La Sportiva - TX4 Mid GTX Approach Shoes - Men's

Category: Climbing Shoes

I like the narrowness of the boot in the mid area, but it made it hard for me to tighten the laces at the ankle because everything got too tight for my foot. I got a lot of debris in the boot during my first 5 mile hike. It was also too hot and lacked adequate ventilation. The laces got loose so often that i had to interrupt my hike constantly to tighten them up.I liked the way the sole gripped the ground and how light weight the boot was. It is comfortable but too many conditions to deal with.

These are about the best shoes I have ever owned for hiking / scrambling. They are super waterproof, very stable, and work superbly with strap-on crampons and / or microspikes. On rock they edge well and work wonders on class 4 and low 5th. I used them this season so far in the Sierra (a very heavy snowfall year) and they did well on long snow hike as well as rock scrambles. They have maybe 120 miles on them as of now and show no sign of wear. Could not recommend them more. I think they run a bit small. I usually get 11s or 11.5s and I got 12s for these. No blisters.

These boots feel like an extension of my leg. When I am wearing these boots it makes me want to jump and climb on things like never before. Very comfortable and the grip is awesome. I am a believer now for sure, I will be going on my first long backpacking trip in a month or so to put them to the true test but I love them so far on day hikes with my family.

These are better than I thought, and close to a trail running shoe feel. The size is accurate but make sure if you are a 10.5 US you ask for the 10.5+ equivalent, that is the 44-2/3 in eur. I run/hike 8+ miles per day as a goal, that now am going to hit 500 days in a row soon, these will be a great choice for the wet slippery days, have different shoes for mud, and others for dry rock and.. so on.

Extremely comfortable and lightweight approach shoe, but sole started to separate from shoe after a single day's use in Rockies. Could be manufacturing defect, I'll reorder and try another pair. REI has excellent return policy, took back shoe with no argument.


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