eyelet issues as mentioned by other reviewers. Eyelet blowout on each shoe within the same week. I don’t tighten very much. I liked the 109s. North face needs to up their expectations and quality. Finding new brand.

This is my third pair of 110’s in 4 years. I have found them to be comfortable all year long. Solid performing hiking shoe and great for use on cobblestone streets in Europe.

This shoe fits well, and has been great on many hikes and as my go-to non-work shoe. The only downfall is some of the stitching has come loose. It seems to be mostly cosmetic, but the shoe looks much more worn than it actually is.

My husband has sensitivity in his heels. He reports that these shoes are super comfortable shoes for walking anywhere and particularly he enjoys the cushioning on trails. They are water resistant and the laces stay tied!

Seemed comfortable- able to support pack-weight of about 35 lbs. Fabric for shoelaces broke after about 20 miles. First time I tired to snug up the laces to get better fit. Seemed to be working out until this happened.

These are my favorite shoes. These shoes can handle some serious abuse. I abuse these shoes and they keep on delivering great results. 5 out of 5 recommend. Google best hiking shoes these shoes are always on the list.

These are labeled as trail runners, but they are perfect for light hiking and backpacking. Strong sole, not bulky, plenty of rock protection, good grip. The tongue is a bit thick and stiff, but it should wear in.

A hiking shoe rugged enough to handle any trail. Lighter than the regular hiking boot. I do a lot of long distance walking and I prefer Ultra GTX BY NORTH FACE every few ounces makes a difference over time.

I wore out my first pair over many years of daily use.

I'm on my second pair. These are my everyday shoes. Very light, comfortable and casual. I hiked two rocky, strenuous trails recently in these shoes and they performed as you would want and expect.

I was looking for a shoe that made long, ten plus mile, trail hikes bearable. Normally, I go hiking around the different trails at our local national park, Chipinque, in Monterrey, Mexico. These shoes work great for traction going up some of the more steep trails onthe mountain. The best feature for me these Ultra 110 GTX offer, is on the front part of the foot. After several miles the feet get sensitive from continually pounding on the trail where every little rock is felt. I've only tested once on a 13 mile hike, and can say that my feet did not feel like ground meet when I finished. That is a big plus for me. I would have give the shoe five stars but I have not used it long enough to truly evaluate and also did feel my toe jam towards the front of the shoe on a steep down hill. I will say that I felt that when I tried the shoe, but didn't know whether that could be helped or not with any other shoe or one size larger. Regardless, I didn't want to buy a bigger shoe just for that, and focused on the foot comfort for long walks as the primary concern. That was fulfilled.

I used it couple of times and it was okay but last weekend it was slippery. Not even 50 miles total since I bought it. I can’t return it because it’s over a year now. I feel like I wasted $120

The shoes are extremely comfortable from the moment I put them on. Very sturdy and great with walking. Seem to be very durable. Cannot say for sure since I have only had them for a month.

I bought these in Sana Rosa California. They have a great trail system east of the city so I head out on the trails and was happy with the my purchase. Feel good and good grip. A keeper

I bought these shoes for casual hiking. These shoes are everything I was looking for, fairly light but durable, very comfortable but secure hiking up and down mountain trails. Great shoe.

As noted in another review the sole de-laminated resulting in an extremely annoying squeak with every step. Because of this I took the first pair back after only 3 months and got a second pair I have had about 8 months. It also started squeaking but then it went away. 2nd complaint - is that the area around the big toe joint is tearing. The rest of the shoe is fine. I only use them as a casual work shoe sticking to Solomons for serious trail running and hiking. It is clear they have some quality and design issues. The good news: they are quite comfortable but not cushy. They are very sturdy feeling. The Goretex keeps moderate wetness out. Overall, I really like them but I can't see spending $110 for a pair of shoes every 9 months or so because they wear out in the upper, especially when the sole is still good. I am very torn about them because they seem to have a lot of potential. I see they are recommended for trail running but for me they are too heavy and blocky feeling for trail running; I tried a couple of times. I bought them as an all purpose casual shoe and they are fine for that.

My self and feet love it, I have to be on my feet all day at work with this shoes at the end of the day I not that tired or fatigue still have energy for the rest of my day

These were immediately comfortable and they have a great walk feel. I haven't tested them on a more challenging hike yet, but I feel confident they'll be great.

Bought these to replace the previous version. They are higher on the sides and cause rubbing. Good arch support but not as comfortable as previous ones.

I was having problems in the ball of my feet after 5 miles; I am 6'2 250 lbs. I have had no problems with these shoes due to the cushioning in the soles.

These are definitely lighter than my boots, however, they are still not as comfortable as I need. Maybe a half size too big. May need to exchange them.

shoe tops torn after 9 months of weekend dog walking. no serious hiking. when I did go on a camp out with hiking they opened and the sides separated

I've been wearing a pair of very heavy duty full grain leather boots for backpacking and a pair of super light weight running shoes for day hikes. I found these looking for something in between: weight closer to the running shoes with some water resistance, extra torsional stability, and under-foot protection for rocky trails.

These shoes were super comfortable as soon as I tried them on. After 3 weeks with them they still feel great. They also seem to be very durable

Comfortable trail shoes. Do what they should do. Added support but not heavy. Definitely worth it. Easpecially with the REI coupon discount!

small loop holding shoestring broke. And I'm not that hard in these shoes; I just walk in them, and not all that often. Broke after 6 months.

I've tried two pairs of these shoes. For both pairs my toes got wet after 15min of moderate rain. I did not walk through any puddles.

Instant comfort as soon as I tried them on. I usually spend at least this much on shoes that are not water proof. My new favorites.

Everything is 5 stars out of 5 however, there is a flopping/squeaking sound coming from the hiking boots that is driving me crazy.

Very comfortable, high durability shoes. Second pair of these shoes, hundreds of miles on the first pair and still in good shape.

Today was the first time hiking in rainy conditions. When hiking on wet rocky trails the traction of these shoes is very poor.

Had these for about 2 months and love them. Hiking and walking so far and they are great on wet, mud or dry surfaces.

The eyelets broke within a year, rendering them useless, and i did not abuse them or wear them excessively.

Stitching has come out around fore foot and had to buy a shoe insert because inside padding started ripping.

I love the look of these shoes and use them for everyday wear. They are also very very comfortable!

Love the shoes....... but the eyelet broke on both shoes. So yes... buyer beware.

Today I bight this shoes is good and comfortable today I go tray trier raining

Pricey but quality and comfort are worth it. Breathes as you walk on air

All-weather sneaker would recommend to anyone this is my fourth pair

Older version got better materials. These pair didn’t last long.

Nothing much to get excited about here. They're OK. Just OK.

Love the shoes and felt great when I went hiking and walking

Great fit, supportive and Gortex. Also excellent traction.

we found the shoes are well built and great support

I have two pair of this shoe, one I purchased in Korea and the 2nd pair I subsequently purchased at the Boise, Id REI while on vacation. Overall I like these shoes very much.


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