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I have narrow feet and my second toe is longer than my big toe. Finding good hiking shoes is hard. These were suggested by an REI employee and are perfect. Great shoes.

I wore these for the first time out of the box on a 11-mile hike and they were really comfortable. I bought size 8 which i normally wear and they fit great.

These boots are very light and soft. I was so excited to wear them, but on a quick walk outside in damp grass, they soaked right through to my socks. Also, they run small in the toe box. I wear an 8.5 (40 EU) in the X-Mission trail runners, but need a 9 in these boots. Really, really wanted to love them and keep them, but have to send them back. Exchanging for the X Ultra 3 GTX. Hoping for better results!!!

Love them. Did havasupai falls (35 miles backpacking 25 lbs in 3 days) right out of the box. They will let sand in through the vents though, but that’s what I get for not going with waterproof.

Super light, comfortable and supportive, HOWEVER...the mesh lets in every speck of dirt and dust no matter where you are and within a very short time, I have to take them off and dump out the sand, dirt, etc. Also, my feet end up coming out black with dirt because so much gets inside, even when I wear gaiters over the top. I want to love these but I can't have shoes that my feet end up dirtier wearing shoes than going barefoot. I've worn these for a variety of long and short hikes including half dome.

These have been absolutely amazing straight out of the box. I tried on 3 different ones that the REI employee recommended and these were the best by far. Very lightweight, not stiff, comfortable, and breathable.


Intended to buy the waterproof design but changed to these based on the salesperson’s recommendation. First time wearing them was hiking Lost Maples on New Years. About 19k steps later with rough,steep terrain for at least 1.5 miles up then back down and I’m very happy with them. Still comfortable at the end of the day & no blisters. Although that quick slip into the creek had me wishing for the waterproof.

Wore these for a 3 week backpacking trip through southern Utah. Felt like spider man with the awesome grip. Got me through 20 miles of the narrows and I expect they’ll last a lot longer. Highly recommend!

These are incredibly comfortable out of the box, offer decent support for inclines, declines, rough terrain, etc. my only issues is that the laces tend to loosen up on me and I have to stop and re-tighten around the ankle. After a week of constant use On a hiking trip through Arizona this week, I learned to tighten a little more than necessary and double knot, as they’d eventually loosen up a little on me. This seemed to help some.

I couldn’t say more about these boots! These are some of the most comfortable shoes I own. I hiked miles in these without any thought of my feet hurting.

It’s not often you can wear a hiking boot right out of the box without breaking it in. These boots are amazingly comfortable.

Wore these on a two week trip traveling and hiking around Israel. I would recommend these to anyone.



Does this newer version of the Aero have a stiffer or thicker sole up through the ball of the foot compared to the previous version? I am looking for a boot that has more protection from rocks than the Salomon trail running shoes.

​The sole of the X Ultra 3 is the same as the X Ultra 2 in terms of thickness. The tread pattern on the newer model was redesigned to keep your foot more stable when descending.

Sugar Foot

What are the differences between this boot and /salomon-x-ultra-mid-aero-hiking-boots-womens Which boot provides the best support? Thank you

​Along with being lighter weight, the Ultra 3 uses Descent Control technology which offers greater heel hold, stability and protection from rough terrain. Also, the boots use a new outsole for improved traction on technical terrain. We advise these boots over the previous generation for added support.


What is the release date?

Please contact us directly at (800) 426-4840 for more information about backorders.

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