Flame King - Refillable Propane Cylinder - 1 lb.

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I have had 3 of these for a couple of years now. They are easy to fill if you read the directions and I have not had any leaks. Yes they come empty and you have to fill them and yes it’s a bit more effort than the throw away cylinders but so what. On a whole they are a better option than the Coleman style cylinders that can not be recycled.

Bought one of these along with a new stove at my local store. Didn't work; returned to store. It took 3 REI staffers 10 minutes to figure out that this tank is sold without gas in it. Would have been nice to know this in advance.

You have to buy the big Flame King refilling package in order to use this. Any other adaptor simply won't work. It's awkward and we couldn't get it to work trying to fill it from our camper van propane tank.

I bought the refill kit, and a extra tank. After just a couple fills, both tanks are now leaking and will not hold propane.

Pays for itself the third time you use it.It works great. I just wish they made the skinny one.I will be buying more.

I was not able to fill the cylinder yet. I need to fill it from a home propane tank with a connection piece.



How and where do you fill these tanks?

​You can use the Flame King Refill Kit along with a large, refillable propane cylinder to refill these smaller propane canisters.


How to refill this tank?

Please visit Flame King's web site for the instructions on how to refill.


My trailer has 30 lb tanks. Can I refill this safely from a 30 lb tank rather than a 20 lb tank?

​We are unable to confirm if the refill kit will be compatible with your 30 lb. tanks.


What size Allen key, lost mine?

​This container uses a 5/32" Allen key.


I see these are not available again. Will you still carry them when you get more stock or are you discontinuing?

​As of May 2018, we are out of stock of this item and do not know when it will be available again.


Will these 'one-pound' tanks fit the Mr. Heater Portable and work appropriately?

Yes. This is what I have been using mine for.


I just bought a propane camp stove from REI and I didn't realize that the canisters were not really recyclable. Will this refillable one fit on my stove?

This refillable propane cylinder has the same compatibility as disposable propane cylinders. It will fit your stove.

Tae Won

Flameking recall this cylinder (Serial number 000001 through 020800) from July 2017. http://www.flameking.com/recall What are serial numbers REI sells ?

All inventory was inspected and any affected canisters were removed from our stock in June 2017. Everything for sale from July 2017 on is unaffected. For additional information, please give us a call at 1-800-426-4840.


Can the small refillable tanks be filled at a commercial propane provider?  Or refilled only with this Flameking kit?

According to the vendor, this propane cylinder should only be refilled using an approved Flame King device.


Do these refillable tanks come with gas Inside?

​The propane cylinders are not pre-filled.

Ariana Saraha

Hi! Are these refillable anywhere propane tanks are usually refilled?

The cylinders are refilled from a standard 20 lb. propane tank. The refill kit is sold here:


Is the valve part removable for inspection? To transport gas cartridge by airplane, officers have to look inside.

No. Flameking uses a high strength a thread locker to prevent the valve from unscrewing.

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