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Third pair of hiking shoes, first Keen pair and they feel awesome!! Waterproof so great to wear in Chicago winters for street walking!!

Well we all know that Keen has a big toe box which is really nice until you start going downhill. Unfortunately Keen shoes will not tighten to prevent this. What I do like about Keens is the footbed I can stand in them all day long and my feet won't be sore at the end of the day. It's unfortunate that you have to pay $150 for a pair of shoes that don't meet expectations. Did they change the last I've always worn an 11.5 and I bought a 12 and they seem short.

I purchased these quick on a whim and took them along on a two-week vacation without really getting to break them in. Here's what I found:

Keen Gypsum II Low WP Hiking Shoes are everything they promise to be; lightweight and waterproof, with excellent traction for dirt trails and cobblestone streets. I've put a lot of miles on this pair already and they are holding up really well. If they do as well as the Newport H2 sandals, they wear great. My Newports look like new after nearly 2 years! I've recommended the Keen's to all my workshop participants!

I tested my new hiking shoes out right away and rally like them. They will stand the big test in Norway this coming summer.

Walking light rain socks soaked in 20 minutes. Very disappointed!

The hiking shoes are ideal when off the paved path - waterproof, sturdy, not too heavy. But I use mine for work (Landscaping with multi surface walking and wet grass) and any walking on asphalt or concrete is painful - the bottoms are hard and the insoles are too firm. I would not purchase if I was going to hike on hard surfaces.

Bought these January 5th, 2019, and here I am on January 9th, 2020 wearing my new boots that I bought today. Everything about my Keen's seem fine, except I can feel every edge, every rock, and every pebble on the trail. The soles just didn't hold up at all, and my feet just hurt when I hike with them. Hopefully these Oboz shoes will last longer.

A stylish hiking boot that definitely has the sturdiness and durability to deal with some intense trails. My only knock on them is the lack of ankle support. My ankle will buckle sometimes in these shoes. Other than that, I love the treads and the look.

My closet has many Keens, they are comfortable and last a long time. I bought the size I have worn for years but this one was a bit large so I exchanged it for a half size smaller and the fit is perfect.

I had Keen and wore them out after many years. I hated to let them go but they had it, totally gone. These Gypsum are even better, great support and really comfortable. Highly recommended.

I already know Keen make quality shoes. REI is the nearest place to offer quality hiking shoes and sandals. I enjoyed the helpful staff working at the Fresno store.

Keens shoes are amazing. I've owned 7 pairs so far. New Keens feel like shoes you've been wearing for months.

These are the most comfortable and easy walking hiking boots. I have ever had or walked in. I ware them back and forth to BSU BB games. Just the best.

A good comfy hiking shoes..been every week an has yet faled me in the dirt,water,mud,up rockest trail was more than what I expected of it

Found this to be one of the few that fits me great. Excellent toe space, stiff enough shank and comfortable- all in one waterproof hiker

Went for a couple mile hike in the mountains and these shoes were very comfortable with no break in necessary.

This is my seventh set of Keene. I know that thay will be comfortable and last.


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