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I have struggled to find a lightweight table which was sturdy and would fold up small to fit into my travel trailer to use for my small grille. This worked beautifully on a recent ten day, 2,000 mile trip through Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.

What a great addition to our families camping gear selection. You have no idea how much a good camp kitchen will help your weekend or week long trip until you finnally get one. At least that is the case with our family. This thing is so handy. It is real fast and easy to set up and once that is done it is a real high end quality piece of gear. We are so please we didnt go for one of the junky cheapo version. This thing is perfet.

I had been looking at a few different tables before I decided to get this one. I sure am happy with it. Sturdy and easy to set up. Provides ample space for cooking, coffee, prep and clean up. I almost got a camp kitchen from Fred Meyer for less but super glad I didn't. This will outlast many inferior tables!

5 stars all day! Definitely a happy camper with this Roll Top Kitchen. Super easy to setup, took Maybe 10 seconds. Sturdy and light weight, plus it was easy to clean.

You are going to love this table if you get one. I used mine for my week long vacation and it made organizing my cooking and kitchen goods a breeze. It was very fast set up job taking less than a minute. It held all the weight that you could ever need it to as well. Taking it down at the end of the week was equally easy and it comes with a real nice storage bag.

This setup will hold your 2-burner camping stove steady and store plenty of extras on the shelves. No assembly instructions were included - I had to ask my 9 year old for help but she and I figured it out pretty quickly (hint: don't fully extend the legs before you swing out the solid tabletop portion). I guess it's called "roll-top" because one could roll up the shelves made of slats, but they attach/detach for setup/storage and don't really need to be rolled up at any point.

Sturdy, light weight & perfect size. Great carry case. I use for outdoor 'kitchen' cooking when camping in the rv. It's big enough to hold bbq grill, cooked food carrier, spices & accessories and still room to hold my beer!

I opted to try REI's camp kitchen after finding Coleman's delux kitchen extremely bulky and heavy. Not as feature-rich but it is simple to set up and so much lighter than others. Easy to clean and transport.

At 11 pounds and a decent folded size this hits the target. Perfect fit (oriented verticall) in the footwell behind the passenger seat of my 2017 Subaru Forester.

We set it up...hrew the stove on it. put the pots and pans on the lower shelf and the kitchen bin below and it was awesome! Add a square roll up table next to it and you have the most amazing set up with whole picnic table free to eat and sit around without your stove etc taking up half the space. every camp should be so lucky! Also in storing the 2 burner stove fits right in the bag with it- zipped up and tidy!

It came in the mail a little banged up but I figured it was going to happen anyway. Once I figured out that you have to pull the shelves off, then open it up, then reattach the shelves it was a breeze to set up. Plenty roomy and it seems sturdy. The small dent that came on it tells me it can be dented and I should be careful. I think I'll get plenty of use out of this guy. The carrying case is a nice addition.

Saw this and thought it would be a nice thing to have next to the BBQ. It is handy all right!

I bought this table about 4 years ago based on positive reviews. I have found it to be a great addition to our car camping experience. The table itself is lightweight and very easy to set up and take down. It is sturdier that it looks, although I do think you need to be a little "gentle" with it if you want it to last a while. I use the top shelf for our 2 burner camp stove and collect dirty dishes in the dishpan on the bottom shelf. The side shelf is handy for a water jug as well as a prep area.........then the kitchen box fits perfectly under that. If it is just my husband and me, then I might not bring it along. But if we are with another couple or the grandkids, then it is great to move the stove off of the picnic table and have a central station for our cooking and dishes. The carry case is spacious and I can fit 2 small plastic side tables in with it. Overall a worthwhile purchase.

I’m going to give tent camping a try. This looked like a great product. I haven’t used it “in the wild” yet but it’s really well built. Easy set-up and take down. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.

lightweight but sturdy. i put everything on here with my large heavy wood cutting board. we even used it in our garage when our kitchen was being remodeled.

Love the BBQ table. We have used it several times Sturdy, easy to fold up and store. A good addition to the RV

Got this as a means to keep things a bit more organized around cooking, prepping and storing. Worked out great.

Haven't taken it camping yet but is a great sturdy table. Plenty of room, easy to fold out.

Easy set up and compact for travel. Haven't used it yet, but I think I'm going to like it.

It is a nice table but it would be better if the top were a better quality.

We love this table! Quick set up, very useful, & easy to clean!



I'm hoping to store something with a specific height on the bottom table (use as a shelf). What is the distance between the bottom table and the top table?

The height between the top table and the bottom shelf is 15 inches.

Camp table

How much does it weigh? What are its dimensions when in the carrying sack?

This table weighs 10 pounds 3.2 ounces. The folded dimensions in the carry sack are 19.7 x 4.3 x 31.5 inches.


Can you put, and use, your camp stove on this table (without it melting or getting ruined)?

You can use your stove on this table.


Can this handle the heat from a charcoal grill lid?

​This table can handle heat from a charcoal grill.


Is the side table all aluminum? It looks like it's an aluminum frame/edges but the table top looks to be another material. 

The side table has an edge that is banded with aluminum, however, the table top is made of a wood composite material.


What is the height of the highest table when set up?

​The table height is 31.5 inches.


What are the dimensions of the tabletop and the foldout tabletop

Here are the measurements of the table surfaces:

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