Merrell - Chameleon 7 Stretch Low Hiking Shoes - Men's

Category: Men's Footwear

Absolutely horrible quality. The inside liner started tearing at the heel almost immediately. Have worn them 20 days and they’re now junk. Comfortable in the store! Wish I’d returned them.

These new Chameleons fit great and are super comfortable, just like my old Merrell Chameleons were,... the only but is that they squeak,....not sure why but they're a bit squeaky. It's all good though, I guess the wildlife gets an alert that I'm coming.

Overall this shoe was very comfortable, sturdy and warm as long I taped up my heel. The stitch around the heel on the inside of the shoe protrudes out just enough to cause bad blisters on long hikes and that part of the shoe never "wears in" to stop this from happening. I couldn't tell this would be an issue when I broke the shoes in in Florida on flat ground. I love the inside neoprene like material because the shoes has properties of a wet suit...even when they get wet they can still provide warmth. If that stitch on the heel didn't exist I would never want to get rid of these shoes. I had these shoes in the Himalayas walking anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per day for a total of a month on two separate hikes where in between my blisters healed completely before starting the second hike.

Not as comfortable from day one as my old chameleons but getting there! Really glad Merrell went back to the vibram soles for these. Maybe not as grippy in the cold weather but the other 10 mos they are great.

I bought this shoes with the expectation to make a difference and mend my aching feet when walking. This shoes is a feet does not ache every time I use it for hiking, working, running etc...very comfortable and easy to use even around the house or run errands with.

I would like to say theses are the best shows I have ever owned, and Merrill is all I buy anymore. Never had a problem yet, so I’m hoping my new ones I just ordered still stand up to the Merrill reputation and that they didn’t start cutting corners on manufacturing to save a few cents. Will give a update when I get my new ones and wear for a couple weeks.

Bought these for my weekend trip to Zion, Utah and they were worn as I hiked Angels Landing, and more spots around the NP. They were great then, and i see them being great for years to come (wherever i take them)

Just picked up .....and ty REI....applied the 20% REI promotion. my old ones served me well. the new model designed slightly different. hoping they serve me as well.

For straight-forward, long hikes with moderate terrain changes, this is the best model you can buy. Comfortable and super tacky sole.

I’m on my 2nd pair and I love them. Not a cheap shoe but worth the price. Like having a 2nd skin on your feet. Highly recommend.

Great shoes - comfortable - would buy again. Use them for hiking, local walks.

Love the slip-on and off. Comfortable all day. Would buy again.


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