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This is my second pair of Merrell's after 7 years. The other shoes are still okay, but I was looking for something that handled walking across creeks and getting wet. Probably a mistake, but the first time I wore these Moab's was on a 6 mile hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway. They were so comfortable! No blisters, no regrets.

I bought these shoes for a trek through Greenland. I've love Merrell shoes and wanted to try these. As most Merrell they are very comfortable and have a very short 'break-in' time but there aren't waterproof. They are advertised as waterproof but within 2-3 hours my feet were wet. I was debating on returning them, but they are so comfortable I think I'll keep them. Just know that if you are hiking in rainy weather your feet might get wet.

I wore these for two hikes and ended up returning. First is they are very stiff and actually ended up pressing on the side of my foot that caused my foot to bruise and I walked with a limp for a day. Second, they are hard to lase up tightly and kept coming loose during my hike and my foot slid around. I really wanted to like these, but they didn't work out.

I found these low hikers to be perfect for longer wet hikes. They are my "to go" to shoe for most of my hikes now. Just did a 15 miler with 3100 foot of elevation gain, in the rain and hail and mud and muck. These shoes kept my feet totally dry until the muck was too deep to stay on top. Any waterproof shoe is going to be full of water if it goes over the top! Next time I think I will wear gaiters.

I need a wider forefoot box and good arch support and these shoes feel great. I'm planning to use these for UL backpacking and hiking.

I bought these for my hiking partner as she was wearing light weight shoes. She has better traction and comfort with these shoes.

Was fitted for and bought a wide width. Front of shoes fit great and are comfortable to walk in. Heels slip out with every step, even with the runner's lacing the sales guy recommended. I may return if I can't find a solution.

Sadly, these shoes FELL APART after 10 days of use. I really hope this is not the norm for these shoes. Will be returning for a full refund.

Unfortunately, Merrell changed the design of the previously reliable Moab. The "2" has an arch that's too high for my foot with my orthotic and not high enough without it. I've tried every other brand, and none fit as well as the original Moab. Merrell customer service tells me that they have heard similar complaints, so hopefully they will offer the original again.

Returned 2 pairs for different reasons. First pair had irregular surface under footbed (bunches of folds in the material) which made it very uncomfortable. Second pair had lumpy stitching in padding around achilles tendon. Bummer - I used to love Merrell.

I walk at least 34 miles a week with my GSD and every time I go from my flip flops or Birkenstocks or tennis or golf shoes and slip into my Merrell hiking is ahhhhh. How else to describe the feeling of total comfort, support and stability? (Not to mention dry feet as we are in water, mud, etc.) It is without a doubt the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned. I have the Merrell hiking boots for winter. Equally fantastic footwear.

I've always been a Merrell fan. They fit me just right. They keep the sizing the same so I always know which size to order. I took these on a trip, packed right out of the box. When I put them on no break in period is needed. I just put them on and went on my way. It wasn't a serious hike, but was hilly and all day. My feet stayed dry and comfortable.

I must have tried a dozen different pairs, going so far as to buy wear and then have to return two of them. These were the only shoes that felt great right from the start. So good in fact that I'm buying a second pair for when the first ones wear out. I've worn them hiking the AT and in Europe on cobblestone streets. They are my go to shoes.

I bought these to replace my old Merrells. These were horrible! The grip is almost not existent, I fell twice. I’m the girl that likes to do rock scrambles and have never fallen before. I feel just walking on rocks, slipped right off twice! They are not waterproof! I wore them for an 8 mile hike and the shoe expands and seemed too big by the time I was done, despite stopping and continuing to try and tighten the laces.

I have been hiking National Parks (28 so far) in Merrell hiking shoes - the Moab 2 in particular. I have had 3 of their non-waterproof Moab 2 and loved them. The best thing is that they have never required a 'break-in period' for my foot. I have found them to be comfortable from the first day out. This time I bought the waterproof version after hiking 10.5 miles at Virgin Islands National Park in the rain with my old Moabs. Most of my hiking has been in the dry desert or mountain regions of the US west so waterproofing was never needed. This time I wished I had it. That said, I did go back to REI to have them stretched across the ball of my foot. They explained that there is an extra membrane in the waterproofed version that makes them not give quite as much in the beginning. After the stretching, no more issues. Felt just as great as my original Moab 2s. Good grip in the sole, good look, just a great hiking shoe.

Went on a recent 4 mile hike & had to cross creeks. These shoes are NOT so waterproof. My feet got soak & wet. I wear a 9 1/2 & ordered a 10, I do like the size & width of these shoes. I do have a wide toe span. But I will be returning, I want a comfortable hiking shoe that keeps my feet dry.

I really like the look of the shoe and it is surprisingly lightweight. I have done some trail, road, and yard walking in these are they are comfortable in all situations. I have a regular width foot and my toes have room to wiggle without feeling too big. It's a great shoe!

Love these. Hardly had to break them in and then they were super comfortable for hours on end. They have excellent grip. I went on an 3-mile hike with them in Bryce Canyon NP while it was raining, and they were still comfortable and still had decent grip even with mud caked to the bottoms. And when they were dry, I was able to do some steep grades without any issues. Overall, I am very happy with these shoes.

So so comfy for 4 months then done. I do wear them everyday, all day outdoors on hard concrete...but had hoped to get 6-9 months wear. Love the wide sizing.

The sales associated suggested these shoes during my trip to CA where a day hike presented itself last minute. I was worried that I'd spend a full day on my feet without breaking in the shoe with a shorter distance. I'm delighted that I spent 8 hours on the trail with these shoes - right out of the box - and had no regrets or blisters. Great choice for a mid-level hiker. Can't wait to get out again.

The footbed on these is very hard and doesn't really cushion my feet. It also has little holes (for breathability?) that often felt a little rough under my feet, but now, little ridges have formed to run the length of the ball of my foot, adding more misery and blisters. If I weren't 2/3's of the way through the Camino, I'd have returned these ages ago!

I bought these before boarding a flight to a birding festival in Texas. I hiked 3-4 hours or more a day for the next week. These were comfy and sturdy and perfect right from the box!

These shoes weren’t hard to break in. I’ve used them hiking and also shoveling snow and walking around in the snow. They had great traction and kept me feet warm and dry.

I have used these on several hikes. In all different weather conditions and on all different terrains. I bought these for a long AT hike I have coming up. I was concerned with comfort and traction. So far in all circumstances these shoes have delivered. They are very comfortable with a great toe box. I can wiggle my toes around even with my thick wool socks on. My feet are comfortable even after 10 to 13 miles in a day. They have never rubbed blisters on my feet. I did not have to break them in. I hiked 10 miles the first day with them, no problem. My feet have stayed warm and dry in snow, on ice and in water. They have stayed completely dry, never even getting my socks damp. The traction is very good. I was very concerned with traction. So far on all terrains they have given me superb traction control. The only time I have noticed them to be a little slick is on mud, but I think that would be the case with all shoes. They are light weight and easy to control. I have not noticed them to be big or bulky. They are proportioned just right. So far, I am in love with these shoes. I am eager to get some more miles on them soon. I got them at REI because I love their policies. They stand by their products. And it assured my mind that if these shoes were not for me, I could return them up to a year. But I think these shoes have won my heart. I will update this after my serious hike on the AT, but so far Merrill Moab get 5 stars from me!!! On a side note I did get a half size bigger in these in case my feet swelled but they are pretty true to size fit.

I love these boots. I've been on three hikes now with them, varying in length and difficulty of hike. They are the most comfortable hiking boots I've owned.

I wish I wouldn’t have thrown my receipt away. These are the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever bought.

I enjoy walking in these shoes. They stabilize my steps. They are comfortable and fit well. They are a bit heavy especially after long walks but for the most part I'd recommend them. I'll feel comfortable taking them on rough terrain.

I've struggled with plantar fasciitis for over a year now, and I'm thrilled that these were the first shoes that were utterly comfortable for me, and even improved my foot health. Wonderfully waterproof and soft, cushy interior. Solid, high quality and durable. Love, love, love these shoes.

Outside the waterproofing issue the boot was great. However, will return & look for another hiking shoe..

I needed a waterproof hiking shoe with good arch support and that didn't bother the bone spur at the base of my big toe and these are perfect! They also dried surprisingly well in humid conditions after completely submerging them in a stream while hiking in the Amazon.

I had a great pair of low Siren Sport waterproof for years. Purchased a pair of these Moab in the higher boot about a year ago. Very comfortable and larger toe box. Time came to replace the old low Siren Sport I decided to go with the Moab as well. I find these, and most Merrill’s, comfortable right out of the box. The Moab seem to be a bit roomier than my old Sports with the larger toe box. They are also a bit heavier. So far, they feel great.

I bought these to replace my old Merrell’s for a hiking trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. I tried on several other brands and they just didn’t feel as comfortable as the Merrells. I wear orthodic inserts and have trouble finding shoes. We hiked over 60

I really like these. They fit well and are really comfortable. The support is good. The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is they’re hot. The need more ventilation or maybe the foot bed made from a different material.

I bought this shoe because it fit in the heel. I have a problem getting athletic type shoes to be wide enough in the toe box but narrow enough in the heel. I wore it for 5 minutes in the store. I took it home and wore it for 15 minutes in the house, including on stairs. It may provide stability but it stiff, inflexible, and heavy. I cannot imagine wearing this shoe for a day of hiking or a day of anything. Will be returning it.

I took these shoes to Alaska and hiked in Wrangell-St-Elias and Kenai National Parks. They were very sturdy and comfortable. I got splashed with water and never felt any of it on my feet! Great shoe!

I had an ancient pair of Merrell's that I really loved to death and I am very pleased to find this pair that feel nearly identical. Very little break in time and they fit great - plenty of toe room.

The toe box of Merrell's shoes are a great match for my wide foot! I know I can buy them and wear them without a "break in" period. Love that these come in Wide!

I was looking for a low hiker with a wide toe box. Bought my size but in a wide width (the first time) on the suggestion of the REI salesperson. Interesting because I actually have a narrow heel. But I needed more room in the forefoot because of a neuroma. The shoes were perfect! I've taken several hikes and they have felt so comfortable. Lots of room in the toe but hugging my heel just right.

Excellent hiking shoes that required no breaking in. I first purchased a pair of Oboz which I wanted to love but they hurt the bottoms of my feet so bad and caused blister on the toes. I returned them and purchased these Merrells. They were comfortable from day one and even better when I took them for a 9mile loop on the Appalachian trail. Zero blisters and zero foot pain, they're keepers!

I’m so disappointed. I was a lover of Merrell for years but these are junk. My feet hurt even on short haunts. The soles are like hockey pucks - hard and inflexible. I found a pair of North Face hiking boots that are so much better for actual hiking. I’m still searching for hiking shoes. These MOAB shoes are going into the garbage. I haven’t found any activity that they might be useful for.

I tried 4 brands of shoes and Merrell Moab is best for me. I had bought the Saloman Ellipse online. The price was right and wow, they're lightweight but I noticed my heel slipping slightly, so I went to an REI store and returned them. You can't beat Oboz Sawtooth for support. They were also the most expensive and require some breaking in but still I wasn't sure. I next tried the Keen Voyager. Not bad but my foot rolled too much side to side on an incline. These may be best for a wider foot. Mine is somewhat narrow, size 8 in a regular shoe. Finally I tried on the Moabs in size 9 with wool hiking socks. They felt lighter than the Oboz with almost the same amount of support and man, were they comfortable. Bought them feeling confident. Plenty of space above my toes which helps keep them from getting too hot, a common problem in waterproof shoes. The arch support seemed odd at first as if the high point was too far back toward the heel. (same as the Oboz). I switched out the removable insole with a pair from my old hikers and no more issue with that. I do light trail hiking, 3 - 5 miles and wanted something versatile for travel. After a few outings, I'm well satisfied. My feet don't feel tired at all. Merrell is my new favorite.

This is definitely a quality shoe. It is not however the one that will work for me. They were too narrow for my feet and too heavy for my comfort so I decided to send them back. If they weren't too heavy I would have ordered a wide as the size was great other than the width. I need to go into a store to try on what I am looking for so will stop by REI the next time I am close by.

Had a hip replacement, broke my leg and suffered plantar fasciitis all on the same left side. Have suffered pain no matter what I wore. BUT not with the Moab . Did not need to break them in, even started wearing them to work becaus they make my hip, leg and foot feel so

I bought Salomon trail runners prior to these and had to return those because they were too narrow. I wanted to love these but if I lace them tightly enough to feel secure, they're incredibly painful in the ankle to the top of my foot . The top of my foot was sore for two days after a 3.5 mile hike. Maybe low shoes just don't work for me, I don't know. =(

I'm not a hardcore hiker but decided to buy shoes for a trip to the 5 National Parks in Utah. I didn't even have time to break them in, We hiked miles each day. No slipping on the rocks, no blisters..,, I had planned to just wear sneakers. What a difference! Many thanks to the saleswoman who convinced us to go with the shoes and the appropriate socks!

I was looking for a waterproof shoe for walking my dog 3-5 miles a day. These are a little clunky looking, but were lightweight and very comfortable. I took them with me on a tour of Italy and they were great for the farms of Tuscany, the cobblestones of Florence, & totally kept me dry during a deluge in Pomeii. Bravo!

I finally had to replace my moab hiking shoes after many years. Found I needed to get a size larger than before, and they fit just fine, aging feet. Comfortable and waterproof. I highly recommend these. I had bought some that weren't the low hiking shoes which didn't work for my ankle bone, so sticking to the low.

I have always thought that Merrell shoes were the only brand that is comfortable as soon as you lace them. These are no different! I did not buy them for hiking; I bought them for every day. I LOVE THEM! Oh, so comfortable and sharp looking! Love this color. They are a must try.

Wore these shoes every day for 3 weeks on our vacation and they were comfortable from the first wear. I intended on breaking them in before we left, but never really got around to it. Also, hiked through a good amount of snow in them and my feet stayed completely dry. Great shoes!

I purchased these just before a trip top Iceland. We did a tremendous amount of hiking and I felt confident the entire time because they did such a great job climbing and also on the flat areas. My feet never hurt over a two week period of mostly wearing them constantly.

These hiking shoes are one of the most practical, comfortable and all around great shoes I've ever purchased. I wear them walking, hiking and in the rain. They are great for travel and mine have been worn for many miles and are still going strong! Great investment.

This is my second pair of Merrell hiking shoes. The first pair lasted forever! These are the most comfortable shoes, light-weight and need no break-in period. They are perfect for hiking in the woods/forest and along the coast trails right out of the box.

Because I have feet problems due to arthritis and spur growths , I needed a pair of low hikers for everyday wear. This Merrell Moab 2 low hikers fit very well and are stable when walking or hiking. I did need to order a pair in wide, but length was perfect.

I wear a 7.5 or an 8 shoe with no variance beyond that. These run small by about a half size according to my feet. I wear hiking socks that are cushioned. I will need to return them. They look good, seem very comfortable, but too snug when I walk in them.

These shoes fit like a glove. They surround your foot with just the right amount of support. I couldn't ask for a better shoe. I hope Merrell continues to carry this particular shoe because I will definitely want another pair when these are worn out.

I bought these after already owning several pairs of Merrell Moab and these are nothing short of awesome. There's nothing to break in! I just tie these and go. They're supportive, comfortable and have excellent grip on sandy trails.

Great for hiking and keep my feet dry and warm even walking through low level streams and out in the elements. I wear a 7.5 and got an 8. 8 was perfect. Great design and construction. Easy to wear and comfortable.  Good traction.

These hiking shoes did not disappoint! I found them to be super comfortable, with excellent traction, support, and wear. I gave them quite a beating with my activities (3 weeks in the Andes), and they are good to go still.

About ever 9-12 months I have to buy a new pair of these shoes and it's amazing! I'm on my feet about 12 hours a day for work and they keep me from slipping and don't tear like other shoes! I highly recommend these!

These feel good on my senior feet , wear them to town too for the comfort . They grip the ground on my daily hikes , plan on getting another pair . No more senior shoe stores for me . Great shoe .

I wore these on a 8.0 mile hike and 9.5 mile hike at Crowders Mtn, NC. No problems. I am normally a woman's size 9 shoe and had to buy these in size 10. They seemed to run small.

These shoes are great for hiking and very supportive. They are waterproof and have ample toe room. They didn't even make a blister the first time I wore them. Fits true to size.

Although, I have only worn them once, so far, I am very pleased with quality and comfort of these shoes. I have hard to fit feet, due to bunions, but these fit well.

This is my 3rd pair of hiking shoes I've bought and am finally keeping (returned the other 2). These are comfortable fit for my wide foot! Thank you!!

The shoes fit great! But the only issue i have is with the lace. They just dont stay in place. It was troublesome for me to keep tying it

Shoe fit well out of the box. Walked about 20 miles before we went to Yellowstone. Good support on trails, cradled the feet well.

Did not have to break these shoes in! So much support and traction. They will get a real test in Iceland next week.

I have been using trail runners for years since my last experience with hiking boots was so unpleasant. I love the lightweight flexibility of trail runners and the extreme comfort. So, I was not prepared to be so delighted with this pair of Merrell's hiking shoes. I decided to try something a bit sturdier than my trail runners because we were hiking for 20 days in the Alps and felt I needed something sturdy. These did the trick. Fit perfectly right out of the box. 20 days of steep and unforgiving terrain and my feet were in great shape at the end. Not one blister or raw spot. I opted for the waterproof version and was not disappointed. Feet stayed dry the whole trip. I used them again for hiking to the summit of Mauna Loa this past weekend and was impressed with how well they held up hiking over brutal lava fields for 38 miles. The tread is holding up extremely well after over a year of hard use and comfort is still peak performance. An added benefit is that they make you taller and have this great rocker at the front that allows you to roll your foot forward on any terrain without catching your toe. I will buy another pair when mine finally wear out. Love these shoes!

I only tried them on once, they look huge and bulky, feel very rigid and structured, not very comfortable.

These are the perfect size, shape and color...I even wear them to work because they are so comfortable!

I have bought so many pairs of this shoe. It is perfect for hiking and just walking around town.

lightweight... solid grip... secure fit... felt safe wearing them... extra room in toes

Wore them this week on a walk with my garden Club. Comfy from the start. Lightweight.

The shoes dug into the top of my feet & caused a lot of pain. I ended up returning.

I really like the snug fit of heel to arch while having slightly wider toe area

I am extremely disappointed. Need a size 6 wide which is not offered.

Great cushion and light to wear. Great for people with Lee and back problei

I love this brand. This shoe starts off very stiff but does ease up.

These are the most comfortable shoes. True to size.

I usually buy Keen shoes. But somehow waterproof Keen shoes I bought online was not as wide as it used to be. So when I returned the Keen shoes, I tried Merrell waterproof hiking shoes. Oh I bought 8.5 wide. Today first time I used the shoes for 4 mile hike. Before finishing the hike, I realize my sole and fingers bit hurting. It never happened to Keen shoes. I think I’ll return this shoes and wear my old non waterproof Keen shoes.

My husband bought these Merrell hiking boots for me for Christmas and I love it! I normally wear a women's size 5 and I had to go up a size and fit perfectly in a size 6. I immediately wore them all day right out of the box, there was no breaking in period, the shoe fit like a glove and was very comfortable. Its also very warm for those cold and rainy days. Did I say there were waterproof!

I purchased these shoes at my local Rei store wore them for the first time on a 8 mile hike .One word awesome they are so comfortable and I have a high arch and these supported it my feet never hurt once the whole 8 miles I hiked. The one thing I did notice was that the tracktion going down loose grave was not all that great I slid a few times but overall I would buy again for sure!

With plans to walk the Camino de Santiago this fall, finding the right shoes to begin my training was critical. With the expert help of the sales person at REI I found just the right shoes. They are comfortable, supportive and meet my expectations fully.

I have small feet and have a hard time finding shoes that fit. The Merrell Women's Moab 2 WP Low Hiking size 5 work great for me. Fits well, feels great, no problem breaking into my new shoes. So happy REI carries good shoes in my size.

I bought these to hike the Himalayan mountains. It was heavy and hurt my toes. I wish I had taken my old running shoes. I dont think I will ever wear them due to my experience with them. It was a waste of money.

I love these shoes so much that I bought a second pair just in case they discontinue this version. These are the shoes I wear almost every day whether working in my yard or hiking in the mountains.

Bought and the. Used in Yosemitee hikes by my wife. ( young lakes, indian head, north dome, wapama falls, mirror lake) perfomed without any probems. No toe, ankle or foot pain issues. Comfortable

Have been on two hikes and worn them to travel in and haven't had any breaking in issues at all. This is my second pair of Merrells and I'm a big fan. Super comfortable and supportive.

Bought these for walking around Scotland. Rough terrain and rain expected. They have been comfortable walking around town so far. Will have to wait to see how they do on my trip

I bought my first pair of Merrell hiking shoes several years ago so I was looking for a good replacement. I have not been disappointed! Love the colors and the fit great!

This is my 2nd pair of Merrell hiking shoes. My last ones lasted for YEARS! I highly recommend this brand, in boots or shoes. You won't be disappointed!

These hiking shoes fit really well, right out of the box. So far they are wonderful. I have not yet tested whether or not the waterproofing works or not.

Best hiking boots I’ve owned. Didn’t leave my feet or ankles sore after hiking. Great grip on rocky up & downhills. (Wife’s review)

Love them but wish I got the higher tops to protect from twisting my ankles. However, they are very stable on slippery rocks.

Merrill Shoes and boots offer support to those who need the extra width in the twinkle toes area. Feels great!

I was told these run wide, but I have a narrow foot and find them very comfortable and great foot support.

The right shoe is priceless when sliding isn’t a option. I recommend these for all types of hikes.

Great for hiking. Didn't even need to be broken in. Good support and very comfortable.

Comfortable as always. Can't go wrong with Merrell shoes. Good support and traction.

I've had several pairs of Merrell shoes. They always fit well and last a long time.

Very sturdy on trails, very comfortable, didn't need much breaking in time at all.

bought these to replace the pair I have worn out. They are just what I wanted.

I have been a Merrill customer for years, and this pair didn't disappoint!

This shoe molds perfectly to your foot, and is very comfortable.

I love these shoes. Reviews were spot on. Would buy again.

Very comfortable shoe, runs true to size. Love them!



Are these good shoes for hiking in muddy clay base trails 

These waterproof shoes are suitable for day hiking in mixed conditions. Based on the information provided, these are a good choice.


Merrell is now making the Moab 2 hiking shoe with Goretex; will you be carrying this version, and if so, when can we expect to see them in stores?

As of January 2018, we do not have plans to carry this boot with Gore-Tex.


Hi, I normally wear a size 7 B or C for other shoes. Is it the same as 7 Wide in the sizing chart for this?

The standard sizes of these shoes have a B width. The wide sizes have a D width.


Is the insole removable so I can insert custom orthotic?

​The insoles are removable.


Hi there I am in Switzerland and I'm wondering if this product can be shipped there 

​We are unfortunately unable to ship Merrell products outside of the United States.


Are these zero drop shoes? If not, what is the mm of drop?

​The heel to toe drop is 11mm.


I am looking for a good hiking shoe that will be good for rocky terrain and when it rains the terrain is like clay. Would these be good? 

​These hiking shoes are a great choice for the conditions that you described.


Are these FULLY waterproof? I just returned a pair of Merrils that were super comfortable, but my feet got wet just walking in tall, wet grass. Will feet stay dry in the rain?

These shoes are fully waterproof.


Are they good for tubing and rafting? Dry out quick?

No, they're not like that.  They're way too heavy for those activities and don't dry quickly.  I wanted a water shoe that I could also hike a bit in for a trip last year.  Got these Chaco's and they worked out great.  Not waterproof (don't need dry feet in the river); dry VERY quickly, good traction.


What is the weight of these hiking shoes?

​These shoes weigh approximately 1 lb. 12 oz.

Vegas Gal

I got my Merrill hiking boots a half size larger to accommodate the thicker socks and they fit great. Would you also get the Merrell hiking shoes a half size larger? Or do they run larger already as stated by one of the previous comments?

I wear a street shoe size 8, often a wide, ordered an 8.5 for this, which fit perfectly. I have a little room in the front of my toe, but a good spacing. I normally put lamb's wool in the front of all my hiking boots, which really protects your toenails when going downhill. Frankly the way these fit I'm not sure I'd really need that. This is because of both the shape of the toebox which gives just enough space in a good way, and the footbed contour seems to support my foot in a way that will prevent sliding down the shoe. I'd order a half size up again.


Why no women's size 6 in wide? You could then compete with Keen's. At least for me. 

As of April 2017, we do not have any plans to carry these shoes in 6 wide, but they can be purchased directly from Merrell.


True to size?

Based on feedback and reviews, these shoes run true to both length and width.


I noticed they're available in wide, but do they run narrow?  I need a narrow hiking boot ~ hard to find :-/

Try Salomon. My feet are on the wider end of normal, and that brand is always way too narrow for me. I have heard they run narrower.

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