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Good To Go may be my favorite general brand of trail food right now, but breakfasts are where they go to pieces. I was on a group trail-clearing trip when I tried this, and incredibly hungry, and laughing before I opened it that this would have to be the best thing I'd eaten to justify over six bucks for a single serving of instant oatmeal. This was in every way a disappointment. While their overpriced granola is at least really interesting texturally and calorically dense, this oatmeal doesn't really have any strong characteristics. It's over-seasoned with an odd mix of spices, it has very little textural variation, and none of the ingredients' flavors can compete with the seasoning. You can buy twenty-five oatmeal packs at the grocery store for the price of one of these, and they'll be no different texture-wise, and more appropriately spiced. Ignoring price I'd give it two stars; but given the high price it's really hard to justify this item even existing.

 We have all eaten our share of oatmeal breakfasts in the backcountry. Many opt for the grocery store bought packets, which aren't necessarily great, and are usually loaded with sugar, and not much else. I have been in the habit of creating my own ziploc oatmeal packets with oats, nuts, cranberries, raisins, and brown sugar, which is decent, but not perfect.

Flavor not good. I am a fan of the savory but this oatmeal is over the top with Tumeric and other savory spices.

REI stopped stocking on Mary Janes Farm breakfast meals, so I decided to try this. It was okay, however the taste did not want me to finish it. Will go back to Mary Janes by ordering from their website.

This looked like a creative and delicious blend of ingredients but none of my group liked it. The flavor was unpleasant and hard to describe. All the other products from Good To-Go were fantastic.

Turmeric and Cardamom? Replace those with blue berries and strawberries and this could be phenomenal. There's a reason the package doesn't list a flavor... I should have gone with my gut.

This is a savory oatmeal which I wasn’t expecting and didn’t want. If you like Middle Eastern or Indian food this oatmeal might be a pleasant surprise for you. For


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