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This will be my second go around with these shoes. The only reason I decided to purchase a second pair was because of their outstanding fit and quality uppers. However like my review title suggests, the Vibram brand soles are poor quality sporting numerous “blowouts” on the tread profile due to the thin gauge material. I started noticing holes in the tread within the first 3 months of constant use ( approximately 540 walking miles). If it weren’t for my constant patching with Shoe Goo these shoes would have seen the inside of my garbage can already.

I bought these immediately preceding a climbing trip to Romania. I used them for tons of foot jamming in overhangs, miles of hiking without a break in period, and downclimbing some dangerous routes with lots of rockfall and no protection from a misstep. I have never put a shoe to the test like this with no break in and no product familiarity, so it was no small thing. I generally hate PTFE membrane shoes, and these are no different: they’d be better without it, but the Gore-Tex brand name liners seem way better than the off brand ones, if you must have this in your shoe.

These are terrific hiking shoes! I was in the market for waterproof hiking shoes and I looked at Asolo because I purchased a pair of waterproof boots from REI by them 10 years ago and they are still in great condition. I trust this brand.

This is my second pair if Asolos. These shoes are bulletproof! As other reviews have mentioned, the shoes pinched my toes for a week or two. Now that they are broken in, they are ultra comfortable. They appear very well made. Highly recommend

Love these shoes. Just took to Yosemite for 4 days. Hiked every day. These shoes have great grip on wet granite, keep my feet dry through puddles and mud, really comfortable, and also cool when it got hot out. I normally wear size 11.5 or 12. Went with 11.5 in these and they fit perfect.

These shoes do not live up to the expected standard for solo. They are rugged with good comfort. But they are NOT waterproof. About 2 weeks after I got them, the left one started leaking from walking on wet grass. Very disappointed in these.

The shoes are very comfortable on my feet, to the point that I barely notice them while they're on. I like the thin, but strong, laces. The waterproofing is good. I've taken them on a few decent length hikes (~15 miles) and been quite satisfied. The first time my feet were somewhat worn, but after breaking them in my feet have felt good each subsequent time.

Worth every penny. I have lots of shoes with many that worn 2 or 3 times. I wear these too much. They are absolutely exceptional in every way. Comfort and lacing is a 10. Breathabilty is a 10. Stability is a 10. Style is what it is and I like the way it looks on. Highly recommend.

Comfortable, seem durable, color is nice, does not stand out which is what I prefer in a shoe. I unintentionally stepped in an inch of water and my socks did not get wet, very impressive.

I bought these to use as light hikers that could also fit on the city streets. My first outing was a long walk on the sidewalks in my neighborhood. Way too stiff, even for a fresh pair. I ended up injuring my heel which is still sore a week later. Perhaps they'll work as approach shoes as designed but otherwise, go get a different pair for general hikes/walkabouts.

I went these to work, hiking, and general around the house work. Sometimes i forget I even have them on. They grip well on any rocky terrain and even when wet. I used to wear another brands shoes until my knee started to hurt me, a friend told me about Asolo and after buying my first pair the pain went away. Highly recommend this shoe.

Got the best deal of my life finding these in brand new condition at garage sale for 50 bucks.

I liked the look of this shoe, so I thought I'd give it a try. After wearing the shoes a couple times I discovered that they are exceptional!

Wore the Asolo hiking shoes every day during two week vacation. Feet quickly got hot and sweaty even though air temps were moderate (mid 60s to low 70s). Would hate to wear these in warmer weather. Very disappointing as the shoes were quite $$.

I’ve had these shoes for over a year. Been up in the Rocky Mountains on rough terrain. My feet stayed dry, blister free and comfortable. I wear these every day. Worth every penny I spent.

I use orthotics and was looking for a lightweight sturdy show for all day walking and hiking. This shoe does that better than anything I’ve ever worn.

Great shoe for everyday outdoor wear. I found the shoe to be comfortable even after walking in them for 8+ hours. Great design.

Very comfortable. Very light and feels really great. I use this as my daily walking shoes. I love it....

Have worn Asolo for 30 years. Once one fit they all do. No clumsy treed. Very comfortable as I expected.

The shoe is very comfortable. The sole wears out very quickly. The sole needs improvement.

Looks good, sturdy, and fairly light weight, but runs narrow and are a little stiff

Great fit, very comfortable in town. Haven’t tried in the field yet.

Great fit. Great design. Perfect. Perfect for trails and city.

Wanted a good urban walking shoe that provides support, won’t slip on wet pavement or leaves, looks good enough for casual events, and of course comfortable for up to 10 mile walks and wearing all day. After years of trial and failure, this show finally fits the bill. Only small issue is that the laces slip, so have to double knot them for long walks

This is my second pair of this Asolo model shoe. I also have a couple of pair of Asolo boots. Asolo is my favorite shoe brand. I do a lot of walking each day and these shoes are comfortable and sturdy. The sole is stiff yet flexible enough for taking a long walk without pain.

Love The European design, workmanship and quality.  This is a lifetime shoe.


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