Coleman - FyreCadet 2-Burner Camp Stove

Category: Camp Kitchen

Really good stove and excels at flame thrower mode... However its doesn't do low heat very well.

Big fan of Coleman products however I needed a new grill for camping and thought this was a good deal. Purchased and took camping and could not get flame to adjust. Literally only heats at the temperature of a small dwarf sun. Burnt all our food. Had to light it, let heat for a few minutes, turn off and cook on a cooling griddle. Look into other options.

We ended up making boiled eggs, since we couldn't get the stove low enough to cook anything else after badly burning the sausages on the outside and leaving them raw inside. There was no way to get anywhere in between high and off. Great for boiling water, I guess. Useless for anything else, and goes through a ton of propane.

Finally, I can boil water and make coffee in 15mins or less - this stove has significantly increased BTU than the original Coleman I have had forever. more holes in the burners for increased gas flow and neat design traduce impact from heavy wind.

This camp stove is very useful. It is also light a d easy to carry. I made making our coffee at camp easier than doing over the campfire. It also made cooking for our large group of campers easier as well.

I really like this stove. I have no problem getting it to simmer, but I do believe a lot of the negative reviews are from people who are use to electric ranges. The better gas ranges will have one burner for simmering (4000 BTU) and one burner for smelting metal (18000 BTU) for example. The cheaper gas ranges will only have four burners that will produce maybe 11,000 BTU at the max setting. It is not uncommon for the older stoves to have simmering problems as well, and that is why most gas ranges that are on the market today will have one low output burner for simmering.


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