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Fit a ton of gear fairly compactly, with lots of convenient compartments and pockets plus a bunch of helpful loops and straps. Would easily work for 3-4 days, longer if you have compact, lightweight gear.

Most of the reviews here are from people who received free packs, so beware. I have had this pack for a few years now and at first I loved it when I was only using it for short days or to throw stuff in for car camping. I wore it on some long hikes this last year (10-14 mile days) and I wish I had done so during the return period. The hip belt is very rigid and it rubbed the skin right off my hips. The first time I thought it was the pants I had worn, but the next time with smooth leggings it still left huge bruises. I have larger hips and hiked with a slim friend who has the same pack and it bruised her as well. She ended up using some foam as padding, but at the price point, you shouldn't have to resort to that.

I am very disappointed with this pack. My biggest beef is I cannot pull out or replace a water bottle from the pack pockets - either the straight-up slot or the slant slot. In addition, if there is a water bottle in the slant pocket it frequently falls out if not clipped in and it annoyingly hits the back of my arm if it does stay in place. There are no large side pockets. They have been moved around more to the front and there is no front entry to the main part of the pack. You enter through the top or way at the bottom.

I may be the only person in the universe who didn’t love this pack (although my husband had the same problems with the Atmos), but the hip belt is so stiff that it left large bruises. This was after receiving a fitting at REI and trying to adjust it every which way after that, but the design creates pressure points I couldn’t adjust away. The stiffness also made it hard to put on - I really felt like I had to twist around to get my (average-size) body between the two sides of the hipbelt.

Game changer. If you are shopping for a backpack you need to hear (oh how I wish someone had told me!) that this backpack truly is a game changer. I have been backpacking for 30+ years (with Army government issue packs and at least four other major brands in similar and smaller liters) and figured it was just standard to have hip and shoulder bruises from the pack. It’s a minor inconvenience, it doesn’t hold me back and it effects most women I know, so it’s just become accepted. Until now! The waist belt is cumbersome and doesn’t slip on as easily as other packs and I thought this was a bit annoying. But dealing with that on my second trip just made me giddy ~ bring it on clumsy waist belt, because you rock! Miles up and down hills and NO bruises ya’ll, I don’t know how they did it and had I realized it was possible to find a pack that compensated for a women’s hips and boney shoulders I would have paid whatever a long time ago. This alone will keep me buying this design. The top that comes off (heard this called a brain) and still leaves me with a completely finished looking closable pack is something I haven’t seen before. It feels fancy and I love the option. And extra front pockets? Yes please! All these extra features (and yet it still maintains a competitive weight, seems a little magical) makes me feel like this pack is just trying to show off.

This backpack is fantastic. I can pack it down with 30-45 lbs and have no problems with comfort. I am not an extreme avid hiker but I have hiked enough to know that comfort is key to enjoying nice trek weather for a day or a week. The only thing that I can complain about is the side pockets where you typically put your water bottle or other small items are too far back. The pockets are so far back you cannot reach them with the backpack on. Overall the best backpack with the best comfort you can find.

Great pack. I was super comfortable during my whole trip! It fit me well and the mesh was a dream. I like the way the side pockets are designed. My nalgene fits well and there’s an angled hole in the pocket so I could grab water without taking the pack off. My only complaint is that the brain can’t convert to a daypack. ): otherwise, I’m really happy with it.

I've only taken this bag on one trip so far, but I packed purposefully heavy to test it. I barely feel the weight at all. The pockets are all large enough to be useful and there are plenty of straps and buckles to size it down for shorter trips. My only issue was that the hip belt hugged a little too tight on me, but I think it'll loosen up as I use the pack more. All of my friends who tried it on were jealous of just how comfortable it feels!

The hipbelt preformed design on this osprey is totally not for me. It makes the pack horribly difficult to get on while loaded, and even empty it is still a pain. Other features on this pack are great...so it was a close call between this and the REI...it was the bit more of lower back support with the REI and hipbelt that made the decision to skip this one and go for the REI...I left an extensive review about that one with more details. I like that osprey has a fantastic warranty...but it was truly about fit that masters most to me.

I wasnt sure what to buy, Osprey's Aura or Gregory's Deva. Both are good but It was only after I measured both of them with a weight inside that I appreciated how good the Osprey was. First the fabric feels more qualitative, the backpack "hugs" the body, the pockets are comfortable and it weighs nothing! Super comfortable backpack I'm so happy with the purchase

I've been very happy with my Ariel 55 the past five years. But, I confess, I have looked longingly at some of the new features Osprey has added to its newer backpacks. So it was largely a pleasure to spend some quality time in the woods with the Aura AG 65. First off, even though it has more space, it's no heavier than the Ariel. The structure is different; it feels like the pack fills to the back, not side to side. That makes it pretty comfortable to maneuver on the trail. But it also means that, sometimes, the pack feels like it's pulling me back a bit. To counteract that, I set the shoulder and chest straps a little snugger than I've used on the Ariel. I was worried that could cause the straps to rub - but they didn't. Everything stayed in place. That was a great relief. I was hopeful that the Aura's additional space (as compared to the Ariel) would help in negotiating my bear canister (Bearicade Scout, 9 inches diameter, 8 inches high) in and out of the pack. It doesn't. It's still a delicate task. But once I do have the Bearicade in place, it was pretty easy to finish getting everything else I need in the pack. And, while hiking, I didn't "feel" the Bearicade in there as I sometimes do with the Ariel. So far, I've left the top bag in place. But I am very tempted to leave it home on a future backpack trip and see if I really miss it. The new zippered compartments on the back of the pack may be all I need. I haven't (yet) had to stuff a wet tarp in the outside bag. I'm curious how that will go because said bag seems like it's less stretchy than its Ariel counterpart. I'll need a few days out there in the summer before I know for sure, but even in the winter the Anti Gravity structure does seem to be doing the job of cutting back (but not eliminating) a sweaty back after hours of hiking. It also may be the source of that pulling-back feeling I'm getting. I'm looking forward to finding out if, as I use the pack more, this setup becomes more natural to me (and then the Ariel's setup will feel weird). Fortunately, my favorite Osprey features are still here: the side pockets that can be used in so many ways; the unbeatable "Stow on the Go" poles holder (the bottom bit of the latter seems to be slightly relocated and a little easier to reach back and find). Nice touch to "hide" the top straps for the ice tools. Honestly, I think Osprey could offer their packs without those straps at all (top and bottom). I've yet to find a really good use for those. It's unlikely I'd ever be on a hike where I'd need ice tools. I was pleased when I read that the outside straps (for a pad) and the inside divider toward the bottom were "removable"; I've removed those from the Ariel but that required a seam ripper and a careful hand. Well, it would be the same deal here: They're sewn in place. The biggest challenge I find with the Aura is how the belt straps work. When I go to put on the pack, they hold tightly against the pack (and, thus, behind me). It's a real pain to reach back and convince them to move around my waist. I'm still trying to find a way to get the straps to stay open enough as I put the pack on. Maybe it will be less of a problem as the pack gets used to my shape. I sure hope so. I was tempted to drop a star from the Aura's rating solely because of the belt (and, if I could change the 5 star to 4 1/2, I would - because of the belt). Mainly I can't wait to get some more miles in with the Aura.

I love the suspension system for Osprey bags. I really wish all of their larger bags would come with a raincover though. My day pack I have from them is my favorite. And it’s a chocolate brown color which is hard to find in women’s! This bag is amazing comfortable. I appreciate that they made the hip pockets bigger. Everything else is very accessible as well!

Getting the right fit made all the difference. Pack is great size & keeps supplies organized. Love the color. Very satisfied.

I LOVE this pack! I have a short torso, but am not a waif. The waist band molds to my shape and bears the weight. I've loaded it up to 35 pounds and I don't feel the weight at all. Tons of pockets & cinches down well to hold everything stable.

I definitely recommend getting assistance choosing a pack at REI because that made all the difference for me. This pack had the best fit for me, and on the trail, it felt unbelievably light and stable. Even scrambling up and down steep, rocky slopes, I never felt unbalanced. It's very easy to keep everything organized and to pack/unpack. I've taken this on two trips already, and I'm looking forward to many more trips in the future.

I LOVE this pack. I went on a two week Appalachian Trail hike and It was perfect the whole time. Lots of pockets and convenient storage space plus a really sturdy, long lasting pack. Of course soreness is to be expected with any pack for the first few days so what is really helpful to get the weight off the shoulders is hiking the pack up higher on the stomach and then tightening the hip straps. Didn’t add any extra pressure on my hips, only relieved the pressure from my shoulders. Good luck fellow hikers!!!!

I bought my version of this pack a little over 2 years ago. I bought it hoping I would never have to get another large pack again since I love my long hiking/camping trips. I find this to be the case. I have used it in the Arizona desert for at least 2 weekends of every month since I bought it. I have even done some rock crawling and had to use the pack to assist me in bracing, not what it’s designed for, but helped keep my footing. I am ready to have it readjusted on me again or resized, but this is after 2 hard years on the pack. I will tell anyone that this was one of the best and durable packs I’ve ever bought. It fits great. I have the smallest frame, and it causes me no discomfort. I have to keep the waist at a 28 and I have a size small pack, should have a xs. This has never caused me any kinds of issues. For every other brand of pack I have looked at or bought I had to buy JR size packs, not here. The AG design makes it for a very comfortable breathable hike. I can load down to 55 lbs on my back with no discomfort. I have had no issues attaching anything to the pack. When I have been going on day hikes I’ve just been collapsing the bag down to the smallest it will go because I have yet to find a day pack quite as comfortable even when looking at other osprey AG packs. I would recommend this bag to anyone who like to do serious hiking, climbing or any other outdoor activities. To put icing on the bag for me it was able to strap to my kayak with no tip issues when centered in the middle due to its natural weight distribution. I waited to write a review until I got some real use out of the pack and I could share the truth of my experiences. If I have to replace this pack or buy one for my daughter, this would be my choice again. I am a clumsy person and have fallen back on this pack more then once, I have dirt on the pack to show for it. It looks used but completely intact. I love this pack.

While my hiking partners had sore shoulders I did not. This pack rode well and easy. However, I do not like the lack of easy access to a water bottle. I had to keep asking my co-hikers to retrieve my bottle for me and to put it away as I could not come close to reaching it myself. I will be returning the pack primarily for this reason.

I've now trekked over 100 miles with this pack, which was a replacement for my over-worn Osprey Aura 50. I'm 5'8" 150 and went with the M even though I was sized to a small. I'm glad I went M though I could have easily done S. The bottom compartment fits all my sleeping and clothing comfortably (bag, liner, pad, pillow, thermals, jacket, rain gear). The main compartment easily holds a big bear canister and tent (vertically). The top holds my solar, first aid, rope, and small stuff. I keep my water treatment pump and a nalgene in the mesh side packs and my lady's room in the back pouch. I loaded this thing up to over 50 pounds (mostly food) and trekked through off-trail Sierras without any issues. I could have easily kept piling it in - it is very roomy. I love the hip pockets, though I wish they were more on my front than on my sides. My old one had them right over my front so my elbows never brushed the pockets. Now they are right on the sides. No biggie.

This backpack came heavily recommended so I had it fitted on me and tried it around the store. It was the first "real" pack I ever wore so the feel of the hipbelt was nice and it seemed to have a ton of adjustable sections. When I took it on a trip of several days, however, I found the belt chafed around my hips and my shoulders ended up taking a lot of strain. (Weight was around 35 lbs.) I was having to brace with my core far more than seemed natural and it still pulled on my upper body. No matter whether I loosened these areas or tightened them, they just didn't sit right.

The top lid does not work as a day pack as in some of Osprey's other models. This adds weight overall as a separate day pack is needed when a simple modification could turn the lid into one.

Love my Osprey Aura! Fits perfect and I don't really notice it on my back even being on the trail all day. My only thing I would change is bigger hip pockets. Otherwise perfect!

It’s a nice pack, but I was disappointed in the color. The blue is very light, not at all as pictured.

Highly recommend this product. They truly understand the needs of a hiker and have thought of everything. Quality product, light weight and kind to your body.

The Osprey Women's Aura AG 65 Pack is the perfect backpack for an extended hiking trip. Its multiple external pockets make quick access to hiking essentials a breeze. The Aura is nicely padded without becoming too heavy. I would definitely recommend this backpack to anyone looking for a larger pack, but getting fitted in person is the best way to ensure it's right for you.

I love backpacking. But I had begrudgingly accepted that it would mean being uncomfortable, pain in my shoulders and bruises on my hips if I went more than five miles. And then I got this pack. Once I got it properly fitted it made all the difference in the world to my backpacking trips. No hip bruises! This was the best investment I've made in my outdoor gear.

Great pack! Though I got the "Gamma Red", which online appears maroon, it's actually bright firetruck red. Bummer.

After a lot of comparing with other brands and sizes, ended up narrowing it down to this pack and I love it! After some adjusting, it was very comfortable and handled 35lbs like a champ during an overnighter. No doubt it could handle a full weekend’s worth of gear. The amount of pockets is awesome and their placements are well thought out.

I wanted a good pack for my 11 year old boy. I also wanted a larger pack than the traditional children's packs. This one was one of the few larger size packs which would tighten on his waist. It even fits my 9 year old boy! Both of them have used it with over 20 lbs. in it. It will also adjust to fit my wife...

Used this for my first 3 day 2 night trip across the Pemi range in NH. It held all my gear and even at probably close to 40 pounds (I'm learning to shave weight! LOL) It was very comfortable. Easy to adjust with the straps, sits on hips nicely with no pressure on shoulders, had no hot spots. Love the side hip zippered pockets for easy access to snacks, etc. Water bottle/ bug spray was easily accessible from side mesh pockets and I have short arms. Bottles and spray did fall out of pockets once when climbing down at a steep angle but I could have strapped them tighter I think. I did use a water bladder and that worked out great. Plenty of great space in the lower portion for sleeping bag and clothing items. While the top "brain" portion was not listed as a daypack (not having a strap) I was able to strap it to a belt and use it like a day pack and it works pretty well. Seems very sturdy and like it will last through all my abuse! All and all an excellent purchase.

I searched reviews online before purchasing this. I honestly have not used it yet. I bought it for walking to the store for shopping and to backpack for a few days. It seems like a terrific pack and I like the color.

Awesome pack, fits my girlfriend perfectly. Now we can backpack comfortably together and she can carry her fair share. Wink!

I tried on a few packs and the adjustable torso was key to getting a good fit for my relatively short torso.



How to I avoid hip bruising? Looking for advice on where to adjust. I have the shoulder straps tightened all the way. I walked 3 miles with 45lbs and my bony hips couldn't handle it. I need the hip belt to be higher on my hips.

A properly fitted pack is designed to sit on top of your hip bones (your iliac crest). We recommend checking out the article below or stopping by your local REI for a pack fitting:

Lisa C

This pack has a load range of 30-50 lbs. Is it okay to under load this pack? Like 20 to 25 lbs?

The great thing about this pack is that even if you under load the pack, you can still use the compression straps to make the load carrying easier.


Is this pack waterproof?

No, this backpack is not waterproof, it is only water resistant. You can add a pack cover to protect the pack in stormy conditions.


I am reviewing this pack for a friend. I bought mine the first year it came out, and don't remember if it is a small or extra small, and can't find it on the pack. Where would this information be found, on the pack?

​With the shoulder straps facing you, the small black size tag should be located in the bottom right corner of the pack when the webbing coming off of the shoulder strap meets the top of the hipbelt.


What is the best way to transport an XS version of this bag on a plane?

​For checking this pack on an airplane, we recommend purchasing the medium Osprey Airporter LZ.


Is it okay to store this pack full of gear? Or should it be stored empty?

​It's ideal to store this pack empty so that it's not stressed.

first timer

I'm trying to decide between the Aura 65 or the 50. What's the difference? 

The general design features are the same for the two packs; the difference is in the volume or capacity. The 65 liter pack is deeper and wider with a few more pockets (11 pockets) and provides enough room for multi-day, backpacking trips. The 50-Liter Aura is designed as a weekend or multi-day backpack with 9 pockets in addition to its main compartment.


I am a new backpacker, considering this pack after reading lots of reviews. I probably will be taking 2-4 day trips. But I am so stuck on if I need a 50L or 65L pack. Thoughts?

This backpack is an excellent choice for 2-4 day trips. For more information on how to choose the best gear capacity for your needs, we recommend viewing the link below:


Can you tell me what the difference is in the hip belt, suspension. adjustability between the Aura and the Ariel?  I am not close enough to travel to a store for fit.  

The Ariel AG pack features the IsoForm5 hipbelt which is made from a robust 3D dual-density foam that can be heat molded at any REI retail store for a more custom fit. While the Aura pack does not use the IsoForm belt, it does have the Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt which offers more adjustability to fine tune the fit. Overall the IsoForm hipbelt is going to provide a little more support.


Does this pack come with a day pack??

This pack does not come with a daypack.


What pack cover would you suggest to best fit this pack?

The Osprey UltraLight Pack Raincover is a great choice to use with this pack:


Are there side pouches to carry a water bottle?

​Yes, there are water bottle pockets on the sides of the pack.


What are the main differences between the Aura 65 and the Ariel 65?

The Aura is designed for multiday backpacking; it offers a comfort suspension harness but overall has fewer features. The Ariel also includes a great suspension system but has more pockets and entry points into the pack; these features increase the pack's weight. The Ariel was designed with extended backpacking or thru-hiking in mind.


What is the dimension of the bag if the brain is removed? Trying to see if it can be carried on the airlines I am flying.

​Removing the lid will save approximately 3"-4" of height. However, the main pack is still too large to work as a carry-on for most airlines.


I tried this medium sized pack on in the store with a REI sales person and it was just a bit to small for my 6ft tall frame. I tried to order a large online but medium is your largest size. Any suggestions for an equivalent pack in large?

You may want to take a look at the Osprey Ariel AG 65 as an alternate backpack.


Is it regulation size for a carry on when traveling by plane?

No, this pack is too large. The dimensions are 33" x 16" x 15" or 64 linear inches. Many airlines have carry-on restrictions of 22" x 14" x 9"/45 linear inches.


Does this pack come with a rain cover?

​A rain cover is not included with this pack.

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