Jetboil - JetGauge Canister Weight Scale

Category: Camp Kitchen

I really wanted to like this scale, but each time I've weighed a canister it gives me wildly inconsistent results in both weight and remaining fuel percentage. Definitely returning this, thinking I'd be better off with a kitchen scale.

The JetBoil Guage Weight Scale proved to be very accurate in my hands, and I did not experience problems stated by negative reviews. I had a variety of JetBoil canisters (partially used, full, or completely empty) in various sizes (100g and 230g). The weights proved to be consistent upon multiple weighs and correlated with the ounce measurements I had on a kitchen scale. It was able to closely approximate the number of boils that remained in a partially filled canister.

This is a great scale for weighing backpacking gear up to 5 pounds, which is pretty much all my gear. It’s a little awkward to rig up a hanger to weigh clothes or stuff that doesn’t have a loop, but it works. Only big complaint is that it sometimes gets stuck in some “LO” off-scale low error that takes forever to clear out.

Worked as advertised, easy to use. I wish they had their conversion chart - percentage to # boils online, since i threw my packaging which had the chart away by mistake. Now I know how much is in my containers - easier to plan for trips

Read the other reviews befor puchasing. Bought ok for me. Very handy.

I keeps me from packing half empty canisters and running out in the woods.

Does exactly what it is supposed to. Another great invention from Jetboil.


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