OluKai - 'Awe'Awe Sandals - Women's

Category: Women's Footwear

Wonderful fit and stability. Soft full grain leather is perfect. Had to order another pair for just dressy. Great walking or light trail shoe.

I’ve worn these sandals twice. I bought them because they looked nice enough to wear with casual work/dress clothes, but comfortable enough to walk for miles. Yesterday, I put them to the test. I walked in them for over 10 miles (23k+ steps) while visiting the sights in Japan. My feet feel great! I have 2 small blisters (to be expected since I wasn’t used to the shoes). The arch support was just right for my relatively flat feet. The only time I had problems was when I walked on gravel (pebbles kept getting between my foot and sandal). The sidewalks, stairs and beaches posed no problem. I don’t know how long they’ll last, but so far I’m highly impressed. I’ve already recommended them to my sister and friend.

I really like the light weight of these sandals. Very comfortable and they seem to be holding up well. I usually wear a size 7.5 in most of my shoes and I bought a size 8 since they only have whole sizes. I have been wearing them for about a month and the leather stretched to where my feet almost slip out. I probably should have went with the size 7 even if the footbed was pretty small.

My feet are strange--I usually wear a size 9 shoe, and I have a wide instep but a narrower heel and toe. Strappy shoes like these are usually awful for my feet, as the toe and heel practically slip off but the middle digs in, yet I wanted a pair of sandals that were comfortable and didn't give off a "granola" vibe, I like this brand's values, and I'm stubborn.

Wasn’t looking for a new pair but when I saw these and then tried them on I knew I had to have them

These sandals are amazing!!! Even after standing and walking in them for 6 hours I was still comfy. The only issue was the start of a blister but that was expected from being new.

These were comfortable from the first time I wore them. They are attractive and provide good support. Highly recommend.

i walk miles in these things and they're awesome. super comfortable. great purchase...and makes me feel like khaleesi lol. i've recommended them to a few people already. I've only had them for a few weeks, so not sure how they hold up over time. but i only buy high quality products that feel and look durable. i can tell these will last

These sandals are super comfortable but after a month or two of wear the leather straps stretched considerably. The back strap would constantly fall off and make wearing difficult. I punched multiple holes in the back straps before finally just cutting them off.. for that reason I’d say get a size smaller or pass all together.

Walked around for two days straight at Legoland and it didn’t hurt my feet even once! I had just purchased them and I was nervous about wearing them in first. But no issues at all! It was warm too so you can definitely use them in hot weather! I’ve had no issues and I plan to take them on my trip to Europe this summer!

I was so pleased with these shoes. I was looking for an attractive pair of sandals that I could wear during a 3 week European trip. I wanted them to be comfortable enough to walk a lot on a variety of surfaces, including cobblestones, but also look nice enough to wear with a dress or skirt for a night out, and these sandals fit the bill. While I agree with some other reviewers about the loose back strap, I never had an issue with them staying on my feet (the back strap actually didn't seem to contribute to stability one way or the other.) Most importantly, though, is that my feet felt supported everywhere I walked and didn't ache at the end of the day. These sandals can hold up to miles of city walking while looking really good, which is exactly what I wanted! They're also really easy to clean and can handle a bit of water, so while they look like lovely leather sandals, the base is actually made of a harder plastic-like substance that seems to be waterproof, or at least water resistant. I will definitely continue wearing these on urban hikes and wouldn't hesitate to purchase another pair in the future.


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