Backpacker's Pantry - Three Sisters Stew - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

I got to enjoy the freedom of being able to have the Backpekers Pantry as an emergency meal while I was traveling and camping with my motorcycle, I go to try the Three Sisters Stew, quite good. Thanks

We LOVED the Three Sisters Stew. Had it for dinner after our longest day of hiking when moral was a little low and gave us our energy back. Definitely going to order this for more trips next summer.

This vegetarian meal is one of the best backpacking dinners that I have had. It's flavorful, easy to make and filling. I find it hard to give backpacking food 5 stars but this is close.

got 3 bags of dry freeze for the patagonia W trek and they all turned out to be great, but surprisingly all vegetarian. This one and the other Pad Thai and Thai curry.

This stew was DELICIOUS! I shared it with my hiking partner but I could have ate the whole thing! Will definitely purchase this again!

This is a hearty, delicious, easy to prepare stew. It is well seasoned, flavorful and was even good eaten cold the next day.

Filling, hearty, and actually delicious! It’s on the heavier side when it comes to backpacking and counting ounces though.

This dinner made our backpacking trip easy and was delicious and filling.

This vegetable stew is unusually well seasoned (I think) and satisfying.

I saw all the 5 star ratings so I had to try it (I bought 3!) but I was really disappointed. For the second meal, I took soy sauce and that made it much better! It has great ingredients but I guess I just don't care for the spices used in cooking.

I sampled this at home before taking on the trail and enjoyed it so much that I will make it again at home for a great meal! The rice and beans rehydrated beautifully after 15 mins and the flavor was perfect! It's also a good source of fiber.

This was another Hearty meal from Backpackers Pantry, they add a packet of Olive Oil which helps the rehydration of everything. This meal is Hearty & filling, very good. My brother said it needs to be a staple for every trip

Bought 3 of these to take into Sawtooths and the level of salt was way over the top. Don't know if there was a problem or what might have happened but when you'r ein the middle of nowhere, pretty hard to make an exchange.

Just off the trail from a long hike and after 10 days of freeze dried meals we definitely found Three Sisters Stew to be the very best! Loved the flavors and heartiness. Would serve to company at home:)

it got me out of the grand canyon, but every spoonful got worse till I couldnt force anymore down. It needs something to perk it up a bit, maybe a packet of chicken and some hot sauce

We found the meal acceptable but not all that tasty. Good and filling but far from my favorite meal.

Tastes great and very filling. Excellent weight to nutritional density ratio.

I don’t eat meat so I’m grateful this exists! So yum. Perfectly seasoned.

It had a good unique flavor with plenty of food for two! A nice change.

Just not that good. All Pantry items I did nit find very satisfying.


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