Sea to Summit - Comfort Light SI Sleeping Pad

Category: Sleeping Pads, Cots and Hammocks

I was a little tepid about the price, but it was worth it. The pad is light, fits in a confined space, and most importantly works; I was set to sleep in a rooted area and did not feel it at all. Easy to unroll, easy to inflate if you follow the instructions to leave it out a day before your hike / camping trip, and easy to put away. Do not hesitate in purchasing this.

Tried all the pads at REI and for a side sleeper who likes to go from one side to the other this pad has the most support. Some other pads way more expensive, my side hit the ground. Was recently in the Santa Fe mountains with temps dropping in the 40s and it kept the cold ground from chilling my bones.

Overall it is great pad. I sleep great on it. My only issue is that I still have to finish blowing up the pad with about 2-3 good breaths.

Good weight, functions perfectly. If you sleep without a shirt and use a quilt the material on the pad will stick to you and cause you to sweat. Only downfall.

Stayed inflated all night, kept the ground chill out, and the sleeping bag didn't slip off. Slept comfortably. Easy to stuff back into a very compact bag.


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