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I've bought Keens Targhee for many years and loved them. This year they decided to change a good thing. Too bad. This new boot isn't as stable. The tongue way too loose. The soles also feel thinner. Unless they go back to the old style I will now check out Merrel. I know several others who feel the same. Too bad!

Keen used to make good shoes. Now they seem to be much more cheaply made, the quality is gone. I am going out today to return my second pair of these because of defects. The arch is misplaced in one shoe and the other has a very stiff lump on the underside of the tongue. The first pair had bad stitching that was already coming loose and a strange fit. I am done with Keen and have just ordered my third pair of Oboz. They are a bit heavier, but solid, well, made, and very comfortable.

I do quite a bit of desert hiking and wanted a shoe that would be breathable and cool in the heat. After 3 short hikes, I think these shoes will be great! While it wasn't super hot yet in the desert for my recent hikes, these shoes were very comfortable and my feet didn't sweat as much as they do in other shoes. The mesh seems to work quite well for venting purposes! And, unlike other shoes I've hiking in (in sandy conditions), these shoes did NOT allow sand to enter thru the mesh. It's nice to not dump a sandbox out of my shoes at the end of a hike!

Sadly...keens had been my favorite shoe.

These are great shoes for hiking. They took some breaking in, but after that break in period, they're good to go. They are stiff, which really help keep me going. Squishy shoes seem more comfortable at first, but after a few miles they tire my feet out. Stiff shoes offer the support I need. And these are the shoes I'll be wearing while training for a long distance hike this summer.

Pre-Hike Review: Purchased these in prep for week long day hiking trip to the Smokies soon. So far walking around the store, the sample rock to climb there and around the house these feel okay. I've put about 500+ miles on some old Keen Marshalls that I had to retire. But since developed Achilles Tendonitis. For the past 6 months I've gotten used to the luxury and support of Birkenstock and the cloud like soles of Altra Superior 3.5 for everyday use and walking/light running some of the Texas trails here. I greatly appreciate the large toe box for a healthy toe splay as nature intended in these Targhees, and the protection they'll provide when I stump on a root or rock as I tend to do. The first thing I noticed is how weird the feeling of the tongue is constructed. I appreciate the padding, but lacing these up proves to be pretty uncomfortable. The tongues are sewn into the sides and fold in but they add quite a bit of unwanted pressure to the tops of my feet. I'm concerned about taking these on a 12-20 mile hike as I do. I've read that others feel as though they must lace them up too tight which hurts or too loose and wobbly - I'm afraid I might also agree with this. I also want to emphasize how hard the sole is. It's not all that bad if you like to feel "grounded" and to really feel your steps. If you want to feel a more cushioned sole, these shoes are certainly not for you. I am concerned about to long term comfort of these myself as this was certainly a problem descending down the mountains in my Keen Marshalls, however I had a great time regardless. The balls of my feet tend to feel like they just lost a brutal battle and barely survived on this familiar sole, after the long descent. I wish Keen would create a great breathable and tough hiking shoe but with that cushy softness of the Keen Newport Sandal! I'll be curious to learn how much they slip or not on wet rocks when it rains. There's no such thing as the perfect shoe, in my opinion. And I'm rather picky since dealing with the Achilles Tendonitis. But between the slippage I experienced testing out the Altra LonePeak 3.5 on the rock in store, and the Oboz Sawtooth's narrow and painful squeeze at the toe, I think these Targhees are my best shot at having a great time on my trip. I also wish I had a good resource to learn what millimeter drop these shoes are as this would certainly help to build value in my purchase!! Perhaps I will leave a post-hike review. Happy Trails!

Love the spacious toe box. Plenty of support and space. I’ve worn these in the mud, desert, forest, mountains, and streams. Beaches next! These have held up perfectly, and my feet feel great after each hike. I recommend them highly! I usually wear a 10 and got these in 10.5.

This is a great shoe for dry and muddy trails. Perfect for creek hopping. I liked that it was cool enough for warm weather and with the right sock worked for cold weather as well. It breathed well and I really didn't need to worry about breaking them in. No blisters after my first hike of a few miles. Comfy and durable, light weight as well, good grip on the soles.

These shoes have changed over the last few years and I personally don’t think it was for the better. I’ve been a keen only shoe wearing person for 6+ years and the last few pairs I have had just don’t last. I’m on my feet five plus miles a day on asphalt, concrete, expanded metal, grass and gravel. They just don’t live anymore.

I wear Keen Targhee Boots for my hiking because most trails are very rocky and uneven. I want the ankle support. But we also do a lot of Jeep roads and exploring from there so I wanted something that's still gives me the traction for short hikes but not as much shoe. These are perfect and so comfortable.

Very comfortable; great support; not too bulky or massive looking; surprisingly light given how well they support my feet. I can still walk quite fast. Alas, I live far from the mountains and trails, so have to mostly walk on asphalt streets. These shoes are great.

I wanted comfortable, stable hiking shoes for everyday wear. These really fit the bill. I LOVE them! Comfortable and supportive, just what I wanted. Oh and because of the way they are made, I can tighten down the heals easily and I have zero slippage.

I do light hiking in Texas' warm/hot/murderously hot seasons, and needed something without ankle support that would be cool yet sturdy. From the moment I put these shoes on, they were comfortable. Supportive yet cushiony. I'm sold!

Bought these shoes because a bunion had been causing pain while hiking. I decided my hiking shoes needed to be wider to accommodate the bunion. These work wonderfully. Like the color, the same color as Central Oregon dirt!

So glad to let you know this is a great hiker in my humble opinion! Why? Because it has all my feet need such as good support, room for my toes to wiggle, comfort enough not to feel every stone underfoot. My poor right foot has suffered several obstacles including rocks from the AT that broke my big toe, to a nasty heel spur. So I need a good shoe! Nice job to Keen. And it's nice to know my REI membership is helping others! Love my Keen low hiker, just right for me!

Choice of a comfortable hiking shoe is highly individual, and that REI offers such a wide selection of quality shoes is much appreciated. For me, the Keen shoe provides a deep heel bed that protects against injury from repetitive impact.

I've used many KEEN's products over the years...however, these surprised my expecations..they were comfortable from first wearing. I needed them for a 3-week jaunt to northern India. Stylish enough to wear in te city, and sturdy enough for short hikes at the foot of the Himalayas. For an active 78yr old lady with arthritic feet issues these shoes are a godsend. Thank you REI, and thank you KEEN!!!

I hike a lot where the trails can be loose gravel and unsure footing. I haven’t felt the need for trekking poles to help with balance (but maybe soon) and have to say these hiking boots helped to increase footing where I step. Happy With purchase. Shoes are comfortable. I never knew this brand runs short until Austin (Las Vegas store) helped out with my decision.

Really love the fit of these hiking shoes. True to fit. Roomy toe box but not too roomy. Tread is durable, great in technical terrain. Shoes are sturdy but not compromising a smooth transition. Only request is more color combinations for the shoe, like gray or a darker brown.

I have been using these type of shoes, and especially Keen for a few years just to walk around in the workplace, doing sales work at a music store. My feet suddenly were not tired after six hours or so… It was amazing. I love them.

I really appreciate the breathability, and weight of this shoe. It is a good choice for walking. I personally prefer the support offered by the water-proof version, which is my favorite shoe for comfort.

My wife likes this shoe due to the shape of the heel collar. The first pair we tried slipped on her heel. This pair has a different shape and hugs her heel better where it doesn't slip when walking.

I'm a new hiker, and these were recommended to me by acquaintances and employee at REI. Worn them on several 4-10 miles hikes and very pleased. I have a wide foot & high arch -- these fit very well.

Super comfy. Nice wide toe box and pretty breathable considering all of the support. Very happy with these. Glad i went for the shoe over the boot and they look great too.

The shoes fit my feet perfectly... I like the wide toe-box. Needed very little time to adjust to them. I did not get any blisters while hiking (I get blisters easily).

These shoes fit like a glove .. I live Keen products.. Wore them straight out of the box a hike and they hug my feet. Wearing Keen Summer , Winter, Spring and Fall!!

Really like these shoes! Took them out of the box, wore them the whole day. Forgot they were new. Excellent for every day and/or hiking.

This is my 4th pair of Keens! Absolutely love them. Thick enough sole to walk on rough terrain, but not to heavy.

Love my Keens. Wide toe box, great support and so comfortable for hiking and everyday wear!

Holds my foot firmly. great for hiking. 10 miles on the first wearing, and no blisters.

Wore them out of the box and hiked the Grand break in!


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