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Cool watch w/ tons of features. The snowboarding app is super legit and did a great job of monitoring my vertical/runs/top speed. The biggest negative - inaccurate heart rate tracking during intense physical activities. HIIT, cross-fit, any intense anaerobic activity, the reading is wayyyy off. I had a more intense yoga session than my 45 min HIIT rower/stair climbing/hill running morning workout session (despite the sweat consuming my entire shirt, verge of throwing up). The sleep tracker is kinda funky too. Everyone says you've gotta purchase the chest strap (another $130) for the most accurate HRM. Killing me after paying $650 for a watch.

I had my Fenix 5X for 11 days. I've tracked 3 runs, a hike, constant heart rate monitoring and have had all phone and media notifications running and my battery is at 31%. It is faster than my Fenix 3 when it comes to all operations. My Fenix 3 would only last about 5 days if I were lucky. The Topo Maps are awesome! I haven't used all the features of the watch yet but I'm excited to find out all it can do.

I replaced a Fenix 3 with the 5x. The 5x seems to be more accurate on my morning walks and boots up the satellites faster. I also like the Bluetooth connection to my phone, which allows you to see summaries in much more detail. Unfortunately the heart monitor is virtually useless. On one day, off, or at best intermittent, the next even though I try to wear it on the same place on my wrist every day. Too bad since so much depends on the heart rate, especially sleep patterns. I do like the 5x charging port. The reason why I dumped the 3 for the 5x was spotty charging with that odd charging contraption the 3 uses... Not a problem with the 5x.

This watch has it all. Easy, intuitive interface, chock full of features, a smart watch for those of us that want to disconnect.

The good and the bad -- first, the good.

The pricing seemed high, but I couldn't find any other watch with all the features. However, when I considered buying multiple devices, I saw that the pricing was very good. Plus I don't have to swap devices.

If you’re serious about tracking your activity across the board to help yourself get to the next level, this is the watch to go with. Outside of the normal activity tracking functions, I wanted to have access to maps on my wrist as I spend a lot of time on the trails on the West Coast and I am not planning to get lost as I usually run with minimal supplies. Of course, you’re going to run into a little inaccuracy, but realistically it’s gonna happen to every abc/gps watch. I’ve found the more I wear it, the more accurate it gets.

Pro's - Batt last for up to 10 days, lots of gadgets faces, easy to download.

Well, here are some thoughts on the new Fenix 5x:

I gave this watch a five star rating because of the user friendly format and the varied activities (from walking, running, biking, etc...) you can use with the Fenix 5X. The sapphire crystal, steel case, and the various bands (steel, leather, or plastic) enables this workhorse to blend in the board room, weight room, or that 10K. I have several TOP ranked multi sport watches and this is my favorite. Users must read all instructions for the Fenix 5X to make sure you are reaping all the benefits this watch offers.

Sold my apple watch 2 for this Garmin product and I have zero regrets. I love this watch for several reasons. The Garmin iPhone app is very intuitive. It has so many bits of entertaining information that really makes for a fun time reviewing. I enjoy the sleep, and running stats. The speed, heart rate, and cadence stats are awesome. The app does a great job of consolidating all the information about your workout in an easy to read layout.

I’ve had my fencing 5x for over a year now. Worked great until the latest program download. Now the watch battery drains at a rate of 40%+ each day. I’ve completed a hard reboot with no effect. I’ve reached out to Garmin on multiple occasions with no response. From reading reviews online regarding Garmin’s customer service this is par for the course. Based on this experience I will no longer buy another Garmin device.

This was an upgrade from a 5+ year-old Garmin Forerunner Watch. I was excited about the improved battery life, the built-in heart rate monitor, and the improved GPS graphics.

I've had a Suunto and a couple generations of Apple watches, for me this blows them away. I walk, bike, swim, golf, and work out regularly. Occasionally I hike and kayak. What I love about this watch most - battery life, golf feature, accurate heart rate, accurate distance, altitude, etc.. Literally every golf course is in here. Our club has a par 3 practice course and even it's in the watch. The accuracy is spot on. Battery lasts about a week. Looks decent, very light and comfortable.

I have been wanting this watch for a really really long time, and the day finally came. I was extremely excited, and got it set up immediately. It was a really great watch, it has a ton of customization available and the number or incredible features out of the box was impressive.

The Good:

Unless you have tons of free time in your life do not buy this watch. Its not user friendly. Its a never ending battle with unstable behavior, terrible battery performance, and poor support. After you spend a couple hours getting it just so you will find that the next week its not doing what you programmed it to do and will take up another couple hours of your time. I find this watch more trouble than its worth. Aside from a poor watch menu/phone app interaction and instability, this watch is very heavy for a sports watch and the buttons are hard to press, requiring an opposiing thumb that has to be placed carefully so it doesn't push some other button. Side mounted buttons are not good on a sports watch.

I'm very impressed with the fenix5x at this point, having worn it for just under a week now. Size and weight.are good for my wrist, and it feels comfortable day.and night. Screen is large and clear as well as easy to see at a glance. The amount of features are almost overwhelming, but that is valuable in my opinion, since this watch will do everything I foresee needing for years. The controls.and settings are very comprehensive and options abound. I've downloaded a hiking trail gpx file I'm trying out this weekend. The tracking and navigation looks great, but I've only used it once to track a short kayak trip. It appeared very accurate. Tops for me is the battery life, currently still running on the first charge almost a week ago. Finally, It's a very sharp and professional looking piece of hardware and people are asking me what it is frequently.

My son and I each bought a Fenix 3 watch from REI 2 years ago, both watchs stopped working within 8 hours of each other, When we contacted REI they said there was only a 1 year warranty, sorry. When contacting Garmin they said we could send them our watch with $120.00 and they would send us a "Refurbished" Watch with a 90 day Warranty. This was a very expensive watch and I had been an REI Member since they first opened, probably about 30 years now. I have purchased several Garmin GPS units from REI, and I will never buy another Garmin Product or anything from REI again.

I traded in my fenix 3hr for this model. The 3hr had great features but I am often in the arctic and other portions of Scandinavia/the alps, that I am not familiar with. The topo maps were a huge feature add for me, plus my band was worn out within a month of using so I wanted the metal band feature. The watch was great in almost every regard. Until the last month I had my fenix 3hr I never heard about the face it app garmin offers. I finally downloaded it and thought it an awesome feature. I could now have a scene from my last adventure on my watch to remind me of the training I needed to do for my next. Well the Fenix 5x I had would not run properly with a face it watch face. It would initially allow me to install the face but then after a week or so would just show the connect logo with and ! in the face selector menu on the watch. It would also not allow me to delete or install said face from the garmin connect apps interface. I tried everything from soft reset to deleting all the apps and reinstalling and creating new watch faces. The only thing that would fix the problem was a hard reset. This causes issue because one of the main features of the watch was to learn about its user. The reset removed all user data. I contacted Garmin several times. They denied anyone else having my problem and told me an update would surely fix this. I waited 2 months an in that 2 months had to reset the watch about 10 times. Hopeing each time would be the last. I gave it as much time as I could before I had to leave the usa again for Sweden. I know this is a minor feature but I am not going to pay $900 for a watch and not have it work perfectly out of the gate. I hope it was just my model and wish to try another.

This is just flat out bad. I've owned several devices which were 1/3 of the cost and were far better. The data is often inaccurate. Garmin effort to address issues is slow to non existent . This is still one of their flagship devices and support has nearly disappeared. Don't believe me? Join the Garmin forums. There's a few fan boys in there who would defend it to the end and mostly a bunch of issues that get entered and ignored until they fall off the screen. If you just want data to make you go ooooohhhh ahhhhhh. you'll be fine - it randomizes data nicely and draws pretty pictures. If you expect it to be accurate from one day to the next ....rolling on the floor, laughing my you know what off! I'm not talking a slight variance. I'm talking about registering a heart rate of 98 when the actual is 160.

I’ll keep it brief... it does what it claims and is a heavy duty specimen. My main issue is the advertisement images always make the dial look so easy to read, so contrasty. In reality it is dull. But thankfully the back screen can be made white and therefore tolerable.

I've had this for almost a year and the battery life in this is absolutely fantastic. I usually charge my watch once every week and a half (and that's with me using some of the sport tracking modes)! The instructions for this watch aren't the best, but it is a pretty intuitive watch so that does help to make up for the poor instructions. It does come with topographic maps preprogramed on it which makes it really nice for hiking or other outdoorsy sports.

I hesitated for some months getting this "watch". Originally bought the Fenix 3HR for a great deal, but returned it before using it, just not sure I'd really want something that big on my (small-framed) wrist. Then the 5X came out, and the maps had me intrigued enough to start looking at it again. My hesitation was, once again, the size. And if I'd really gain enough benefit from it to justify the STEEP cost.

I bought this watch because of its altimeter function. After a hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains with my sons 18 months ago, when my former watch that only estimated stairs shortchanged me 700 feet of climbing, I bought the Fenix 5. It performs well in most aspects (although has some shortcomings in measuring vertical distance also). But it fails completely in its sleep function. In that it's totally useless. The night before last, it recored my sleep as 13 minutes. Really? I had a combination of night sleep and naps that by my calculation was at least 6 hours. The iPhone app had an error message: "Your device didn't monitor advanced sleep." So yesterday I followed the instructions and updated the software. The result: last night the watch recored 55 minutes of sleep night sleep rather than 4 hours, and no time for a 3 hour nap. Useless. By the way, a while ago I called customer support to see if I could fix the problem and got a surly, holier than thou tech who made me feel that the problem was my fault. Sorry, but I'm not going to the Garmin help desk again. So if you value a sleep function, find another watch. I will. By the way, I am a positive person and never give negative feedback. There's a first time for everything....

Only had this for a few days and I am personally impressed. The only thing I'm a little confused by is the price. It's the same price ($700) as the 5 and 5s that are equipped with the sapphire crystal (and wifi). For the same price, the 5x comes with the topo maps and extended memory. Is is big? Of course...real big, but you already knew that.

This is my third Fenix. (I had the original Fenix and a Fenix 3, both used; both without a heart rate monitor.) I use my Fenix 5x primarily for running, cycling, and Nordic/backcountry skiing; secondarily, it comes on hikes/backpacking trips, SUP-ing, and, most recently, tracks the occasional strength training (mostly just to keep an eye on heart rate; and because it auto-uploads the workout, so I can view how often I've remembered to do strength training.) It really IS my favorite piece of outdoor gear - it comes on most all my exercise and adventures, and helps improve them.

I love this watch. I upgraded from a Fitbit Charge 2 and boy was it an upgrade. I was between an Apple watch and this and I wanted something more geared towards exercise and activity. This does it for sure. I never take it off, not to sleep or even in the shower. Primarily, I track hiking, biking, running, golf, and I use it for Crossfit too but that's harder to track. It has the weather, GPS, maps, points of interest, altimeter, barometer, compass, just to name a few. It also has my calendar, phone notifications, HR, steps, floors climbed, stress, calories burned. This thing just has everything. It even has live tracking where you can share your location with someone while you hike/run/bike.

Bought this over a month ago specifically for training and to wear during Tough Mudders/Toughest Mudder and Worlds Toughest Mudder. Just finished up Toughest Mudder South in Atlanta and it held up perfectly. No scratches or dings. It was in and out of water and mud for over 8 hours and once I washed all the mud off you cant even tell. Couldnt be happier.

This watch is so complicated as to be ridiculous. Changing clock faces for example requires you to log in to your computer, use a USB cable to link up your watch with the computer. Then when you have picked the watch face, which may be free, but often is not, you have to disconnect the watch from the computer before you can see if you like the new face or not. Get a Luminox watch. It is simple, accurate, easy to see in any light and indestructible.

Love the features and looks to this watch. Only downside is it made my wrist hurt. I wore it for 2 days and my wrist bone was extremely sore. I tried to wear the watch above and below the bone and nothing helped. I saw some Garmin forums and noticed the same complaints. Maybe it's because I have a small wrist? Or maybe because the watch is heavy? Anyway, it's not going to work for me.

It took me three months to convince myself I needed this expensive watch. I read many reviews and vacillated between the 5 and the 5x until the very last minute. My main concern was that the size would get too much attention at my suit and tie job and would prevent me from wearing this watch all the time (the main objective). It feels smaller than I expected, it sits comfortably on my wrist, and it fits under about 2/3 of my dress shirt buttoned sleeves. The battery life is true to manufacturer's claim. In daily use about 7-10% is drained per day, which translates to a comfortable 10-12 day span between recharging. It charges very fast, so I can get back to 100% during a 15 minute shower (the only time the watch is off my wrist) every third day or so. The constant tracking of heart rate, steps, activities, and sleep is comprehensive, reasonably accurate, and easily accessible on the Garmin Connect App and the online portal. The syncing is seamless between the watch, the App on my iPhone, and the online portal. I like Garmin's single-minded dedication to activity-tracking rather than trying to be an extension of my phone. I do get alerts and calendar updates on my watch, which are useful, but I like that the watch is a useful stand-alone device without needing the phone for GPS or anything else to perform its core functions. I am still not sure if I will use the mapping on the Fenix 5x enough to justify the larger size and additional cost compared to the Fenix 5. However, I have no doubt that the Garmin platform is the way to go. I strongly recommend the Fenix 5x. Good luck staying healthy.

I have owned all versions of the Garmin Fenix and this is by far the best one yet.

So far I am really impressed with the Fenix 5X. it is definitely bulkier than my triathlon Garman watch I had before. But the extra features are definitely worth it.

After a week or so I gave this watch a 5 star review. Now that I've had it for a couple of months it's down to a 2.5 or so. The heart rate function is terrible. During a workout it can be off by 50%. If it was consistent I could live with it, but sometimes its of by 10%, 20% etc.. just all over the place, low and high. Heart rate accuracy is very important so this is a huge problem. For this price everything should work. I've tried tightening the band, loosening the band as suggested but still having the problem. It's a conundrum because I love the other features of the watch and other than the altitude everything else works perfectly. Only other issue is the band. I've worn a watch almost every day for 50 years, leather, stainless and rubber straps. For some reason this strap has left a long blister on my wrist that has now scarred.

This is my fourth Garmin fenix series watch. I have had a 2, 3, 3HR and now the 5X. My son who is an Army officer has a tactix. Each one I have owned has performed flawlessly. I perviously had the Suunto Core and Vector. Unfortunately, all three Core's I had at least one button stopped working and I would have to return them or send them in for service. My Vector worked fine, but the Core's were a huge disappointment. I have never experienced that with Garmin. The fenix 5X connects quickly and even indoors is able to hit satellites fast. The accuracy is amazing and the features outstanding. The only issue I had with previous fenix models was the knurling on the buttons frayed the edges of my dress shirt cuffs. The smooth buttons on the 5X have eliminated that problem. I also really like the recessed HR monitor on the 5X as well as the more rounded top and bottom. Makes the watch really comfortable wear despite it being a big watch. Another outstanding watch from Garmin.

I spent almost a year researching smart watches and activity trackers of every description. I had a list of "must-haves" and nothing checked all the boxes except this watch. A few of the alternates have been updated but after a year of wanting to buy it I finally did. I've had my watch almost two weeks now and I still haven't explored all of the things it is capable of. I am amazed by the GPS functions and how well it tracks. I haven't had the opportunity to try out some of the other sports but the running and strength programs are impressive. Its not 100% perfect but generally the watch figures out what exercise I am doing and is pretty accurate in counting reps. I love the customization that is possible. I downloaded a number of watch faces, some free and some with a premium version I paid for in order to choose the data readouts. Battery life has been great, I am neurotic about charging my devices and I have had to exercise discipline to test exactly how long I can go between charges. I went from a Casio G watch to this so the weight/size difference didn't matter. I have worn G watches since I was a kid because I had an allergic reaction to every other rubber watch band I tried. I was concerned about this watch causing the same problem but it hasn't. The band is VERY comfortable and has some stretch/give to it. I wear it 24 hours a day and sometimes forget I have it on.The size is perfect for me but I can see how it might be too big for some. One thing I hope resolves itself is the HR sensor does not seem to be very accurate when I am doing strenuous activity. Sometime it will show 90bpm when my actual rate is over 120.I may be one of the only people with this issue because every other review praises the accuracy of the HR sensor. All-in-all I am extremely happy with my purchase and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

It has not given me any issues I like all the features this watch has as long as you are out side the gps works great I wear it at work where it would have the chance to get scratched I have hit the face on several metal surfaces and is has not even left a mark on the face I wouldn’t trust the altimeter much you can revisit a spot one time and the next time it will be 100ft different this has been my only complaint so far.

This watch in my opinion the best watch for a variety of reasons.

I have owned a Fenix 3 HR and Chronos. This one continues the evolution to better. Escpicially like the quick release bands and ability to be able to log reps, sets, and weights for strength training. If you are a numbers and stats nerd like me, and like to measure all of your activities, then this is the watch for you. I also think it is quite good looking for work and casual settings with the leather bands.

First GPS watch I've had and I've really enjoyed using it hiking in the backcountry and off-trail. Pretty complicated to figure out but once you do you can customize so much about it. But don't count on getting help from Garmin. Wait times are ridiculous and it's hard to get correct answers. They finally sent me a replacement when one of the features wouldn't work but I had to pay the shipping.

I’ve had both a Fenix 3 and now a Fenix 5x. Tough to upgrade but once I saw the maps on the 5x it seemed worth it. And it has been. I use this for golf, running, biking, paddling, orienteering. I use it to check the weather forecast every morning. It’s pricey but I adore it. The app gets me motivated and I love it integrates with My Fitness Pal app for a complete picture of calories in and out.

Durability - I’ve used this as everyday use, while sleeping and while lifting weights. I’ve bumped it against kettleballs and so far so good with no scratches on the face or mantle

Bought this for a 16-day trek in the Nepal Himalaya and could not be less impressed. It keeps time, that's about it. The steps counter borders on useless, known distances were never accurately reflected in the step count. The altimeter is inaccurate no matter how many times you calibrate it. If you use the functions you must be near a source to recharge the watch within 6 hours. Will be returned the day I return to the US.

I do a lot of physical activity, so I wanted a fitness watch that could track my heart rate and activities. There are many out there, but the Garmin 5x stood out to me in that I could use it to navigate with courses or waypoints while backpacking, and it was the only watch with GPS that had a battery life of around 12 days!

I like this watch. It looks good and wears good. Battery life is very good, I can get 10-12 days out of it going to the gym 4 days a week. There is a little bit of a learning curve but there are several youtube videos to walk you through. You can buy extra bands on Amazon for $12. This watch as a great crystal face

Had this watch for coming on two months now. I use it for cycling, running, hiking, yoga, and most importantly my daily wear in the military. I am insanely hard on watches, and the sapphire glass has not disappointed. I've parachuted out of airplanes, worked on diesel engines, smashed it into rocks while out in the woods, and crashed bikes and mountain boards. The casing more scratched than the glass!

I purchased this watch in February. The initial setup was quite easy. Learning how to use the watch took me a while. With all it's features there is quite a bit to learn and the manual is 46 pages long! I am thrilled with my Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire. It is worth every penny and worth taking the time to learn. The altimeter is not terribly accurate but I would not expect it to be since it is a barometric altimeter. All the other functions appear to be very accurate as far as I have experienced. The only issue that I have had is it's sometimes hard to get a proper connection for charging the watch. This may just be a problem with the charging cord. If you want a fantastic smart watch that does it all, then look no further. In my opinion Garmin is the best there is!

I’ve had mine right at a year and now it won’t charge. What are the odds? Nobody will replace it so I paid $600.00 for a watch that lasted a year. This always happens with Garmin products. I’ll never buy another one. It worked great when it worked.

This watch really makes navigating to courses easy. All I do is download a GPX file from the REI Hiking Projects onto my computer, connect my Garmin watch, and then move the GPX file into the New folder in my Garmin. You can pretty much do this with any GPX file. After disconnecting my watch from my computer the file syncs back to my Garmin and I can find the file under Navigate --> Courses. SUPER SIMPLE!

Absolutely love the features of this watch. But after some months of wearing, it has burned a nice round disk the size of a dime beneath the 12 o'clock area of the watch. Expect it is an RF burn.

I bought the 5X when it first came out, to use for tracking fitness metrics. The fact that it also had what seemed like excellent navigation features was was a plus for me, compared to other smart watches. What has my experience been since purchasing? Very disappointing, simply put.

the only issue i have with the F5x is the screen could be brighter, not a deal killer! i purchased for road cycling and its just fine. I like the round-trip feature.

Until purchasing the Fenix 5X I was still wearing the original Garmin Tactix. It was a great watch but after 5 years it was time for an upgrade. The Fenix 5X has not disappointed. If you are a runner, the amount of information is incredible. I do a lot of different training and have been able to find apps to support most of them, from boxing to HIIT workouts. The flood of data can be a little overwhelming at first but after a month I am learning to understand and implement the information. I havent hiked with it yet but I look forward trying out these features as soon as I return state-side. I love the smart watch features and as far as the the watch itself, very high quality construction. I was a little hesitant due to the size but I don't even notice it at this point so I wouldn't let that put you off.

Very happy with the product. Excellent results when mountain biking and Open ocean swims. Only complaint is the measurements when lap swimming are not accurate.

I have had my Fenix for about 2 months now. I bought it mostly for hiking. I am always having to reset the altimeter. The longest it has stayed calibrated is 2 days. I have been at sea level, set it, an hour later. It says I am over 100’. The menus can be a bit confusing at times.

Love all the features but a little heavy in the beginning, does get lighter as you get used to it.

The watch is obviously well made. It’s cost alone should guarantee that. What is amazing about it, is it’s made specifically for a purpose; to be an outdoors, activity/exercise tracking watch and it executed this mission flawlessly. The design, button layout, ruggedness, user interface design and accessibility all scream a “built by runners, hikers, swimmers, you name exercise-outdoors activity craftsmanship”. I had an Apple Watch before and found myself using maybe 15% of the watches features. I simply would use my phone for the rest. This watch covers that 15% and then gives me the other 85% the Apple Watch was missing, for me. It offers the smart watch features I care about (notifications, weather, customizable apps etc.) coupled with all the activity features I need. The use of a non-touch screen feature may repel some, but when you’re working out, sweaty, swimming, or hiking and wet, the last thing you need is a non-responsive touch screen, a problem which buttons negate. On top of that the watch is also stylish and rugged looking. It exudes and emobodies the persona of an outdoors lifestyle, which is likely the same persona or character of someone looking to purchase this over other options out there.

I have had the Fenix 5X Sapphire for 10 months now and I love it. I use it all the time for running, hiking, and walking. I have used it swimming a couple of times. The watch has amazing features and is well worth the price. I typically go 12-14 days or so without having to charge my watch and I do an activity usually everyday. Sometimes that is a treadmill run without GPS or it is an outdoor run with GPS. The battery life depends on what features you use and how often. More outdoor runs and walks will use up more battery. I have not had any scratches on the watch face but do have a few dings on the bevel around the face. The watch band has held together much better than past watches from other brands that I have tried. The band has very little wear marks on it. I sleep with the watch on and enjoy the sleep function on the watch. Sometimes I have to change my sleep times but that is easy enough on the phone app. One feature that I really like on this watch is the ability to create a running/walking/cycling route without my phone or computer. I was able to do this on vacation on morning right before I went for a run. It worked great and lead me around town as I ran. I have never gotten lost using this feature.

I wanted a dedicated GPS watch to track my runs and provide detailed stats, and the Fenix 5X delivered on all fronts. This watch is simply amazing with the in-depth metrics that are monitored and available to you.

I just upgraded from the Fenix 3 HR. I love the new watch faces and the GPS feature. I also have an Apple watch, but I use this primarily. It's always on, tracks my heart rate 24x7 and I only have to charge it every couple of weeks. There really is no sports-oriented watch better than the Garmin Fenix. They just keep getting better and better.

So, when one thinks of a watch GPS they may think of poor battery life, issues with connectivity, minimal resources, not rugged and definitely not life proof. I can tell you this watch WORKS!!! not only does it work its the best one out there period... I had a suunto GPS watch before and it was trash and eventually broke with normal use. I swore off GPS watches as hyped up garbage. This past year I was checking into the recent tech and ran across this particular watch design. At the time there weren't many people that were taking the risk and getting it. Then reviews started coming in. I started seeing many happen buyers. I decided to give it one more chance since Garmin has served me well, in both the military and civilian life, I knew it wasn't going to be that big of a risk. I will have to tell you this thing rocks. The GPS is super accurate and fast too. The Heart rate monitor and altimeter are responsive and accurate too. The topo maps are fantastic and simple to understand. The Battery while using the GPS to track activity will, I repeat WILL, last 3 days. Charging takes 30 mins to full charge when the watch is at 4%. When using it in normal mode, I have recently gone 2 1/2 weeks with out charging and it was down to 4%; that's amazing for a smart watch. I also recently used it as a compass and GPS on the App Trail going 63.71 miles in 5 days and it still had 23% battery left when we left the woods. The watch is awesome and I cant recommend it highly enough.

Distance keeps going up even while standing still. Checked that it wasn't lagging by starting it and not moving. Said I move 0.1 miles while standing still over 5 minutes. Elevation data is trash. My phone tracks elevation and distance far better. $600 is about $500 overpriced.

Replaced a competing watch because company told me it was a “one use” watch when the band broke down. The Fenix 5X is far superior. More accurate with sleep tracking, heart rate for sure. Amazed you can download maps (moderate extra $) including topo of regions you want to hike in. Admittedly small screen for maps, but darned handy. Yes a pricey watch, but well worth it compared to the competition.

I've had this for three weeks. Great build quality, very comfortable even though it is quite large. OK for a larger person. Battery life exceptional (several days with heavy use, over a week in watch mode). Every kind of data anyone could ever want, and it's accurate. Full time heart rate monitor, great distance tracking and so much more. Over 100 watch faces which can be added and customized.

This is my second smart watch and I am really impressed by it. I bought a Samsung Gear S3 which I returned within 3 weeks because of the phone app interface that kept crashing my phone. But that aside, when I replaced it with 5X I was initially disappointed because of the screen resolution and the fact that it is not touch screen. However, the touch screen feature is actually a nuisance because I had noticed with S3 that often it would just change screens on it sown or with sweaty fingers it would not work. 5X does not have this problem of course. Resolution, on the other hand could be a little better especially when one uses any of the analogue watch faces, but it is not a huge deal. The screen in fact is really easy to see even in very strong sunlight.

This is a great watch for all fitness activities. I had the first Apple Watch and soon realized it's limitations. The Fenix 5X is a watch that I had my eye on since it was released. I am glad that I made this purchase. This is a great watch for my activities of cycling, golf, and walking. I like how it ties seamlessly with my Strava account. I would recommend this watch.

I have had the Fenix 5x for a month and am mostly happy with this product. It does have some quirks.

The watch has way more functionality than I need and the functionality I do want is hard to use. I have to watch an instructional video to figure it out and it is still not clear. The battery life is great and it is easy to maneuver through screens but I dont have the time or patience to learn how everything works and regret buying something so complicated.

Overall this is a great GPS training watch for running, hiking, cycling and walking. For the money it is a great buy. That being said, I just returned this for the new Felix 5plus. Although it was $250 more the Plus allows music downloads and better mapping features. That being said you can’t go wrong with the 5- sapphire

I love this watch. I have had it for almost a year now. It's only problem is you definitely need to GPS sync this watch every few days. Mine will lose a couple of minutes every few days if I don't. It will do this on it's own if you use the GPS function when running, but I don't do that outside everyday in the winter.

I bought this last week and it by far has outdone my Fenix 3!

This is my second Garmin Fenix watch. It is replacing my Fenix 3 HR. The best fitness watch I have ever owned and they made it better with the Fenix 5x. The display is crisper, colors more vibrant, faster GPS syncing, Sapphire crystal, and built in heart rate monitor. They made the best even better!!

Heart rate monitor is really off (as much as 30 beats per minute) when I run. I guess that the weight of the watch causes it to bounce around too much for the heart rate monitor to work properly. Heart rate monitor is accurate when exercising gently and for every day readings. I returned it.

This watch is truly an all-in-one jumping from screen to screen from activity to activity is seamless and smooth. This is my first time owning a GPS watch with all the bells and whistles it makes tracking my hikes making waypoints and life on the way around easier

I've had this for just over a week and I'm impressed at the features. I bought it to replace my 3rd broken fitbit and it's much bigger but it does so much more. The buttons are not intuitive but it gets easier with time. Let's see how well it holds up.

This is my second fenix. My first was a 3HR. I loved the 3HR and love the 5X even more. Yes, it is loaded with a LOT of features and settings. Yes it takes a while to learn the watch. A couple of hours up-front will pay off in spades.

I have had this for 3 weeks now and love it. A bunch of cool training features and cool tech features that make it really fun. I would say that if you are using it solely as a basic GPS distance monitor, than the price is sort of high, you could buy a more basic model. Some of the cool stuff to utilize...maps, routing, elevation profiles, different watch faces, on wrist heart rate, and the intersection with Garmin Connect on the phone to track sleep, steps, workouts, etc.

Great overall watch. Functions are easy to navigate and provide a wide range of information. Wish watch was a bit thinner and display a bit wider but that will come in new versions.

I was teetering between the Garmin Fenix 5 and the Apple watch. I decided on the Garmin and glad I did. It’s VERY accurate and does everything I need (and probably more!).

I have other expensive watches but the only one I wear is my Garmin because it keeps me active in so many ways; biking, walking and golfing you name it, I love it.

Awesome watch. Does everything other Garmin watches do, plus the built-in maps. Maps on it are detailed and in color. You can pre-load trails and routes as well.

I'm a guy who loves the charts and graphs. This keeps all my iteams in one area witch I love. I like the fact that I can have it change my step goal daily.

If you want the most important information and you want it all this is the watch to get and the batterie are in real 2 weeks without a charge

The Fenix 5x is very comfortable to wear and the design is modern and stylish. I’m happy with the many features of this watch.

It is easy to use. GPS links quickly even under trees. It is a little heavy on the wrist. Fun to change watch faces.

Great Experiencie, Love REI, great shop I really love that has product inventory, because now days that’s hard to find

So far so good I haven’t used it in a race yet looking forward to see how it compares to the 925x

Game changer. It's amazing how many things I can do with this watch.

Well worth the money! Very powerful watch with hundreds of features.

One of the best activity tracking devices that I’ve come across

Friendly navigation ,easy set up and very easy to download .

Coming off a Samsung Gear 3 watch, this is incredibly better. 2x the price yes, but well worth it. The 5X is twice the size, and I love the bulk and appearance and more solid feel to the watch. The Gear3 just always felt wimpy and breakable, especially on a larger male wrist. The 5X is both sporty but elegant, which is why I upgraded. I wear it for work, which includes a lot of travel, and with the alternate Garmin leather band, it really dresses up well and looks like a super high end watch, not just a "smart watch" like others. The features are great, the options to change faces, add apps, etc is pretty easy via the connected program on your computer.

I am only interested from a technical point in GPS watches. I recently ordered and checked whether this new version could calculate the correct bearing between two distant points. The so called fenix 2 could calculate correctly the angle of a great circle, but fenix 3 could not. So, I wanted to check whether garmin corrected this issue in the new version and to my disappointment they have not. The correct bearing between two points should be calculated using spherical trigonometry as the angle of the great circle. One could improve this approximation by considering improved models of the surface of the earth, but is not really necessary.

The Fenix 5x Saphire is my second Garmin wearable so obviously I'm a fan. I'm going to list out below an assessment of the product and features as I see have found them using the product for about 30 days.



Too big for the ladies? Are there ladies reviews out there!

You could wear it. I wore a 925xt which is about the same size just square. For me, it's the weight difference. It's a heavy watch. I never realized how light the 925 or 935 were comparatively. 


Is the metal band easy to take off and put on? Is it a QuickFit type band?

The metal band is very easy to remove. The band included is a QuickFit band that can be removed and reattached with no tools.


Why is this listed on the REI site at $850?  Am I looking at a more full featured model or should it be listed as $700?  Thanks!

The difference you are seeing is the inclusion of the $150 metal band. There is also a version that only has the silicone band for 700.


Can I upload maps other than the US? If I do, will I need to delete the US maps?

Yes, and no, there is no need to delete anything. There is a LOT of available space on the watch. I have successfully loaded things from GPSFileDepot and segments from CalTopo. You can switch "on" and "off" individual maps you have loaded from inside a given app, so if you have a map optimized for bike trails (for example) you can turn that on in the bike app and turn a DIFFERENT one on in the "Run" or "Hike" apps.


What are the differences between the 5, 5 Sapphire and the 5X Sapphire?

The Sapphire models include sapphire glass which should improve resistance to scratching, and the Sapphire models also include Wi-Fi connectivity. The 5X is only available in the Sapphire edition and includes topo maps and consequently has more processing power and storage. The mapping feature of the 5X provides you with additional functions (e.g. Round Trip Run, Round Trip Ride, etc.) that are not available on the 5 or 5s models. The other obvious difference is in case size, with the Fenix 5 being 47mm vs. the 51mm size of the Fenix 5X. The 5X is also 2mm thicker. To match the larger case size the band on the 5X is 2mm wider. Battery life comparison is close between the two but slightly better in the Fenix5 (probably due to the extra processing power of the 5X adding to power consumption). Hope that helps. You can do a comparison on the Garmin site between the two, and the DCRainmaker website has an excellent article on the Fenix 5 with comparisons between models, photos, etc. Between the article, and the discussion in the posts, you will probably walk away knowing more than you want to!.


Does this watch the Fenix 5x Sapphire have Garmin Pay? Contactless payment?

No, the 5 Plus models do take Garmin Pay, but not the basic 5's.​


I scull, will I be able to use the watch to track stroke, distance, pace, etc?

Yes, this is a great choice of watch for water sports.


What’s the return policy? 

You can read more about our return and exchange policy here:


Is the Garmin Fenix 5x Sappire shock resistant?

This watch will sustain minor shock from impact, but is not resistant to electrical shock.


Does it come with a charger?

Yes, a charger is included in the package.


I want to use a Fenix 5x for multiple sports including horseback riding. My question is if there is a way for me to track horseback rides so that it doesn’t force me to log it as a hike? In other words, I want my hikes/stats to be separate from my horse’s

This watch does not include a horseback riding activity tracker however, it does have the capabilities to add a custom activity so you can create one for horseback riding. Keep in mind there isn't a mode that will track your horse independent of your metrics.


For a hiker, why would this watch be superior to using GaiaGPS on my phone?

The biggest advantage of this watch compared to a GPS app on your phone is the fact that is does not need cellphone reception to function. If you are in the middle of nowhere and there is no cell reception you can still use this watch to navigate. Other features include a barometric pressure based altimeter and 3-axis compass for navigation.


What is the maximum altitude this watch is capable of?

With proper calibration, this watch can measure altitude up to 30,000 feet. Past this, the accuracy may not be accurate.


I wanted to know if the price of the watch buying it in the store personally is the same as buying it for your website ??

Yes, the price will be the same online and in our stores.

Big LU

What size is this? 51?

Yes, the case size is 51 mm.


I’ve had this watch since it came out. Love it. The band broke & is gone. Can anyone tell me exactly how long the band is AND/ESPECIALLY how long it is to the hole making it the shortest band? I’m a woman. Love the watch.

The wrist diameter of this watch at its smallest circumference (hole position) is 3 cm, meaning the wrist circumference is 18.84 centimeters (7.4 inches) around. Also, for choosing a replacement band know that the long band piece is 4.75 inches and the shorter band piece (with the buckle) is 3.75 inches, with a total length of 10.5 inches when attached to the watch. The band at its broadest width is 26 millimeters.


Which Versions of this watch can use spotify to store music when away from my phone?

​The Spotify feature is available on this watch and all Fenix 5 watches.


Does REI offers extended warranties for Garmin 5x plus?  And if so how long?

​Great question! We unfortunately do not offer any type of extended warranty program for this watch.


Can you store music on the watch and play it via bluetooth?

​No, this watch cannot download or store audio files. However, you can control music playback on your smartphone from this watch.


Can I use it with Strava?

Yes, this watch can be used with Strava.


Will this watch give me accurate altitude readings in Nepal on an Everest Base Camp trek?

Yes, the barometric altimeter can give very accurate readings.


Does this watch come with 2 bands?

The slate gray/metal watch comes with a metal band and includes a second silicone QuickFit band. The slate gray/black watch comes with a silicone QuickFit watch band only.


Can I download music on this? If so, which apps? Can I pair it with Bluetooth headphones and listen to downloaded music without my phone?

​This watch cannot download or store audio files. However, you can control music playback on your smartphone from this watch.


Is it true that a Garmin Fenix 5x sapphire will only last you 4 years max?

​If treated properly, these is no reason this watch will not last you longer than 4 years.


Does this watch come with a charger or do I have to buy one separately?

​The Fenix 5X Sapphire GPS Watch comes with a USB data cable which doubles as your charging cable. You can plug this directly into your computer to charge slowly at a 1.0 amp rate. To charge from a standard wall outlet (2.0 to 2.4 amp rate), you then need to purchase a USB wall charger.


Is this watch touchscreen?

​No, screens are accessed using the side buttons.


Could SAR track me down with this in an emergency situation?

​No, the Fenix watches are not designed for this purpose.


Is there a service contract with phone carrier?  Is there a cost of map service or using gps maps while navigation on water in a boat  or yacht 

This watch does not require a service plan/contract to operate. The 100K topo map of the United States is pre-loaded on the watch and ready to go.


Can this be used as a navagating Bahamas or Gulf of Mexico 

This watch can be used in the Bahamas or the Gulf of Mexico, but the watch only has a topo map of the Unites States. When used in other countries, waypoints or routes will show up on the basic base map without data such as contour of the land or points of interest.


Navigate on water ? As if boat 

You can use this watch to navigate from waypoint to waypoint on a boat.


Can I receive phone calls on this watch?? I know you get text and call notification, but can you actually talk on it while your phone is in your bag or pocket??

You cannot use the watch as a replacement for your phone.


how long does it take to charge the battery? If I'm on a weeklong trip and need to charge it daily, will a folding solar pad be enough?

​The charge time for this watch is approximately 2 hours depending on the power source. Depending on the output, a portable solar charging system should be enough to charge this watch.


Can I download Halfmile maps to this GPS watch?

​No, you cannot download Halfmile maps to this device.


I am strongly considering this watch for use on the AT. Will this watch offer the best performance for the AT or are there other brands/models that I should consider?

This watch is a great choice for hiking the AT. The biggest feature this watch offers when compared to others is the built-in, full-color TOPO map of the United States.


Earlier gen Fenix 5X's had issues with the charging port connect - I believe they were silver. Garmin resolved with later gens & they are now gold. Can you confirm if I buy one via your online store I will get the latest gen WITH THE GOLD CONNECTOR?

​Garmin did have an issue early on with the charging cords that came with this watch. The actual charging connectors on the watch were not affected and are fine. Garmin redesigned the charging cable and used a different alloy on the connectors (which appears gold in color). Garmin has confirmed that as of spring 2017, the inventory of this watch has been updated with the redesigned charging cable.


So you don’t get a dividend when paying $600+ on this item? Am I reading that right?

​REI members earn a dividend on eligible purchases. Items from REI Garage or items that are discounted do not accrue a dividend. More information is available here:


The maps are only for US ? Can be uploaded other ex Europe ....? Thx 

​This watch does not come with international maps, however they can be downloaded from Garmin directly.


Is the only reason for the $150 difference between the Slate Gray/Black and the Slate Gray/Metal, the color and the additional metal band? Are they otherwise identical watches with the same len and internal works?

The metal band is the only difference between the two. The face material and performance features are all the same.


How will the watch connect to an iPhone 7 (WIFI or BlueTooth)? Are there any Garmin-supported iPad apps? Does Garmin supply location information to 3rd parties for any reason?

​This watch can easily connect to an iPhone 7 via Bluetooth Smart or Wi-Fi. Gamin does have their own app called Garmin Connect IQ which allows you to view more detailed data on both an iPhone and an iPad. Third party applications (Strava, MapMyRun, etc.) are compatible with this watch. For location sharing information, we recommend contacting Garmin directly.


Does this watch have an alarm clock?

​Yes, the Fenix 5 does have an alarm clock.


Does this model have phone alerts and notifications? Thanks!

​This watch can display phone alerts such text messages, e-mails and incoming call alerts.


What does size "regular" mean? That is not a Garmin size. They state 42, 47, and 51mm. Why so deliberately obtuse? And, why report only "display" size when all watch manufacturers refer to case size. Also, deliberately obtuse. That sux.

The Garmin Fenix 5X only comes in one size. The watch has a 51 mm case size.


I need a watch which shows, in addition to time, three numbers : 1) longitude, 2) lattitude, and altitude of the standing point. In your description, I see that this watch shows the altitude. Does it show also the longitude and lattitude ?

​The 5X model does show longitude and latitude and altitude as part as the GPS function for hiking. However, the longitude and latitude display separate from the altitude information in the watch functions/data fields.

Casey L

Is this watch not eligible for a dividend?  I'm confused because it doesn't mention that members will receive an estimated dividend of $XX.XX...  Thank you.

Yes, this item will earn a member dividend as long as you are purchasing it at regular price.


Does this not show grade? (Not ascent but the grade.) I can't find it if it does. I might return if it's not. My 925xt does. Not sure if the 935 has it.

This watch does not offer a 'grade' feature.


Will REI members who purchase the Fenix 5x receive the 10% member dividend? Most products have this information posted on the product page. But I don't see it on the page.

​Yes, as long as this watch is not on sale, members will get a 10% dividend.


Does this watch have the ability to track your steps on a tread mill or other gym devices ...

There is a treadmill option for recording your runs indoors as well as bike indoor, row indoor, strength and 'other' where you are able to make up your own sport.


I just ordered 5x. How likely will I get it before july. I have a trip to Mount Whitney was hoping it to use it then?

Please contact us by phone at 1-800-426-4840 for order availability information.

Tom A

Do any of the stores have demo models? I'd like to check it out before making a final decision.

Please contact your nearest REI store to inquire if they have the watch in stock for you to test out:


In hiking/climbing will it keep track of total feet ascent and total feet descent on a daily/weekly basis? In other words 'How many feet have I ascended today and how many descended??? not a net amount.

You can save elevation data directly to this watch. You can then view your total ascent/descent data via the Garmin Connect app.

Bert van Mackelenbergh

REI has this watch available but Garmin has a 3-5 wk delivery time.....same watch, same product number. Does someone has any idea how that is possible?

​Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for more information about backorders and stock.


Do the current Fenix watches have jump master mode like the Fenix II did? This determines whether I get another one or go to a faster, more reliable watch. 

The Fenix 5 series watches do have the Jumpmaster feature.


If I buy the F5X with metal band, WHAT COLOR is the extra silicone strap? Is it black?

Yes, the silicone band is black.

Bert van Mackelenbergh

if I buy the Running Dynamics Pod for my Fenix 5x, do I still need to buy a foot sensor and HR strap, or does the Running Dynamics Pod takes any of these functions over?

​The only information you cannot get with Running Dynamics Pod when running indoors is distance. If you are trying to see how far you run when training indoors, the Garmin Foot Pod is still required.


Will this work in Nepal / worldwide?

Yes, this watch will work anywhere in the world.


I just bought my Fenix 5 yesterday from REI but my light is so dim that I can barely see the face? Does anyone know how to adjust the contrast of the watch?

You can set the contrast under "set-up" then "display" and choosing "contrast." There is a backlight brightness setting under "display" as well, but this does not brighten the display continuously only for the backlight intervals. Please contact the manufacturer if you need more assistance.


Is the Fenix 5x sold with a chest heart rate monitor bundle?If not, which chest heart rate monitor can you purchase to pair with it?

​We do not sell the 5x in a bundle. The Garmin HRM 3 Premium Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap will work with the Fenix watches.


if you do not have a computer's USB port available, can one use a cell phone (e.g.IPhone 7+) charger to charge the Fenix 5X?

​Yes, you can use another charger if you like.


I ordered the Slate Gray/ Black ($700) 5X on 4-10-2017 and it was backordered. As of 4-18-2017 6:00 PM PST the website says that the same model will ship by April 25 if order by 9 AM on 4-19-17. Will backordered watches be shipped by then as well?

I can't answer your question directly, but I called REI earlier this week and was told the 5X is expected 5/22/17. I'd be happy to have it earlier, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.


What is the diameter for the Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Multisport GPS heart rate monitor? Is this ready to be shipped as soon as I place the order or is it still to be pre-ordered?

The case size is 51 mm. Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for more information about pre-orders.


Does this watch allow you to upload .gpx files for climbing/hiking? Also, do you think it's a good replacement for a GPSMAP® 62stc with Garmin US TOPO 24K?

​Yes, this watch can use GPX files. This watch will be much smaller than your GPS unit, but can replace it for its mapping features.


The description of the Fenix 5X states that UltraTrac battery saver mode lasts up to 50 hrs. Garmin's own product page for the Fenix 5X states that UltraTrac mode delivers up to only 35 hours of battery life. Why is there discrepancy?

The battery life in UltraTrac mode is estimated at 35 hours. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will update the information on as soon as possible.


Why isnt it available for purchase online anymore? I see the other models on the website but not the 5x

Please contact us at 1 (800) 426-4840 for availability information.


It looks like REI isn't stocking the Fenix 5x as of 4/1/17. Can you confirm the REI will continue selling the 5x at some point in the near future? If it will be carried in the future, why isn't it available for backorder?

Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for more information about backorders.


Your site says the Fenix 5x is regular size? Not sure what that means, Im looking for the 51mm and before i pre-order i want to make sure that regular size is 51mm. Can you confirm this for me? Thanks,

The Garmin 5x only comes in one size.  51mm refers to the diameter of the face.


Do you plan to sell the HRM-Run or HRM-Tri individually?  I've only seen them included in bundles.   Thanks!

As of April 2017, we are out of stock of these items and do not know when they will become available again.


I really want the metal band, but I'm concerned that it will not fit my wrist. Does it have an extender or extra links or can I order and extra large metal band? I recently tried-on a Fenix 3 with metal bad in my local REI store, but it way too small.

As of March 2017, we do not have any plans to carry an extender or extra links for this watch. We recommend contacting the Garmin directly.


Is this watch (5X) in stock?

​Please contact us at 1-800-426-4840 to inquire about availability.


CAN I use this Watch with a suunto chest strap and sensor ?

The Fenix 5 series supports both ANT + and Bluetooth Smart so you should be covered for heart rate data. If your Suunto also provides advanced running metrics like ground contact time or vertical ratio there is no guarantee that this information will be captured by your Fenix 5, since each manufacture may implement the transmission of this data in a slightly different way. If all you are interested in is heart rate data, you are good to go. If you want the other features you can try the Suunto sensor, but you may find that you need to purchase something like the Garmin HRM-Run to capture additional metrics.

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