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I have thin feet, no fat on the bottoms and very high arches. I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear sandals but these are very comfortable!!

Love these sandals, very comfortable, easy to wear, super light weight, just like all of my other Tevas!

I absolutely love this shoes. They’re super light for backpacking with and using around camp but I find myself wearing them out at home often as well. They’re very versatile and comfy I would definitely buy them if you’re interested!

I love these sandals so comfortable and affordable

Got these shoes hoping they'd make good camp shoes. They are lightweight, which is great. However the straps leave marks on my feet. I would say my feet are an average width, and I find the shoes a little narrow. They are not the comfiest, but I am still using them. If given the chance I'd go with a different shoe

I love Teva products, but these didn't work for me. I was wearing them gardening, and I stepped up on a short length of railroad tie that supported a raised bed (horizontally); the ground was super muddy, the piece of railroad tie flipped from my shifting weight in squishy shoes, I did a 360, I grabbed for a shovel standing in the dirt nearby, the shovel handle fell over the hole I had just dug (I had a plant in a pot in the other hand), my arm came down between me and that handle traversing the hole, and I broke my wrist. Just one of those freak accidents. I know that lots of things were at play here, but the shoes didn't do well in muddy surface and wobbly log. I think if I had something less squishy on, I could have MAYBE righted myself before going down... I gave them to the Goodwill...

Seemed great at first! Maybe a little right but I wore them at a theme park with no problems, however, when hiking they rubbed terrible blisters on my feet. As they got wet my feet slid around in them and rubbed against the already tight loops.

Love these soooo much going to get a second pair in different color. Great grip on wet surfaces, comfy, and cute...did I say cute? Yup! Y’all made a winner light sandal.

I thought these sandals were so cute - the footbed is extremely squishy and comfortable. They also run true to size. It took some adjusting to get the straps in the right place, which wasn’t a big deal, but after wearing them for just a few minutes, the elastic straps really started to dig into my feet and left red marks. Also, they don’t hold your foot in line with the shape of the footbed, I noticed that my heel was sliding slightly to the inside, and toes to the outside.

I ordered these on June 2nd when they were back ordered, I received them on June 4th. That alone is impressive and I appreciate the promptness. These sandals are SO comfortable, the straps are snug enough to hold my in place while walking around town but they are loose enough that I honestly forget they're even there. I would consider these a lifestyle sandal and wouldn't wear them for anything other than leisurely walking around and possibly camp shoes. The sole is very comfortable too and I can tell once I break them in they will mold to my feet perfectly and be even more comfortable. A friend of mine purchased these and RAVED about them for weeks and that's what made me purchase them. They're the perfect in-between for my Birks and Chacos, I can get rid of all my other sandals at this point. We've both talked about order back up pairs in case Teva ever discontinues this shoe, haha

I bought these saddles last summer, and they're perfect for running errands and short nature walks. Only drawback is these are not "slip on" saddles you'd keep by the door to run out and grab the mail or something similar. They take a minute or two to put on and get the straps where you want them. Once they're on though they're comfortable and ready for whatever is on your to-do list for the day.

Super Comfy, but once I got stuck in the rain, they have stunk ever since. I've tried everything to get the smell out , nothing. I have only had them 3 months.

The MOST comfortable sandals I have ever owned!! I can wear these all day and have no sore feet. Super cute with a summer sporty dress, skorts, shorts.



Can these shoes hold up well to going in and out of the water? I like to take them traveling for walking, kayaking, and potentially wearing in the water.

​The footbed is not designed with the durability needed for extended adventures in the water.

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