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The length of the frame (between seat post and handlebar is too long and the handlebars are so far forward that it makes for an awkward and uncomfortable ride. I’m taking it back to REI to have “granny bike” style handlebars installed, hopefully this will do the trick

My son has had this bike for almost two years now and we still love it. When looking for a bike, I wanted something simple (not plastered with characters) and durable. This bike has definitely fit the bill. It hasn't only seen light use either. We've ridden dozens of days to school in the dead of winter in upstate New York and it still rides/looks amazing. Now that my 6-year old is ready for this size, I'm planning to buy another in teal.

I was excited to find a reasonably-priced bike at what I expected would be a high quality, given my experience with other REI products. Have been moderately disappointed, although I suspect other bikes at this price have more issues. The bike frame seems exceptionally sturdy and I expect will outlive me, but at the cost of being exceptionally heavy--my 6-year-old daughter who is quite strong can barely lift it, and I find it very tiresome to carry it more than a few feet. The peripheral components are less sturdy. So far a few minor tumbles have led to the chain guard getting bent and preventing the chain from moving (a quick fix to bend it back, but should it be so easy to bend and bend back?) and the hand brake getting whacked out of adjustment, making it unride-able until I carried it a mile home (remember that weight I complained about?) and spent 45 minutes learning how to adjust bike brakes on youtube. The gravest issue from my daughter's perspective is that REI's bike rep assured us the streamers they sold would fit into the ends of the handlebars if you just give them a good whack. Turns out not only will they not fit, but whacking them will snap the plastic stem of the streamers. How can REI sell kids' streamers that don't fit on their kids' bikes?

This was a great bike to get started with no training wheels, It grew well over the year + my oldest daughter used it, and will be the next bike for my youngest. It was a good introduction to using a hand brake.

Went to REI at a very busy time of day but there was plenty of space for him to run around and to try the different bikes. The associate was very attentive to fitting him with what he needed.

While my child had several first bikes this was the first one she actually rode. She loved this bike! It was easy to load in and out of cars highly portable highly recommend.

The bike does not grow with the child since the bars cannot be raised.



What is the rear wheel axle spacing?

The overall width of the rear axle is 180 mm. The width is 132 mm without the lug nuts.


Can you attach a water bottle cage to this bike? If so, what kind?

​This bike does not have the attachment points for a water bottle cage.


What is the inseam/height recommendations for children riding this bike?

The standover height (measurement from top tube to ground) of this bike is 22 inches. The recommended rider inseam (crotch to ground with shoes on) is at least 23 inches.


How do you adjust the height of the handlebars on this bike? I recently purchased and the manual is generic to all bikes and I don't see any specific instructions about handlebars.

The handlebars can be lowered by rearranging the spacers. A new stem is needed to raise the height. If you need assistance with this, please contact your local bike shop.


Can training wheels be attached to this bike? I have a 5 year old who is still early in learning to ride.

Training wheels are not compatible with this bike.


What is the length of the crank arm?

The crank arm length is 152 mm.


What is the minimum and maximum seat height, please?

From the ground to center of the saddle, the maximum seat height is 28 inches. The minimum height is 22.5 inches.


If I order the bike delivered to the store, can I have it assembled before I pick it up? If yes, what is the cost?

Once the bike arrives at the store it will be assembled by one of our certified bike technicians at no charge.

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