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I bought these last minute for a 5 week trip...contrary to common sense, I wore them all day the first day. And every day since then ( 6 weeks and counting) I haven't had a single rub, blister, or problem. In addition, I wore them for 5 hours traipsing through desert sand, and they still looked brand new. I'm buying another pair right away.

I have been wearing Merrell shoes for years but this pair is my favorite by far! They are very lightweight but have excellent support. I use them for walking and everyday wear. There was no break in period, began wearing them right out of the box. I would love to see REI carry more colors in this shoe.

I wore these shoes for over 500 miles this summer (including hiking the JMT). Buying my 2nd pair - I love them. They're the perfect balance between a trail runner and a hiking shoe. I developed plantar fascitis in some other shoes in the spring, and these provide much more support. I do replace the insoles (superfeet blue), but if I didn't have PF, the support would be plenty on it's own. They dry pretty quick, have a good grip, and are light. No break-in time required. I'm normally a size 10 in hiking/running shoes and that's what I am in these.

I purchased these hoping for something a little sturdier than a trail runner, but lighter weight and more flexible than a traditional hiking shoe. Unfortunately this shoe doesn't really have anything going for it.

These shoes are good for walking on non-slippery terrain. I went walking on a waterfall trail where the ground was soft in places and felt like I needed shoes with better traction. Otherwise pretty comfortable. Great brand- will purchase a pair of hiking boots next time.

These are my first pair of hiking shoes. I wore them to work a few times before i actually went on my hike. Hiked down and up the Grand Canyon on an over night trip. These shoes were very comfortable. I wore with high hiking socks.

These are AWESOME! So comfy right out of the box. Lightweight. Super grippy soles. Y'all, I wore these to hike THE NARROWS in Zion and they performed and held up so well. If you're on the fence, go for it!

Needed a pair of sturdy trail walking shoes and decided to try these on. Oh my! Fits like a glove, fits great in the heels with a wider toe box. Support is good as well even though I’ll probably put my orthotics in them at some point. Walked my 3 miles in the hills and felt stable and grounded with no pain. Hope these shoes don’t change since next year plan to buy another color.

These MQM Flex Merrell hiking shoes were comfortable right out of the box. I have a wide forefoot, high instep and relatively high arch. I also normally wear ladies size 9 1/2 (or size 10 if the shoe isn't wide enough). Even though I normally where by favorite insoles in whatever hiking shoe I have, tested these out with the insole that came with the shoe. Not bad! Still, I switched to my Superfeet. After a few hikes on trails, I realized that these shoes were either stretching or I just bought too big. I had ordered a 10. So, switched to wearing them just for shorter hikes or bike riding or other activities where I needed cool Fruit Punch colored shoes. After a year, I gave them to my son, who gladly took them and I ordered another pair a 1/2 size smaller (9 1/2). I find that I still enjoy them for shorter walks and for fun but I need more sturdy material and sole construction to help my 60+ year old feet be happy on longer hikes. Also, it seems like there is still a stretching of material problem - or just not stiff enough for me.

Snazzy colors is best part. Size 7.5 is my foot size & that worked fine. Comfortable & supportive for short hikes like 5-6 miles & I would want more shoe for difficult hikes & climbs or backpacking. Since I am over 65, these notes may not apply to younger feet. Many wear tennis shoes on the PCT even as a through hiker. Everyone is different. One other piece& that is there is enough width & I find many hiking shoes too narrow.

Great shoe! Very comfortable, great tread on bottom to protect against sliding. I have a high arch so I needed something that would support and be comfortable at the same time and these were perfect .This is the second Merrel hiking shoe I have purchased within the last year .I thought the size was pretty true to fit .This was the same size I wear in my merrel hiking boots.

I specifically bought these for a rafting trip, not for the boat part, but side trips. They worked out great because they were light weight to carry along and they would dry out easy if wet. They won’t replace my regular hiking boots though; I need a sturdier sole for difficult terrain and on long hikes I don’t want to get my feet wet.

I absolutely love these shoes! I wanted something sturdier than a running shoe but not as clunky as a boot, and these are perfect. Great traction. They run a little big- I’m normally a size 6, but I had to order a 5.5. I’ve already stashed away 2 more pairs for when my current ones wear out.

if you are seeking a pair of comfortable , durable shoes for a day hike you have come to the right spot. I have been foraging throughout the Malibu area and have come to love these shoes! not intended for the rain but are nice to wear during a sunny day.

I have never had such a wonderful fitting shoe! There is decent toe room so that the top of the shoe does not press down on my toenails which is a constant problem with other brands and configurations. I love these shoes!!!

I absolutely love these shoes. Everything about tbem is great! The style, the fit and everything overall. I am so glad i purchased these shoes. Merrell is a wonderful brand snd great for my feet.

Yes, I like this pair of shoes. However, the curve inside the left and right shoe is different. Can feel that apparently. Otherwise, they are pretty comfy shoes for walking and hiking.

This shoe is perfect for day hikes. It fits like a runner but performs like a hiker. I even used this on a short backpacking trip.

Not interested in a clunky heavy shoe. Shoe worked well right out of the box as I traversed soledad canyon.

Very stiff for me. It wasn't comfortble on my right foot, so I didn't even bother trying on the left foot/

I have been on two hiking trips so far and I am very pleased with my selection. Great fit and support.

Very comfortable to hike in for short or long hikes


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