Gregory - Deva 60 Pack - Women's

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The fit is wonderful. The hikes have been easy. Anxious to see how out feels in New Mexico this summer.

I tried on a ton of backpacks before I found this one that fits perfect! I needed a small and it was the last one in the store. So many great features and pockets for all my gear! I will be using this for years!

Went in to buy and Was all set to get an Osprey. Did so much research. Ended up buying a Gregory. Liked the Osprey but the Gregory felt better on my shoulders and it came with a rain cover.

This is the first backpack I actually own! I love it. It is so much better than any pack I have ever tested. It is super comfortable and easily accessible.

It’s comfortable and durable. Highly recommend to women that are thin as it rests on your lower back instead of your bony hips.




I bought this pack and when I got home I could not get my down sleeping back that is quite compressible to fit. What sleeping bag is small enough to fit in the compartment? 

​If you are unable to fit your sleeping bag in the lower compartment of this pack, you may consider using a compression sack for your bag. If you decide to get a new sleeping bag, we recommend choosing a compressible backpacking sleeping bag.


What is the exact weight and gear capacity for the XS small?  How much weight can be saved by removing the rain cover, bladder/daypack and bottom divider?

The gear capacity of the XS is 56 liters and the weight is 4 lbs. 2.7 oz. We are sorry, we are unable to provide weights of this pack without specific components. We encourage you to contact Gregory directly.


What are the main differences/upgrades between this new version, and the previous version? Do they justify paying twice as much for newest model?

Gregory has made a lot of great changes to the new line of Deva packs. The new features are as follows:


Does the new weight for the 2018 Deva 60 include the rain cover?

Yes, the weight of the rain cover is included in the overall weight listed for the pack.

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