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Wore them for 30 miles and over 9,000 feet of vertical over 4 days in Yosemite brand new right out of the box. Paired with willford hiking socks I had no blisters, no tired feet, and hardly any slippage on some fairly steep descents. Great stability, almost no slippage when tied like they are in the picture. Overall the best pair of hiking boots I've ever owned. Will be buying another pair when I wear these out...but it could be a while!

I bought these boots to replace my Merrell Moabs. I was a little skeptical at first, since I've only ever owned Merrells and I didn't think they could be beat. I was wrong. Not only are these fantastic hiking boots, but I've been using the job as well. I ended up buying a half size larger than what I normally wear. I haven't noticed any sort of slippage or my foot moving around either. The waterproofing holds up well. My feet do not sweat at all in these boots. Boots stay tight and fit well even after a long day of use.

These are hands down the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I’ve had multiple pairs of Vasque, Merrell, Danner, Asolo, Lowa, LaSprotiva and Nike over the last 40 years. I was skeptical that a boot this light would have the support and protection I wanted, but I was blown away by these. Fantastic support over some very rocky terrain on a 12 mile day hike. They also handled the trail with some nasty wet / icy conditions as well. Great support and traction in a boot that feels like my running shoes! I’m sold.

Needed a pair of boots to replace some very old ones I tossed long ago. Did a 5.5 mile hike around Mt Rainier with them the day after I purchased them. It was not a trivial hike and we went over some pretty rough terrain. They were comfortable and provided good support. The only thing that I experienced was what I had read from other reviews - namely the boot laces do not stay tied. So you either have to really cinch them down which becomes uncomfortable or keep them comfortably tight but tie them more often. Other than that, the boots are really nice (light weight too!).

i bought my Salomon X Ultra at REI 2.5 years ago. I wear them for occasional hikes, so they have not been worn intensely. The entire lateral part of the sole on both boots has totally unglued. REI said it was past their one year warranty and Salomon said it was past their 2 year warranty. I will be back this week to buy Merrels

The gore tex in the boot does not work as intended. They stay dry for a little while, but the outside of the shoes saturate way too easy (all the layers of material and stitching), and after some time it does soak into the gore tex layer. I use these shoes mostly as bike commute shoes for the rain, but have taken them camping as well. They might work fine for quick errands in the rain, but between soaking easily and taking forever to dry, I don't know that they do what they are meant to.

This is an amazing boot if you are looking for a boot you can just put on and start hiking with no worry about breaking them in or getting blisters. They are some of the lightest boots I've worn. The soles are solid. I find this to be a good thing but I was looking for a hiking boot as close to a light boot similar to the miltary boots from nike. Only negative thing for me was the ankle support. The boot covers the ankle but the design makes dips down in the back and doesn't fit snug to the ankle. It's loose around the ankle, so you have to get use to this.

Used these hybrid newcomers on a long trip in the Sangre de Christos outside Santa Fe. Out of the box a little narrow, but they are in admirably. The Vibram sole grips well on wet rocks, and the variable lug/eyelet placement made lacing adjustments on uphill/downhills a breeze. The breathability was decent, but at a size 9, they run somewhat small and were only able to accommodate a single sock layer. Would recommend for moderate length backpacking and hiking on non technical terrain.

Overall impression: Good boot, supportive, great tread, very good waterproofing, not easy to lace up. Has a few things that could be improved: cut out the hard excess toe guard material (could save on weight) and maybe make the shoe less stiff, cut out excess ankle padding to allow an easier lace up (socks provide padding too), and make a little more room in the toe box. Good for day hikes, nothing over 8 miles. Wouldn't want it for a week long backpacking trip.

I've been wearing Keen Targhee's for the past 10+ years, still love them and wear the vented models, but the waterproofing always seems to leak in the same spot pretty early on. I was in need of something a bit more "waterproof" and after reading the reviews I decided to try these out.

I bought these boots in August of 2018, and have worn them perhaps 20 times, a total of maybe 200 miles of day hikes in the Pacific Northwest. I have wide feet, and these boots fit well. The boots are light and waterproof. It felt like a privilege to be wearing them because of this. However, the lugs are not deep, and they slip on mud. They are not appropriate for difficult terrain because of this.

I read many reviews praising this Salomon model of boots and decided to pull this trigger as I was looking for something that I could use every day on the trails for work. A boot that could provide both stability and comfort, with an extended lifetime. However, I found out, rather my heels found out that there is a seam that runs the entire length of heel.

We hiked in the Raleigh NC area several times to break these boots in before heading to Alaska. These boots handle walking through several glacial melt run-offs just fine. The traction is terrible on snow which resulted in just slipping and sliding no matter how I walked. The traction over muddy and slippery boulders were best accomplished with a four points of contact approach. These boots made my knees, back, and hips hurt from the lack of cushioning in the boot itself. My feet felt every root, rock, boulder, and oddly enough root mat under the tundra. I think there needs to be a tang built into this boot to prevent the penetration of objects into the ball of your feet. I did need to find the wide version and try them on before purchasing them, but I always wear a wide boot/shoe.

I recently did a 56 mile piece of the JMT and wanted to try footwear that was lighter and more flexible than the heavy duty boots I have used for several years now. These Solomon Ultra X 3 were just the ticket. I experienced two hot spots, one on my baby toes on each foot. Applying mole skin to both avoided any actual blisters. The dramatically lighter weight and higher flexibility of the ball of my foot allowed me to avoid a "cramping" problem I have been having since I turned 64. I am pleased with the outcome but do believe that these will not give me the same mileage as the heavier boots I have used in the past. The tremendous grip of the soles and the water proof uppers were icing on the cake.

The Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX hiking boot is an ideal boot for day hikes, light backpacking trips, and exploring in town. It is the perfect boot put on when you know the Quest 4D's are overkill, but trail runners might not provide enough support.

Took this shoe on 3 hikes.

Thumbs up! They fit like a glove, maybe a touch narrow, but not enough to size up or get the wide version (for me). They look bad a$&. I used them for a week in Norway and wore them everyday. They are light and form fitting to a degree so i can see how others commented on forgetting they had them on. The grip on wet grass, dirt, rocks and pavement was fantastic. Exactly what I hoped for, given the reviews, and I can’t find anything to quibble about. The waterproofing made these run a bit hot but that would be expected. On a hot day that may bother some people but with weather in the 50s there was no problem. On the airplane, it was noticeable. Highly recommended for those looking for a solid pair of hikers with a wide range of possibilities.

The feel under foot is fantastic - great tread and traction with a wonderful amount of cushion. The forefoot fit is perfect. I really liked these, however, they lacked any ankle support. Mind you I run into this problem across the board - I have a average to wide forefoot and a skinny ankle. No matter how I laced these, my ankle lifted and shifted. This mid provided the same support a shoe would for me. I was disappointed as overall I like how these felt, but they served no purpose for my particular foot with the lack of support in the heel. I encountered this problem across the board with Salomon hiking boots.

It is a beast. It's very comfortable, and gore-tex material surely hold up!

I bought these last summer and really enjoyed them.The fit was great and they did great on a 30 mile backpacking trip. I was getting ready to do some more trails when I noticed that the sole of the boot was separating at one of the seams.

Overall, they were fairly comfortable right out of the box and felt more like a shoe than a traditional hiking boot and they are super easy to get on and off. After some longer wear it's clear they either need some more padding/support in key areas and are maybe better suited for a narrower foot than mine.

I liked several things about the boot and it fit me well. I do lite hiking, at the time maybe 4-5 miles on each outing. The sole started to separate after about a month and continually got worse. Finally it began to leak water at very low water crossings and I called it quits. Poor construction or bad choice of glue on the sole, whatever the reason I would never buy these again. I can see why they're being dramatically discounted. If you use these as more than a shelf-queen you'll be disappointed.

I primarily scramble and hike over rough terrain. The boots are comfortable, lightweight and waterproof. The sole’s grip isn’t good enough for scrambling. And the sole’s are thin between the tread pattern, so you can feel rocks and uneven terrain as you hike. My feet were in real pain after hiking about 3 miles on a rocky trail. Seem best suited for groomed trails and sidewalk use, and there are much cheaper options for those activities.

Overall good boot. Lightweight and good water resistance.

This is my second pair. Same size. Earlier pair were superior. This “new and improved” version not up to the comparison. Cheaper construction? Earlier version had a better lacing system. Pictured (left). The present boots are noisy and literally pop with each stride. Most annoying! Finally re-laced in an odd configuration to help silence. (Pictured right.) Great hiking on desert, mountain rocks. Nice support. Nice traction.

This and earlier versions have been my primary hiking footwear for 10 years now. My wife and I hike frequently year round in Colorado and the mountain west and I put in quite a lot of miles in these boots. Comfort and support is excellent for the weight and in the last few years use them for backpacking as well. They keep my feet dry, are durable and have great traction on wet rock. I do not have trouble with my feet overheating though if hiking in very hot weather or deserts I wear low top on other footwear without Gortex. Have tried other similar style boots over the years and have always quickly switched back.

Maybe its just the pair I received, but I bought the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX in 02/15 when it was on sale, and bought a second pair, the Salomon X Ultra Mid II GTX, in 11/15, also when it was on sale. So I just started wearing the first pair in 2019 and they are very comfortable, you hardly know youre wearing them, but these are not waterproof by any means.

I am a 70+ hiker / backpacker and rarely do reviews, but these shoes were so comfortable and sturdy on a recent trip up the Mt. Whitney trail that I felt compelled to sing their praises. I had been using trail running shoes and although happy with their comfort, foot stability inside the trail running shoe was an issue for me. I have some foot issues so comfort was at the top of the list with stability a secondary quality. I have read that Salomon shoes tend to run narrow, so the wide was just perfect. They are light weight for their sturdy features. I have not tested the water proof feature. Great shoe!

I bought these due to the number of positive reviews. My first time wearing them I did an 8 mile hike with a 30lb pack on, half way there I felt my heels starting to develop blisters. There isn’t much cushion below the Achilles where the heel comes in to contact with the shoes. On inclines I was getting terrible pressure right on the backside of my heel which lead to pretty severe blistering. I used them again a second time and my right boot still started to cause a blister. Unfortunately not the shoe for me. Make sure you try a pair on before buying

These boots are pretty amazing.

I loved these at first -- they seemed to offer me the perfect combination of lightweight and good support. One downside is the sole seems less grippy than competitors, but it is also more flexible which compensates a bit.

Salomon's newest version of the X Ulta looks great and has the potential to be a high quality boot that could have been a staple in every day use but there are two design features that made it so it was not comfortable to me on hikes over 3 miles.

I was hesitant about getting these since I'm used to heavy duty leather hiking boots. These feel more like sneakers when you first put them on and I'm not used to that. Wasn't sure if they'd hold up to hiking in NJ's rocky terrain and was also worried about warmth. I was totally impressed at how great these boots turned out to be on my first hike out of the box. Lightweight but very tough and great grip. Did another hike the following week after a snow on a 20 degree morning. My feet were totally warm and totally dry after 4+hours in the snow. Also, I have a wide foot and the wide width is exactly what I needed with plenty of room in the toe box.

I have generally worn a different brand of boot (3 pairs the same boot over 4 years but then they started to cause blisters. I tried another major boot that was comfortable but the lugs on the sole started to come loose. I had tried Salomon's before and found them comfortable and form fitting. I bought these high top Salomon and found them to be comfortable and durable. Now have had 3 pairs of Salomon and I recommend them to friends. Great shoes!!

This being my fifth pair of Solomons, I really wanted like them. However, after a less than a 40 mile backpacking trip, the soles on the shoes began to fall off! In addition to some side molding pieces in the heel. The shoes are comfortable and performed well, however, I wasn’t going to wait around and see how much more of the shoe fell apart. Not sure if it’s the new glue in California??? Definitely not what they used to be. Oh well.

These lightweight hiking boots were surprisingly comfortable and agile. Not sure if they are as rugged as heavier boots, but for they do the job well. No pinching or sore spots. Positive traction and good balance of weight and performance. Excellent water resistance. I grew to like these boots a lot.

Bought these and really loved them. I was replacing another product that was out of production. I really like the way they fit, the way the opening makes them really easy to get into. I wanted to love everything about these. Until at the 6 month mark one of the soles started coming apart from the upper.

Leaked like a pair of sandals. Salomon never responded to multiple requests for review of my case, even after I followed all their requirements and sent pictures. Bottom line is - don’t expect anything from this company or their products.

Just finished a 4 day canoeing/portaging trip in Northern Ontario and was very disappointed in the performance of these boots. The terrain was rough with lots of rocks and tree stumps and felt every one of these through the soles. The soles were not stiff enough to bridge the rocks and instead flexed on them. This resulted in sore, tired feet at the end of the day. Not the performance I expected from these boots.

Previously a Merrell loyalist, these are my first pair of Salomons. I had no reason not to get Merrells this time around, other than I just felt like trying something new. Boy, am I glad I did. These boots feel like warm, impenetrable pillows for your feet. Unbelievably comfortable. Got them for Christmas and have a hard time even taking them off to go to bed. Admittedly the most strenuous thing I've done in them so far is walk the dog around the neighborhood- though in fairness our neighborhood is very hilly- but I have complete confidence that these boots will take pretty much anything I can throw at them. Looking forward to wearing them extensively on trips to Paris and Alaska this year.

Bought my first pair of Ultra 3's April 2018. By November 2019 they were pretty well only usable in dry conditions that weren't sandy because of holes. But I loved that pair, like everyone else has said comfortable from the beginning.

I have been looking for a pair of boots for years, literally. Then one day while working an exchange on my Zamberlans, the customer service rep told me to check these out. Now I have been avoiding Salomans since the Navy issued them to me 10 years ago. They were too narrow for my wife and flat feet. But then I tried these on... they sell them in wide... genius. They are COMFORTABLE. They are light. Break in is minimal. They grip. Took them to Yosemite and they were great on regular hikes and on the domes. I plan on these being my go-to for starting the southern PCT this fall. Buy em.

I had been looking for a replacement for my Merrell Moab GTX boots, and had seen good reviews for the Salomon X Ultra 3 with Goretex, especially among the Special Forces operations community. Fantastic fit right out of the box with no real break-in required. I love the roomy toe box and the way the heel and ankle are secured. Other reviewers mentioned a tendency for the shoe to loosen while wearing. I encountered that problem once, but after re-tying, I didn't have the issue again, and haven't since then either.

Solid hiking boot. They have good flexibility and support. Not clunky. I love the soles of these Solomons. They give me confidence in the slipperiest conditions. I’m glad Solomon redid these boots because I had problems with the previous model.

Light and flexible boots. I've been through a few pairs of Salomon hiking boots, and these are my favorite so far. Not sure why people keep saying these boots run small, though, the pair I got feels true to size.

These boots are super comfortable. I went on one hike with cheap boots and got my feet all blistered up. Then I bought these boots. With semi blistered feet, I was able to go hiking 30 miles the next weekend with zero issues. My feet felt great even after a 15 mile day. I love these boots. I feel like I can take over the world in them. Thank you Salomon!

I was excited when I saw these came in wide. Unfortunately, what Solomon calls wide is standard in most other manufacturers. And the toe box is really narrow - even in a "wide" shoe. So disappointed - and now my feet hurt!

I made the move away from heavy hiking boots a couple of years ago with the X Ultra 2 model and couldn’t have been happier. They have been great and comfortable for all three season backpacking and hiking conditions on rough Cascades and Olympics trails. Even wore them to good effect up snow covered Mt. Adams and Mt. Pilchuk. The waterproofing hasn’t failed me when desired and my feet haven’t become overheated during the summer months. I have enjoyed them enough that I bought the X Ultra 3 version. They are just as comfortable and I expect to get a couple of years out of them, as I

I walk my dogs daily 4-5 miles on wooded trails and I've tried various brands of hiking shoes. My Salomons are the first pair that lasted the whole summer and I'm still using them. Soles have great grip on slick surfaces and have a nice cushion that keeps my lower legs from getting sore. Very comfortable out of the box with no break in required. My only complaint is the waterproofing is good for the wet morning dew but if you get caught in a steady rain, you WILL have wet feet. Regardless, I purchased a second pair that are waiting on my original pair to give out.

These boots are absolutely sensational! I bought them in wide-fit because I have no arched, wide duck feet and broke them in on my Enchantments Thru-hike, that's right. And not only was it the most comfortable my feet have ever been, but I came out of the 20 mile break-in hike with zero blisters, dry feet that are almost always excessively sweaty, and feet that didn't feel like they'd trekked 20 miles in 14 hours. I've never been more impressed with a piece of footwear. These are easily worth their retail price! Breathability 10/10, Waterproof 10/10, comfort 10/10

If you want a waterproof boot, don’t waste your money on these. I’ve had 2 pair and they both leaked with very little use. I like the comfort/ traction of these boots. But, the second pair leaked in very light rain, both sides my toes were soaked,

This was not my first option I was really looking for the Vasque Sundowners and I was very disappointed to find that you can only get them on line and can not see or get them fitted in the store. I personally feel this needs to be fixed! As for the Salomon hiking boots I am using these for hiking and have enjoyed the light weight combined with a fairly firm support. I feel these are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good hiking boot.

These boots are sized in European sizes, so these could be considered unisex, if you wear 39 or higher. I preferred the black/grey color scheme, rather than the odd colored women's boots. I've had Salomon water shoes before, and found them to be a good, sturdy brand. These boots were excellent for my month-long winter European trip. They kept my feet warm, dry, and blister-free.

I headed out to Colorado to hike the Four Pass Loop, and did myself the pleasure of leaving my hiking shoes at home. I knew I needed something comfortable, and boy, did these impress - not only that, they outperformed in durability and waterproofness!

These boots were purchased to wear as heavy duty pair of hiking/snow boots for a month of travel by campervan for cool/cold days in the south island of New Zealand's winter. I'm a native Floridian so anything beyond sandles/barefoot is foreign to me but I felt instant comfort with these boots. In fact, I brought two pairs of hiking boots with me, these, and another pair that was lighter and possibly more acceptable to wear to a respectable establishment. After about 1 week of rotating through both (going through light snow, cycling, hiking, classing it up and going to a fancy dinner) I set that other pair aside and stuck to these exclusively. Despite being what I would label "heavy duty" they were more comfortable AND breathable than that lighter weight pair. They accompanied me during rain, snow, frigid wind, stream crossings, walking on ice at an incline, and to the bar. I never had any issue with their waterproofness during all of these tests. Any moisture on the inside of my boot was the result of sweating or stepping in snow so deep it got inside from the top (I did not have gaiters). Despite this, I found these boots more breathable and quick drying than the other pair for comparison. I did multiple mountain treks in these and even though other parts of my body may have been screaming at me in discomfort, my feet never complained. Great boots.

not good. bought these thinking they would be good for light weight knock around boot. I use for working hiking hunting everything. these Wont stat tied constantly having to re tie. if you are going to use to hike you wont make it up the mountain. They told me Special Forces guys use them yea right they wouldnt make it 100 steps with bending over to retie. i am returning and going back to Asolo. plus these never dry out and very load pop sound when you walk. as for comfortable yes they are and light weight i wish they would have been better

Just bought these shoes specifically to use walking through snowy terrain on the High Sierra trail. We had lots of water crossing. For the larger ones I took the boots off and used water shoes but for the small stuff and the traills that were small rivers I just splashed right through. No water made it through. I did wait too long to put my gaiters on in the snow and some got in my boots. My shoes stayed damp for days after this so avoid getting wet. They take forever to dry out. Feet stayed warm in the snow and my K-10 Crampons fits snuggly on the bottom of these. These Boots have a stiff enough sole for a trail crampon to work properly but I wouldn't use them with an alpine crampon.

This was my first time trying Salomon boots, I usually buy Merrell or Keen. They were the worst hiking boots I've ever owned in my life. I feel the sizing ran a little small, but more importantly, there is no cushioning for these boots whatsoever. I have worn These Boots every day for the past 3 weeks and just finished my first official hike in them. I will be sending them back to REI and will not try this brand ever again.

Even when these die I'll probably get another pair. This is my 2nd pair. The first pair I received as a gift in 2016 and I instantly fell in love with them. They fit my foot nice and snug, but not tight snug, good snug. Arch and overall support is GREAT.

I usually hike in trail runners. I switched to these for winter. They are really light boots and waterproof enough to keep you warm. On one very wet hike, the outside of my socks were barely wet after hiking a whole day in the rain and walking through some streams. Other trips they have kept my feet completely dry through occasional muddy spots.

I am returning from a 3 day camping trip which included a 9 mi bushwhack. The temperature hovered around the low 30s and we stood in slop, mud and standing water, the entire time. These boots performed well above expectation.

As part of the REI Advisors program, I was given a pair of Salomon X Ultra GTX III hiking boots.  I was directed to do at least two 10 mile day hikes or a backpacking trip.  I hiked about 40 miles, including two 10 mile day hikes and various additional hikes.  I hiked through quite varied terrain, from wet meadows to bouldering, to snow covered trails and through alpine passes.  Each hike was in generally inclement weather including twice in hard rain.

I don't know how Salomon does it, but they kick the others to the curb!

I am revieing these boots after NOT breaking them in, and after NOT wearing them before doing a 26 mile hike in the jungle - ie - brand new boots straight out of the box, so saying that I am amazed at how great these boots are!

I bought these for my husband and after two hikes, (12 mile and 5mile) and several boy scout campouts he stated, “these boots were a great purchase.” They had little to no break in period. His feet have been cool on the hikes and warm at night even on the winter campout. He has had no issues with wet feet even after spending a day in and out of the rain. He is a creature of habit so I know Salomon will be his new go to brand for hiking footwear. He has narrow feet with high arches. He has not had to use an insert with these boots yet.

Unbelievably lightweight and comfortable out of the box.

Preface this by saying I’ve used Salomon gear since the mid 2000s; Afghanistan, Peru, Grand Canyon, etc. Great gear, comfortable, etc. I’ve not had this issue until I purchased and used the x ultra mid gtx model. After the break in period and several miles into my recent Peru trip (Machu Picchu, Lake Paron, Paracas National Park, etc.) my boots started making a popping sound. I shrugged it off thinking it was nothing, etc. Fast forward to today. I put the shoes on to head out and again (nature photography) the popping sound is still present. Upon further research I am not the only person who has encountered this. Some say it could be the gtx liner. Although it doesn’t appear to negatively impact the performance of the boot, etc., it can get rather annoying after a few miles into a long hike. I’ll be taking these back to REI. It’s a shame as these boots are very comfortable, light, don’t get terribly hot and fit my foot.

I bought these to replace a pair of Asolo Fugitive GTX’s that absolutely wrecked my heels and the balls of my feet with blisters (I hiked in them quite a bit hoping they’d break in, but never did for me). I generally wear a size 10.5 but ended up sizing up to an 11 in these to factor for thicker socks, and they did feel like they generally just run a tad bit small.

Boot these boots after trying on different pairs. They fit very well and are comfortable. They are also providing good stability and are not too heavy.

I had Merrill’s that I loved and put through rigorous conditions. It was time to replace my old boots and after much research and reviews, I opted to try on the Salomon’s. Best: the style...I like the looks of the Salomon’s. Worst: the ankle support and tongue area. No matter how tight I tied the strings, the strings would loosen through the day and it would make the tongue area open up and it would seem as there was no ankle support.

I usually wear 4eee but these ee in size 13 fit me perfectly. They are waterproof and pretty comfortable for hiking boots. They won't feel like a nice comfy running shoes mind you but they feel just fine for longer walks which I have taken in them. I would buy them again based on my first week or wear. Let's see how they hold up over time.

While these boots appeared to be everything I read about them they fell incredibly short in one way ... the height of the toe box is shallow. After a single break-in day hike two of my toes were incredibly sore and both eventually lost the nails.

I need a waterproof boot for trekking in Alaska. I submerged my 5-year old Gore-Tex Merrill Moabs in water over the toe and they filled within 10 seconds. I bought these Salomon X Ultras, which were bone dry after a minute submerged over the toe. 1/2 size larger than Moabs fits.

After hours of research for my particular needs (weekend hiking, and Mt Kilimanjaro in 2021) and for my budget (under $200), I purchased the X Ultra 3 Mid GTX this morning.

I walk every where, miles daily easily. I found this boot to fit that need easily. No worry about rain. Boot maintains tactical feel and with its light weight making it an easy choice.

I’ve had many trail runners. In winter I like a mid-top waterproof. These are great. Excellent traction in mud and wet rocks.

Just back from a week of hiking in Utah. Lots of scrambling and clinging to the sides of sandstone. Didn’t slip once despite steep angles. Probably the best traction I have ever experienced in a hiking boot. Survived Angels Landing in Zion!

Very comfortable boot that performs well in all conditions, except wet rocks. The grip doesn't work quite as well and I slipped a number of times in wet conditions (trying to move up and down slippery wet rocks).

I am a 12E in hiking boots. These boots run narrow, so the 12 Wide was perfect for my feet. Other wide boots were too wide or had too much volume to fill in general.

Wore out a pair of Oboz which were heavy with a capital H. Wanted something lighter and after a lot of research, the Salomons easily won out. They are super comfy, unbelievably light and do not give up any foot protection for the weight. First hike was an 10-miler through the super rocky Superstition Mountains and my feet have never felt better. Normally I could not wait to get my boots off at the end of the hike...these stayed on right past the victory beverage and on the drive home!

I received the Salomon Gore-Tex X-Ultra 3 mids in the mail and immediately put them to use on an over-nighter in the steep, wet mountains of Frozen Head State Park (where the Barkley’s Marathons take place every year). On my hike around Frozen Head I encountered rain, steep, over-grown trails, and lots of wet grass and ferns overhanging an already wet trail. In these conditions the X-Ultra 3’s shined in 3 ways:

These boots performed very well in the wet, mud, snow, and slush. 8 hours of non-stop racing and my feet were comfortable, warm, and as dry as my sweating feet would allow. When I took them off, there was no prune skin, so they had breathed well, not let in any water, and I was comfortable the whole race. These are not my goto adventure racing shoes! Fit 10 Wide. Salomon tend to run narrow fit. I also use Speedcross 4 exclusively for running. I'm a Salomon fan for there trail gear.

Amazing shoe. This was my only pair of shoes on a three month overlanding trip throughout Africa. Kept my feet dry and comfortable the entire time. I have flat feet and I did not have any arch support issues.

I love these boots, my only issue is with tops. They are a little over padded. I'm sure they will wear down, but for now they are a bit over stuffed.

Bought these bad boys for my most recent trip to the Sequoias. Great grip, super comfortable, very lightweight. Perfect for backpacking. 5 stars.

I purchased these after when my GTX 2's started to fray and collapse after last 4-day trip in the East Sierra. Very disappointing as they are too narrow. The GTX 2's fit perfect out of the box and I have 100's of miles day hiking and backpacking in them. These felt a little tight in the left forefoot, and after a few hours casual wear, were pinching severely on both feet. I was hoping I could gain some room, bu there's no give on the fabric. Have to look for another brand.

This is a fantastic hiking boot! It is very light and extremely stable on rough terrain. The boot preformed really well with moderate weight (30 lbs. pack) on difficult and hilly terrain. It sheds mud well and provides superb traction in both wet and dry conditions.

Bought these a couple of weeks ago. For my job I do roughly 12,000 to 20,000 steps a day outdoors, through every terrain. I couldn’t have found a better fit. They do run a little narrow. But the wides make the fit perfect.

The availability of wide widths is fantastic. Really well made shoes.

I require a wide boot, and there are few to choose from. One of the issues that I find when choosing a wide boot is the tendency for my foot to slide forward when going downhill. I chose these boots because they are high enough to be able to cinch my ankle down and prevent this. These are waterproof and therefore they are not as cool as some other shoes, but not as hot as some that I've worn, either. All-in-all, I'm very happy with these and will buy again.

I'm a die-hard XA PRO 3D fan (the non-waterproof model) and use them from April-November with green Superfeet insoles, Foxriver liners, and Darn Tough socks. Those are great for the warmer months of the year, but for winter I desire a non-insulated waterproof hiking boot so my feet don't get wet and cold.

These boots paid for themselves in a day. I spent a week hiking through the Red River Gorge and Chatanooga on a camping/climbing trip. The first two days were nearly constant downpours. I hiked in pouring rain through streams and tons of mud and my white hiking socks stayed completely dry with no mud both days while everyone else was soaked through. These boots are so lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and extremely waterproof! Highly recommended.

Comfortable and supportive. They seem to wear a bit large. I usually wear an 11, but the 10.5 fit me much better.

This is a recent purchase, so I've only hiked about 40 miles in these boots so far. I'm glad I purchased them! They're very light weight. So light weight that I've actually felt comfortable running in them for some short stretches on the trail. The soles grip well in various conditions, and the boots are supportive. My only gripe is that the lace lugs on the upper part of the boot are shallow, which makes some alternate lacing schemes unusable.

I prefer to hike with a mid hiking boot rather than something like a running shoe and this has been absolutely perfect for what i need. I haven't taken them on a long backpacking trip so I can't say how well the cushion is under heavy weight over a long period of time. I normally wear an 11.5 or 12 in street shoes but I surprisingly went down to an 11 even with a thick hiking sock. Definitely go in store and try them on before purchasing.

I chose these boots for ankle support and protection from trail debris but I never could get a good enough fit to keep out the small rocks. The top always flared out which invited a collection of small rocks. Returned them for a pair of Oboz shoes which are more comfortable and keeps out the debris.

I’ve owned the X Ultra 3 for over 3 years now, and have hiked with them in many terrains, though mostly warm weather summertime hiking. This has included a rim to rim and extended (1 week) pull in the Grand Canyon, as well as many shorter, less stressful day hikes. They remain in great and highly functional shape; very comfortable, with great grip and fit that instill confidence on the trail, even with a fully loaded pack over the long haul. I’ve had no short term blisters or pain, however, I have lost some toenails following longer hikes with significant elevation change, presumably because of downhill pressure on feet. I bought them 1/2 size larger than my typical size, but recently switched to the Quest 4D a full one size larger than my size. I recommend the X Ultra, for day hiking, and shorter rather than long haul heavy weight backpacking trips.

I loved the comfort of the boots but they were extremely hot even with goretex and the goretex wasn’t waterproof, I thought it was just bad qc but it happened twice. So I returned them.( also for those that want to know my foot didn’t slide around at all my heel stayed in place and had great arch support, but the toe box was a little small.) Other than the waterproofing problems I would buy them again because of the comfort.

Wanted to like these Salomon Mens X Ultra 3 Mid GTX because they are a very sturdy lightweight boot with great traction. However, the upper part of the tongue is not cut wide enough to fit under the side upper when they are on and laced up. As well the gusset is cut narrow and low so that it does not seal properly to keep dirt out starting @the 2nd lace hook. Since the tongue and ankle are heavily padded I found that they did not cinch down easily and were prone to come loose or be too tight. Maybe with wear the padding would have collapsed a little for a better fit. Maybe. I compared these directly against La Sportiva Stream, La Sportiva Blade, and Keen Targhee III. The Ultra 3's had the best weight-sturdiness-breathability ratio and if not for the fit problem then I would have kept them. So if you have really skinny ankle-lower shins then they might be ideal.

These were very comfortable right out of the box. These are light weight and very water resistant. I'd say that the most notable quality is the traction. I can step over very slippery surfaces without losing grip. As far as the fit goes, this shoe is perfect for me. I'm a men's size 13 with an average-to-narrow foot. When you try them on for the first time, you do have to lace them up or they will seem to be too short.

My dad and I both have a pair and we wore them hunting after it rained and our feet got soaked.

These shoes impressed me on the first 9 mile and then a 6 mile hike in North Georgia, great grip on rocks, roots and mud. I did put in a more comfortable insole for my high arched feet, but thats with any boot I buy. I carried a 50 pound backpack both times and had no problem, even though this is a short distance, I felt better about these boots than other more expensive ones I've hiked in at the same distance.

I bought these boots after having my cheap puma running shoes fail on me while hiking recently. I was originally planning on buying a more heavy duty boot, as I plan to bring these backpacking, but after trying on the Salomon Quest boots at my local REI I realised that they were too bulky, probably better suited for extreme conditions. My friend has this GTX model boot, so I figured I would try them. The Solomon X ultra 3 gtx boot fit much more comfortably and is much more realistic for a moderate off trail hike. I ended up buying this pair. I usually wear size 12 but went with 11.5 as they fit a bit better and I never use extra socks.

Boot kept my feet warm and dry on a rainy camping trip. Love the weight, wore them all day walking/hiking and my feet always felt good at the end of the day. Bought them 1/2 bigger to allow for swelling, great fit and there wasn’t any sliding around. My wife will actually be buying a pair as well. Only went 4-Star because there’s always room for improvement. What that is…I don’t know. Highly recommend them.

I've worn these boots for 80+ miles of hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and in Rocky Mountain National Park and am very impressed with their performance on all types of trails.

I've been hiking for 40 years and worn out alot of boots. I'm a big guy 275 +/- and boots seldom hold up more than a few monthes. These boots have been heaven on my feet for two years now and it's finally time to let them go. I had to put new insoles in twice but thats nothing. the wide fit and the quality of these boots has me sold for life. I would guess I have put several hundred miles on these boots

I bought these shoes, because I had had a pair before. They are awful. I have to watch how I step in any kind of precipitation, standing water, ice etc. They took forever to break in, and have left my feet in pain. ThE tongue made laces loosen every time I walk. Too expensive to make this mistake again, I will not be purchasing any more from this brand.

I haven't had these boots for too long, but I can already feel the difference in grip and comfort. They were broken in by my second hike, and seemed to breath very well. I am curious to see if they get hot spots and seem too clunky for hot summer hikes, but it seems from other reviews that it's not an issue. I will edit later if this proves to not be true, but so far they have performed as advertised.

I bought these boots at the last minute after being warned that I needed serious hiking boots for a strenuous, upcoming hike (on lava rocks in Hawaii). As soon as I put them on, they felt like I'd worn them forever, no breaking-in needed. I've worn Salomon running shoes for many years, but these boots are by far the most comfortable I've ever had. I bought the men's version because I need the width.

Very light weight compared to most other boots and very comfortable from day one. Went on 8 mile hike to break them in. Bought half size larger (size 9) to allow for thicker socks and feet swelling. No sore spots or rubbing. Thought narrow soles wouldn’t give as much stability or traction as wider soles but didn’t have any problems. Looking forward to longer hikes. Overall extremely satisfied.

I bought these to replace my worn out shoes and two days later took them out of the box and hiked Mt Baldy from Bear Canyon, 6,000 feet of elevation gain in 6 miles, over rocky terrain. The stability was awesome but yet the comfort was like wearing a tennis shoe. I descended the Ski Hut trail and these shoes felt equally stable and comfortable on the steep decent.

I purchased these boots in the hopes of having a nice light weight hiking/walking boot. Solomon fit the bill - very comfortable and feel great right out of the box. The problem that I had was that the sizing was just a bit off - size 10 too small - size 10.5 way too big. This may be a specific issue that I had - but would make sure the fit is good when you purchase - otherwise a solid shoe.

I was looking for a lighter day hiker boot compared to my Lowas. These are a light mid that provides good support and do not seem as warm as the Lowa boot. The only thing I have noticed so far but has not been an issue is the toe box seems a bit more snug compared to other boots and shoes I have of equal size. This may just be a break in issue. So far for what I wanted they have been perfect.

These have good ankle support for a lightweight boot. They do make all day hikes on rugged trails easier. Got my normal size 10 and they fit using thin hiking socks. I found them comfortable from day one. Have them a month and I have day-hiked 15 or so days ( 2 to 7 hours ) and they show no signs of wear as of yet, but that's not enough to definitively say anything about their durability.

I bought a half size larger and they fit perfectly. Hiked 5 colorado 14ers in them, culminating with a 15 hour, 15 mile climb of class 3 Longs peak Colorado. The boots grip the rock and gave me confidence on the exposed ledges and narrows. No visible structural wear, other than normal tread weal. Felt little foot discomfort at the end of the day, compared to other boots. Highly recommend.



Does this boot have a rock plate?

No, these boots do not feature a rock plate.​


I'm looking for these boots in men's 14, wide. Is this available at REI? I'd much prefer to purchase these at REI, rather than Amazon. Thanks.

As of March 2020, we do not offer these boots in wide sizes.


Had my foot measured today, standing with a thick sock on. Right at size 12. Should I go 12.5 or 13? 

We suggest sizing up to a 13 to accommodate for thicker socks and your feet swelling from hiking.


Will these work with BD Contact Strap crampons?

These are day hiking boots and aren’t compatible with crampons. If you need additional traction on compact snow or ice, we suggest a set of winter traction devices. Please open the following link to review our current selection:


Are these boots true to size. I wear red wings every day for work. Size 9 wide how do these compare size wise?

​Based on feedback and reviews these boots run true to size or slightly smaller. The standard width is D, and the wise widths are EE.


Re the Quest 4d 3 or X Ultra Mid 3 Wide. I'm going to Scotland for a 100 mike hike over 7 days. I thought the Quest 4d 3 would be more supportive. I'v had plantar issues inthe past. Quest 4d might just be too tight though

Yes, the Quest 4D will offer more lateral support as well as under foot. This boot in a regular width will be narrower (i.e. fit more snug) than the X Ultra in a size wide.


I wear a size 10 shoe medium width. I bought Salomon Quest 4d 3 gtx 10.5 They are tight through the mid foot squeezing my foot. The toe box seems OK, a little snug on my left. Will a size 11 help or would you suggest X Ultra Mid 3 Wide 10.5

Since you’re having issues with the width and not the length, we believe you may need to try wide in size 10.5.


Is size 9 the same as the size 8.5 wide? I found the 8.5 to be a bit less comfortable than 9 in the toe box area, though my normal Salomon size is 8 (trail running). There is no size 8.5 wide in the colour that I want but worried that 9 may be too long. 

No, size 9 is longer and narrower compared to 8.5 wide.


Could I hike in the snow with these boots? And if not, can they be made to hike in the snow (ie. with boot chains, etc.)

Yes, you can use these boots year round, but keep in mind they’re not insulated so your choice of socks will be very important during winter months.


How well do these do in cold weather?

These boots perform great in cold weather. They are not insulated so you might consider a thicker sock for your feet in cold weather.


I have Salomons trail running shoes. They are very comfortable and durable but the soles of the shoes wear out in 8-12 months if they arent exclusively used in dirt. Do the Salomon hiking boots have the same sole that wears out unreasonably fast?

For maximum traction on mixed terrain and extended durability, the Contagrip® TD outsole in these hikers includes the most durable compound.


Would these Solomans be any good for wearing while playing softball

No, hiking boots are not recommended for softball.


I have a pair of the low cut shoe version of these boots (purchased this spring) that fit well. Is the mid boot cut on the same last? Will they fit the same or are they smaller/narrower than the low cut version?

​Yes, these boots will have a similar fit. Keep in mind that the feeling of the boot surrounding your ankle will be greatly different than any hiking shoe.


Could you tell us specifically what length boot lace we need? I don't need a link, just a number.

We're sorry, but that information is not available. We recommend taking one of the old shoe laces off of the shoe and measuring it to get the appropriate size needed.


Where would I get a set of spare laces for these boots?

You can find laces here:


I need to buy spare laces. What is the recommended size of laces for these shoes?

Good question! Check these out:


Are these boots good for over-pronators (flat feet) with ortho inserts?

This hiking boot is not designed specifically to work for overpronation, although with a good orthotic insole, this can be a great option. Although this is a day-hiking boot, customers have been pleased with the level of support this boot offers for being lighter in weight. Be aware, that these boots in the regular width tend to run narrow, which may require that you size up to comfortably to also include an orthotic footbed.


I"m a size 9.5 US and have wide feet, do I need to get 1/2 a size or more higher? I will be using this shoes for hiking/running in the jungle. do you recommend these for those kind of terrains?

These boots are a great option for hiking in jungle type terrain. We do recommend sizing up to a 10. Additionally, we have a shoe version of this boot which will be lighter for running. You can find more information about the low hiking shoe version of this boot in the link below.


Is this a good boot to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro in? Or would I be better off with a different boot?

We recommend you consider a boot that offers more support under the foot as well as lateral support around the ankle. Depending on the route you're climbing, you may need a boot that is crampon compatible (and this boot is not). Give us a call for suggestions.


What is the heel drop of the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX Hiker?

These boots have an 11 mm heel to toe drop.


does this boot have a rock plate?

No, these boots do not feature a rock plate. Keep in mind that these boots perform well in mixed terrain including rocky trails.


I will I hike Mount Katahdin/Me in September. Hike/scramble the Hunt Trail or Abol Trail. Prepping by hiking / scrambling on Old Rag Mountain/Va. Please recommend best hiking boot and shoe. I am 6'5" / 207lbs. Carry a day pack approx 10-12lbs.

These boots are a great option for day hikes. If you are backpacking for a few days in a row or on tough terrain, I recommend a more rugged boot like the Quest 4D 3 GTX as they feature 4D advanced chassis for added support. You can find the Quest 4D 3 GTX boots in the link below.


I am needing arch support do these have orthopedic insoles

No, there is a standard insole that comes with the boots. We suggest aftermarket insoles, see the link below:


Can these be thrown into the washer? How does one clean, care for, them?

We do not recommend putting your boots in the washer. Instead, we recommend regularly brushing the uppers to keep dirt off of them and occasionally washing the uppers with a boot cleaner as needed.


What is the Heal to toe drop of salmon X ultra 3?

The boots have an 11 mm heel to toe drop.


Is the yaktrax traction cleats compatible....Also; is the Kahtoola nano spikes compatible?

​Yes, most types of winter traction devices will work with these boots.


What micro spike or crampon product will fit this mid boot

We recommend micro spikes for this boot.


Is it also good to use in a winter time? I mean, Can I use it in -5°C?

These hiking boots can be used in cold weather, but they don't have added insulation for warmth.


Will these boots work with crampons. Looking to do a whitney day summit. If the switchbacks are closed from snow, I will have to traverse up the shoot.

These boots are not recommended for use with traditional mountaineering crampons. Traction devices such as the Hillsound Trail Crampons are a better option.


hiking the Inca trail with my husband for 4 days to Machu Picchu in April. I purchased the Salomon quest 4d gtx for the both of us but I am debating on returning them for the ultra 3 mid. The 4s seemed a bit heavy. What do you recommend?

Based on the length and the location of your hike, the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Hiking Boots are a great choice. While they are taller and heavier, they are going to provide more support and stability compared to the X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots.


Are the insoles removable? I tried these boots on in store and they hurt my arches, unlike Merrill boots. I’m wondering if it’s due to the insole or the boot itself. 

Yes, these boots have a removable insole. We recommend viewing the link below to help you choose an insole that best suits your needs:


I'm looking at a pair of these for work in a factory as I walk about 5 miles a day.  Are they oil and slip resistant?

These are designed to provide support and traction on dirt paths and trails. We are unable to determine how they will perform in a factory setting.

Greg Co

Can I hike in the snow in these?

Although these may be used in snow, they are not insulated to keep you warm in most snowy conditions and are not as tall as some winter boots to help keep out snow from the top. For snow adventures, we suggest a winter hiking boot like those in the following link:


Are these Boots waterproof?

​Yes, this is a waterproof boot to include a GoreTex membrane lining to help keep your feet dry.


Too warm to wear in summer, or good for year round?

​These boots do not feature insulation, and based on feedback and reviews are a great 3 season choice covering Spring, Summer, and Fall.


I noticed a great deal of customers stating to go a size up on these boots. I wear a 8 in hiking boots and 9 in athletic shoes (nike, adidas, etc). Is it best to "go a size up" on these boots? Feet size:10 3/8 inches right foot and 10 1/8 inches Left foot

​We consider these boots to run true-to-size. We suggest sizing up a half size at most.


Are these good for a 45+ mile multi day backpacking trip? I've read seen mixed messages regarding that.

If you are experienced and have strong ankles, you may be able to use a day hiking boot. Otherwise we recommend choosing a backpacking boot for thru-and multi-day backpacking. These offer additional support and stability.


I just got X ultra gtx mid and they make popping/squeaky sound on every step. It seems not normal but i want to make sure if it will go away if I keep using or they are defective products.

You may find some noise with the initial wear of these boots; however, this should go away quickly.


What is the length measurement in inches for the 10.5 and 11? What is the width measurement in inches for 10.5 regular/wide and 11 regular/wide?

The footbed length of size 10.5 is 11 3/8"; size 11 has a footbed length of 11 3/4".


I'm looking for a lightweight, comfortable hiking boot but with a "Stiff Sole" because of a bunion issue.

These are a great day hiking boot but won't meet the requirement of a stiff sole. We recommend a backpacking boot to fulfill that need. The Salomon Quest Prime GTX boots are a better choice.


I see that these boots come in wide. In the past Salomon shoes have always been too narrow for my foot. I've never wore a wide shoe in my life. Do the wides fit more like a normal Keen shoe/boot or would they be wider than that?

A regular Salomon boot for men is a D width. A wide specific size is a EE width. This is wider than a regular width Keen boot.


My laces keep slipping off at the higher metal hooks. What can I do to solve this? Am I tying them wrong? 

​We find that changing your lacing pattern can greatly impact fit and performance. Please open the following link to review our article on boot lacing patterns:


What is the width measurement in inches for the 11.5 wide and 12 wide?

​The width for both sizes is approximately 4.4 inches.


What's the maximum pack weight one can comfortably carry wearing these boots? I weight 150 and I'm planning a one-week trip to Wyoming's Wind River Range in August where I expect to carry 35 pounds, but pack weight on future trips could be 40-45 pounds.

These boots do not have a recommended maximum pack weight. They are primarily designed for day hikes. If you are going to be carrying a heavy backpack we recommend going with a more supportive backpacking boot.


Tried Ultra 2 but they were too narrow, so I sent back. I want to try the new wide version available in the Ultra 3 in Feb. How much wider will they be? Salomon's 800 person first said EEE, which would add 1/2" (!!!) I think. Next person said IDK. REI?

​The X Ultra 3 Mid in wide sizing is an EE width boot.


Looking for a mid-height boot for snowshoeing in S/C Sierras and Transverse Ranges.  These look great... Thoughts?  Most advertise extreme boots, or Winter Boots.  Don't want a 'winter boot' as SoCal not that cold...

With appropriate socks designed for snow sports, these boots could work as long at the temperatures are not extreme. Alternately, you could look for lightly insulated waterproof boots for your needs.


I have the Solomon trailing running shoe (XA-Pro 3D) that looks like a low top version of this shoe.   I am doing some hot hiking in the canyon country this summer.   I want ankle protection for long day hikes.    Will this boot be too hot?  Thoughts?

​This will be a great waterproof hiking boot for day hiking in the heat. If you don't need the secondary waterproof membrane, you can choose a day hiker with equal stability, grip and support with mesh ventilation. Please call REI at 1-800-426-4840 and we can offer some recommendations.


What are some factors that would necessitate sizing up? For example, my feet are fairly narrow and my normal shoe size is 8. I am wondering if I should just stick with my normal size or if I should purchase a pair half a size larger.

Salomon shoes run fairly true to length and are slightly narrow at the heel. The only reason you might have to size up a half size would be if you plan to wear thick socks when you wear the boots.


Is this boot good for icy terrain and colder weather?

​These boots provide good traction for icy weather when you are walking carefully.

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