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Works as designed and advertised. Great for protecting the bottom of your tent. Tough, easy to fold up, easy to clean. We camped on various gravel and rocky sites with no punctures or tears.

This worked perfectly with our halfdome 2 plus. We were able to use it in Arizona in Lake Powell and up in North Rim and it held up well!

This worked perfectly in tandem with the tent it was designed for. Kept us high & dry. Very light & easy to pack.

Works well with my tent, light and easy to use, saves me cleaning my tent


Man Enough

Are the Half Dome 2 Footprints no longer available, if so why?  What would be the best substitute or replacement?

​As of September 2018, we currently have stock in these footprints.


It's reported here that this footprint will work for the pre-2017 versions of the Passage 2 tent - the Sage Green one. Can REI respond to this, or can someone who has tested this footprint with the Passage 2? Thank you all in advance.

This footprint is only designed to work with the 2018 version of the Half Dome 2 Plus tent; it will not be compatible with any version of the REI Co-op Passage 2 tent.


Will this footprint fit an old 2013 quarter dome T2 plus? (Discontinued footprint said 90"x51"

​This footprint is not compatible with pre-2018 Half Dome tents.


Does this footprint come with a carrying case as the 2017 version did?

Yes, a carry pouch is included.


OK -  You have answered the question.  The fly is not compatible with the pre-2018.   Why not tell us what REI suggests that is compatible with the tents mentioned in earlier questions, then?

The 2014-2017 footprint is available for a limited time and can be found via the link below:


I bought this footprint but my tent is the REI halfdome 2 plus 2017 model. Couldn't find a footprint for that tent, will this work?

​This footprint is not compatible with pre-2018 Half Dome tents.


I am unable to find a REI half Dome 2( not the plus) footprint. would this work?

​This footprint is too big and not compatible with the Half Dome 2 Tent.


I'm not sure which Half Dome 2 Plus I have but the item number is 8785200002. Is this footprint for the Half Dome 2 Plus that I have?

This footprint is not compatible with your Half Dome 2 Plus, item 878520. This item is specific to the model released in 2018 and will not fit the 2014-17 tents.


Will this footprint fit the Half Dome 2 Plus tent, #878520? Dimensions are 6” shorter than those of the discontinued footprint model #794297, with dimensions of 94”x52”.

​This footprint is not compatible with the older Half Dome 2 Plus Tent (#878520).


Will this footprint fit a half dome 2?

No, the plus footprint is too large for the Half Dome 2.


I bought the Half Dome 2 Plus in November.  Will this footprint fit or is is for the new redesigned 2 Plus?  I ask because your website listed the dimensions on the footprint as 94X52 inches in November when you were out of them. It now shows 88X52 inches

This new footprint will not fit the old Half Dome 2 Plus tent.

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