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My beloved Targhee II s had a wider toe-box, were short for size 10 and had pie shaped cuts into the leather away from the laces allowing flexibility. This Targhee III is less radical, more shoe like, it is narrower, less flexible, longer in size 10(actually more true to size) and the heel slips a bit. If you loved Targhee II as I do, experience Targhee III in person before purchase.

Usually have good luck with Keens, especially with my wide abnormal feet. The original large, sandal sole in a shoe was a good fit. Then Keen moved to these narrower soles in most shoes which wasn’t a good fit until they stated providing a wide option. I was excited about these as hikers, although I haven’t done any thus far. They do fit comfortably and think they will be fine as hikers. They are however ugly, definitely different than what the advertising pics show. Would I buy them again or recommend them? I would definitely say yes if on sale or if the price dropped. At $135, the price is slightly steep for me so I might consider looking at other options (Oboz wides).

I've been wearing Keens for years, they are the best for my feet for hiking and walking. The first pair of T3 I bought had something dangling in the toe box on the left side, which caused toe pain when hiking and my toe jammed into it. The second pair had raised material on the right side of the arch on the right foot, which meant it caused pain when walking - which only got worse as the day went on. Love Keen shoes, but so far the Targhee III have been inconsistent. I have a pair of Targhee II medium that are great, I'm going back to that.

I bought these shoes last September. I have always liked the feel of Keens just-out-of-the-box, and these were no exception. However, after wearing for a longer hike, I noticed that the rubber cap that forms the left toe box had started to turn inward, causing painful pressure on my toes. From what I have read regarding Targhee IIIs, this is not an uncommon issue. I continued to wear them for very short walks (like to the end of the driveway), but have recently returned them to REI.

This is my third pair of the MEN'S TARGHEE II WATERPROOF hiking shoes. The last 2 pairs have worn out in much less than a year of just walking. The one year warranty does not cover soles so twice now, my warranty clam has been denied. Both times they offered me a 20% discount on a replacement shoe order which I did the last time, but I can't keep buying new shoes every 6 months. ALL of my tennis shoes from Tennis Warehouse have a full year warranty, including sole wear. Time to look for another brand of hiking shoe, or switch to tennis shoes!

By far the worst pair of Keen's I have owned. These shoes have had light use and the tread at the toe is separating from the sole of the shoe. The shoes didn't even last 8 months. For the price and the brand these are a disappointment.

I've enjoyed a pair of insulated winter Keen's, and my old Merrell WP Moab's were wearing out - so got these Targhee III's - I like the wide toe box of Keen's. Wore them on a 7 mile hike up and down nearby hills with a 25 lb pack (with the old Moab's in the pack in case I needed to switch out!) - and 3 hours and 1400 vertical feet later, feet felt great! Never had to switch out. :) Hope these continue to perform as well as they did on this trial run... will post any updates.

It seems like a well made shoe and looks great but I am returning mine for two reasons. First, I am a 10 1/2 in everything but my big toe had very little room in the front even with thin socks. I tried on a 11 mid Targhee at another place and 11 is ok albeit a bit big but better than 10 1/2. Second, the area where the highest point of the shoe meets the tongue stuck into my ankle like a wooden stick. I could tell this was a problem that would not resolve in time. The mid did not have this problem obviously. Short lesson is that mail order is risky for this low cut model for size and fit issues.

Versus the Targhee II these are narrower overall and particularly in the toebox. I agree with reviewer Dannnnnnn that this has gone from a hiker to a shoe. Also, the cuff this model bites into the leading edge of my ankle bones (that would likely break in, but I'm not going to find out).

I have only had the shoes for about a month, but right now they are my everyday work and play shoe. They are on my feet for a minimum of twelve hours a day for work and I have been hiking and camping in them every weekend since the purchase. Like most KEEN's I was able to put them on straight out of the box and wear them with no break in period. KEEN all the way as far as I am concerned!

3 weeks in and they’re coming apart in several places. Thankfuly REI has great customer care, so we’ll return them on the hope that they’re a lemon pair and try again :/

I purchased these shoes for the wet Portland winter. The toe room is fantastic. This morning I took a three mile walk with my dog with lots of rain and puddles. My feet were dry when I returned home. My insoles felt wonderful with the support provided by the shoes. The shoe felt more flexible than the previous model. I wear size 15 shoes which tend to limit my selection. Thank goodness for Keen.

This is the second similar Keen I have purchased and the second to fail in this way. The small nylon webbing loops that the laces pass through wore through and the shoes are unusable until I get then fixed. Had to punch a hole with an awl to thread the laces to get home. The shoes need to use a harder material for the eyelet. Other than that Great shoes, warm in the winter, still waterproof, and soles holding up well. Off to the local cobbler to get them repaired.

This was my first pair of Keens and I was impressed by its its overall performance. Last month I completed The Walk of the World in Nijmegen, Netherlands. It was a grueling 4 day event covering about 40 km each day. I trained for this event for about 6 months in this pair and alternating with a different brand trail shoe. For the event I chose to go with the Targhee III. I got through the four days just fine with some minor issues with my toes, caused by the other trail shoe. The Targhee III was a good fit for someone that is 6'6" and 265 lbs. The wide toebox was essential to my success. By the second day my feet swelled and my left and right little toes took a beating. The wide toebox and overall fit accommodated my swelling feet and the additional bandages and padding for my little toes. I plan on doing this event next year and a new pair of the Targhee III will probably be on my feet.

I've gone through several pairs of Targhee II's, which after some break-in are fantastic. supportive hikers with what I'd call moderate lasting properties. The wide version of the Targhee II fits my 4E foot. Checked these out at the store and agree with other reviewers: The III is narrower in the toe box, and is radically different from the II in terms of sole stiffness. If you want a solid shoe with lots of support that handles rocks and rough terrain, find a pair of Targhee II's -- the III is not your boot. The new soles are so flexible you can bend the toe back on itself and touch the boot upper. In my experience, that usually translates into sore feet and feeling rocks through the soles. But if greater flexibility is your thing, maybe these would be great. Just not what I was looking for. They're not as substantial and I wouldn't wear them backpacking.

Purchased in May, had sole starting to come off by July, had de-lamination in the toe protection area by August. Stopped wearing and just returned. I wore them 2-3 days a week.

This is the fourth pair of Keen hiking shoes for me, and I really like the wide toe box and and overall comfort. Have tried other traditional hiking boots, and prefer the freedom of movement and light weight of this shoe.

I'm a long-time Keen buyer and I wear them daily, all day. I have had many pairs of the Targhee 2 model but I like the 3 model better. Seems more substantial in the sole and the body of the she stays firm longer...I get about 6 months out of them with constant use, including on trails. I I like the look and they seem true to size. Great product.

The piece of leather above the toes was different color on each shoe. One was light brown as the product picture shows and the other one was almost black. Returning these.

Very pronounced Stitch SEAM (Gore Tex to mesh) like a cord going around lower ankle/heel area causing consistent heel hot spot & blisters. Manufacturing differences from China and Thailand. Shoes from China did not have such a pronounced seam and the Gore Tex was stitched higher eliminating the hot spot.

Bought 2 pairs, fit great! Only lasted 6 months before separating from sole...both pairs!

Miss the old version; I owned two pair of version II. This new version falls short. Do not recommend. Had to return mine because the one side would cut up to my ankle bone. Fortunately REI has a great return policy and I purchased another brand of shoe; very satisfied.

Keen's used to fit my wide feet perfectly, and they were incredibly comfortable. However, they seem to making them more narrow - even the wide sizes. They seem to be well made, and would consider them in the future, should Keen go back to making them for wider fett...

Bought these today and took them out for a 7 mile test run. No blisters, the sole gives plenty of protection from rocks and traction seems just fine. Dry trails so didn't give them much of test for water resistance. Seems like a great shoe, I do wish they would replace the top lace loop with a quick lace hook, that would enable a better fine tune on the fit. Seems that only Lowa does that in a low top.

I just received these shoes. After trying out the Targhee III Vented version in the store, I thought this would fit the same. However, these shoes seems to be narrower than other Keen shoes I've bought. I should have ordered the wide size. I decided to order the Gypsum instead because the wide-size for the Targhee is on backorder. I have the mid-ankle Gypsum boots and I hope the shoes fit just as well.

Keen's Men's Targhee III Low WP Hiking Shoes are a WINNER. I found them to be comfortable from day1 and kept my feet totally dry as I walked through slush and heavy rain. I found them to be well constructed and appreciated the wide toe box since I have bunions. I use them for walking in the city as well as short to moderate hikes. ( 5 miles or less) They would probably do well at longer distances too.

This is my second pair of Keen hiking shoes. I wear them almost everyday in all kinds of weather. They truly are waterproof. Comfort and support is excellent. I have bad arches and have dealt with heal spur issues. My custom orthotic arch support inserts fit perfectly in my Keens. Thus I am able to work and hike for long periods of time with no foot related issues.

I purchase a pair of KEEN men's Targhee III low WP hiking shoes in April of 2018. At first they were pretty comfortable, but by the end of Summer I noticed that the tread had worn down. By December, the rubber on the toe started separating from the leather, and stitching started to break loose. It's mid February and they no longer keep my feet dry on short walks in the rain.

sized 1/2 too small. Example: I normally wear a 10 1/2 but I had to exchange for a size 11.

Really wanted to like this shoe. My second pair of Keen. Neither fit me. To stiff. Not comfortable. Great looking shoe but like having boards on my feet.

Might be the most comfortable shoe I’ve owned. No break in needed, cool enough to be comfortable in 80 degrees. Was able to wear all day. Initially purchased for a trip to Brazil and they were perfect.

I bought the size 15 after being assured by salesperson it would spread out.I typically wear 15 4E

I have owned three pair of these now all bought from REI. I wear them 5 to 6 days a week at work for 8 to 12 hours a day. I have had them last at least a year and a half before any issues with them and a solid year before they even showed any sort of wear. The current pair I have are going on a year and a half and the soles are not even worn hardly at all. These are solid shoes. I wear a 15 as I think they run a little small but overall I would buy these shoes all day long.

This shoe has been the best most comfortable hiking shoe I've ever bought and would highly recommend to everyone.

One shoe was broken when it arrived Could not lace the shoe up

I have a hard time finding shoes that fit. I'm right at size 13 so that's why the 14. You would think they'd be way to big, but fit great. Also the wide toe box is great for me. It also looks like the sole separate issue that happen a few years back is no longer a problem. Bought these for a winter shoe for a trip to NYC and Quebec City. The weather did as expected with rain, snow and freezing weather, didn't realize I had new shoe on, meet all my expectation.

I’ve owned several pairs of Keen shoes.

This is the second pair of the Keen Targhee II shoes I've had. I really like to comfort due to the bigger toe box and seems to have a nicer heel cup for my foot. They even held up better for being waterproof than some wp shoes. My only complaint is the tread on the soles comes apart. My first pair I wore alot on trails and everywhere. In 6 months the tread started separating and rocks and sticks would get in there making them uncomfortable. REI let me return them, thank you. Tried a different brand of shoe and just not as comfortable. Purchased another Keen Targhee II hoping that the tread problem was just a fluke. 6 months into having them with easier wearing, the tread started coming apart again with debris getting in and making them uncomfortable. REI took them back. For the price of this shoe, I feel it should hold up better than this.

I have odd feet, flat (not just flat but inverse arch on one foot), bunions and so finding comfortable footwear is always an adventure. My feet are not that wide but because of my bunions I always look for a wide width. I was amazed the first time I tried them on, they fit perfectly and since my heel is fairly narrow the tightener that goes behind the heel is really appreciated! Thank you KEEN for making walking enjoyable again!

These shoes have good space in the toe box but the soles are much thinner than the Targhee IIs. This makes for less comfort and leave's you feeling the rocks and roots to the point of discomfort. Some said it best Keen took a hiking shoe and made it into a shoe. The soles feel closer to a casual shoe sol as opposed to A HIKING SHOE. I did put a quality insole but even with a super feet insole the difference is noticeable.

Shoe feels okay at first. Not really a wide shoe (ordered a 12w) I can feel a couple spots rubbing on the sides of my feet. Hopefully the shoes stretch out a little bit. REI shipping? It's the worst I have ever had in my 25 years of being an REI member. In this day and age 2 weeks for a delivery when the item is in stock is unacceptable. I'll shop in stores when I am close to one but I'm not going to order from them again.

My old Keens were not worn. They took a beating during last months camping trip, but they’ve got lots of life left in them. Still, I wanted some that look need to wear to work. My last several pots of shoes have been Keen. I’m very impressed with the company (made in Portland) and the products (top quality, nice looking shoes). I’ll be a customer indefinitely. They’d have to really try to lose my business at this point.

I've been through a lot of hiking shoes in the last two years. These were great. Enough toebox room, great grip, and my feet were fine after four five mile day hikes on our soil survey. Never worried about prickly pear or barrel cactus spines. They keep getting more comfortable with each hike. Honestly I love my Keen water sandles, but wasn't sure about a hiking shoe. These were great and I have happy feet!

i have read many reviews on these. i did the same for my last pair (merrell somethings) but those reviews lied because they were THE WORST shoe i have ever worn. these one the other hand are a spectacular shoe. your foot will swell while hiking, these shoes leave room for that. they are comfortable to wear and waterproof. while they are not my nike air max, nor my nb minimus, they are right there!

I have had this shoe now for about two months. Apart from having a great comfortable design, the shoe does a great job of keeping my feet cool while also being somewhat good at keeping my feet dry.

These shoes fit as expected with room to spare. These are not winter shoes but with a pair of mid-weight wool socks I am comfortable into the teens, and the soles are actually quite good on ice. I have had numerous foot issues recently and need good support. I have been walking six miles in these without any issues and no need to purchase pricy inserts. Love my Keens.

I love these things! First off, the service we received in the store was incredible. I went in with the Merrell moabs in mind but once I tried on the keens it was over. They fit my feet perfectly and I love the extra room in the toe box. That makes a huge difference. Don't know about durability yet but they seem well made and I'm hoping they hold up well.

I started out going to the Issaquah location to look at a shoe that was on sale, they did not have them, but Tukwila did, went to Tukwila the next day and tried the on-sale models (not impressed) the sales person there (don't recall her name) was FANTASTIC and showed me the Keens (along with others) the Keens fit the bill for what I needed - Very Pleased.

These boots gave me blisters. Have used them on four different day hikes. My plan is to return them.

This is a second pair of Keen Targhee III's - that's how much I liked the first pair! If you have a relatively wide forefoot, the Men's Keen Targhee III is outstanding. I've hiked in clay, dirt, rain, and mud nearly to the top of the upper and this shoe is a performer. No issues with water resistance. Excellent and durable construction.

I have worn Keen's for a good while, but the heel cup covering wore out very quickly right down to the foam backing. When I called Keen about this, they asked (politely) whether I knew how to unlace the shoe before putting it on. I replied I did. The heel cup was the death of the shoe well before the sole.

I bought these having had 2 pairs of Targhee’s in the past. Fit in the heel is tighter than previous which is good for me. Overall shoe is a tighter fit in width. It’s not narrow by any means but tighter than previous versions. Comfortable fit and able to wear for long periods of time right out of the box.

Sizing has always been an issue with Keen products. You need to buy at least 1/2 to 1 full size larger than what you normally buy. The Targhee III is better than the previous Targhee II in terms of fit and support. It still doesn’t match the Durand low cut model in terms of durability, comfort and support

I need an 11.5 wide with a wide toe box, and this shoe certainly fit the bill. However, I tried wearing them around the house to break them in, and they remained stiff. For me Merrell was a great fit right out of the box. Waiting for the store to reopen so I can return these.

Keep my feet warm and dry. We live at 9000 foot elevation and it is cold in the winter. I can wear these shoes as long as the snow is not too deep and I have no problem with the cold. The shoe is also very comfortable to wear; no toe pinching because of the large toe box.

My second pair over the period of five years. First time on, they fit like a glove. Good support for a low shoe, and very comfortable. Good traction on rougher terrain, and definitely keeps the water out. Met my expectations in every way, and Well Worth the purchase!

My original Targhees bit the dust after 10+ years, tried on the Targhee II and didn't like the fit, the heel kept slipping. Thought I was going to have to go to another brand and then the Targhee III came out and it fit perfect, felt great right out of the box!

My wife and I both bought a pair of Keens boots. I trust the Keen product line. originally I owned two pairs of sandals. The reason I have not bought more is that they last a long, long time. Thanks for producing a great quality product!

I have these in two colors the Black Olive and the Bungee and they are both great. They are completely waterproof and they offer great support especially in snowy/icy conditions. I can walk for miles in these (and have!)

Keen has a wide toebox in the standard sizes. I found the wide size to be too wide, but in its medium width my foot felt secure, my heel did not ride up or feel pinched and I could walk or hike comfortably all day long.

Size is correct and as almost always for me in the last 12 yrs with over 10 different pairs of boot in various models - fits like a glove and comfy right out of the box . Thanks again for fair priced quality foot wear.

A short break-in time, then on to the trails on a sunny mid-winter Colorado day. These Keens provided good traction and sufficient warmth for an enjoyable day hike. Reflective accents and an overall neat appearance.

Comfortable enough when I tried them on in the store. But then wore them in the real world and, smoosh. No support in the sole. I could feel every bump and pebble through the sole, even with Superfeet insoles.

I love the keen fit in the tie box but the waterproof designation on the Targhee is just as much a joke as with the Keen sandals. ...soaked they to the socks in 100yards. ...I’m not laughing this time, Keen.


Ron G

When will these new Keens arrive at stores?  I have several foot issues and must try on.

​These hiking shoes are available in some stores. We recommend calling your local REI regarding product availability.

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