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I needed a closed toe sandal for a trip to Costa Rica. These sandals worked out great. They are waterproof and give you enough traction for moderate hiking. Like the color as well. Initially, I bought a size 10 but had to go up to a 10 1/2 as they run a little small. Anticipate these will be a favorite for years to come.

I really have a closet full of shoes....more than an average guy. I prefer Buffalo hide shoes from Neil M during the day...made with USA buffalo from Ted Turner's farm and manufactured in Arkansas by people who live here. My off-work shoe is my collection of Keen shoes. I bought my first pair in Key West in 2006 on Duval Street and they bit the dust in 2013 at Farm Aid in Saratoga Springs, NY during a huge downpour as the perfect day ended. They must have had a ton of miles on those soles as I completely wore them out. Now I own 8 pairs of these amazing shoes and spread the wear on them over the course of a week or so. They are awesome shoes and once you start wearing them they only get better!

This model of the Newport Sandals the H2 looks great. I've owned a couple other earlier pairs of Newports so I like the look and feel. This pair has one problem, it is very hard to squeeze your heel in past the back strap. I jam my feet all the way forward as possible with the laces totally loosen. I takes a good 2 minutes to get my left foot in, and 1 minute for the right foot. I never had this problem with other Newports. I think it has to do with the nylon webbing used in the Sandals, it doesn't give at all, unlike what material to use on the other Newport sandals. It is come for once I get it on, I just can't get the shoe loose enough squeeze my heel into it quickly or easily. I was thinking it would loosen up over time, that hasn't happened, and is now past the return date.

Thought I would like these. Tried them on in the store but I had socks on. Without socks they make my feet sweat and they're kind of pain in the butt to get on. I'll keep wearing them and hopefully they'll break in

My initial Keen lasted literally for 12 years! It traveled to 62 countries with me during my sabbatical and finally had to toss it away in the jungles of Guatemala when the sole finally came undone in a sacred cave, no less! The covered toes saved me multiple times and I can't say enough about the support and all day walkability of the sandals! It was a no brainer getting a replacement.

I wanted a pair of water shoes that were comfortable enough to wear all day wet or dry. These are them. Great shoes, highly recommend them.

I have worn Keen’s sandals for years and will keep wearing them. Most were puchased at REI.

This sandal is comfortable, durable, and lightweight. I’ve had other similar sandals but they were heavy and caused blisters. I’ve been in these Keens for quite a while without blisters. I’d buy them again. My only critique is that even when the drawstrings are as loose as possible, the sandals were a bit tight to get on and off. After about a month of wear they’ve become easier to put on and take off.

I got these sandals to walk through creeks and rivers to fish but they are incredibly slippery on mossy rocks. Thats my only complaint. They are comfortable around camp and have held up well for the light use I've given them. Im sure they're fine with sandy or gravel bottoms but not for large mossy rocks. You're going to bust your butt!

I did find the Keens durable and reliable. However the pair I have now, is because of a previous pair I wore failed terribly in the stitching. The replacement pair is a size off. Will return to REI as they are good for it. Customer satisfaction is awesome with REI.

Wore them around the house and for short walks so far and found them to be well fitting and comfortable. Got them wet once and just set them out outside, and they dried without shrinking or changing color. So far so good!

I've worn them twice. Not sure how I feel about them yet. I was hoping for a better grip. Slipped on underwater rocks. Slipped on floor car door frame while washing my Subaru Outback. The jury is still out.

I bought these for my husband for Father's Day and he absolutely loves them. He comments often about how comfortable they are and how great they were for hiking. He wears them almost every day!

I wore them on my Canadian fly in. Very comfortable in the wet conditions.

Used the hydro sandals on my recent BP trip down the Tuolumne River for 20 miles . Used them on river crossing and hiking up a creek. Very tight fit but love the river protection for the toes.

High quality sandal easy to slip into and easy off. Still a little tight as I break them in but with time, all all Keen sandals, they become part of your foot and hardly know you have them on.

Excellent fit and comfort. Feels like it is a part of your foot. Nice size box toe and roomy. Good fit with socks. Need to remove sandals for complete removal of sand or debris. Good value.

These sandals are super comfortable, sturdy, American made, easy to slip on, and cinch up quickly and conveniently. I have flat feet and Keens are the most boots and sandals that I own.

My pair of Keen sandals are so comfortable. I have fallen in love and will continue to purchase this brand. Thanks a million REI

Very nice very comfortable...wore them all over Singapore and Cambodia and my feet still feel good

shoes where narrow at first but once they got wet and dried on my feet they fit like slippers

I love these Keen, I had a five year old pair. The reinforced toe delie rocks

Great sandal very co.fortable and last for years. Great for summer

Shoes were the perfect desert/river canoe hike campsite shoe!

Keen workmanship and design .... excellent. Rugged shoe !

Replaced my first pair of Keen's that I wore for 10 years

runs small buy bigger size, great shoe great fun happy


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