HALFPOPS - Air Popped Kernels - 4.5 oz.

Category: Camp Kitchen

Great flavor and taste on the trail! Easy to pack and didn’t have to worry about smashing the popcorn!

I take them on every trip I take. There just salty enough and not over powering like corn nuts

Great on the go quick, not all junk snack! Will definitely be adding this to the camping list

Jawbreaker salty corn. Kinda expensive but Target is 20 yards away.

very fine snack, albeit expensive. A good reward for diligent shopping at REI

Awful. Took one bite and threw the rest away These are kernels not popcorn

Loves these half baked kernels of flavor. Perfect snack to take on the go.

Bought on an impulse and not disappointed. Crunchy. Flavorful. Fun.

They were great while traveling, hope you continue to carry them!!!

Great on the go snack. Crunchy and great taste. Will buy again

Crunchy ! Great for a quick snack while watching a movie.


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