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We love it! Got it when our son turned two. Hes almost three now about as much of a pro as you can get. He rides it in circles around the house and does well on it when were out for short walks. Wish it came with reflectors and a bell, like the larger kid coop bikes do, but these were easy enough for us to add on our own. A great little bike!

Got my Grandson a balance bike before he turned 1 year. The summer he was 2 1/2 he was zooming sidewalks, a church parking lot and the handy nearby paved trail. At 4 1/2 he hopped on his ''pedal bike'' and took off as if he was born on it. Only starting moving took a bit to get used to. This summer his sister will be on her first bicycle, a pink balance bike. Definitely the only way to go!

We love our little balance bike! We have used it for two years so far and our now four year old is near the top adjustments. We added a black mini bell and a front and rear light (the cheap silicone kind that wrap around the frame.) Never underestimate the power of accessories for a little kid! The reason we picked this over other models was the air filled tires and nice hand grips.No regrets there. It has held up beautifully and she is never set back by a stick in the trail or a bump where pavement meets up.

I think these REV 12’s are some of the best balance bikes made. They have geometry that works for kids, nice wheel base, and the real tires means they won’t wipe out on a gravel road or dirt trail. My twin boys rage on these things, and I love watching them push their boundaries.

3 year old granddaughter wanted to ride a bike like her older brother and sister. A trike would not do. She loves the bike and can already lift her legs and coast without falling. Where were these bikes when my kids were growing up??

Got this bicycle for our two year old's birthday and within one week she was balancing. Such a perfect starter bike for a toddler! And its cute. So happy with our purchase

A little early to give it 5 stars. Our 3 1/2 year old seems to enjoy it but has only had the opportunity to use it a few times.

A little too big for my daughter but she loves it.


Toddler on the move

Can pedals be added later? 

​Pedals unfortunately cannot be added to this balance bike.

Jeff Balton

What is the maximum seat height?

​The maximum seat height is approximately 17.5 inches.


Does this bike come with an allen wrench to assemble it and to adjust seat height?

​Yes, an Allen wrench is included.


Can this bike be used indoors? Will it scuff wooden floors?

As long as you and the child are carefully, this balance bike can be used indoors. The tires are rubber, so it should be fine on wood floors.


What is the wheel base of this bike?

​The wheelbase of this bike is 22 inches.


I am looking for a balance bike for a tall 4 year old. How tall/ heavy can a kid be and still use this bike?

​The bike is designed for kids 2 years and older with a maximum weight under 60 lbs. and minimum stand-over height of 13.75".


Are the handlebars adjustable in height?

​The stem can be adjusted in height by a ½".


country of origin?

This item is made in China. Please keep in mind the country of origin can change over time and some items are sourced from multiple countries.


It looks like back wheel is easily removable. Can it come off in use?

​The wheels have hub retaining washers and will not come off when in use.


I am watching some videos about training your child to use a Glider Bike. All of the videos have bikes with hand brakes. I'm wondering why the Co-op bike doesn't have hand brakes?

​This bike is designed for young kids where speed is controlled with their feet.


What is the lowest seat height?

​The minimum seat height is approximately 14 inches.


Can I order a taller seat post for this bike?

​We're sorry, we do not have a taller seat post available for this bike.


What are the wheels made out of? Are they inflatible?

​This bike has traditional rubber tires which are inflatable.


What is the maximum seat height?

The minimum seat height is approximately 14 inches while the maximum seat height is approximately 17.5 inches.

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