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I splurged on this with my dividend & I'm so happy I did! This sleeping pad kept me asleep, warm, & completely pain-free by morning, despite my back problems & being a side sleeper. Looking forward to frequent camping trips again now that & have this pad!

Incredible Sleeping Pad !! I purchased this for a four day camping trip and was not disappointed. No doubt this is the best nights sleep i have ever had camping. I am a side sleeper and this pad was perfect. I think it's more comfortable than my bed at home. Well worth the price....

I've gotten creakier as an older adult and needed something more comfortable to sleep on. Since getting a knee replacement, I've been unable to find a pad with enough cushioning to avoid knee pain when I was lying down in my tent. I've also sometimes woken up with a sore back. The MegaMat is far more comfortable than anything I've ever used. It's like bringing a twin bed into your tent--roomy, warm, and padded. Like a real bed. No more stuffing a pillow under my knee or waking up uncomfortable in the middle of the night.

Extremely comfortable, High R-value mat. I have used it several times in the year-and-a-half that I've owned it without a single problem. My only complaint and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because be hand pump takes forever to get it to your desired firmness. I love the mat but almost bring my hands to muscle failure pumping it up but that is a small, trivial price to pay for such an exceptional mat. I would have given it 50 stars had it come with a larger, more efficient way of inflating it.

It's certainly not the cheapest pad, but it's great. The size is wide, which is great for stomach or side sleepers. The R rating is fantastic. It feels very comfortable, and packs up well for car camping.

After trying many pads and mattresses , we bought this for our pop up camper. It is amazingly comfortable... it feels just like our not cheap foam mattress on our bed at home! We can also justify it since we can offer it to people sleeping over at our house and feel confident that they will be comfortable. We gave it just a little air and it stayed the same for two weeks camping , through very cold nights (it also has a wonderful R value for cold nights). We are very pleased.

if you have camped for long you will know what works what does not,this pad is as good as it gets,i have slept better on this pad then at many 5 star hotel beds,

This is as close as I could find to my bed at home. Inflation is easy. The included pump is not worth much but I just inflated it with my own lungs no problem. Its super supportive. I only wish that it wasn't XL - I"m only 60 inches tall so I don't need the extra length. However, the comfort is worth the extra work. Love it!

I was told by the REI Salesman that he had this one and it was the most comfortable camp mattress he had ever slept on. I'm the type of guy that hears those types of statements with a grain a salt. I put it in the same category as temp ratings for sleeping bags and sizes of tent if you know what I mean. I was in the market for a much thicker mattress after using my neo air on a gym floor(Not Recommended) in Houston while I was down there helping with Clean Up. The salesman was kind enough to have one blown up in t he store and let me lay on it a bit before committing. I also had a coop coupon. I can honestly say after roughly 14 nights in the last few months on this thing it IS the most comfortable camp mattress I've ever slept on. While I'll keep using my thermorest for my backpacking, My car camping and sleep overs have been taken up a solid ten notches. Outstanding Product.

Bought this for my dad to use since he has a tough time sleeping on the floor now. I tested it out in-store first to see how it felt. He's slept great every night camping since them and gushes about it. I've borrowed it a few times as well for camping on my own as well as in hotel rooms as an alternative bed when the pull-out sofa has that bar going through it--can also attest it's been really supportive and comfortable. Also I used it on rocky ground while car camping in Banff and stayed warm the entire time.

I had tried other air mattresses for my car camping but none really worked. So I splurged and tried the Exped and it did work! I am 68 with some back issues but had no trouble with the Exped sleeping on my back and side. It was really worth the investment.

Outstanding quality and comfort! I am NOT a camper -- roughing it is Motel 6 when no Marriott is available. Retired, and decided to go on a kayak camping trip with a friend. So I maxed out the tech. This Exped pad mates perfectly with the equally pricey Mezzo Loft Luxury sleeping bag. The combination was flawless. It kept me warm, comfortable, and happy. Easy on the eyes (but not the wallet). The macho boys can keep their paper thin feather light pads. I simply made room for the additional size and weight. LOVE IT and highly recommended.

I am an avid car camper woman and as far as I'm concerned this is the best product on the market for comfort and warmth. Equally good in a tent or the back of my truck. Also doubles as a guest bed for extra company. This is the second one I have purchased. Only because I wanted another one and it was on sale. I also appreciate the re-designed carry case. I never did manage to get the first one back in it's original stuff sack.

I’ve had traditional air sleep pads and they have gotten punctured and we’re not very comfortable. I’ve also had a cot in the past but again wasn’t very comfortable. I bought this sleep pad after buying the megamat double for me and my wife. These are by at the most comfortable pad and worth every penny. They are warm to sleep on and also very durable and I think would hold up to anything short of stabbing it. These are perfect for car camping but are probably too heavy and don’t pack small enough for backpacking.

I used this in Zion with temperatures in the 80s at night, and in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with temps in the 30s, for camping just the last few days... This bed is so comfortable, you can control the firmness, the cold and heat from the ground didn't get to me, it really does self inflate (with a couple of extra pumps for desired firmness), it's easy to roll up again and fit it in the bag that came with it... Note I'm 5'6", and female, and splurged on the x-large bc I like not waking up several times a night from turning over and 'falling off' the little backpackers mat I used to use for camping.

I have owned two MegaMats for 5 years now. They have performed flawlessly on many car camping trips–other mats I've used really don't compare in terms of warmth and comfort.

I have been using a MegaMat 10 sleeping pad for family camping since 2013. We have brought the feeling of sleeping at home to over 29 National Parks in the Pacific Northwest. It really does feels like you are sleeping on a mattress. No back pain, stiffness or tossing and turning. Sleep in any position. It’s like sleeping on a four star hotel bed, at a four star hotel price $229. During my wife’s pregnancy her hips and back started to hurt and she could not get a good nights sleep. I suggested that she sleep on a MegaMat, the pain and restless nights went away. The R 9.5 heat value keeps you warm from the cold hard ground. You can adjust the comfort level by adding or releasing air with the inflate and deflate valves. The MegaMat 10 comes with a 5 year Exped warranty. Warranty work with Exped is easy and painless. Buy with confidence!

We each have spine issues, including spinal stenosis, & need soft mattresses. We have used Megamats for 2 years. We fit stretchable twin sheets on each. then just place them on top of the mattress, then just cover ourselves with the existing bedding. I could not travel without them.

I sleep on this every night and it is awesome. great for side sleepers like me. Ive had it for about 5 months. I originally got it for sleeping in the car, which I did a few times and it worked great. It is large when deflated. love it!

This product is a game changer - feels like an actual mattress ..... the honeycomb structure works - and it self inflated and has a fabric pump to top up.... worth the premium price as this is what adults and kids could use ...

I spent one week on this mattress on the floor of my sisters place! Slept well. No back pain or other symptoms. Well rested. Best experience of any similar inflatable mattresses. NB I am 69 years old!

Awesome product. Just note, that upon fist time use unfold and unplug inflate valve and let it be for 24 hours, it will then self inflate ( very slow) but worth the wait.Once its done self inflating if needed use included pump to inflate to your desired pad hardness. I think I only needed about 5 more pumps of air. I used my foot instead of my hands. That just seemed easier to me.

Pretty nice and super comfy sleeping on rough ground. We also have the older red version as well which even though rated the same sleeps much warmer compared to this green one

I'm 6'2" / 200 lbs, and I can't recommend this sleeping pad highly enough (note: I purchased the Long X-Wide version). This pad is insanely comfortable; it's as close as you can get to the comfort of sleeping in a bed while out car-camping. I was initially wary of the price tag, but I eventually got too fed up with maxing out at 2 nights of camping before my creaky back couldn't take it anymore, and I pulled the trigger. After taking this pad on 4 separate car-camping trips in the past few months, in my opinion this pad is fully worth the price. It's very easy to inflate: just roll out the pad inside your tent to let it self-inflate, finish setting up camp, and then come back 15 minutes later to top off the inflation by pumping the included minipump with your foot. (I noticed another reviewer criticizing the minipump's ease-of-use because they'd been hand-pumping for some reason, but just use your foot!)

Best purchase I've made in a long time. Wonderful in Joshua Tree and car camping in Western North Carolina. Look forward to many nights in the future.

After putting this mat through the paces, I have found it to be very warm, and very comfortable. It's easy to get inflated, and easy to adjust to the right firmness for sleep (even side sleepers like myself). It's is quite warm (I've had it out in cold New England winter conditions) but still comfortable on warm nights as well. It's quite heavy, so I limit my use to car camping, and it does pull moisture through the floor of most nylon, so use a plastic sheet underneath. Great purchase!

I am 6'3 250 and fit on this pad very well. Great for car camping. Very comfortable.

I rarely write reviews but these mats/pads are worthy of some serious praise. In my opinion, best car camping product out there. Two valve system works great. My wife and I are so happy with these and our sleeping has improved so much when camping. Kick the air mattress to the curb and buy these!

I've been through many sleeping pads. Choosing them based on cost, on reviews, on reputation. I finally decided to "buy the best, cry once". This sleeping pad is awesome. I car camp and this fits my needs perfectly. I'm going to buy another one with the coupler kit when my wife goes with me.

My husband and I used this for the first time camping this weekend, and we were so happy! Most importantly, the exped kept us very warm during the cold night. It was also easy to setup, and not too large to transport. We filled it all the way because we expected it to lose some air throughout the night, (like most air mattresses do) but it stayed extra firm the entire time! For this reason, I definitely recommend slightly under inflating it for the best comfort.

Sleep is one of the most important things while spending time in the back country, which is what lead me to the MegaMat. I sleep better on this thing than I do at home on my regular mattress! The MegaMat is bulky and relatively heavy but comes in a neat carrying bag and comes with an innovative pump. Right out of the box I let it sit out for about 24 hours and filled it up, now when I deploy it in the field and open the inflation valve it is almost ready to sleep on in about half an hour or so, then I use the pump to get it full. I like this product so much that I ended up getting the double-wide model as well. I've used it on top of a cot or on the ground. Definitely worth the money! Also includes a patching kit for accidents in the field.

This is an extremely comfortable mattress pad and it is perfect although after only a couple months of usage the pad would not self inflate nearly as much as it did when I first bought it.

This thing is awesome. Obviously too large and heavy for backpacking but works awesome for car camping. Almost as comfy as my bed at home. Generously sized but still fits in my hubba hubba nx with a little room for gear if I don’t bring the big car camping tent. Surprisingly easy to set up and pack up. Buy it and you will not regret it. Appears to have long term durability also.

Best sleeping pad I have ever had...and I have had a bunch. Totally changes camping into a home like sleeping experience. The extreme R value has made winter camping enjoyable. We use it as a guest mattress at home as well. It doesn’t compress into something you could hike with, but for family camping it just couldn’t get any better.

Excellent supprt and comfort. Best night's sleep while car & tent camping. Took longer to self inflate on both ends, hand pump was very easy to use. When sleeping- I wasn't semiconsciously alert to "falling" off the pad - it was wide enough to feel more like a bed. I'd buy it all over again.

I first purchased the megamat lite and was very impressed by its packabillity but wanted something even more forgiving/comfortable and the megamat 10 did not disappoint. Truly more comfortable than some 'regular' home mattresses. This mattress is in a league of its own.

This is an amazing mattress, as comfortable as most home mattresses. It is on the heavy side, so it's not a backpacking mattress, but for car camping or base camps that don;t require a huge approach, this is amazing. I've never slept better in a tent!

The size and weight limits the usage of this, but if you are car camping it's an excellent sleeping pad. Good insulation. Self inflation works well, may need to top it off though. Have used also as guest mattress without any complaints.

I love this sleeping pad!! The cost for this pad is a little high, but I’m glad I made the investment. This is most comfortable pad I have. I took it on our camping trip and I slept so well on it. I would recommend this to a friend.

Bought this 6 months ago and have used it countless times for sleepovers/car camping. Best purchase ever! I love camping but am a terrible sleeper- this mat felt like my bed at home and allows me to get a great night’s sleep.

Perhaps I got a lemon. The very first night the mat tore. I came into the tent after blowing the mat up and i found a 2" tear on the top of the mat. The only saving grace was that I had a repair patch from a Walmart blowup which got me through the night. The other saving grace is the foam which provided some padding for my wife and I. That said for the price I will invest in Thermarest next time having had their pads for many years of abuse from many backpacking trips. I bought this pad for our car camping trips. I hate to say it but I have had better luck with my $50 Walmart blowups. Very disappointed. I've patched the big hole but am still chasing leaks. I may send it back to exped as it is either that or the landfill. I wouldn't want to donate it and make it someone else's problem. If you want something that is robust and camp worthy I would look for something else.

We have used this product for two drive-up camps now and on vacation visiting family. It is a nice, comfortable way to get a good night's sleep. It is a bit on the bulky side (although not as much as I would have thought) and too heavy to backpack with, but those are my only complaints. Oh wait, I also hate the fact that I can't ever get to use it because the wife or kids are sleeping on it!

I was sleeping on it every night for a few weeks. That part was ok. My cats liked it too and they would lay on it. One night the pad no longer held air. Did a cat puncture it? I have no idea. But a pad sold at this price as camping equipment, in my opinion, should be much more durable. By the way, the original pad I bought online was shipped to me with two large stains on the cover bag. My local REI exchanged it no problem, but still a waste of my time.

This pad is expensive, but it is worth every dollar you spend.

Used this pad for a week of camping. Since I arrived at camp by car, weight and size of deflated mat was not an issue. It filled my 1-person tent perfectly and I didn't wake up sore at any point in the week. It stayed inflated the whole time as well. Could not have been happier.

The mat did not deliver as promised and begun loosing air after our first use. It also takes way too long to inflate on its own. Returned.

Yes, I love this mattress! In fact, I’m on it now because I had a back procedure done last week and I prefer it over my fancy memory foam queen mattress. A friend just asked about a mattress and realize this says a lot, that I’d rather be on this than my $1,800.00 mattress. Anyone that ever lays on it loves it, you’ll get spoiled so be prepared.

I just returned from a 3-week, 4100-mile camping trip for which the Exped MegaMat served as my bed in the car. I slept better than I have in years. For the first part of the trip, I was rolling it up and stashing it in the back of the car, but later on I just left it out. I couldn't be happier with it.

I have always hiked and fly fished in wilderness settings. It’s a deluxe experience of nature and spiritually nurturing but as I get older (65 now) two things have become really important as I venture out. I need excellent foot wear and a good nights sleep. I can work hard hiking at altitude and haul stuff or fish all day but I need to sleep well to recover to be able to do it again. I’ve used most of the ultra light sleeping pads out there but last year I found Zi needed more substance and support from my “mattress”. The ExPed is not a backpacking accessory. It is a base camp or car camping device but it has solved my sleep problem. It self inflates, provides support and chusioning and is large enough dimensionally to provide the best sleep platform I’ve ever had in the wild. I establish a base camp now for my multi day hikes and haul my stuff making multiple trips. If this works for you the exped is almost like sleeping at home in terms of the comfort and support one gets from this “pad”

I bought this pad for an upcoming trip. I am over 60, have not camped in a long time and needed a substantial pad. This definitely fits my needs. It inflates to 4inches but is not bulky and self inflates. It comes with a ‘pump’ that allows me to top up the amount of air in the pad.

I am the real life Princess and The Pea. I have tried every camping mattress out there and this is the BEST mat ever. So comfortable and easy to inflate and deflate. You can adjust the firmness by letting out some air. Just stop looking now and buy this mat!!!!

This mat is the BEST car camping pad money can buy. I wish I could have something this comfortable that could go backpacking with me. I combined this with a helinox lightweight cot and I got a better night sleep than when I sleep in my bed.

This mattress is a great insulator and the right cushion all in one. If you are a car camper-this is a must have. Big and cushy. Doesn’t take too long to inflate easy to deflate role and stuff into the new carry bag.

Just finished a 22 day tenting trip. The xlong pad was wide, and forextremely giving on sore knees and hips. I slept as well as I do on my bed at home. Self inflating is a big plus.

Wow!! I've "roughed it" my whole life when camped. I never owned/used a sleeping pad in the 30+ previous years.

Used this the firsat time at Bonaroo and it was exceptionally comfortable and easy to set up and roll up. Highly recommend this - as good as your bed at home.

Well worth it for us "Oldies". Wouldn't want to try and backpack with, unless it was on a mule. Great in teardrop camper, or truck bed.

This fits perfectly in the NEMO Mezzo Loft Luxury 30 Sleeping Bag. I love the combination of the two. Making camping so much better!

It's definitely not for backpacking but it is s great car camping sleeping pad. It's so incredibly comfy...I slept like a baby!

Cabin hopped for 3 weeks with this & it was better than the beds provided. Pair with a sleeping bag on top & it’s perfect

Pad works great. It is super comfortable and provides excellent insulation from the ground.

This mat is the most comfortable air mattress in the world. It’s also fairly easy to use.

Best sleep ever while car camping. Super comfortable and easy to set-up.

Used 2 times, works great, no sinking into hard spots.

Excellent, highly comfortable!! Very surprising!!!



Is this comfortable for an overnight guest in my house? An alternative for occasional use in a house is an air mattress such as AeroBed or SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress, but the Exped MegaMat has the advantage of also being used for car camping.

This sleeping pad is a great choice for both an overnight house guest and car camping.


I just bought a megamat 10 i have a hard plastic container for storing the handpump. It is slightly small for it and a small amount of the handpump gets compressed does this affect the life or performance of the handpump

The minipump that comes with this pad is designed to be able to stored compressed.


Is it possible to replace the stuff sack on this pad? I've had mine for a few years, and the original stuff sack is splitting at the seams.

As of November 2018, we do not a carry a replacement stuff sack for this sleeping pad. We encourage you to contact Exped directly to inquire about a replacement stuff sack.


Is this the newer 2017 version with the wider valves?

As of June 2018, this is the most up to date version of this sleeping pad.


What are the dimensions of the Long X-wide?  The length in inches?

​The long X-wide pad measures 77.6 x 30.3 x 3.9 inches.


Why is it "critical" as one review suggests, that the mat be inflated 24 hours before first use? I have to say I was not able to do this with the first Megamat I purchased and it worked just fine.

Self-inflating sleeping pads can take a little longer to inflate before first use, and with subsequent use will inflate more quickly. However, we do not suggest it is critical to inflate the pad in advance of your trip.


How would this pad integrate with the REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3?

​This pad is able to be used with the REI Co-op Kingdom Cot 3.


Has anyone tried this with a hammock? We like to go winter camping here in Alaska, so I'm really interested in this pad's R value.But I'm worried this pad would be too "rigid" when inflated to work with the curve of a hammock.

The R-value of this sleeping pad is 9.5. This pad was not designed specifically for use with hammocks. We recommend using an underquilt to insulate your hammock.


Is this the same pad as the red one on demo at my local REI? I remember the surface being flat and taut, not with ridges as in the photo.

We're sorry, we don't have that information available. We recommend contacting your local REI store directly.


What happened to the exped megamat duo?

Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for more information regarding future inventory of the Exped MegaMats.


How thick is this unrolled when deflated?

A precise measurement is difficult as it will vary on how tight you are able to roll up the pad to remove the air. The pad is approximately 2.5 – 4 cm thick when completely deflated.


Can this fit two people? Average sized people

The industry standard for sleeping pad size suggests each adult needs a minimum of 20" in width; this pad is 30" wide and really not suitable for more than a single person.

Nevada Sam

Can the sidewinder stuffsack be purchased separately?

As of June 2017, the Sidewinder Stuff Sack is not available separately.


I have 2 small dogs 10 and 14 pounds each. Would they be an issue sleeping with me in this pad

As long as you protect the pad from their nails and teeth, it should be fine. I don't want my 75 lb lab on it though.


can you use the Exped Schnozzle with this? 

This is compatible with the Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag.


I need to know the liter volume of this air mattress. I am trying to replace the bag it comes in because it is too difficult to get it back into the bag it came in.

We do not have that information available. We encourage you to contact Exped directly.


What is the difference between the Exped Megamat 7.5 and the 10?

​The 7.5 has a lower R-value, it is not as thick, it weighs slightly less, and it packs down slightly smaller.


The previous version of this pad came with a strap if you wanted to link two air mattresses together. Do this newer version also come with this strap?

​Coupling straps are not included with this sleeping pad.

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