Fourpoints - Real Food Energy Bar

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I've hiked thousands of miles and tried so many bars...these are FINALLY what I am looking for. The problem with bars is that they are so sweet and once you've been on trail a while, that sweet stuff is gross. I end up gagging down most bars, but these ones...oh, they're so good! They are made with whole ingredients, and just a few, and are just the right amount of sweetness without being over the top. Bonus, the espresso one has caffeine. Hallelujah! Do I really ever have to eat anything else?

This is the best bar on the market. It is bigger than most so I'm full longer. All natural ingredients designed to improve energy and performance. It doesn't freeze on the mountain either!

Really enjoyed the flavor of this bar, definitely tasted like apples. Some teeth sticking typical of fig based bars. Energy provided was good and allowed me to complete my hike feeling great.

I really wanted to like these bars as they have great ingredients and nutrition, but unfortunately I found them almost impossible to chew and swallow while hiking. The only solution that worked for me was to take small bites and then a big swig of water allowing me to swallow like a pill. For similar nutrition/ingredients but much taste I'd suggest looking at the Kate Tram Bar.

Niw is my favorite bar on the market. Big enough to be filling and the energy you get last quite a while. I always have two in my ski pants. Happy to share them! And they never freeze solid, you're always ableb to bite and chew them no matter how cold. On summer hikes they don't crush and crumble in your pack like most. Banana bread and macaroon are my favorites while powder day pb&j are my daughters fave.

Some bars are full of great ingredients but they are small or are skinny, no flavor and in a 1 hr not feel full . If you are looking for a bar that make you satisfied this is the one . I work in the hospitality business and I barely eat . A friend give me one with a banana flavor . The flavor is good at the end you feel full and your tummy feel happy .

I use fourpoints bars during Ultra Marathons and as a great post training run fuel source. PB&J, Backcountry Banana Bread and Alpine Apple Pie are my favorites. The carb to protein ratio and natural ingredients make this a great and healthy supplement to my diet. I always keep a bar on me for anytime I need a snack.

I took a bunch of these out on a five day PCT section hike in Oregon last summer. Nice to be able to eat a bar that had good taste, energy, but doesn’t feel as if I were eating candy bar.

I’ve tried plenty of energy bars before but when I found FourPoints it changed my life. I can’t and don’t even want to try any other bars but this one. This company knows how to do bars the right way!

I am a climbing guide and eat a lot of bars, and I've been eating FourPoints bars lately and have loved them! They have good ingredient and aren't too sweet like a lot of other bars out there.

Full of natural goodness that tastes like real food. Fourpoints avoids the rice syrup and other sweeteners that make many other bars taste like candy. Great flavor options to choose from!

I had the apple one, it was very good, and kept my energy level up without effecting my blood sugar


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