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Had this bike for a little over a year now and I couldn't be happier. Spent the first year cruising around the DC metro area trail system with the factory bar end shifters that work fantastically off the shelf. Eventually decided to make some upgrades to the drive train and throw a SRAM Rival1 1x11 group set on it and it sets the bike off. I love the steel frame and the big beefy 50mm tires and the 1x drive train turns this already stellar bike into a trail, gravel, road, anything and everything devouring machine. Tons of places to mount racks/cages/bags/whatever you want to make this thing run for you.Well done with this one Co-op Cycles!

I went back and forth quite a bit before buying the Co-Op ADV 3.1. Living in Michigan, most of the roads are basically just crater filled strips of broken asphalt, and I had grown tired of the jarring ride provided by my aluminum road bike.

I love this bike, but I could not stand to look at it after I noticed how far outboard of the seat tube the front derailleur cable was (and the derailleur lever, too). Plus the high mount Deore derailleur clamp blocked the water bottle bosses on the seat tube. I bought a low-mount, top-swing, dual-pull Deore XT (same as on the ADV 3.2), took the bike back, and insisted they fix it or take the whole bike back. I don't know who to blame on this, Shimano or REI, but that is an ugly derailleur setup. Actually, I'm looking at you Shimano. The REI service department was excellent and took it in good humor. With the new derailleur, I give it a 5, but the damage was done. I would definitely recommend this bike to all my (blind) friends.

No hydraulics brakes. a little under equipped for backpacking. hydraulics brakes is a must. plus its a little pricey for what you are getting.

The pros:



Is the frame compatible with 700c wheels too? I’d like to have two set of wheels. Thanks!

Yes, the fork and rear stay clearance is close, but you can add a 700c. Even so, we recommend bringing the wheel into your local REI bike shop to be sure it can fit within the ADV 3.1 spacing.


What is the largest tire clearance on this bike? Thanks

You want to keep 4mm of clearance around the tire dropout, and depending on the tire manufacturer, you can run up to a 55mm tire on the front and back of this bike.


Are there built in mounts for putting fenders on this bike? Has anyone done it? 

This bike is compatible with fenders. We recommend reaching out to your local REI bike shop and speak with a technician for further assistance on selecting the right fenders for this bike.


Saw this bike in person today, what is the brand of bar tape used on the bike, it felt really cushiony and grippy

​We use Velo bar tape on the 3.1.


I just purchased this bike and noticed that neither the front or back wheels have a quick release lever. Both appear to require a hex tool. An earlier answer pointed out the rear wheel should be quick release. What is the correct configuration?

This bike features quick release on both the front and the back but will require tools as they do not come with a lever.

Kiki feeka

What is the bottom bracket specs for this bike? What is the bottom bracket spacing? 68mm shell or 73mm shell? Thanks

​The shell is 68mm, however the crank is 73mm and installed with spacers.


 Does this bike have a tapered headset? Is it a 44 mm? Thicker at the bottom then at the top? It looks like this in person but I had such justifications on the website do not say. Please let me know. Thanks 

We are researching this further and will post an update when new information is shared. Thanks for your patience!


Where can I find FRONT racks for this bike? Or if you guys recommend one in particular? Do you have mudguards for this bicycle? Because in a store they told me that the tires were very wide, which did not make much sense to me.

As of March 2019, we do not have compatible fenders or a front rack for this bike. However the Racktime Top-It front bike rack would work.


What is the Bottom Bracket Drop dimension for the Small and Medium frames?

The bottom bracket drop is 50mm for all sizes. Thanks for your patience as we researched this info.


Is the rear derailleur the M6000 GS (medium cage) or M6000 SGS (long cage)?

​This bike has the RD-M6000SGS long cage derailleur.

Kiki feeka

What is rear derailuer model number?? Rd m6000? M610? M615? Thank you

​The rear derailleur is model number RD-M6000.

Kiki feeka

What is the clamp diameter for the front derailuer. Thanks

This bike has a 31.8mm Shimano FD-T610 front derailleur with an M size adapter.

Kiki feeka

What Is the front and rear hub spacing on this bike? Thanks

The hub spacing on the front is 100mm; the rear is 135mm.


What is the stem’s handlebar clamp diameter on this beautiful bike?

​The stem is 31.8 mm.


What is the tire clearance on this bike?

The front tire clearance is 1 inch and is .75 inch for the rear tire.


Is it possible to use a 700c road touring wheel setup (700c x 38 for example). The total wheel+tire diameter would seem to be the deciding/limiting factor? As second set of wheels, not substitute.

This bike cannot accommodate a 700c wheelset. There is not enough clearance at the front fork and rear seat stays.


Is there a recommended weight limit for this bike?

​The weight limit is 250 lbs. for the rider and gear.


Hi, Can the front hub be replaced with a dynamo hub?

​We suggest contacting your local REI bike shop technician for advice on the necessary components for changing the front hub.


Hi, I just bought this bike from one of your stores and I was wondering what fenders fit these? I looked up online but none seem to cover the width of the tires.

​As of September 2018, we do not carry fenders that are compatible with this bike. We encourage you to contact a bike tech at your local REI for further assistance.


What kind of handlebar tape is on this bike out of the box? I saw one in the store and really liked the feel.

​The bar tape used on this bike was made by Velo. The model number is VLT-079G. The model number for the gel (also made by Velo) underneath the tape is VLZ-042.


What is the smallest tire that will fit on these rims? The rims are 'WTB 650B' but the width of the rim is unclear. I am interested in putting a slicker, skinnier tire on for commuting on a daily basis, I am considering a 32.

We suggest 40 mm as the minimum tire width.

The Grumpy Expat

What is the diameter of the seat post?

​The seat post size is 27.2 mm.


I just bought the 2017 ADV 3.1. I noted that the 2018 ADV 3.1 has tubeless ready tires and rims. Does the 2017 model?

​The 2017 Co-op Cycles ADV 3.1 Bike is tubeless compatible. We recommend visiting a bike tech at your local REI if you need assistance converting your bike to a tubeless setup.


How many millimeters is the through axle fork? Need to know to get the right adapter for an Air Caddy bike box.

The thru-bolt for the front axle fork is 125mm x 15mm.


How does this ride/handle on a road? 

The ADV 3.1 handles very predictably on the road and delivers an extremely comfortable ride.


What is the weight limit for this bike?

​The weight limit is 250 pounds.


What is the smallest size tire recommended for the bike?

​We don't recommend anything smaller than a 650b x 47 on the stock rims.


Is the headtube compatible for a 100mm suspension fork?

​Unfortunately, we do not have enough information to answer the question. We suggest contacting your nearest REI bike shop for a consultation. The following link will help you locate your nearest location along with contact information:


Will a 48 tooth chainring fit with clearance on this frame? I have the 2017 model of this bike - and, Love it (on pavement, dirt, and gravel)!! I would love to try this model with the 650b wheels- but, I like having the 3x crankset for versatility. 

You might be able to add a 3 x 10 drivetrain to this bike. Please be advised that you will more than likely be switching out the crankset and both derailleurs. For further details, we recommend contacting a certified bike technician at your local REI retail store.


Are the wheels tubeless ready?

​Yes, both the rims and the tires are tubeless-ready products.


Does this frame have the same tire clearance as the Mazama frame did?

This frame accommodates wider tires at 50mm than the Novara Mazama with a wheel width of 40mm.


Will the XS fit a rear rack?

​We're sorry, we need more information about your rack in order to answer this question. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-426-4840.


What is the weight of this bike (size XS)

We're sorry, but that information is not currently available. We will update this answer once that specification is shared.


Will you be able to put fenders on?

​Yes, this bike has options for a variety of fenders.


What is the largest size tire that is recommended for this bike based on the wheel rim width and frame/fork?

​We do not advise using a larger tire on this bike than the one that comes stock.

a person

Can we get a geometry chart for this?

We're sorry, the information requested has not been made available yet. We will update this post as soon as geometry info is shared.


When will a geometry table be available to help with determining size needed? Thanks

​Thank you for your interest. Geometry should be available on the website soon.

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