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I have had a brown pair for a little over a year and have worn them many times during all seasons. I have worn them in the summer, snow, rain, light hiking, at work all day, and doing manual labor and been nothing but pleased. I have been wearing them everyday for 2 months since ankle surgery and decided to also buy them in black. I am glad I did because they are just as comfortable and I have seen no difference in quality. Some reviewers complain about scuffing but leather boots scuff. Having worn combat boots for over a decade I am fully aware of this and that a little polish takes care of it. One word of advice though if you plan to polish the brown ones make sure you have the right shade of polish or it will darken them.

First pair started falling apart after 3 months and swapped them out thinking was a fluke. Second pair has lasted just over 1 year and are extremely scuffed - leather quality is not great. Look elsewhere - hope REI takes these off the shelves.

Bought them 2 weeks ago and they are true to size but defective in one of the seems. After "the exchange", I must say they are great. Like with any boot some softening oil and water sealer us a must. Must say I am pleased.

Horrible boots. The pull strap broke within a week. I returned that pair for a new pair. Pull strap broke on those too. Leather isn’t durable and will scratch easily. The sole and upper began to separate after about 6 months.

They’re comfortable, look awesome, and I wear them all the time. The leather is on the softer, less durable side, and can damage more easily than I would’ve liked considering the price. Otherwise a great, well crafted shoe!

I read the reviews here and was really on the fence buying them. I decided to go for it only due to REIs return policy. I understood that the pull strap was garbage and they scuff. Fact of the matter is, I don't use the pull strap and know that the scuffing is an intentional quality of the boot. These are made to get marked up. It is even written on the tag. It is made that way to add character and a distressed look. I think that they look remarkable with a pair of jeans. If you want some trendy leather shoe with no marks, this is not your shoe. If you want a comfortable pair of boots and don't care that they get scuffed, then you will not be disappointed. They only took me three days to break in and are super comfortable to wear all day. I'm glad I purchased these even after reading all the negative reviews.

I bought these Kodiak Thane boots because I needed a waterproof boot due to the heavy rainfall received locally this year. In addition to being waterproof, the leather exterior is of high quality and actually sewed not glued to the sole. The soles have excellent traction even in snow. I also found them to be very comfortable right out of the box. I think they look pretty nice too. For cooler temps and wet/snowy weather, these are great boots. Highly recommended.

Bought these for an urban hiking trip in Europe. They were the bane of my trip! Wore them 2 weeks before the trip, and then the 4 weeks during my vacation; no matter how thick the socks, they never fit: black toes, blisters, ill fitted. I bought them cause I thought they looked fashionable, but I wouldn't recommend them.

Bought these in November of last year but just getting around to a review. I think they’re very comfortable and I love the look, but they don’t last. The pull loop broke after about 7 months. Also they seemed waterproof at first but the sole is pulling apart already in one boot and I am getting some leakage there. Really disappointed. Kodiak said they only back up the product for 6 months so they must know they lack quality!

Very comfortable. They were broke in after wearing them for just a couple of hrs. They state that the boots are water proof. I wore them hunting one time after a rain. I walked around in water and slop for one hour and the inside of the boots were completely dry. great purchase

I bought these boots 6+ months ago and have worn them nearly every day. They are super comfortable, lightweight and not bulky. I’ve worn them snowshoeing, sledding in the snow, and walking through puddles. They are waterproof and warm, without being hot. I even wore them to the office one day and didn’t get hot in them. I’m considering getting an uninsulated pair for spring and summer. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

I bought them because I liked the way they look. Not comfortable with thin socks, however with a good sock they are great. Was in Cheyenne over the Easter weekend and it was snowing. Feet were warm walking around town. Easy lace up and not a heavy boot.

I had these 3 days. The durability seems good. I walked around 3-4 miles in them. Blisters started appearing along with blood. The rear inner of the boot rubs along your foot with each step. I tried different techniques as far as how tight or loose and no matter what they blisters came. Not a fan.

Great pair of boots! Solid, warm, and definitely waterproof. While wearing these, I stepped in a very deep puddle by accident, and my foot stayed completely dry inside the boot. Nice grip on the sole. The liner is thin, and can it be removed. The boots kept my feet nice and toasty at -10 with no problems. These boots became my go to snow shovelers, and look good too! Highly recommend

I’ve had these boot for over a year. I wear them about 2-3 times a week. They are solid and comfortable. They haven’t really shown much wear on them. I try to take good care of them by cleaning them and adding products adequate for the type of material recommended by a local shoe shiner. They laces are starting to show wear since I tighten them pretty good and stress is placed on the lace around the metal loops.

I've been wearing these boots for a month solid and they are the best boots I have ever owned.

These boots are made of quality materials that feel excellent on your feet. I have not yet tested the waterproof capabilities but I will soon. They seem fairly waterproof as long as your not ankle deep in water. Very comfortable. They are a little pricey for a product made in Vietnam.

So I’ve had these boots for a little over a year and from day one they were never waterproof I went from the store to the trail and soaked by the end of the day although they are comfortable and light and didn’t need any break in i would not recommend them for hiking.

The first pair of boots had 2 sharp eyelets that shredded my laces on a short hike. Glad I found out before I wandered too far from home. Second pair of boots in 4 months the soles on both feet started to peel from the toes. Never buying a pair again.

I got these shoes on sale for 120 and I'd say that's a steal and they are honestly great. Warm, comfortable and pretty good looking. They pretty much fit to size and have good traction. If you can find these on sale do not hesitate to buy them.

The boots are great! keep my feet warm up to 0 degrees outside. I am in Maryland it was pretty cold for what we are used too. I used them outside during the snow 1-2" and they were great. They will be in my boot arsenal for many years to come.

Lightweight, warm and comfortable right out of the box. I did get some rubbing on one of my heals, but this is acceptable to me given a protruding bone I have and the fact that the heel is stiff on this boot. I really have no complaints.

Huge fan of Kodiak boots and fit. I trust they will keep my feet warm and will stay strong as my previous boots.

Good boots for casual wear and light utility in cold or wet weather. They're comfortable and stylish enough that I can wear them to a nice dinner without getting yelled at by my wife.

The sole started peeling off the right boot in 3 months. Not worn in extreme conditions. They look absolutely fantastic but the quality is not there. I’ll steer clear of Kodiak.

I love these boots. I can wear them to work or going out with nice clothes. They feel great on my feet and they hug my ankles with perfect support.

Look great but leather on the toe started to shred just from kneeling on the concerete to work on my Harley.

Awesome style, these boots look great and perform awesome. They fit in the office and on light trails.

Very good looking, very confortable but not waterproof like it supposed to be...

Comfiest boots I’ve ever worn. Good for a light hike or walk. Good looking too!

I bought these for winter and they have been great! Keeps my feet dry and warm!

Great bootsand very comfortable right out of the box... Easy to break in...

I love these boots, look good and perform even better, happy camper.

Love them fit nice look good in day ware and nighttime dress up

Love the boots, great style. Need to return for bigger size.

Bought for my nephew and loves them, nice colors ..


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