Wahoo Fitness - ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer

Category: GPS Systems

The idea of a computer that uploaded to Strava and only required battery changes once a year sounded good. When it arrived I found that it was unable to pair with speed sensor. Wahoo support were less than helpful. In first conversation with Clara she was able to duplicate the problem on one of their minis, but didn’t know the reason why. She Talked with a tech who said there was a software glitch. She said they would create a support ticket but couldn’t tell me when they might get around to fixing it. Later that afternoon I called again and talked with John. I refreshed him on the issue and he was also unaware of the problem, but again the techs were well aware. I asked him what he’d do under the circumstances. He was unable to give me any time frame if the problem was going to be fixed at all. I asked him if the techs could tell me if all minis were affected and was told maybe no. I thought I would take a chance and return to REI who are awesome and immediately sent another one. Guess what, this one has the same problem. As one the previous reviews states, they have given up support on the mini. So this one gets returned and I tell my story so that you don’t waste time with Wahoo. There might not be a current problem with one of their products, but as this shows they are less than forthcoming with consumers and make no effort to remedy the problems. I do not own a Garmin, but my guess is that they are a better choice. Don’t waste your time with Wahoo products!

Easy to pair with my iPhone and easy set-up. Works as advertised with a few extra features: ride time auto-pause when you stop at an intersection, auto-shareable GPS live tracking links. One negative: I was told the shareable link for live tracking hasn't shown GPS data the past 3 rides, so its only providing ride stats.

I have neverbeen so frustrated with a device in all of my life. It looked great out of the box. The Elemnt Mini is unique in that it's really not a stand-alone device. It's supposed to sync with your phone. I installed the software and updated the firmware, excitedly put it on my bike, and.... it never worked. Not once. I resynced, spent hours on Wahoo's website and in forums, and it just never worked. I returned it to my local REI, exchanged it for a Garmin Edge 25, and have been a happy camper ever since.

The screws in the back are secured so tightly i broke multiple screwdrivers on them. They're ridiculously small you so you need special precision screwdrivers to fit in them, and then they're way overtightened. pretty annoyed that I have to buy a new device just because the battery in this one died.



Does this show any kind of elevation data when paired with a phone?

​Yes, this bike computer does show elevation data only when paired with a smartphone. On its own, the computer does not show elevation data.

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