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Appears well made, light weight, I think this will make a good late spring, summer and early fall hammock. I'm 6'1" 185 lbs and its comfortable enough,. I can stretch out and lay on my side without issues. Its been stated on other reviews, make sure the netting is snapped in place before you get in. I like the whoopie sling style suspension. Out of the bag, it has everything you need for a complete set up. I own two Clark Hammocks, this is no Clark, but for the price you can't go wrong.

Hands down the best nights sleep I've had in the woods in a while. Good bye arms falling asleep. Good bye sticks and pebbles poking me through my sleeping pad. Goodbye waking up 8 times every night.

I’ve set this up twice and have slept in it once. I did a practice set up in the park by my house and it took me 20mins (moving slowly mind you) Then when I went on a trip it took me 10mins. I think I can get it down to 7mins. It is super easy and is just like a tent. I used my REI Air Rail mattress to keep me warm at night and it worked well. The straps hold it in place, but it does slide down (not side to side. So put it higher than you think. I put clothes at the feet and it kept the pad from moving. The bug net is perfect. And the width of the hammock is nice. Make sure to stretch I out once you put your air mattress in this will help keep the shape. I slept well and warm. I miss space for my backpack, but the ground is suffice. The rainfly is nice, but I think it could be a little wider. Will need to test more.

Let me begin by saying that this was my first experience in hammock camping. I have always been a tent camper with the occasion experience of just sleeping under the stars. Although the Flash Air Hammock did not provide much of a weight improvement from my regular 1 person tent it did take up much less real estate in my pack allowing me to go to from a 65L to a tightly packed 48L. The reason that the Flash Hammock set up is so bulky compared to a traditional camp hammock is because they provide you with all of the equipment that you require for a full set up, guy lines and stakes for the cover and even an underlying boot sling to keep the creepy crawlies out of your hikers. I live in the California Sierras, so the trees that I used were a little too large around for the provided straps, but that was rectified by simply using some spare webbing. I spent two nights in the Flash Hammock over a weekend hike at 5000' and then at 6500'. Although the air got to be below freezing at night with my air pad and sub-zero bag I was still somewhat cozy underneath the rain fly. The integrated spreader pole did a very good job of keeping the bug screen off of me in the evenings as well. And the rain fly kept off the falling snow and tree debris. I will admit that it took some acrobatics to get into the hammock while having the rain fly low enough to provide wind protection but in warmer weather that would not be a problem. And the straps that are provided to keep your pad in place and not popping out from under you in the middle of the night are extremely helpful. The only criticism that I have is that it doesn't convert to a regular use day hammock very well as it is designed more like a sleeping cocoon than a lounger. Overall though if you are comfortable sleeping in a hammock position all evening the Flash was fairly nice.

Well built and great attention to detail makes this hammock idea for hiking. It is easy to set up and use. I like that it has pockets inside the hammock and storage underneath the hammock. The straps help keep your sleeping pad in place which is a nice feature. the hammock itself when it is all zipped up feels comfy and roomy. Hope to use it this May in Havasupai.

I've slept in this a total of 10 nights so far. Surprisingly comfortable and easy to use. There is a learning curve to getting the height right, but pitching and tear down is much faster than a tent. Highly recommend.

This was my first hammock camping experience, and I missed it when I got home and slept in bed. It’s definitely meant for a shorter person (I’m 5’7”). I was able to sleep slight angle to flatten the hammock floor, even with a Therm-a-Rest UL pad blown up 3/4. Without the pad, it’s probably easier yet. Highly recommend for the value, as everything you need is included, and setup is easy with the built in instructions in the stuff sack. Less than 3 lbs for everything also makes it a great backpacking option. I won’t be using my tent anytime soon!

I bought this for backpacking and I am very happy with the result. It is much lighter than my already lightweight tent, and I do not need a sleeping pad to be comfortable in it. Unlike a tent it can also function as a chair/swing, which is beneficial while backpacking after a long day of hiking. I used it once during the rain with the cover and had no water get on me. The bug net works great when sleeping in trees to prevent ticks and flying bugs from landing on you. There is plenty of storage in the above area, and is loaded with lots of well thought ideas like reflective wires, pockets, and high quality stakes. The boot hammock below works good and my boots dont rub on me while I am laying in it. The straps are a bit confusing to use, but are much more lightweight than the alternative. Also its somewhat difficult to close the bug net unless you are angled perfectly. Overall I would highly recommend for someone planning on backing or camping in a hammock in a bigger variety of weather conditions.

I had the luck to try this hammock while beach camping in Hawaii. It was easy to set-up and lightweight to tote with my other beach camping gear. Unlike other hammocks I've swung in, this one felt roomy. The cover kept the bugs out. The nylon is thin on the bottom - no extra layer - I'll be taking this hammock backpacking in Colorado and I'm interested to see what kind of padding I'll need under my sleeping bag for the cool summer nights.

I purchased three of these Hammocks and could not be happier! We do a lot of summer time camping and the mosquito net is invaluable! Had to use the rain fly for the first time last weekend and it worked like a charm all of us slept all night long high and dry! I especially like the shock cord rod that keeps the netting off of my face. A lot of thought and planning definitely went into the design of this Hammock and it paid off with high dividends for the user!

After comparing many different hammocks, I landed on this one and feel like I made the right choice. It it relatively light and has all the features I wanted.



I'm 6'6. Will I fit in this thing?

Yes, this hammock measures 8 ft. 6 inches long and will accommodate your height.


The hammock system is rated for 250 lbs. Is that weight rating for the hammock fabric, the suspension system, or the unit as a whole? The white suspension lines that come out of the hammock seem to be the weakest point and am worried they may snap.

The weight limit is for the whole unit.


I know in regular hammocks you lay diagonally to get a flat lay. It doesn't look like in this hammock you can do that. So with a pad and without a pad, how bad do you get the banana effect? If it lays fairly stable I may get it for all it's features.

This hammock is designed for the user to lay parallel. It has a shock-corded spreader pole near the head of the tent preventing the banana effect. This feature along with a sleeping pad allows for a cozy but comfortable flat lay in the hammock.


What sleeping bag and sleeping pad work best for this hammock? The one shown in the pictures. Is there any gearsling that works for it as well?

You can choose any 20-25 inch wide air pad for use in this hammock. This hammock does come with a small, removable gear sling that attaches to the bottom fabric of the hammock, but most larger slings can work well if you eventually include an underquilt. Please call us at 1-800-426-4840 for further recommendations.


If I use a Thermarest Pro mummy pad and a 20 degree-rated sleeping bag with this hammock system, do you think I'd need an underquilt too for a 40 degree or so night?

​If you are using an insulated sleeping pad underneath your 20-degree sleeping bag, that should provide adequate warmth on a 40-degree night.


What are the two toggles on the outside of the bug fly for? And what are the two loops on the center of the tarp for? Are they meant to attach to each other?

Good question! You can unzip the bug netting, roll it up and secure by feeding those toggles through the loops, just like when you roll back a tent door.​ The same is for the rainfly when it's not needed.


Are the straps safe for trees and can be used without causing damage?

​Yes, the straps included with this hammock are tree-friendly.


Which strap extender will work with his hammock? 

​The ENO hammock straps are a good choice for extending the length of this hammock.


Will a Nemo tensor pad work with this

​​Yes, the NEMO Tensor pad will fit nicely in this hammock.


I’m unfamiliar with how these work. Will it hang from 4” x 4” wood columns on a screened in deck? Thank you.

This hammock can be suspended from 4 X 4" wood columns provided there is enough distance and support to withstand the weight load. For tips on how to set up your hammock, we recommend viewing the link below:


If this is setup on the ground (like a bivy sack) will the pole still hold in place so the netting doesn’t hit your face? 

​This hammock is not designed to be ground compatible, therefore the pole will not hold the mesh up.


Is there a recommended winter underquilt?

The REI Co-op Hammock Underquilt is a great choice for this hammock.


Will the REI Flash air pad fit in this tent. I have the long/wide version, so 25x78?

Keeping in mind that this isn't a flat surface inside the hammock, but your sleeping pad will fit inside it.


Picture 5 of 20 above appears to show the hammock can zip all the way closed like a tent over the bug net, which would be great for insulation. Does it do this?

This hammock can be zipped up to create a bug-protection barrier. However, the bug net does not provide insulation. We recommend using the REI Co-op Hammock Underquilt to insulate this hammock:


will the neoair xtherm long fit?

​The long and wide Xtherm pad will be a challenge to fit in this hammock.


Are hammock tents like this one treated with flame retardants?

​This hammock is made from a non-fire retardant treated nylon. Other hammock models from REI and other manufacturers can vary.


Is one end of the hammock a bridge type? Been looking like the lawson....but only want bridge on shoulder end.

This hammock features one pole that is designed to spread the hammock open at your head and shoulders.


I have two questions. 1, does this have loops for a lantern on the inside? and 2, is this compatible with the REI AirRail 1.5 pad? Thank you

​Yes, there are two loops on the interior of the mesh that can hold a small lantern. The AirRail 1.5 Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad will fit inside of this hammock.

FlyN Pig

What size sleeping pad will fit? Would a thermarest xlite sv large fit?

​A mummy-style sleeping pad is going to be the better choice for this hammock. The long NeoAir Xlite SV Sleeping Pad is going to be too wide at the foot of the hammock.

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