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love it. it's awesome. I grilled and made French press coffee. and it was amazing. Can't get enough of it. Was able to feel 6 people and made coffee for out nite time bigfoot expedition.

I am not normally a techie person but this stove seemed perfect because it's compact and efficient. It sure was! I boiled water for tea in just a few minutes in a place too windy for an open flame. Very impressed! Can't wait to use it again.

We've now used this on many camping trips and it is simply a joke. It barely works for boiling water, let alone grilling or frying an egg. Don't be fooled by marketing videos. There is no controlling size of flame. Flame lasts 5 mins at best before you need to remove food and completely restart fire. Unless you buy wood pellets exclusively (which burn out very quickly) you are perpetually engulfed in enormous smoke clouds attempting to burn anything from woods. We're now shopping for gas stove. Wish we'd returned before the 1 year mark! What a waste.

Used this twice now. 1st time it was super difficult. Was rainy and wood was damp. Once I did get it started, I couldn't generate enough heat to use the grill for hot dogs. Needless to say I was disappointed. Second try, it was amazing - granted I used the BioLite fuel pellets. I wasn't able to get water to boil, but warm enough for the morning coffee. I was able to cook on it directly with a pan, which worked really well. Overall, it works. However, it's a hassle to find dry enough wood or to bring the pellets along.

2nd summer using my BioLite, my husband liked it so we ordered the newest version. Hope to use the new one soon. Now we both have one for Backpacking and car camping. Used original this winter at minus 1.

Bought this bundle several months ago in anticipation of taking it on a family vacation and short backpacking trip. Tested it in the backyard 7 times. 5 of the 7 times it went into overheat mode without warning (temp. indicator not maxxed out). Returned to REI and exchanged for new set (thank you REI!) and new unit worked much better. Took it on a 3-day backpack trip with my daughter and it worked fine for heating water. Never really needed the charging capability.

I got this stove against most recommendations. It’s bulky and heavy when backpacking. But, against my best judgment I hulled this through Yosemite. It worked great on all my trial runs but was a complete bomb on my trip. My initial flame was fantastic but went down hill after 10 minutes. Not only could I not really get hot water, the charge on the battery was laughable. An almost full charged battery would only charge my phone or watch 10%. This would be good for car camping with a backup stove.

The stove alone it's just a champion, but the companions on this bundle are a pleasure to have. I do charge my phone sometimes, but I do not depend on electronics when I'm out camping. Yea, the fire does not last that long, but keep feeding it often will keep it alive to hit your cattle for water (hydrate food) and grill your steak, chicken, veggies or anything you add to the grill. -- Pellets last longer and filling it once hits the cattle with no issues. The light is a very nice addition to cooking at night. I use it in 2017 and 2018. Looking forward to getting it going for 2019 as well.

Pros: Assuming that you don't use toxic woods (look'em up) this biofuel stove is fantastic. Top feeding stove is thoughtfully designed. Harness the power of a mini fire tornado to cook your food!

It was great the first year. Then I broke it out of storage this spring and the battery was dead and wouldn’t accept a charge. Customer service was slow and after one suggestion they won’t respond. Expensive toy that might work for the first summer of use.

I finally was able to go camping with my new BioLite and loved that I was able to get up in the morning and have coffee ready a lot faster than starting camp fire and percolating coffee. Afterwards I used it to make some MRE breakfast. So much quicker with this and less clean up. There was unscheduled rain during the night and all of my wood for the campfire was too wet to get started. I broke off a few little branches from a dead nearby tree and it was more than enough to do all the cooking I needed.

I researched like crazy before buying this. I bought the bundle and took it out that weekend for a camping trip and it exceeded my expectations. Firing it up was simple and easy and it created a nice roaring fire that brought water in the kettle to boil very fast. This bundle is definitely worth the money and will be a part of my camp kit for many years to come!

I had great expectations for this product; what a cool idea! But it turned out to be a big disappointment... I bought two of these so one for me, one as a gift. I like the idea of burning biomass efficiently and not carrying propane or wasteful fuel canister but this stove is not what I expected. I wish that I could return both but they have been used for few days.

We brought the Biolite Stove with us on our car camping trip along Hwy 101 so we could have coffee as we packed up camp, and it performed well for that purpose. However, when we took it home to Colorado and tried to use it on the Continental Divide, it was useless. At altitudes with low oxygen, we had trouble keeping the flames up, even after using the pellets and the fire starter. Lighting the stove also proved challenging because fire travels upward (not downwards), so starting a fire at the top of the fuel source is not an efficient or easy way to build a fire. This thing is also pretty heavy (with only the stove and the pellets, it weighed almost 5lbs.), and was no joy to carry if you're hiking in to your campsite.

Lots of pros and cons and really depends on your intended use. Tried this in winter after some sunny days but unless the firewood was really dry I struggled to get a fire going, so much smoke! Tried again recently with super dry wood and after an initial smoke period of a couple of minutes got it going and kept it going- but you do have to more or less tend to it the whole time. Dry leaves work a treat to get it going properly. Way too heavy for overnight hikes for me (my pocket rocket does the trick) and I don't like that it relies heavily on dry wood. One day of rain and bye bye warm meals. Charges an iPhone 5s about 50% on full battery. The grill is awesome! Cooked 6 decent sized sausages all in one go and so tasty! Watch that heat though.... fan speed controls it really well. Overall great for car camping, Park, day trips maybe. Kids are loving it!

Got this to take with me to Liberia for a year with the Peace Corps where I will probably have no electricity and seemed like a good idea. I tested it out and after a few mistakes I had a success. Or as I called it at the time the tunnel of fire death. The entire unit gets warm but it does a good job charging and heating off food stuffs. Will try to update the review after I've gotten to use ti more abroad.

I agree with Mike that the CampStove Bundle is a game changer. I've lived life completely outdoors almost 24/7/365 for the past 2 years and use the BioLite CampStove almost every single day, sometimes twice a day, and I would be a certified Luddite if it weren't for this product. I cannot praise it enough. The Bundle is the most cost-efficient entree into the BioLite line of products, and I say this even though I ended up giving the grill back to REI for their used equipment sale because I found the mini cast iron pan I carry to accomplish more even heating for the same weight, but I suspect that's just my personal opinion given all the positive reviews of the grill, so should be taken with a grain of salt.

Only used on one camp trip, still on the learning curve. It took a long time to process wood for stove and the battery charge did not move much. Not very back packable, for car camping or emergency preparedness? Great bundle package with grill and coffee press, but not very functional.

This is a great concept and an ideal stove for some light camping close to your house. I got this stove as a gift and used it for the first time while camping over the weekend around New Paltz NY. We got in late and it was raining all night. Next morning I had some trouble starting the stove because all the wood was damp. Luckily someone had some dry wood and I was able to start the fire easily. Lesson learned don't be around wet wood or you wont start this stove. Last week I took this stove with me to Iceland for a 5 day trek. I knew that there weren't going to be any trees so I bought the wood pellets. The stove performed poorly in adverse condition. Wood pellets had a small bag of wood chips for use as a fire starter. I ran out of the wood chips by the third day, making it nearly impossible to start a fire. On windy days it made the stove worthless as even adding toilet paper (highly flammable) the stove did not start right away. Lucky for me my friends had gas stoves that performed great. Lesson learned do not bring this stove in areas that are windy or rainy or without wood.

A good friend of mine got one of these camp stove 2’s for Xmas last year . He didn’t try it out for several weeks, but he soon was on the phone to tell me how cool this product was and that I needed to drop everything and go order one. I had a hefty dividend and a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and thought what the heck, I’ll give it a go. The friend has burned all kinds of biomass in his and thinks it makes quite a cool fire. I asked him how long it takes to boil water or cook hot dogs and he admitted he hadn’t tried that yet, but it was a really cool tornado of fire nonetheless. I bought mine I. Colorado Springs and gave it a try with the local sticks and what not, mostly spruce, gambol oak, and cedar. It did indeed make a cool tornado of fire, but it really didn’t do much for charging the battery. I would think if you were using it to charge an iPhone/iPad, you would need a huge supply of sticks and a huge supply of patients and an awful lot of time. The battery bar indicator never got above 2 bars even with over an hour of burning. The fire indicator got about 3/4 of the way up the intensity meter, but the fan would go off and then the fire cooled down The fan would arbitrarily come back on, nearly extinguish what flame was left, and leave me wondering about my $200 purchase. Out of time in C/S so I put it away to try again when I got home to Hot Springs. In Hot Springs, I fed the stove a nonstop supply of pine, white oak, hickory, sycamore, dog wood, pine cones, and mesquite bbq pellets-which burn extremely hot in my pellet smoker-to no real accomplishment. I filled the kettle about 1/3 full of water, it took over 1/2 hour to even see bubbles. I put an instant read thermometer in the water and it read only 140f...not really hot enough to make a decent cup of tea, let alone the temp needed to brew coffee. No better results with battery charging or fan performance at a much lower altitude either. I didn’t even bother with the grill as I’m guessing it would have been insulting to the lowly hot dog I might attempt to warm up. If I was stuck somewhere with plenty of time and biomass, I would probably enjoy messing with this for hours to warm up a beverage or stick roast a dog, but as a reliable cook device I will continue to carry some white gas and a Dragonfly, proven gear in my opinion. The camp stove2 is back in the cardboard box and will be returned when I get to it. This is cool technology but I think it needs more r&d before I carry something this heavy in lieu of sufficient fuel and a few ounces of stove.

In style without any worry about gas. Support a great cause while you do it.

Very nice, and easy to light. Gives out a nice amount of heat.

Watch where you use this stove as some parks do not allow gathering of fire wood. Some parks have free fire starter wood which is good. Have a bucket or large bag to carry and store. Cleaning up the area for the tent of twigs is OK yielding about 1 cooking of water. Pellets are best but a large bag is necessary for long camping. Car camping or just use as a night camp fire are the best uses.

It was fun getting a fire going and boiling a few cups of water. The battery charge never increased.

So far I have used it one time. The whole system is super easy to use and is fun to cook on it.

I love this! Went camping in the Allegany Natl Forest and used this exclusively for my meals. It worked well and was also a power source for my phone and side lights. It packs up well and as it was cooling, the smoke was used as a bug deterrent. Great idea and I love that it uses twigs and sticks instead of canned fuel.

It was "OK" I may have expected a bit more from it because it seemed so useful and cool but setting up and having the patience to work with it was a bit of a drag. Defiantly works and does what it's supposed to only issue was the time it took to cook and boil.

This works exactly as described which is almost hard to believe. Yes this is not for the ultralight back packer. But it is great for two people and especially for the young that do require just a bit of electronic use.

I took my stove out once and could not keep the fire lit to feed (water) more than two people. Not good for backpacking, maybe for the car camping. Kids loved it, but I don’t recommend this for families.

I travel for work a lot and I hate to pay for extras. Hotels, food, etc.. I camp out of my car wherever I go and I never leave home without my Biolite. Wherever I go I'm only minutes from a fresh burger or a nice hot cup of coffee.

Bought it on sale. I've used it once and it worked great! Can't wait to use it again!

Unfortunately, I do not trust the battery charging system.

I bought this last year and tried it out a couple of times. The first time was just a trial in my backyard and it worked perfectly. I had a log and broke it into many small piece that would fit in the combustion chamber I start3d the fire and shortly turned on the fan. The fire took off very quickly. I used it at first to charge my phone and I originally wasn’t impressed with the charging capabilities. Keep in mind I left my phone on I knew that if I turned the phone off it would charge much faster. I continued with my experiment and chose to boil water. Eight cups of water came to a full boil in under 5 minutes. With that i was satisfied. The next time I used it I was car camping. Again I used a chopped up log as fuel. This time I was amazed! For dinner I had a steak and it cooked it beautifully! The next morning we had brought eggs and bacon. We bought a cheap nonstick pan put it on the stove and it was awesome! We could not have done it better at home. This time I also used it to charge my phone. I don’t have all the times or anything but for charging your phone in the middle of nowhere I was happy. The next time I tried it was on a backpacking trip. I had no worry in the world that it would work perfect so I didn’t bring my battery pack to charge my phone or bring an extra stove. I told the others to bring steaks because I was taking my grill. Luckily everyone took hot dogs because it didn’t go well. I could not get the fire to take off. Even after using a fire starter! I tried and tried with no luck. I finally determined that it must be the wood. The wood was not completely dry because it was picked up in the woods. The wood was the right size but it was just not dry enough.the only thing that saved the trip is we already had a campfire going so I used the grill and put it right over the fire and we cooked that way. Next time I want to grill I will take the grill only not the whole stove. It’s a great device but the fact that I cannot rely on it every time really hurts

If you understand the concept that the berries on the top of the mountain taste better than the berries along the road, this is your stove. I got this from my kids for fathers day and have had a great time with it. I have discovered though that if I sit in my back yard with some nice seasoned pieces of wood and grill a steak on it, the steak tastes good and all. However, if I take this on a 3 mile hike over rough terrain back into the woods, or maybe climb to the top of a 300 foot rocky ridge that overlooks the valley, a can of spam tastes fabulous! I think it might have something to do with wood that is aged and dried in the higher elevation or something like that. At any rate, this thing is great. I usually don't bother taking the grill but that is handy in the back yard or when we take the camper somewhere. The coffee pot is a MUST have item. The stove uses very little fuel and if you use it correctly, it gives off very little smoke. You need to practice with it a little while and my typical mistake is filling it with too much fuel. Less fuel and more air in the combustion chamber seems to be the key to NOT making smoke. The fan is a little noisy so if your looking to get away from the roar of the city, that's a little distracting, but that is the only drawback I have found with this. Once I have finished cooking and stop putting fuel in it, I start cleaning up and til I'm done, the fire is all but out. I usually let it sit with the fan running to cool down and explore for a little while. After about 15 minutes it's cool enough to pack it back up and go into the bag for the trip out. I also like being able to charge my phone while I'm eating lunch. The USB port is great for that. I guess it would depend on your phone and how your using it but I can get mine all but fully charged in the time I take for lunch. So both myself and my phone feel energized at the end of lunch time! Definitely the best fathers day present I've gotten. Beats a cheap tool set or a tie any day!



What are the dimensions of the stove, when packed for transport (not including the grill and coffee press)?

With the power nesting inside the stove, the packed size of the stove is 8.5 x 5 x 5 inches.


Since the BioLite has a motor, is it legit in designated wilderness areas? I used one of the earlier models 4 years ago and was pondering this question as the fan hummed along on a quiet night in the Zirkels...

We encourage you to contact your local Ranger Station regarding stoves that are allowed in your area.


Is this stove a prohibited item in checked luggage or carry on luggage when traveling by air?  

Since air travel restrictions are subject to change, we recommend contacting your airline directly to determine if this can be packed in checked or carry-on luggage.


1) How come this cannot be shipped to Australia? 2) Is the 'integrated battery' replaceable and if so how easy/difficult is it to replace?

Since this item contains hazardous or flammable materials, it cannot be shipped internationally. The battery in this stove is not replaceable.


Heard the probe distorts + melts slightly with high heat and will not allow disassembly. Have checked it? Also what is stopping you from making a light non-stick frypan shaped like a kidney to be used ontop of the grill? With left and right handle

As of June 2017, we have not heard any feedback that the probe melts and does not allow for disassembly. Additionally, we do not currently have any information as to if there will be a frying pan added to this bundle in the future. However, many different styles of camp fry pans do work on this stove.


Is use of this stove permitted in areas under a 'burn-ban'?

​This stove should not be used under a burn ban.


Can you use non-Biolite wood pellets? In other words, wood pellets from another manufacturer?

Yes, non-BioLite wood pellets can be used as fuel for this stove.


Can you cook with a skillet? Like eggs and pancakes on it?

​You can use this stove to cook with a skillet.


Does this stove need to be charged before each use or will the generator keep the battery charged/fan running if I am not using the charger?

​The stove does not need to be charged before each use. If you are not using the battery to charge your devices, the battery is still being charged by the heat of the fire and the fan can still be running.

mama mix

can you use any camping pot to cook over this stove, like an MSR pot? I'd love to be able to make pasta on this thing!!

This stove system will accommodate other cookware such as MSR pots and pans.


Will it charge my iPad mini?

The CampStove 2 will not fully charge an iPad Mini. You will only get about a 25% power boost.


Does the griddle and pot from the biolite campstove 1 kit work with the camp stove 2?

Yes, all of the accessories from the CampStove 1 kit will fit onto the new CampStove 2.

tom lavelle

Will this type unit still charge a cell phone.

​Yes, you can charge a cell phone via the stove.

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