GOOD TO-GO - Bibimbap - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

Appearance: dirty wet ground up dumpster cardboard, muddy gravel

I don't agree with the average reviewer on this flavor or brand: it's a ready meal not a Grubhub order. After considerable backpacking I downed this Bibimbap bag and it was DELICIOUS. If you expect it to be exact to a Korean restaurant order you will be disappointed. If you expect it to be decently flavored food after working hard enough to warrant a high calorie meal then you will love your life. This was better than most Mountain House meals I have tried and had nothing but wholesome ingredients as opposed to it's mainstream counterpart.

2 servings is actually true. With most other brands, 2 servings label is an exaggeration that always leaves me under fed. The spiciness is just right for my highly sensitive taste buds, maybe 1-2 stars spiciness.

Maybe would consider eating this if there was a zombie apocalypse. This is not bibimbap and not even close to it. It does not even have one of the most important ingredient (chili paste) Don't understand how this even made it on the market. If you want bibimbap for backpacking, Woori bibimbap is probably the best way to go.

This one was so good. I like really spicy food and this did have a good spice level and flavorful.

Surprised that this one gets such mixed reviews, it's actually my favorite Good To Go meal and I bring one on almost every trip. I eat a lot of Korean food and while this isn't quite the same as real Bibimbap, it gets the big flavors right and has some nuance. One serving is less than I want, but two servings is a bit too much; but I just power through anyway.

If you are looking for something uniquely Asian other than the ubiquitous Pad Thai, Terriyaki Chicken, or Kung Pao Chicken offerings, I recommend this meal. I found the heat just about right. You could enhance it even more by mixing in some trailside edible greens.

Was excited to try this Bibimbap so got home and followed the instructions on the bag. The look of the finished product was like someone vomited in the bag and unfortunately the taste was the same as the appearance. Nasty stuff.

Pretty good for a dehydrated meal. I would give it five stars if it weren't for the little stick-like bits that you have to spit out periodically. Impressed to find a meal with a little spice for a change.

Ended up eating less than half of this, despite being rather hungry. If you like spicy, tasteless food, this is a perfect choice. If you want something you'll actually enjoy, look elsewhere.

The Bibimbap was a bit spicy for some of my friends, but I really liked it and appreciated the variety it added from the standard pasta or Mexican vegetarian dehydrated camp food options.

Force fed myself a third of the bag before I gave up. Worst freeze dried meal I have ever eaten. Super spicy also. Has about 5 billion sesame seeds.

Not crazy about the texture, the flavor is fine. It's like eating minced up raw vegetables that crunch. I would prefer it if it were softer.

Texture was okay, but there was next to no flavor. It was spicy-ish, but lacked any other taste profile. Won't be buying this one again.

I really enjoy this brand. They are a little more expensive but we'll worth the extra in taste.

Do you like spicy cardboard? Then here is the meal for you!


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