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I only rode the bike in the vicinity of the REI store where it was bought. My limited experience tells me that it provides a comfortable ride, smooth shifters and sporty appearance. I'll have more to say later as it out for rides on different terrain.

I ordered this bike and chose to return it after the rest ride.



is it possible to custom order one of these with shimano shifters? im not a fan of grip shifters just a personal preference of mine.

No, we do not place custom orders. Our store bikes shops are set up to make upgrades at minimum prices. Please contact your near REI store for details:


What is the weight limit of this bike

This bike has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.


I just bought this bike, the manual doesn’t have instructions for removing the front wheel, can you help me find this info? 

This bike features a quick release. We recommend stopping by your local bike shop for hands on learning, and check out this article:


Do the wheels come taped for tubeless?

​Yes, the rims are taped and tubeless ready.


What fenders does REI carry that fit this bike and tires?

The Portland Design Works Sodapop Fender Set is a good choice for this bike.


I want to ride with a Burley Encore trailer. Would the Burley Hitch Adapter ( be what I need to attach the hitch and trailer? It doesn't look like there's a lot of clearance to attach the hitch.

​The Burley Encore Bike Trailer is compatible with this bike without the need for an adapter.


Can I attach a front rack and/or basket to this bike? I notice the other CTY models specifically say "fender and *rear* rack compatible," where this bike is "fender and rack compatible." Does that mean I can attach a front rack?

Yes, this bike can accommodate fenders and racks in the front and rear. Axiom Cycling Gear Journey DLX Lowrider Front Bike Rack is a good choice for this bike.


I'm interested in this bike but I'm a little confused as for the wheel size. I've never saw 650b size. I went to go see if I could get that size tube in local stores but didn't see it. I asked around and heard 27.5" is the same. Is this true?

Yes, 27.5 inch tubes will work with the 650b tires on this bike. Because the tire width on this bike is 1.85 inches, be sure to check the recommended tire width and valve type of the tube you are buying.


 Can this thing fit a 50 mm with Tire?

​Yes, the STP i23 TCS 650B rims and the rear wheel, frame spacing and front fork can accept a 50mm wide tire.


can i run 50mm tires on this bike? please? will it work?

Yes, the STP i23 TCS 650B rims have a 23mm internal rim width, and the rear wheel stays and front fork provide some additional clearance. So, you can successfully add 650B X 50mm tires to the bike without swapping out the wheelset.


What is the point of mixing hub types, front - true axle and rear - drop out? Why not have both of the hubs of the same type?

We used a 15 mm through-axle on the front wheel to improve performance. However, the skewer still has a quick-release lever for easy removal.


I have this bike and would like to have a smaller chainring. SRAM makes a 34 and 36 tooth chainring for the NX.  Besides shortening the chain will the smaller chainrings work on this bike?

​We recommend contacting a bike tech at your local REI for help changing the componentry on this bike.


Are the frame and fork both thru axles?

The fork is a thru-axel and the frame is a drop-out.


Is this bike tubeless ready?

Yes, this bike is tubeless ready.


What is the maximum width tire that can be used on this bike?

​You can include a tire with a width up to 49mm (1.95 inches) in size.


What rear bike rack will fit this model?

The Planet Bike Versa Rear Bike Rack is a good choice for this bike.


What tube does REI sell for these tires?

The 27.5 x 2.1 - 2.35 Co-op Cycles Presta Tube is a good choice for this bike.


What is the weight of this bike?

​​We're sorry, that information is unavailable as of February 2018.


What is the effective top tube length for large and XL sizes? Thanks.

​The effective top tube length for large is 600 mm/23.6". XL is 620 mm/24.4".


What is the reach (distance from seat post to center of handle bars) of an XL size?

​The effective top length for this bike in an XL frame is 62cm (24.4 inches).


How many teeth on the chainring? Thanks.

​This bike has a 38-tooth chainring.


Do you have a size chart? I'm 6'1" and currently ride a 58 cm bike.

​Based on the information that you provided, you will more than likely need a large sized frame in this bike. The standover height (measurement from the top tube to ground) for the large bike is 30.3 inches. The standover height for the XL bike is 32. Inches. We recommend taking your rider inseam measurement (crotch to ground with shoes on) and comparing that to the standover measurements listed above. You typically want 1 to 2 inches of clearance between you and the top tube with both feet flat on the ground.


Is the XS a 24” to 28” inch bike? I’m interested in installing a kickstand and it looks like some have this size requirement. 

​This bike has a 27.5 inch tire.


What are the geometry/measurements of this bike? Interested in the frame sizes and the tire clearance. Thanks!

​We're sorry, that information is unavailable as of November 2017.

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