Teva - Arrowood Riva Mid WP Boots - Men's

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Purchases at REI garage sale event bc they were returned for uncomfortable fit and had never been worn outdoors. Like new condition. The 2nd time I wore them the loop for the boots lace ripped rendering the boot unwearable. Cannot return to REI as it was from the garage sale event. Sticking with Merrells as both my Merrell boots and hiking shoes (Both also purchased at prior REI garage sales) have hundreds of trail miles on them with no defects and my first pair of tevas were ruined before I even got to hike in them.

I am a woman who has been looking for a boot with a wide toe box and these have a wide toe box. I have checked every brand that claims to have a wide toe box and non have been wide enough. I have tried on every pair of boots at rei, both mens and womens wide and regular width and none fit my wide foot except these. I wore these on a hike right out of the box with a full pack and love

Purchased these boots for work and everyday use. work indoors on pleasure yachts. These boots never get really wet or grimey. Soles have held up well but the leather has started coming apart at the seams around the toe area. For this amount of $ i would expect a more durable boot. Fairly dissapointed that they only lasted a year. Purchased April 2018

I wear these for work and I’m on my feet all day. I’m on my 2nd pair of these arrowwood rivas. These are great for comfort but I’m only getting about 6 months of wear out of them and it’s time for a 3rd pair. The waterproof feature is excellent and has been for the 7 pairs of teva hikers I’ve owned. I had 5 pairs of kimtah II’s which in my opinion were the greatest hiking boot of all time (I still watch eBay hoping a pair of 12’s will show up). The sole on the kimtahs (spyder) were superior to these. When you walk in these for a few hours these get really mushy, the kimtahs never lost their form. Also there’s no mesh option for these which means in the summer they’re hot. The kimtahs came in both mesh and full leather. The great thing they have in common is comfort, water proofing and a big toe box without being loose in the heel or arch. I really wish Teva would bring back the Kimtah II, until then I’ll buy these which are a close second.

Love these Teva's. Not making this up, out of the box and onto the trail. I typically have problems with neuromas in my feet but these shoes had a nice wide toe base. I bought my husband the same shoe, at the same time. Same circumstances. He also has foot issues - heel and arch pain, and is typically hard to buy for, and he loves them.

Just a few days beyond 1 year from the date of purchase, the sole began separating from the boot. Other than a 1 week backpacking trip in the Sierras, the boots only saw light duty use. I expected much better quality than that. They were comfortable while they lasted.

Was in the market for wet weather rugged boots and these were perfect. Most hiking boots are super chunky but not these. Fit perfectly out of the box. No break in needed. Keep my feet dry and warm all day long. Way more comfortable than rain boots and even are pretty stylish for a hiking boot. Highly recommended.

I have been wearing these as work boots, carpentry and yardwork. They have been comfortable right out of the box. Don't normally do "reviews" but these boots deserve it. Haven't hiked in them yet but they should be fine for relatively easy terrain. Wouldn't wear on lava rock but that's what my Asolos are for.

I bought these books a year ago. I wear them regularly for general walking and to work occasionally. I have hiked on them heavy twice and the uppers have torn away from the grommet lace hooks. Very disappointed. So if you plan to wear these casually, outstanding boot but cannot handle off-road hiking.

This boot has a wide toe box that was a wonderful relief for my hammertoe pinkies. But the outer construction on the toe is starting to come apart, along with a stitch on the side, so they are no longer totally waterproof. I would not pay $170 for these again.

i went to REI looking for a specific pair of solomon hiking boots that my coworkers all wear and recommend. though they were good, these Teva boots blew them out ouf the water. theyre extremely comfortable. especially for being on your feet for long hours

I have used these 5 times now and really enjoy them. I tried on some other lower priced boots and they did not feel normal. When I put these on they felt like I was putting on a normal shoe. Overall very comfortable.

These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever purchased. They are worth the price. I needed high quality waterproof boots for my job and these are perfect! I haven’t had any issues with them. Would buy again!

The toe cap on one of the boots started peeling off a week ago after only wearing about 10-20 times, mostly walking the dog or walking with my two-year-old son. Based on this, I don't expect them to hold up.

Only had the boots for a couple of weeks but they are very comfortable. They are light but seem sturdy beyond their weight. Degree of durability will be the big test.

Probably one of the most comfortable pair of hiking boots I’ve ever owned. Right from the box to a 8 mile hike and never had an I air!

Really durable strong boots that will last a long time, and be comfortable long after you have used its value

This boot is great, roomy in the toe and secure in the heel.

boot is perfect for flexible walking on ice and in snow.

The shoe is very comfortable and performing well!!

I had high hopes for these boots. I’ve had good luck with Tevas in the past. Unfortunately, after nearly a year in a variety of environments, these boots have consistently fallen short of expectations.


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