Exped - Mega Pillow

Category: Sleeping Bags

This makes for a great nights sleep. It doesn't have that plastic noisiness or plastic sticking to your face issues that some air pillows have, and it doesn't end up with all the stuffing pushed to the sides like the foam pillows. It is just a great comfortable pillow. The inside comes out when you need to clean it, and rolls up to a reasonable size. It does take some space, but is worth it!

After reading the reviews, I shelled out the bucks for two of these and I am happy to report, they are worth it. We took them along a 21-day rafting trip--they added to our comfort every night. We especially liked that they are very easy to blow up, easy to adjust, and easy to deflate. Because of the ever present dirt and sand on our trip, we used them with microfiber pillow cases.

Really, the only downside on this pillow is the slight crinkly sound, however it's not really bothersome. It provides good support with a good comfy feel. If not inflated absolutely fully, will not leave you with a crushed ear either. For packing light, it's great. For car camping, makes you try to decide whether worth bring a real pillow, which should say a lot.

I bought this pillow for backpacking and regular campground tent camping and I’m extremely happy with it. Very lightweight, easy to blow up, and easy to pack and store. My only con is it tends to slide a little bit while sleeping.

Took this on a 9 day trek in the Rockies. It was easy to adjust to the right height for my neck. It stuffed quickly and went into my pack in a void next to my sleeping bay.

Comfortable & doesn't take up much room. Light weight. Perfect for kayak camping or bavkpacking.

Very compact and perfect for na packing. Have used three times with no issues


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