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It doesn't get much more comfortable than this. Even my car camping mats can't compete with this. It's a bit heavier than the really expensive air pads, but not by much. my only gripe is that it's extremely difficult to roll up small enough to get back in the sleeve, and there are no straps to help tighten it down. You can flip the one-way air valve as you deflate to hold all of the air out, which I did a couple of times, but still took me a good 10 minutes of frustration to get it back inside the carrying pouch.

I am writing this from my tent on day 3 of a weeklong bike tour in a mountainous section of Oregon on a very chilly September night. I purchased this to support my arthritic back and lengthy daily bike rides with thousands of feet of climbing. It has insulated my body from the cold tent floor, provides a very comfy surface for a good night’s sleep, and is easy to deflate early in the morning so I can lay it folded in my duffle bag. When I return to camp each evening, it inflates very quickly. This pad is saving my body this week and I am thrilled that I purchased it!

My partner just got this pad. She inflated it in the living room to test it out. The feel of the pad is brilliant. Probably the most comfortable pad I've ever laid on. I'm highly envious. She got the long version even though she's about 5' 6" because she has wide hips and the longer version is wider---the width is perfect.

The best nights sleep while camping in years! The only negative piece I read about this pad was difficulty getting it into the stuff sack. If you follow the instructions that come with it: roll it once, using the one-way valve, then fold it in half lengthwise and roll it again, it should fit in the stuff sack with room to spare. If rolling my pad twice is the price I have to pay for a great nights sleep, then I'll happily pay it.

I am sorry to report that I returned both this unit and another in the same line that I purchased for my son and myself. In spite of contact with a manufacturer's rep, my son and I concluded that this product did not suit our backcountry hiking needs, since it took so long to deflate and roll up the pad. Striking camp should be an efficient, smooth, and quick process, and this pad requires three to four times of deflation and roll-up. Squeezing the pads back into their original bags was almost impossible. I am sure that there are others happy with this new product, but we would not be on this list.

The pad is great. We're both short and wide but we got the regular size because they were in stock. Nonetheless, the pad was wide enough and super comfy. They also have a really, really cool three level valve that lets you adjust to full open, full closed, inbound only or outbound only. Five stars for everything about the mat and valve, minus a star for the stuff sack. I spent 20 minutes and a lot of sweat getting each of these back into the sack. Fortunately I can get a larger stuff sacks reasonably cheap, but it's one more thing I've got to buy.

I’ve now gone out for three multi day backpacking trips and ❤️ this pad! I’m a side sleeper, 6’ 2” and 195lbs and purchased XL. I do not bottom out. Last weekends trip brought 45 degree F lows and with my down quilt on this pad (with a base layer on) I stayed partially uncovered by quilt to regulate and was never cold! As for the issue most seem to have with stuff sack, I roll pad once flat, then fold in half long ways for a second roll and I’ve no issues returning into stuff sack. I do roll very tight on that second roll, and pad releases slightly after I slip sack over pad. It takes me less than 6-7 min to stow pad in sack. For me, the comfort of the pad is worth 6-7 min! For setup, I allow the pad 30 min to fully self inflate, top off with 3 breaths and then let enough air out whilst laying on pad to achieve my comfort of softness. Hope it lasts a very long time!

I tried out the Long in the store and loved it. Didn't need the extra length so I bought the Regular. I didn't realize until I got it home that it is only 20" wide where the Long is 25". 20" is too narrow for a side sleeper who turns a lot at night like me. It was everything I was looking for to go car camping, but I will be returning it for something wider.

I’m new to camping and have been looking at starting to backpack as well. Thought I could save and buy this to use for both. Quality is good and the value system is awesome (compared to other SI pads). I’m 5’10” and a side sleeper and just couldn’t manage to get comfortable on this to sleep. I bought the regular length... so maybe the longer one would have been different. Getting it back in the bag is very difficult even after several roll attempts. Ultimately choose to trade for an REI camp bed (which is super comfy) for car camping and will get a more compact pad later for backpacking.

Ah yes, nothing says breaking down camp like spending 20 minutes convincing this pad it can fit back into the bag it came in. The pad itself is quite comfortable. The pretty shaped glue on bits on the bottom (traction?) wear off after a few nights on the ground, however they don’t really seem like anything but aesthetics.

This sleeping pad was incredibly comfortable when testing at home before camping. However, it was extremely difficult to put back into the bag, even with 2 people taking turns. This is because there is no give to the bag and it is a "just fits" scenario once the foam expands after use. It took 30 minutes for us to bag it back up inside in a controlled temperature and it would be much too difficult / time intensive to do while out backpacking. It is sooo comfortable though, especially for stomach sleepers, so if you're willing to bus a different sac for it, then go for it.

Used this on a 3-day-hike, and I'm not sure it's worth the weight. I felt like I was sleeping on a shelf, and couldn't get comfortable. It was relatively easy to blow up with only a few breaths (ten-ish), but doesn't fully self-inflate. It takes several times of rerolling to get it small enough to fit back in its own stuff sack, which isn't attached, but wasn't a major issue. It's cushy enough that you don't feel the ground, but my arms constantly had the blood circulation cut off. I felt like I had no where to put my arms at all, so I slept horribly.

Used this pad for a week long time. Would recommend it. Never felt the ground or the need to adjust while sleeping.

I can concur with all the other comments about the sac being too small. I've not managed to get it back into the sac even once which makes you feel you've wasted good money on a sac (which seems like a quality item) that you can never use. As a result, the sleeping pad is now subject to being damaged because it doesn't have a protective sac to store the item. Better having a $10 reduction in price and not have a sac. Shame since the mat is pretty darn good

I bought this without reading the reviews; but thought I better try it out after reading about the difficulties repacking the mat. I rolled it flat and then folded in half length-wise and could only get it half way back into the sack. Then I read the directions and saw the instruction to twist and put the inner valve on the opposite way to keep air from coming back in. Didn't think this would make much difference but enough air was released the 2nd time around that it does fit in the stuff sack. I guess it pays to read the directions! They are a bit vague as to what twist means with respect to the inner valve. They also could make the bag just a bit bigger and save all the complaints! Now we'll see if it's as comfy in the wild as it is at home.

I bought this pad because I heard it was incredibly comfortable. Yes, it is. However, I have returned it twice now because it has popped within the first 5 tones using it both times.

My Sea to Summit Comfort Plus SI Sleeping pad was used twice inside of a tent and developed a hole. REI wouldn't take the product back because it was a few days over the warranty window. I would not recommend this product if you want something that lasts. I have used many other less expensive sleeping pads and they are still working.

TL;DR: Yeah, heavier and bulkier, but worth every additional ounce and cubic inch!

I bought this pad and used it three times and on the third time it kept deflating and would not hold air. Took it back to REI and they exchanged it for another one and within two used the NEW one continuously deflated throughout the night. I'm sleeping on a smooth tent floor...not sure how they pop so easily.

Took this on a 10 day camping trip. First night I pulled it out brand new and was excited at how fast it inflated and how comfortable it was. Three hours later I woke up to a deflated mattress on the hard ground. It absolutely will not hold air! Hopefully it is a defective model and I will be replacing it. But I have 4 days left on this trip before we go home and I am not a happy camper. For this price, broken out of the bag is very disappointing. Test it before you take it out! If the next pad works 5 stars!

Used less than 10 times. The cover material has separated from the core and is now a huge inflated and useless balloon. Very disappointing since I’m on a wildernesses backpack in Joshua Tree. Obviously a manufacturer defect. I will be returning it to the store.

Only used once, but this was a great pad—even for a side sleeper. It’s been a while since using a sleeping pad so the new valve was a bit confusing —and the directions weren’t super clear—but eventually figured out that “twist” actually means “flip”. Was also a bit tight trying to get the pad back into the stuff sack, but, overall, it provided a great amount of comfort.

I had to replace my Therma rest (1 1/2" thickness) since it wasn't padded enough. The Sea to Summit is perfect with a 3" thickness. I sleep on my side and I don't wake up with stiff.

bought this for a bwca trip. really hard to get back into stuff sack. Not sure if I had a defective unit but had to return it for the second one because it would not stay inflated.

Unless you have a steam roller at your disposal, you will not get this pad back into the sack provided. A small detail, but one that has significant impact to the customer every single time it is used. You blew it, Sea to Summit.

This is the most comfortable pad I have ever slept on. Even thou it is only 2.5-2.75" thick and not 3 as advertised, and it is a pain to roll up, I can get it in the included stuff sack but Soon I will by a compression stuff sack to put it in to make it easier. Still gave it 5 stars because of comfort. My wife agrees to all the above for her as well.

Great sleeping pad. Super comfortable, packs down very small and is pretty light considering how much foam is in it. The stretch fabric is a nice touch and makes it feel great. As other reviewers have mentioned once it comes out of the sack it's never going back in, but I don't really use sacks anyway so it's not a big deal to me.

Bad quality.........................................

This pad self-inflates very easily and gave me a comfortable night's sleep while camping out. It takes some patience rolling it up but I didn't find it that difficult to get it back in its bag. Be sure to read the directions on how to deflate it.

This mat is great. It is very quiet, comfortable and warm. The stuff sack, however, is a bit frustrating. Trying to get the mat into the sack is akin to putting on pantyhose during an Alabama summer without the aid of air conditioning.

This pad is impossible to put back in it's stuff sack once used and then deflated. Inflation mechanism is great but deflation mechanism is very poor.

What a shame. This is a very comfortable mattress. However, everyone who says it won't fit back into the stuff sack is right. Totally impossible. The maker should give buyers of this product a free stuff sack that fits properly.

Surprisingly comfortable for a fairly thin pad, it makes no noise while sleeping on it, and is compactable. The stuff sack is a pretty tight fit and can be difficult to get the pad back in it.

I'm a big fellow and by far no other pad comes close to this one. I toss and turn.. I have never hit the bottom with this pad. Well worth the extra weight. A great night sleep every time

This is a great sleeping pad for people who question whether tent sleeping will be comfortable. I took one star off because it is quite challenging getting it back into the stuff sack.

Compact, comfortable and easy to roll. Highly recommend. Used nightly for 45 days while running across the US during a fundraiser. Slept in a variety of places comfortably.

This sleeping pad is wonderful for traveling - better than any couch on the planet. Makes airobeds a thing of the past. Doesn’t lose air and can be firm.

Thickest sleeping pad with great reviews. Yes it's hard to get back into original stuff sack. I just ordered a larger stuff sack and problem solved

Was an awesome sleeping pad but it was incredibly hard to fit it back into the carrying case. I actually ended up returning it for that reason.

As the title says, this pad is great for side sleepers. With my previous pad, whenever I turned to my side, I'd have pain at my pressure points (hip, shoulder, etc.), possibly much like how old people who can't move end up with pressure ulcers. With this pad, it's so much more comfortable.

Lordy Lordy. Sleep less. Dream more .. on this SeaToSummit Comfort Plus SI 'dreaming' pad. What an enjoyable experience. While a bit heavy for my back packing pad, this SeaToSummit pad is THE choice for those times when you don't have to worry about weight and are just desiring comfort. Spent a week touring several West Texas state parks this Spring (car camping) and when I settled into my tent for the evening after several long days hiking and trail running, this pad welcomed me back to luxury. I'm 5' 11" and about 185 lbs with broad shoulders. Bought the long on the recommendation of one of the REI experts - and he was spot on. The long is a bit wider (as well as a tad longer), providing ample room for me to toss & turn comfortably at night (which I tend to do naturally). The high R value came in handy as a couple of the mornings were a bit sporty with frost on the tent upon my exit. Never felt any ground chill and the support this pad provided I never knew could exist in a sleeping pad. While I will keep my NeoAir XLite for my backpacking excursions, this SeaToSummit Comfort Plus pad is my new go-to when size / weight don't matter (or when high ground insulation is a must).

the valve was hard to use. It would not deflate enough to fit back in the stuff sack.

I purchased this sleeping pad about 10 months ago. I have used it on several camping trips with my son’s Scout Troop and have found this sleeping pad to be the best one ever. Although I have not timed it, I would guess this pad inflates 10 times as fast as all of the other pads I’ve tried. Just open the valve and unroll it in your tent, let it do its thing while you set up the tents rain fly, top it off with a few breathes and you’re done. I am a side sleeper and it is plenty thick enough to keep my shoulders and hips from touching the ground. My last trip was with temps dropping to -11C/12F and its insulating properties were sufficient. Pack up is a cinch, but you do have to roll it twice. Flip the valve to deflate, so a quick roll up to squeeze out most of the air. Then fold it in half length wise and roll it up again. The one way check valve keeps it from filling back up and allows it to easily fit back in its stuff sack. Great product!

How do you get it back into the sack bag? It's kicking my butt....

I wish this sleeping pad came in more colors and had an extra inch in the stuff sack, but it’s otherwise perfect.



Will the StS pump sack work with this?

​Yes, the Sea to Summit Jet Stream Pump and the Sea to Summit Air Stream Pump Dry Sack are both compatible with this pad.

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