Peak Design - Everyday Camera Pack - 30 Liters

Category: Backpack

Purchased after following so many reviews and crowdfunding. So much praise but for $300 you can find many other backpacks that come with better shoulder and waist straps. Pack itself is durable and an icon among photogs. Recommend 20L for better fit. 30L is about 4 inches too bulky for straps. Looks saggy in corners.

It basically take in everything in and still keep it nicely organized. It's sometimes difficult to remember which side pocket was for which item, but I'm sure I'll build up my muscle memory for that overtime. It works great if you either do or do not carry DSLR with you all the time. I'm about 6' tall and 30L fits nicely on my back. I tried 20L and I felt it looks a little small on me.

I got the 30L. Every single part of this bag was clearly designed to a excruciating detail. The functionality is unbelievable, the quality is expectional and it looks beautiful. Simple, sleek, versatil and comfortable. The high density padding allows for long extended supportive use. I get lots of compliments on looks but the bag goes far beyond aesthetics. Worth every penny, bag will last ten plus years im sure.

Easily my favorite backpack for everyday use that I've ever owned. If you're trying to choose between the 20 & 30L versions, I'd recommend the 30L version.

Bought this to replace my LowePro Classified AW 160 for an upcoming trip to St Barths. Works perfect for my setup that includes a 5D MK III, Canon 24-70, Canon 70-200 and Sigma 50 Art Lens. Still have plenty of room on the top to add clothing items, more camera gear, etc etc. Side pockets expand to fit a large water bottle.

This is by far the best backpack I've used. I've tried TNF Recon and Upload but neither did the trick. This bag has so much that is customizable for my needs. I own the 30L which holds all my gear with room to spare. I highly recommend the everyday backpack!

Best part of this pack is the quality of craftsmanship hands down. Truly innovative organization configurations. Highly recommend this for someone who uses a backpack everyday.

I have very long been in search for the ultimate backpack for laptop, camera and other travel gear and this is the one. Search no further!

We bought our first bag on the kickstarter but now want a secind one. So here we are! Well worth the price!

I have a thing about bags. I have been through a lot of them, never quite finding one that I liked until I found a messenger bag from a famous company in San Francisco -- I bought it at REI a *long* time ago and have been hooked on that format (I still have that bag, which is older than my children and still in near-perfect condition). Some people in school knew me as the guy who had "shelves" in his bag.


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