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Bought one today. Took it out for about 30 miles and loved it. Great bike.

Great bike! Not 5 stars because the seat is not very comfortable. I did get a cushion that helps. I’m looking to get a replacement seat other then that the bike is very solid and put together. Gear sifting is smooth and it has awesome breaks,

Great product and nice parts on bike. Especially the pneumatic breaking system.

Great ride, quality gears and components, a good all around bike for city or gravel roads

Going on my 3rd season and I still love this bike!

Great design and functionality. This is an all around good solid bike for trails and city commuting.



Is the seat adjustable on this bike??

​Yes, the seat post adjusts by using an allen key to loosen the seat post clamp.


What are all the differences between this and the 1.2? Why choose one over the other with such similar price point 

The 2.2 has a front suspension, the 1.2 does not. The 1.2 is 4 lbs. lighter and has skinner wheels. The front derailleur of the 2.2 is one step up in Shimano's hierarchy.


I am looking for a mirror to fit onto these handlebars without interfering with my grip. It looks like there's no end cap on these to use mirrors that go onto the ends. What is suggested?

We suggest removing the end cap on the grip and installing a mirror such as the 3rd Eye Handlebar End Mirror.​


What type of kickstand can be used on this bike? I do not see the typical mounting brackets on the side.

We encourage you to contact a bike tech at your local REI to find the best kickstand for this bike.


How does the 2.2 compare with the Ghost Square 4.8 as far as light off-paved riding? Without being a bike enthusiast are there noticeable differences in the Shimano components in general, or are these bikes not in the same niche?

These bikes are fairly comparable. The front fork on the CTY 2.2 has more travel. This is makes it more efficient when traveling on rougher roads/trails. The suspension can also be locked out when travel on smooth paved roads. The Square Cross 4.8 has 3 more gears and higher grade components. The Shimano Deore drivetrain is lighter in weight and is going to shifter smoother for longer periods of time.


What is the axle diameter of the 2.2? I need to purchase a front fork bike mount. Is the diameter 15 mm or 20 mm? Thanks.

The front axle diameter is 15mm for this bike.


What is the widest tire I can put on this bike.

​We don't recommend choosing a tire wider than 44 mm wide for the stock rim.


Can this bike use 42mm tires?

​Yes, you can put 42 mm wide tires on this bike.


Hello, I am looking for a good commuting bike to school (and hopefully work) but I live in a rainy city with lots of steep hills with more than 40° ascent/descent. Would this bike be a good choice for that?

This bike is a great choice for commuting. It has a good range of gears for climbing and disc brakes for reliable braking in wet conditions.


what size tube do i get for a M

​You can choose a 700-sized tube that fits tire widths of 35 to 43mm for this bike.


What rear rack will fit this bike I tried the planet bike rack and it does not work

​The CTY 2.2 bike has all of the braze-on points (screw holes) to add a traditional rear cargo rack. However, because it has disc braking you can select a rear rack that works with disc brakes. You can find this feature call-out (disc mounts) in the name of the product or the Technical Specs for the listing of the rack. The Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Rack with Disc Mounts is a great choice.


I am a Seattlite wondering what type of fenders work with this model?

​The 45mm Planet Bike SpeedEZ Fenders are a good choice for this bike.


is this a good vike to switch from street to trail? 

​This bike has front suspension to give you a smooth, comfortable ride on light trails. The fork also has a lockout option to give you better efficiency while riding on pavement. This bike is an excellent choice for urban cycling on varied terrain.


What is the best/appropriate kickstand for the City 2.2?

​We encourage you to contact a bike tech at your local REI to find the best kickstand for this bike.


What is the max load weight for this bike and can it be increased by increasing the number of spokes on the wheel?

The maximum recommended weight for this bike is 250 pounds; this does not increase by increasing the number of spokes.

Bill T

What is the diameter of the seat post (in mm)? I have a Weehoo kid's trailer I want to attach to it and want to make sure it fits. Thanks!

​The diameter of the seat post measures 31.6mm.


Does it come with a kickstand

​No, this bike does not include a kickstand.

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