Saucony - Peregrine 8 Trail-Running Shoes - Women's

Category: Women's Running Shoes

I have had MANY shoes in my lifetime.....but these are the very best! So comfortable, and it feels like I am walking on air! Will definitely check out this brand again.

These shoes have no space in the tow box. I thought since I have very narrow feet that it would be alright for me but I developed blisters and horrible pain in my toes. I heard there were better versions of this shoe. I will not be wearing these again.

In general I have hard to fit feet. They are narrow. Sneakers are generally too wide and I don't feel supported around the arch. Further, I have had 8 surgeries on my right ankle and leg. These shoes fit like a dream. The elastic along the upper instep hold my foot snug. The toe to heal cushion provides the right amount cushion to absorb shock without creating extra bounce! Going online to buy an additional pair.

I work at a summer camp and I love the these shoes. I had Peregrine 7s last summer and 8s for this summer. Last years model lasted me the 2 months of camp and all the way through the rest of the year up before the insoles went out. This summer, my 8s didn't last as long. I guess I got too close to a campfire because I managed to burn a hold in the top of one and screw up the treads on both. They're not ruined but the treads are now comparable to the year old ones.

These are so light weight and breathable I still can’t believe it. They dry off quickly, have little to no break-in time, are durable, and are great for my joints. I like hiking and backpacking in these more than any real “boot” I’ve owned.

I've used these minimally however the toe portion is coming unglued and will be flapping in the breeze in no time. I generally love the Peregrine trail shoe but unfortunately I'm planning on returning them and starting over.

I have my favorite road running shoes but I have some troubles finding trail running shoes. So far so good with those one if they keep ut that way they will be my to go for trail running!

Perfect hiking sneakers. Just got back from Zion and Bryce!

Best traction I have found on loose trail conditions.


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