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I paid $160 for Keen leather boots at REI last July. I have hiked approximately 35 to 40 miles in that time. The insoles are now completely flat. One hundred-sixty dollars plus Colorado tax and the Keen insoles are useless. Had I known how cheap Keens are I would have searched for better boots. I will never buy Keens again. Great fit, but just another "get by" company. I'm disappointed.

I own a Targhee II that I've been using for hiking the last 4 years. I bought the Targhee II after speaking to a soldier who served multiple tours in Afghanistan. After their whole unit suffered foot injuries as they patrol going up and down the mountains of Afghanistan using standard issued boots, they were all provided with Keen Targhee II. According to the Soldier, it was night and day. If it was good enough to the soldier and his entire unit I figured it was good enough for me and let me tell you, IT WAS and IT IS!! Targhee III just like Targhee II and felt like an old shoe as soon as I put it on. A couple of days later after purchasing Targhee III, I was on a 5 day road trip hiking in Fire Valley NV, Antelope Canyon AZ, Grand Canyon AZ and Sedona AZ. I forgot to mention, I recently injured my feet from running 6 months earlier and so I was a bit nervous going into this road trip. I'm 200 lbs and I carry a backpack with 35 lbs of camera gear. Targhee III performed very well, as expected. I noticed it was slightly lighter than my old Targhee II.

I love keens.....but these blew out in the corners within 1 month. We will test the rei returns...stay tuned

I love these boots and would have given it a 5. There very comfortable and a great fit. BUT... I've had them less than a month with low mileage on some relatively moderate terrain and the toe box is starting to separate on one boot and will most likely continue to get worse. I'm bummed. Maybe it's an isolated problem to my pair. But I recently saw a review on the Targhee Hiking low top hiking shoe complaining of the same issue. I have my receipt, Hopefully the honor a return.

I have a pair of what I call "tank" boots for backpacking, but I got the keen's for a more everyday pair of boots. When I got these boots, I wore them to work the next day to break them in before a planned short hike the following weekend. They were incredibly comfortable, breathable, and light weight. So easy to wear that I forgot I was wearing boots! I ended up wearing them again to work the next day, and on a short hike that weekend. Out of the box, no issues. Very high quality and stylish design.

4th pair of Keen boots. I had two pair of the Targhee II that lasted awhile. This pair lasted 3 months and the grip on the bottom started coming apart. For $144 you would expect better quality

I find that these boots are very lightweight, sort of between boots and hi-top running shoes. I can feel the rocks through the soles when I step on them, but not in an uncomfortable way. The boots are not particularly waterproof for me, not after half a day in snow or serious rain.

The wide toe box works well for my wide feet, and I use the side loops to anchor gaiters without having to run a strap beneath the boots. I've worn Targhee for a number of years now.

I’ve worn Targhee II’s for years and found them to be the best available for my feet. I thru hiked 250 miles on the Colorado Trail in my last pair and they held up great. I bought the mid ankle Targhee III this time to get ankle support. In July I completed a thru hike of the northern portion of the Long Trail in Vermont. There was rain and a lot of mud on the trails. The boots were great. They look a little more broken in but have are not damaged. The northern Vermont trails are some of the most rugged I’ve hiked. Lots of rocks, mud and roots and not all that well maintained. That’s boots were comfortable, supportive, light and rugged. I recommend them.

I have hiked 3 times in this shoe and I have noticed that the rubber is starting to come away from the actual shoe around the toe and the outside of the shoe. I am hoping I just happened to get a fluke pair. For the money I would expect quite a number of miles before this type of wearing on a boot.

I bought this boot 6 months ago and have put a little over 100 miles on them. As Keens usually are they were comfortable out of the box with little breaking in needed, aside from the uppers around the ankle. The waterproofing has held up, however they are not very breathable. It only took the first 10 miles for the soles to begin falling apart. The material is to soft to hold up to rough rocky terrain. Overall it is ok for the price but don’t expect to be happy with it for more than 6 months.

Good fit out of the box with very little break-in required. Nice and lightweight, but therein may lie the problem with durability? I purchased them 15 months ago and had not worn them for a couple of months ... went to put them on today and noticed that the leather has separated from the toe rubber and sole areas ... They have not been put through enough to start breaking down already ... wish I would have noticed this 3 months ago when I was within the 1 yr warranty period ... Disappointing ...

First off, I can't recommend enough to stop into a brick and mortar to fit a pair of hiking boots, it could save you a lot of discomfort on the trail. Keens usually run a half size small, and this is true of this boot. I purchased these for day hiking and backpacking and they perform perfectly. There's plenty of room in the toe box, and my heel doesn't slide around on difficult terrain. I needed these to be water proof, and I got what I asked for. I added my own waterproofing to make sure my paws stayed dry. They do seem to breathe so your own sweat doesn't become an issue. The soles are grippy and flex enough to prevent fatique when loaded down. The new style this year isn't an eyesore either. Overall a solid performer at the price point, definitely recommend.

I normally wear minimalist footwear, so this was my first 'traditional' hiking boot in years. I was surprised at just how insulated I was from the ground. Uneven ground was no issue, boots gave excellent traction on all surfaces, cold running water and hot melty asphalt felt exactly the same. I thought it would end up quite sweaty but feet were cool and comfortable. Took a little getting used to as I have flat feet, but ultimately the fit and feel was very good.

My husband loves these so much that when he’s not wearing them, they are sitting in the middle of the living room, or at the base of the couch, or in front of the door, so he can easily step right into them at a moments notice and be ready for anything! These hiking boots aren’t just for hiking: they’re great for mowing the lawn, wearing around the house in place of slippers, wearing with linen shorts to a friends BBQ, out to dinner with the in laws. You name it, these boots can handle it!

I really like KEEN products and have been purchasing them from REI for years. I bought this pair of boots for everyday use when walking my Labrador and working around our property. They have great support and grip which is handy when you are trying to handle an rambunctious 120lb Labrador out on the trails and sidewalks. I have had them 14 months and they are holding up well. Today I am ordering another pair so I have a spare to leave at our cabin.

I do NOT recommend these boots. The soles have separated from the body of the boot. This has happened to BOTH boots. And I only use these in my back yard, to mow the lawn, local hiking, etc. When I went back to the store, the sales guy said: "Yeah, that happens after about 300 miles or so.". As if I should have bought a better boot!

I had only a few miles in these boots before a 22.5 mile roundtrip to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite and they worked great with no blisters or comfort issues. I purchased 1/2 size up and wore sock liners with merino wool socks. I'll have to put a lot more miles on them to comment on durability but so far I'm very pleased with this purchase. I went into REI intent on purchasing Merrill Moabs, however, the KEEN Targhee fit my foot better.

I wore these on a few short hikes, maybe 10 miles total over relatively flat ground and they seemed like they would be ready for some mountains. I wore them on two day hikes in Yosemite and I was sadly mistaken. These were a half size larger than my last pair of Keen Targhee II yet they fit like they were half size smaller (if not more). So they have about 25 miles total, about half of which was up and down trails in Yosemite over loose granite and dirt. The rubber from the toe box is separating from the rest of the boot on both boots. I'm not sure if that is a result of rough terrain or less than stellar quality control... Buyer beware of the size purchased unless you try them on and get some up/down demo before purchasing these boots.

I bought these in the REI store locally, awesome boots. I normally have a hard time finding boots that will fit (Size 15) These fit awesome with plenty of extra room, waterproof, just great boots. I’m going back to pick up a second pair on sale. Because it’s REI they actually gave me the sale discount a week early, thank you REI. With all the boots and shoes that Keen makes there’s bound to be some troubles along the way, if you have a problem contact REI and they will fix the problem for you instead of giving good boots a one star.

On my first pair of Targhee 2 Mids, I got about 200 miles of hiking until the front midsole separate from the leather (both shoes). Because these boots fit my wide foot perfectly, I gave the model a second shot. This time I got about 125 miles on them before the same issue happened. Midsole separation and toe protector. I worked in the outdoor product industry for 15 years and have quite a bit of experience with footwear. A running shoe should get 200 miles or so. A hiking boot should hold up for at least 400 miles. Keen was a leading edge company from the Bay Area and I would love to support them in the future. But the quality control is an absolute failure. Yes, they are extremely comfortable, but know that they will most likely fail in short time.

I have been wearing the Targhee 2 for the past 4 years and loved them. Tried a pair of these and after a 10 mile hike I was limping for 2 days due to the foot pain. They exert pressure on the front of my heel/back of my instep. These got returned and I switched to a different brand. So long Keen, it’s been nice knowing you!

I have what is called a low volume feet, which causes boots with a extra room to rotate on my foot when I edge. Previous Keen Targhees have had this problem, but this one fits extremely well. So far, I have put about 25 miles and 10,000 ft climb on these boots, and have been very happy.

I owned the KEEN Targhee. Initially they fitted great. However, with little hiking use the lacing system failed and the soles separated. Keen's warranty, quality, and durability I rate as poor.

the first thing you notice is the complete visual improvement over the previous iteration, they look so much better than the 2's. i haven't worn the last version, but these are immediately comfortable. people with narrow feet may have some rattling around in the wide toe box, but i assume due to the little strappy thing on the last eyelet once cinched these puppies lock your feet in well. for a 'mid' boot they're middle of the range as far as height. the ankle support looks like it's a little higher than the previous version. they're far from stiff, letting you feel supported while offering a good bit of flex (maybe too much for some folks). they aren't super breathable, but they're leather and feel incredibly solid and tough. they're also lighter than they look like they should be, and the toe bumper is both functional and give them a bit of a hardcore appearance. the footbed is lightly cushioned, not overly so, but it's just enough that with thicker hiking socks you won't feel squishy like in some boots. i've only been about 9 miles in them, but the only potential hotspots i've noticed are on the sides where one-piece tongue folds over on itself. they may have gone a little overboard on the reflective strips (one running up the tongue, two little guys on the top eyelet strips, and two criss-crossing over the heel cup) making sure you can't hide out in them, but nobody will lose these jokers in the dark either.

I purchased this shoe because the previous model (similar) is not longer available. I have owned five or six pairs of the previous show and is the best hiking shoe I have found. This new model is narrower than the old and cramps my foot. I had to return it as it causes me pain. I recommend bringing back the previous model. But, this may be good for a person with a narrower foot.

I have a hard time finding boots that fit well. My foot is wide and not much selection in wide sizes in the store. (I wear a 9.5E). I decided to give these boots a try, mainly due to loving my Keen Newport H2 sandals. I was not at all disappointed! I ordered a size up and these fit great with little break in. The wider toe box area was appreciated. They have worn great so far, and they look great as well. First time I have hiked in 6 months without my foot hurting! I highly recommend these boots.

I bought these boots at the end of December of 2017. I did not wear them much throughout the winter and only wore them hiking throughout the spring and summer. By July 2018 the soles had started to detach from the boot, making them not so much water proof. Very comfortable hiking boots but I expected them to last much longer than they have.

My first hike wearing these boots was in the Poconos (6 miles), followed by five days (90 miles) of hiking in Yellowstone. The terrain was hard packed trail, a few lose rocks and moderate elevation gain/loss. I carried a light day pack with rain gear, an extra layer, first aid kit, water and food. The fit was comfortable out of the box and I did not develop hot spots or blisters. For a day hiker they are light weight, the toe cap provided generous protection and the tread held tight on downslopes. The boot sits high enough on the ankle to provide sufficient roll-over protection on moderate grade trails. Similarly, the inner ankle cushion was enough for moderate day hikes. Temperature/breathability wise these boots kept my feet comfortable. I think the soft upper makes a difference. Overall these boots are a great mid hiking boot: affordable price, light weight and comfy. I look forward to wearing them throughout the fall season.

I am disappointed with this boot as it seems the quality of Keen boots is becoming increasingly poor. Stitching where the tounge meets the boot is tearing out already and I’ve only worn them for 1 week!!! The shoe fits my foot much differently than any other Keen boot I’ve owned. I normally buy a Targhee II but the sole rubber always separates so I decided to try the Targhee III but I will return these as soon as I can get to an REI. I’m done with Keen boots at this point which is a shame as I have like them. The quality of the shoe has gone out the window so I think Keen needs to address this issue. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Keen shoes and boots but this is my last purchase unless something changes drastically; which i doubt will happen. Bottom line is these boots are made too cheaply and cost too much.

Don't waste your money. These are under 2 years old with next to no miles on them

Fit just right ,keep feet warm can't wait to go hiking.

After hiking in the Appalachians in a pair of old new-balances, I knew I wanted a pair of waterproof, mid-rise hiking boots, and I also knew I didn't want to keep buying a new pair every year. I also knew that Keen boots are known for their comfort and their durability. After comparing the Targhee III with a few of the other boots in the price point, the comfort and the all-leather upper of this boot made the choice pretty clear. I have flat feet and super stiff arches, and a lot of other boots hurt my feet just lacing them up in store, but the Targhees felt worn in right there!

I bought these shoes because they have a wide toe box and I have wide feet.

My feet are around 105mm wide but 8-8.5. I struggled to find wide hiking boots in this small length and thought these would be fine with a little break in when I tried them on in the store. Turns out not to be the case. I buy 4E extra wide running shoes and these are just barely wider than a standard D. I'm curious how wide the last is, a wide in 8 should be as wide as an 11. The heel loop is a joke, just folds over under pant legs and sticks straight out. Looks like a snag hazard, going to cut it off. Still, the quality is great!

I bought these hikers for my son who is a BIG kid. He lives in the Tacoma area and does a lot of day hiking in all weather. His challenge is he has a wide forefoot and bunyons. KEEN is the ONLY boot he's ever found comfortable. He needs a wide front and a normal heel. This boot does it. With other manufacturers he normally wears a 14 wide to get the proper fit across the top of his foot and the heel ends up being loose. In the KEENS he wears a 13 and it fits him properly. The waterproofing is good and keeps him dry when he is using the boot. He is a 230lb guy and the boots have held up without showing wear or blowout for over 3 months. That is a record. Nice job KEEN and REI. Caveat on fit. I am going to show them "true to size" because my son fits a 13...but If you have a regular foot, you need to try these on as you might find them too wide in the front. They are perfect for a person with a wide foot.

Never got a chance to really try them out extensively. The eyelets on one of the laces ripped the first time they were laced up on the trailhead.

I have been using these boots for about a year, working in outdoor education and forestry. These boots were great at first! Super comfy, and didn't require too much breaking in.

I've had many Keen shoes ... But these were comfortable right out of the box.. The 10.5 fit like a glove. Best Keen hiker I've ever owned.

I had the Targhee 2 Mid WP and loved it. Lasted for 3 years. I'm not sure what has really changed with the Targhee 3 other than aesthetics, but it feels more comfortable to me. I've used this boot a few times in some pretty wet, muddy, snowy, and cold conditions. Steep ascents and descents. No blisters. No toe jam.

This is a lightweight boot suitable for day hikes only. I wore them backpacking and felt every rock through the sole of the boot, and did not have enough ankle support and twisted my ankle a couple of times. Until I get something better, I have Sears Diehard steel toe workshoes that are better than these for hiking.

I got tired and disappointed trying buy hiking boots online from a discounter and made the decision to buy in a store even though the price would be higher. Got my foot measured as a 10.5, tried on 5 pairs of 11's to 12's from Merrell and Keen. These Keens fit my foot like a glove. I have worn them at work maybe 30 days now. I work in a large building with hard floors and am constantly moving between two floors running up the stairs and walking long hallways. End of the day my feet have never felt tired or sore.

My old Targhee II are hurting in the ball of my foot and I suspect though they look to be in great shape, it is because of the nearly 1,000 miles I put on them in the last year. REI suggested I buy new inserts, but couldn't find one in stock to fit me. Tried to get the old model, but no longer made. The Targhee III has a smaller toe bed which I did not like at first, but since the configuration of the leather around the toe create a more rigid toe space, it is less likely to be invaded while walking. (Just below the laces on both sides near the toe the former design allowed the shoe to bend in at this juncture creating a crease which invaded the toe bed) so I'm happy with this newer design despite a smaller toe bed. haven't hiked in these very many miles yet so can't say how it will perform long term, but the older model held up through lots of abuse in many countries for around 1,000 miles so I'm hopeful these will too. I would not recommend these for someone wanting a small or average toe bed.

Right out of the box these boots were very comfortable and needed no break in. The waterproofing has performed very well, I have walked through completely swamped fields for over a mile with no water intrusion. I have had the boots for a little less than a year and they are already having issues with the material around the toe box separating and tearing, I have been on some rocky terrain from time to time but I would have expected more from Keen, my steel toe work boots, also Keen, have been bullet proof.

I’m a hiker who started wearing Targhees 10 yrs ago. I’ve had, to date, 3 pairs of the mids, and 2 of the lows. The older Targhees fit me like a glove and I loved them. The toe box was wide and comfortable. The Targhee IIIs are every bit as good as the originals, but with a few differences which didn’t bother me at all. Size wise, I wear the same size as I always wore in them, 10. There is a bit higher padding at the back of the ankle, riveted on hooks at the top of the lacing, and toe box has more leather over the top. None of the changes effected me at all. I took them out of the box and hiked 5 miles in the Sierra Nevada and I could have gone much further. The boots are as comfortable as they ever were. Targhees have always felt like hiking moccasins to me and they still do.

I bought these boots a couple years ago and have done only a couple of mountain hikes in them. The rest of the time has been just been on flat surfaces and the occasional dirt trails in the city. One of the boots already has a huge sole along the seam where it meets the sole of the boot. I’ve had $50 boots hold up better. For boots that cost this much, I expected more from them. Aside from the durability issues, they’ve been great otherwise. They are comfortable and keep my feet warm in the winter

I don’t usually write a one star review but in this case things did not go well. I purchased these to replace my Targhee II’s which broke through after several good years of hiking. During a recent hiking trip around mount Blanc, I had excruciating pain on my left outside ankle on the second day. After careful inspection, I discovered a protruding ridge around the inside of the upper part of the left boot. This was also present on the right boot but not as pronounced. I spent the remainder of my trip wearing my low top Keen hikers with no problems. REI took the boots back and I found a pair of Targhee II’s at another store which, by the way, did not have the noticeable ridge on the inside of the upper boot. If you purchase the III,s, make sure you Give them a sufficient break in period.

First time buyer of Keen products and hiking boots in general, so this was new for me. Before buying these, I did my research and probably read about 800-900 reviews across multiple boots and brands. I abided by the recommendation from Keen to size up half a size from my usual shoe size and I believe that was a mistake. I purchased the 12wide and I should have gotten the 11.5w. However with thicker socks they are wonderful. Overall, the boots are comfortable, lightweight, and good looking.

My husband is a disabled Veteran with a degenerative disorder in his back. I wanted to find him some shoes that were comfortable and offer support in his back and ankles. He is not a picky person at all and would wear $10 shoes if I got them. He really likes these shoes and wears them often, even over athletic shoes. They seem to hold up very well and look nice for everyday activities. He is a 10.5W but we got the 11 instead and they fit great. We will be buying this brand again.

I am somewhat flat footed so it’s hard to find a pair of shoes I really like. I cannot wear anything with a large curve on the inside of the shoe. Keen felt right on the first fit. I bought my pair about a year ago, and I have put them through many hiking trails since then. As much as I have abused them, the boot has stood up to the challenge. I like them so much that I am planning to buy the low top version for those very hot days on the trail. I HIGHLY recommend them.

I’ve worn (out) 3 pairs of Targhee mids with no issues whatever. All have been comfortable right out the box with next to no break-in required. Replaced last pair of T II’s with III’s and got blister on introductory 2-mile hike. The redesigned TIII’s may be more waterproof but they have significantly less flex because of the new upper design and materials. Keeping them bec/ I’ve worn them but not happy. Also bought a back-up pair of the T III low shoes and returned them.

I have had a number of different hiking boots over my lifetime. This is the first pair of Keen Hikers I have owned. I have to say that this boot is probably my favorite. Once I opened the box, I put the boots on immediately and took my dog for a walk. (Approx 1 mile) The boot felt a little strange at first, there was great medial arch support and the boot also provided an unexpected lateral arch support that is nice. The large toe box is AMAZING!!! There was virtually no break in time necessary for the boot. I have taken the boots on several hikes and have used them as a daily wear for the past couple of weeks. I have not had any hot spots or blisters and very little foot fatigue. I have not tested the waterproof aspect of the boot. Long story short...The boot is AWESOME and I will buy Keen Hikers again

I was expecting a waterproof shoes instead my socks got soaking wet during the hike. It was constant rain but no puddle.

After my inexpensive pair of hiking sneakers blew out a seam, I decided to find a top-quality replacement. I wanted waterproof/water-resistant, comfort and support, and ease of lacing.

My first use was in dewy conditions and the waterproofing worked well. The soles provide great traction and are firm yet supple. The toe box seems to be a little wider than average which is good for me. I have not experienced and hot spots with these boots which can be a problem for me. My biggest complaint would be that the boot opening seems wider than it needs to be thus letting in a lot of debris while wearing shorts. Not a problem with pants or gaiters.

These boots by far are the best work boots I have ever owned!

Loved these pair of boots. Perfect for light weight day hikes. Took it through all sorts of terrain, a lot of rocky terrain and never once did I have issues with traction. However, after four hikes, one shoe started to separate at the toe area, it was still waterproof but it was definitely concerning, especially for a relatively new boot.

I really like these boots so far. They are so comfortable and that's coming from someone that suffers from Plantar Fasciitis. The height of the boot is perfect and offers great ankle protection. I have tried other brands like Merrell, North Face, Timberland and Oboz; and these boots are by far the most comfortable. I also think these boots are priced right. These boots also run a little small so get a 1/2 size up and they should fit fine.

This is an excellent boot for hiking. The boot laces well around the foot and you can feel the support at the ankle. They are not too heavy and still provide excellent protection against anything you might brush up on the trail. After several hours of wearing them, my feet felt comfortable with no aches/pains. I used a thin pair of hiking socks during my trips and was really pleased. I own a size 10 with a 5'8" frame and 160lbs. I like the unique look with the reflective material on the heel and center of the foot. I can imagine this will help others see me during low light conditions. My only concern is the last eyelet, before you tie the boot around the ankle posts. I am not sure how this material will wear over time, but it is minor concern. Overall, I am extremely pleased to own these boots and continue to use them during my outdoor adventures.

I bought a pair of these in June or July of 2018 - beyond the sense my feet got hot, I was pretty happy with these boots. Wore mostly evenings/weekends/traveling. Come winter (in Michigan) same use pattern of evenings/weekends, used them for mostly urban walking. Back in January, I was out walking while my son had soccer practice and slipped (and fell) on some ice. Later I noticed there was a 'notch' torn in the lower leather. Upon further examination, the lower leather pieces on both boots were separating from the sole... the boots were still water proof, but the leather failed in less than a year. To top it off, when I returned them to the REI store where I bought them, I was admonished for not using them 'only for dirt/soft trails' (or something to that effect - the boots did have some salt stains from urban walking). Would not recommend these...

These are great out of the box with no break in period. Having said that, all the reviews about it being narrow and soft on rocks is actually true. i bought them especially since trails on the east coast are rocky and require foot support but it fails to impress. Will go back to my heavy duty terrex or Oboz after these wear out. And yes, they definitely dont seem to last with lot of wear and tear in less than 100miles.

Took these as my boots for climbing Mount Ngauruhoe in New Zealand. Man were these boots special. They were comfy, provided great support and made me feel like I had solid footing in each step. After I Made it to the top, I job/sped walk down and again really surprised how well they held up. First pair of hiking shoes I've spent serious money on and I am happy I did. Now just gotta find more places to use them for :)

Having worn the Targhee II for the past 5 years I was excited to try the new Targhee III, unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed.

Hiked in these twice - first time on a sunny day and no water crossing. Second time, on a sunny day and shallow creek crossing. One foot was dry, the other was flooded completely. Couldn't believe it so I did a test in my kitchen sink and sure enough, a flood.

I've worn Keens for about twenty years, and they just keep getting better. The fit of the wide size is excellent. I've worn them on several hikes and for casual use and they are holding up well. Wet brush the first time out made my feet damp, but I long ago dispensed with the myth that Keens are truly waterproof. I'll work on my own solution to that, and it doesn't impact my overall satisfaction

I purchased these boots for backpacking and hiking. I went a half size larger than my normal shoe so that my feet can expand on long hard hikes without causing discomfort. I tried several brands and sizes before settling on the Targhee III. The moment I put them on in the store I knew it was meant to be. The fit and comfort felt custom made for my feet. I was told the toe box is a bit wider, but the heel is a bit narrower. Thus, the shoe felt secure and supportive, but allowed comfort right out of the box. I've been wearing them to help with break-in before a coming backpacking trip, but I do not believe they need much break-in as they're already very comfortable. The Targhee soles and mid assists with a fluid gait. They are very light weight and breath nicely. They're also somewhat water resistant. I cannot talk about durability, but after my upcoming trip I'll have a better idea.

Lightweight, good for hikes on even ground. However, the soles are quite thin/flexible making them not so great on rocky, uneven ground. Use these for an overnight on the Maine coast, as soon as the soles got any moisture they were absolutely useless on the rocks. Seems mostly waterproof, but they were quite moist inside after a morning walk in the dew. Fit is normal, maybe a tad wide.

I walk about 3-5 miles each morning and wanted a comfortable boot to wear. The right boot is where I experienced a problem. It hurt my toes and made pronation of right foot amplified. Also, I wasn't too impressed with the build quality of the boot. I returned the boots after about a week and purchased a boot from OBOZ. Much more comfortable boot and better support for my situation.

I'm 71 and due to Morton's Neuroma and poor circulation I have not found a comfortable hiking boot in the past 15 years.... until I purchased these Keen Targhee III hiking boots in a size 11 wide. I volunteer at a mountain campground and work 8 hours a day 6 days a week. These boots have been a great solution and I am going to purchase a 2nd pair to alternate with every other day.

Best pair of hiking boots I have ever used. They required no break in. Wore them last weekend on a rainy day on a land navigation course and my feet stayed dry.

Have worn this boot nearly every day since buying it. Haven't actually hiked in it but have worn it for walking and working in the yard. Comfortable and works well. Haven't worn it in really wet conditions yet but trust it will do well then also. It is still a bit stiffer than I had hoped, but knowing that most boots are that way, I'm sure it will soften more in time.

My first pair of hiking boots required a break in period because they were set higher on the ankle and were more heavily engineered. These new boots, however, were very comfortable from the onset of the initial wearing. No break in period required. I’m 68 years old and appreciate the lighter more comfortable fit while still giving my ankles and feet the support I need.

So far I have been well pleased with the Keen Targhee hiking boots. The wider toe box make them very comfortable for long day's on my feet. The waterproofing has been a welcomed relief from other boots I have worn that claimed "waterproof" and proved not to be. I owe thanks to my sales rep Rachel for all her product knowledge and guiding me in the correct direction.

These are solid, comfy boots, but "waterproof" must mean something different to Keen than it does to the dictionary. I splashed some water onto the tops during a hike and they seemed to vacuum it all in. They were then totally ruined by the smell of mildew that I couldn't get rid of. Thank goodness I bought them at REI and not somewhere else. REI A+, Keendry F-

I bought this shoes as a gift for my daughter's boy fried who was visiting us from Germany during summer break. We all went to Mt. Rainer NP for a long day hike. I asked him about the shoes and he said, it was super comfortable. He wore it for the very first time and went for 13 miles hike with no problem at all. He loved the shoes and thanked me a lot!!

The sole begain to rip from the shoe making it no longer water proof. Very comfortable but as hoping to get more life out of them. I exchanged them for another pair of keens (Durand) that seem to be build a little better just because these one were so compfortable..We will see how they do, if it ends badly I will probably switch back to merrell.

I bought my pair about three months ago, and I fell in love immediately! The fit was perfect, the feel was snug and they haven’t hurt my feet at all. I have put about 40 miles on them so far, and the only reason I put four stars is because the rubber above the left toe box has separated from the boot. Will try to repair with shoe goo ASAP.

I have flat feet and these have been hard on my feet. Well designed and constructed shoe and I need to buy shoe supports. I need ankle support and they are fantastic for that, however, the weirdest thing is that the string won't stay tied. I tried skipping the top and lacing around and back and just the weird, the lace won't stay tied.

These boots are comfortable and wide for my feet. However 5 months in they have lost waterproofing completely and the toe on the left boot has begun to separate. I have 55 trail miles on these boots and for the price tag this is unacceptable. I wouldn’t mind getting a year from these boots for the price but 5 months is ridiculous.

I like the Keen brand, I own several shoe styles. I liked the way this boot looks and I like the single hook at the top when tying them. Unfortunately the width just did not work for my foot.

These shoes felt GREAT from the moment I first tried them on. They are light, very supportive, and the waterproofing is excellent. The only problem is that after 6 months of use they are starting to fall apart. They're still waterproof, which is cool, but the rubber sole is separating and the outer material is pulling apart.

I purchased a pair for me and my wife. We both love the boots. They were a little stiff in the breaking in period but quickly lossened up. They are very comfortable and grip surfaces well. We have done all types of hikes, forest, meadow, gravel road, mountain and mud. They have preformed well and always feel great!

A good light weight hiking boot! Perfect for city streets or mountain trails! My pair have been in city, county; mild and wild!

I really wanted to love these boots, they are comfortable, very waterproof, looked good, had great support. These are all great except for the fact they are the least durable boots I've ever owned. I went through 2 pairs in a year and I'm done with keen. I'm not the only one to have this problem, read around.

bought them on a friday, hiked on following monday with no break-in. sales person in Bellingham Wa. store recommended these because of the wider toe box( i was using Salomon boots) and he also recommended going up 1/2 size. did the trick, i've done 7 day hikes from 12kms to 20kms and no problems.

New version is better than the last, seems like it should be plenty durable. Am glad REI is finally carrying the larger sizes. I usually have to order directly from the manufacturer, superfeet, keen, lowa, etc. hopefully they will continue to offer more size varyiation in everything they carry.

I wear these Boots all day, everyday as my Work Boots and I really Love the way they fit my feet and make it seem like I am not even wearing any Boots at all. They are light, not bulky, narrow in profile and have an awesome tread design, that keeps mud and such from getting stuck in the tread.

This is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. Unfortunately, it began to fall apart after just three weeks of wear. The sole began to separate from the rest of the shoe, the sides began to crack apart, and the waterproofing failed. I had to return the shoes due to structural defect.

I love the Schaumburg store. The employee that helped me with my purchase of hiking boots was so helpful and patient and the boots have performed extremely will. No blisters and quite comfortable.

I bought these for weekend hikes. I started wearing them to work to break them in and they are the most comfy shoes/boots I have had in years. So now I need another pair for hiking, since these are now my office shoes. Super comfy from the get go - no idea how they do on the trail.

I was having trouble finding a waterproof light hiking boot in a regular width as my feet seem to be trending towards needing a wider shoe. This Keen boot has a larger front end that nicely accommodated my needs. If you need a wider boot but find "wide" too large, then try this one!

Very comfortable right out of the box. Put 10 miles on them then hiked the Grand Canyon and they felt great. Good support, good footing, good weight. Hiked through some snow and no water issues.Laces stayed secured. Too early to tell about durability, but very pleased so far.

I bought Keen boots in November 2018- in April 2019 I started Camino Frances- and after three weeks boots are falling apart!!

These boots are very comfortable and sturdy enough for daily wearing year-round. The only real problem I've had is after 1 year of use, the adhesive holding the the toe piece and the sole to the upper is pulling apart and seriously compromising the waterproof ability.

Did not like the newest version on the Targhee(4). Love this version and the older versions. Begs the question...why mess with success?? Also, REI staff was awesome, as usual. Order the boot online from the store via the associates electronics. That was easy!!!!

These repacked a worm pair of the same boot. I went to England and knew I would be doing Ha lot of walking, including on rough paths and cobblestones. I never had a problem, and today, day 2 of being home, I dressed up and didn’t wear them- and my feet miss them!

Returned due to the lining material was separated from the top of the toe forming a “ bubble”. This was right out of the box. Ordered second pair, same issue. I wear sz14 in all my other keen boots, had to go to a 13. Keen has quality control work to do.

Bought these for a trip out West - hiking Grand Canyon and Sedona - even in June they were not too hot. The support was great for a novice hiker in his 50s. Hiked some challenging terrain but the boots were never even a thought. Very happy with this purchase

Bought a pair of these last November. The rubber toe-cap on the left boot has pulled away from the boot body. Shoddy!! I love the fit on these but to have to hassle with a return sucks. C'mon guys, get your Chinese manufacturer to glue them up better.

I like the new design. I have a difficult time finding a comfortable fitting boot. But, Keen nailed it with this redesign. They fit perfectly, just like my old boots. The lace cleats are improved and the overall design is a little more modern. Perfect!

I was surprised how well this boot fit my foot right out of the box. First boot where it felt broken in right away. Good support and fit without too much weight. Carried my 3 YO for 6 miles on the first trip out with these boots and they did great!

Some of the most comfortable hiking boots I’ve worn, my longest single day in these boots was 17 miles And was on the PCT in So Cal terrain varied through out the hike . Everyone’s feet are different these happen to great for me I ware a size 15

I bought these boots and wool socks on a Saturday, hiked the half dome trail the following Friday. The boots and socks were great! The guy at REI did a great job of fitting me to the boots. No rub spots or blisters, very comfortable after 15 miles.

I bought these for the rainy weather in Ireland and for keeping my feet dry on a rib out in the open water. These are my new favorite boots! The have great ankle support and felt great the moment I tried them on in the store. Super high quality!

Very comfy, and seems pretty waterproof. Not as wide as keens I have had in the past. Can wear a thinner sock for warmer days and a thicker for the wet and cold ones here in the NW. I have only have had them a few months - see how they hold up!

I had to get a 1/2 size bigger and got the wides. I normally wear 9 3E, but the 9 1/2 Wide were perfect. They are comfortable for hikes and normal walking around. I've worn them all day and had no issues. I do wear orthotics with them too.

Very happy with these. Shortly after purchasing, I hiked ~25 miles in the Kentucky Red River Gorge area including through creeks and mud. Feet stayed nice and dry as long as water was below top of my foot (shallow creek areas). No blisters.

I bought the boot based on some quick internet research and a 5 minute try on and walk around the store. The boot has been nothing short of excellent ! The fit is great, extremely comfortable and so far seems very durable and waterproof !

Love these boots, they have a lot of room for thick socks. Very comfortable, really happy with the feel,

I would highly recommend these for thos who don’t require a high arch. Not that it is low, for my foot just right, not too high not too low. I’ve Hiked in Georgia, Snowshoed in Montana and they are my new favorite favorite outdoors shoes.

Great boots that fit well and feel broken-in from the first wear. I actually received my boots the day before the remnants of Harvey came through town, so as the storm blew outside I figured I'd try out the water-proof claim. I got soaked, but my feet were dry. After a couple hikes, they feel great and didn't seem like they needed a real break in period like some other boots I've had. I like the solid toe as it saved my toes a few times when I bumped a few roots. The weight is ok: light enough to not feel heavy, but still felt solid with good support. However, if I was going on a short hike, or was focused on speed, I'd probably grab something else from my shoe bin. That being said, after a hike I kept them on when I got home to clear up storm debris around the farm. They transitioned from trail to branch sawing and hauling without a hiccup.

Bought these for my husband for Christmas.

This is my third pair or Targhees. Each version is better. I love that the boots are so light and that they are comfortable for me to hike in right out of the box. The are not the most durable but I love them just the same.

Initial fit was true to size. Took these hiking in Big bend National park on trails of various difficulties. Found support and traction outstanding. Comfort was as expected from Keen product, excellent. Would recommend.

The waterproof liner works like magic on long hikes in the Pacific Northwest. I covered 8 miles on the Oregon Coast on a day that we had nearly an inch of rain. Never lost traction. Feet stayed dry. I love these boots!

Loved this boot. Fits my super wide foot out of the box, unlike other brands which shall remain nameless. The sole did separate in less than one year and they had less than 500 miles. But the warranty is excellent.

The shoe was comfortable and sure footed. I walked over gravel, snow, and ice. Through rivers and sand and never had an issue. Always felt confident putting my feet down and always felt warm and dry. Excellent

I am extremely pleased with the ease with which I first used break-in time! It is so comfortable and protective (the boot tip), that I have more confidence hiking. I highly recommend these boots!

If it's cold, they work well, but not for summer. I would like more ventilation which the other model had, just not the brown, i prefer the black. I got me some of these moisture balls to keep them fresh.

I have a problem with balance especially on surfaces like cobblestone pavements. These boots provide great support and firmness which makes me confident to attack challenging trails and uneven surfaces

My boyfriend replaced his hiking boots with this one and was very pleased. Great comfort and nice grip on rough terrain even on wet lands. Recommended for easy to difficult hiking and backpacking

Keen does not make size 12.5.. I guess I have to go with another brand. I usually wear a size 12 but with Keen I need a 12.5 WIDE. A lot of reviews indicate Keen runs small about a half size..

Very comfortable boots. Lightweight and hopefully durable. So far I have logged almost 40 miles of trails with them and no issues what so ever. First pair of keen boots and couldn’t be happier

Boots are lightweight,and feel good on my feet. Very particular about my shoes because of my back issues. Only drawback right now is they do not offer much insulation in colder weather.



Does the men's Targhee III vary much from the women's? I have worn a women's US 9, and am wondering what the comparable men's size would be. Also, do they vary much in terms of ankle opening size, etc? (I just like the look of the men's more!)

The women's and men's boots vary significantly in length and width. We only suggest going to men's boots if you typically wear women's footwear in wide sizes. In this case, we suggest sizing down 1.5 sizes from your typical women's size.


What is the actual width of the “wide” sizes?

​The wide width is EE.

pulling garden hoses

i wear a 14 in the targhee II which is very comfortable should I adjust the size any for the III?

We recommend ordering the same size in this boot as you wear in the Targhee II.


I just bought and returned the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots - Men's that I ordered in 8.5W because the boot was still too narrow. How would this Keen Targhee III in 8.5W compare to the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX? Thanks.

​If the wide Salomon boots were too narrow for you, we recommend trying this boot in a wide size also. Finding a proper fitting boot has to do with the width of your foot and also the shape of your foot.

Glacier Guy

I have a pair of KEEN Voyageur 10.5 that fit perfect. And I have a wide foot. What size Targhee III should I order? Thanks!

​A size 10.5 Targhee III should fit the same.


Are the soles oil and slip resistant? Could I use for motorcycle riding?

These Targhee boots are not slip-resistant or certified oil-resistant. You can wear these while riding a motorcycle, but they are not designed for that purpose.

Trail Hiker

I always buy a size 14, as with the Zamberlan's (Size 14/Euro 49), I recently purchased. If I follow the Euro 49 sizing for these boots, I will need a size 17!! Is the Euro sizing is the most precise method of measurement; will I need a size 17?

​If you generally wear a size 14 hiking boot we recommend starting with a size 14 for these boots. You may also consider using the fit guide on the manufacturer's website to determine the best size for you.

old 3putt

I need a very wide toe box because of a recent foot injury, do you have any suggestions as to what boot might be the best hiking boot available.

​These boots have a wide toe box and are worth a try.


Does it meet ASTM 2892-11 EH?

​These boots do not meet the ASTM 2892-11 EH safety standard. A work boots is a better choice.


The Targhee II says they run a 1/2 size small. Do these fit true to size? 

This style boot runs a half size small. We recommend ordering a half size up from your normal hiking boot size.

big daddy

Does the Targhee III come in wide? What are the colors?

Yes, these are available in wide widths. The available colors are shown as swatches above the size drop down box.


I need a lightweight boot that has really good ankle support. I will be wearing them mostly around town, however, my work often involves being on rough ground. Are these overkill for my needs?

​This boot's cuff comes up to approximately mid-ankle. It will offer some support; more than a low top.


Do you ship to Mexico??

​Yes, we can ship these boots to Mexico.


Why no 14 wide? 14 wide wanna have a few different styles too!

You're in luck! As of January 2019, we now have these boots available in 14 wide.


I wear a 2E or a 4E. Do these boots come in several widths?

These boots are available in a wide EE width.


Do you offer the shoes in 4E width?

Unfortunately, no. These are available in a regular D width or a wide EE.


Do these come in widths? I wear a 4E (duck feet, barefoot most of my childhood) and "regular" shoes squeeze my feet!

These boots are available in a regular D or wide EE width.


What does leaner, tougher and grittier really mean? Can REI give specifics on the improvements of this shoe over the Targhee II? The weight same essentially the same. These shoes are 2lbs 2.8 oz and the Targhee II is 2lbs 2oz.

​The Keen Targhee III is the same shoes as the Targhee II and has the same foot build and performance. The Targhee III is an exclusive version of the Targhee II, and simply has a more modern, sleeker design than the Targhee II.


Any boots come in size 15 wide

As of September 2017, we do not plan to stock size 15 wide. All available sizes are on

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